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desbunden Att kunna se in i framtiden r inte alltid s kul som det l ter Alex Verus driver en magibutik i London d r han bland annat s ljer rter r kelse och kristallkulor Det r inte m nga som vet det men Alex

  • Title: Ödesbunden
  • Author: Benedict Jacka Hanna Williamsson
  • ISBN: 9789175250526
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • Att kunna se in i framtiden r inte alltid s kul som det l ter Alex Verus driver en magibutik i London d r han bland annat s ljer rter, r kelse och kristallkulor Det r inte m nga som vet det, men Alex har magiska krafter p riktigt Hans magi r inte lika extraordin r som vissa andra magikers, men Alex har en kraft som inte m nga delar han har f rm gan att se inAtt kunna se in i framtiden r inte alltid s kul som det l ter Alex Verus driver en magibutik i London d r han bland annat s ljer rter, r kelse och kristallkulor Det r inte m nga som vet det, men Alex har magiska krafter p riktigt Hans magi r inte lika extraordin r som vissa andra magikers, men Alex har en kraft som inte m nga delar han har f rm gan att se in i framtiden N r olika magiska och m rka grupperingar f rs ker f Alex att hj lpa dem att ppna en forntida relik inser han att dess inneh ll inte bara kommer att inneb ra makt, utan ven sprida fasa Och tack vare sina speciella f rm gor vet han ocks att om han hj lper dem kommer det inneb ra en s ker d d desbunden r Benedict Jackas f rsta bok om magikern Alex Verus Jacka uppfinner skickligt de magiska reglerna allt eftersom och skapar en k nslom ssigt tillfredsst llande ber ttelseram och protagonist som kommer att f l sare att terv nda Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

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    1. YES it gets a "Big Ol' 5"I was intro'd to Urban Fantasy by the Harry Dresden books and (frankly) since I found them I've been trying to find other UF books I like as well. The Twenty Palaces series turned out to be pretty goodbut their publisher dropped them. Rob Thurman's Leandros books are okay. I also kind of liked Aaronovitch's books. None were nearly up to (in my opinion of course) Mr. Butcher's Dresden books.Now, while I can't say I like this book "as well as the Dresden books" is the clos [...]

    2. One of these things is not like the other:I'm just kidding. They're all totally alike.It isn't long before you notice the first Dresden homage in Jacka's first adult UF book. Of course, my edition gives it away with the cover, where a quote from Jim Butcher plays a prominent role on the jacket. I can only assume this was so someone wouldn't sue Jacka for copyright violations on Butcher's behalf. Once you start reading, the parallels appear quickly, beginning with his protagonist, Alex Verus, not [...]

    3. NEW REVIEW, 2018 Warning!: This review contains the usual random fanart and pointless comics done by me. Enjoy! All images can be found with better resolution here: gerynh.tumblr/I wonder how explaining these books to people would go?Ok, ok, I know people keep comparing Alex Verus to Harry Dresden. But you know what, now that I have finally read the first 7 books of the Dresden Files (thus becoming a specialist on the topic), I can safely say… I like Alex Verus a LOT LOT LOOOOT better.Why?EPIC [...]

    4. An excellent addition to the urban fantasy landscape. Alex, the main character, is a mage in London who rejects the magical establishment, and can see the future. Very well handled, his abilities, and super fun world building. Def if you like Butcher's books, pick this up!

    5. So I was just falling off the wagon and wetting my whistle with a bit of Urban Fantasy that was recommended to me recently, and I can honestly say that I got really drunk. (Not alcohol, alas, but on magic.)I'd just been sifting through all the wonders of the Spacing Guild from Dune and the minor predictive powers of the Jedi recently, so imagine my surprise when I get to read about a Dresden-ish mage in London who can augur himself through all the twisty paths of time to answer important questio [...]

    6. A disappointing Dresden clone without the wit and sharp writing. The main character is fairly colourless and uninspiring with little to endear him and much patronising behaviour to annoy. It reads like a young adult novel with some pretty stupid propositions, such as the opening line of chapter 11, "A lot of people think of captivity as something glamorous", are you serious? That is just ridiculous. Who on earth thinks that captivity is glamorous? Why write such patent nonsense? Or my next favou [...]

    7. I picked this up because it kept getting cross-recommendations with Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London series. It has some tropes in common: contemporary London with secret magic, first person narrator. I think it could have something of the same relationship for me as Krentz's books do for Crusie's, methadone while waiting for a slower and more sophisticated writer. (I suspect Jacka is somewhat younger than Aaronovitch.) I'd probably have given this 3 stars, except a minor spear-carrier named " [...]

