Trust Me

Trust Me

Malorie Blackman / Mar 29, 2020

Trust Me Seventeen year old Jayna wishes she could spend every second of the day with Andrew He s her first love and he understands her like nobody else can Jayna just wishes Andrew s prejudiced family could

  • Title: Trust Me
  • Author: Malorie Blackman
  • ISBN: 9780552568470
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seventeen year old Jayna wishes she could spend every second of the day with Andrew He s her first love, and he understands her like nobody else can Jayna just wishes Andrew s prejudiced family could accept her but when they re alone together, it hardly seems to matter.But something strange has happened to Andrew He looks different Pale and drawn, as if he hasnSeventeen year old Jayna wishes she could spend every second of the day with Andrew He s her first love, and he understands her like nobody else can Jayna just wishes Andrew s prejudiced family could accept her but when they re alone together, it hardly seems to matter.But something strange has happened to Andrew He looks different Pale and drawn, as if he hasn t been outside for days, with mysteriously cold green eyes He won t go out in the sunlight, and he s unnaturally fast and strong And now he wants Jayna to join him.Now she has to make the choice to lose Andrew forever, or to be with him always no matter the cost.

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    1. B is for BLACKMAN! (as part of the a-z book challenge)WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THIS BOOK? I mean, how the hell did this thing get published? Then again, it was published in the 90s, so I guess standards were lowerNot that today's YA authors are giving readers value for money.From a fairly enjoyable teen-themed "no-one-understands-me" beginning, Trust Me degenerated into a cliched and below-average read, which slowly sapped any interest or sympathy I'd developed for the love interests: Jayna and [...]

    2. This must be said before I go on to the review: THIS ISN'T TWILIGHT! In fact, I believe Trust Me was published several years before that waste of trees.

    3. This book took me on a frightening roller coaster. I really and truly enjoyed the ride with Jayna. This book was wonderful except for my feeling that it was rushed, I feel like we could have enjoyed more of an in depth ride if it was a series rather than one book. Other than that I completely loved it.

    4. Something in this bakes inside you what happens next? It seems like a normal romance at an initial stage however , the story turns a different mode after vacation of Janya and Abdrew, protagonist of this novel. Andrew loves Janya. Pete missed a date with Janya and tells his friend Andrew to let her know. If I had been , I would have gone for the date, so did Andrew. He twisted story and he finds her for his life. There were problem on parents if either one regarding Janya and Andrew's relationsh [...]

    5. The author tries to portray two teenagers who are madly in love and would do anything to be together, forever. Like turn the other into a vampire. However, there was a lack of chemistry and evidence of such love. It all seemed a little bit rushed to be honest, especially the ending. The book started off okay but I found the lack of trusting from Andrew to Jayna when he suddenly decided to side with his evil brother Morgan and believe Jayna tried to murder his mother was so far fetched. I mean ye [...]

    6. I reviewed this on my blog as part of Malorie Blackman month- during March 2013 reviews are of books by her- click here for them all- you can see the GIF's that aren't included in the review there!I know it's a good book when I don't find that chapters are a veil hanging over When I'm riveted by the very essence of the world and the characters even if most are extremely unlikable! This may be a world where there are another type of Vegetarians* but for once I found myself actually realizing how [...]

    7. After reading Twilight I wanted to read more books about Vampires, and as my favourite books are the Noughts and Crosses series (READ THEM!), you can understand my excitement when I saw that Malorie Blackman wrote a book about Vampires. I went to my library the next day and got them to order it in, and read it in a day because I just couldn't put it down.What I'm going to say is going to make me sound sadistic but I promise you I'm not, when I go on to explain you'll see I'm not. One of the thin [...]

    8. I had the honour of meeting Malorie at the first YALC in July 2014 and found her to be a fascinating and lovely lady. I've heard such great things about the Noughts and Crosses series that I'm definitely going to read them. In the meantime, this book was withdrawn from stock at the library due to wear and tear. So I decided to give it a go as my introduction to the works of Malorie Blackman.Was it just my 'adult' perspective, or can every reader see from the start what Jayna doesn't? I guess the [...]

    9. At the beginning of this book, i was totally gripped by this novel, with the mystery of the party and Andrew's disappearance and all. But when the story turned to vampires, i thought, 'Is this for real?'and my view stayed that way, till the end.Though it was very exciting and the plot really suprising, it just didn't get to me that this was actually what was happening and the way the story goes. I can imagine others will enjoy it, because the intensity of the shocking beginning carries on until [...]

    10. I love Marlorie Blackman and I love vampires so when I heard about this I thought it would be the perfect book for me.I liked this book, it is the story of Janya and her boyfriend Andrew who go on holiday together and the get turned into vampires, it's about the trials and tribulations that come with that, with Marloine other book you have racism as a sub-plot in her too. The story is ok but sometimes felt a bit juvenile and at the younger spectrum of YA, and the ending was a bit abrupt, however [...]

    11. The book was ok. The book starts of as a teenage fiction romance story but then turns into a fantasy at the end. When this girl loves her boyfriend and is willing to do anything to remain together with her boyfriend.When Andrew asks Jayna to go on holiday with her everything changes, and Jayna wishes she didn't go on holiday with Andrew. This book really had me thinking on how just a small mistake can unravel and turn your life into hell. This books drastic change had me by surprise but was stil [...]

    12. I think this is the sort of book I would've appreciated reading three or four years ago, when I was still really into Twilight/other vampire fiction. I enjoyed the ending, and thought it stayed true to the rest of the novel- in fact, I thought the ending was the best part. However, I could not get over the writing style to give this book a higher rating than a 3. For me, the plot seemed all over the place and all of the characters, apart from Jayna, seemed rather 2-dimensional.

    13. OMG. If you really want to waste your time then certainly this is the book for you!! I felt like this book had no real plot and it was rather confusing. Malorie Blackman made a huge downfall with Trust Me. I don't think any of her books will match the standard of her Noughts and Crosses. Absolutely rubbish :(

    14. Some books are praised for being fast-moving, but I think this wastoofast-moving. All of the characters made decisions unrealistically quickly, and there was only one likeable character. It was a good idea for a story, but I soon found myself wishing it would finish before it could get any worse.

    15. I really liked this book for one reason. It explores what would happen if a vampire YA couple's relationship goes sour, which is much more interesting than all the love at first sight crap. Also this book is just dumb but some how in a good way

    16. This book was read by staff member Carol Mitchell for her Six Book ChallengeCompared to some books on the same theme, I found it a bit predictable; also the plot for me was a little weak. I found this book would appeal more to the younger reader and anyone wanting an easy read.3 stars

    17. I'm going to give this book a 3 because it was a amazing book but not the best I've read also there could have been as equal but unfortunately this book was only a standalone.

    18. I didn't really like this book. To me, there didn't seem to be much of a storyline was just someone telling something. If that makes sense which it probably doesn't

    19. I only finished this book to see how stupid the ending would be!just as stupid as the rest of the book!!! laughable

    20. Il primo libro che ho comprato in inglese, e l'ho comprato in Inghilterra! ahem, è un po' l'unico motivo per cui ce l'ho ancora in realtà non è proprio il più bel libro che abbia mai letto

    21. I think her other books like Noughts and Crosses series definitely surpasses this one. This was a letdown. Felt rushed and far fetched.

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