    8. The quote on the cover is by none other than Jim Butcher himself claiming that Harry Dresden would like the main character Alex Verus and be a little nervous around him. I'm not surprised that Butcher likes the book. It's got a very similar feel, almost too much so. The council is pathetic and he's on the outs with them anyway, dark mages are the evil force, there are young women to protect, etc. So it was enjoyable from the beginning.Verus is mildly amusing, though nothing like Dresden. His mag [...]

    9. Alex is a mage, a seer. He owns a shop in London and sells things like crystal balls and herbs. He tries to keep a low profile in a world with dark and light forces in the magical realm.The majority (of mages) rely on word of mouth, though younger mages use the internet. I've even heard of one guy in Chicago who advertises in the phone book under "Wizard" though that's probably an urban legend."A little nod to Harry Dresden. I'm thinking, coool, I like Harry. He's hilarious and sarcastic. I hope [...]

    10. Fated is a fantastic debut novel. This is what urban fantasy can accomplish, taking fantasy concepts and giving them a new spin in a modern setting. Jacka uses the concept of an age-old war between Dark and Light Mages and sets it in contemporary London. While many will think of Dresden and recommend this to fans of that great series, I don't even think it's fair to compare them outside of the fact that they are both male POV urban fantasy novels with magical protagonists. Jacka writes his own b [...]

    11. **edit 11/26/13Fated has Jim Butcher's seal of approval. Need I say more? I can certainly see why it appeals to fans of The Dresden Files--there are quite a few similarities, especially to Harry's earlier adventures.Due to my disapproval of GR's new and highly subjective review deletion policy, the rest (of my long, rather cranky review) is posted over here at Booklikes.

    12. Actual rating: 1.5 starsThis has a decent magic system and meh characters and an even more mega-meh plot (not sure if that's a real phrase, but I'm using it). Due to Verus being able to see into almost every possible outcome to almost every possible future, to an extent, there just wasn't any tension to be given to the plot. I actually gained some of Verus' powers and was able to divine the future. I saw that no matter the outcome, I was just going to not care. Sadly, I couldn't connect with the [...]

    13. 2.5 starsNot bad, but too much like the Dresden Files. I couldn't shake the feeling that this book is basically Harry Dresden in London. But in many ways, it's what I wanted from Storm Front: Dresden's world and magic minus Dresden himself.Review moved to covers2covers.wordpress/2

    14. 5 stars!I've had this book on my shelf for years and I wish I'd read it sooner, it was superb. I used to read an absolute ton of urban fantasy but in the last few years Ive read more epic and YA fantasy and I've only really got back into UF in the last year or so. This book has reminded me why I love urban fantasy, it's gritty yet magical and definitely a fun ride. I adored Alex and co, he's bad ass without being ridiculously overpowered and his friendships felt honest. The supporting characters [...]

    15. I have had this book in my tbr for a long time so when I saw the audiobook on Hoopla I gave it a go. I listened for three hours then put it away. There was nothing really wrong besides the fact that the main guy talked too much and nothing really caught my interest except for the giant spider. A lot of people really love this one so don't take my word for it. Its just missing something that my book palate requires, which I think could be defined as human relations or connectivity.

    16. 3.5 Stars (Not quite 4!)This book started off great, I was excited to keep reading. I liked the characters, I liked the world.Then all of a sudden I found myself able to easily put it down.I don't know why, but the story just didn't grip me in the same way. By the middle of the book, I really couldn't give a toss about the character's past or what he was doing. But I started to care a little more towards the end so I guess it redeemed itself sufficiently to get back up to 3.5 from the 2.5 I was [...]

    17. Alex Verus is a diviner who runs a shop, "Arcana Emporium", in a district in the north center of London called Camden Town. As a diviner, Alex can see probabilities in the future. Diviners might not be able to do flashy things but one can do pretty well with knowledge of the future. Alex has been living under the radar though. However, when Alex is approached by multiple factions to retreive an artifact known as fateweaver, that has ability to alter chance and outcomes in the future, and it puts [...]

    18. I think I gave this three stars the first time I read it and that's where it's going to stay. There was a lot more explaining of the magic in the world than I remembered but that's to be expected in a first book, I suppose. I still like Alex but I need to see more from the secondary characters.

    19. Looking for a less sexist, more British Harry Dresden? Or a less police officer-y Peter Grant? Tahdah, basically. Except with the interesting note that the protagonist of Fated is a seer: at any given moment, he can sort through all the possible futures and figure out what he needs to do to select the future he wants. I was wondering how well that could be pulled off in narration, but actually, Jacka handles it pretty well, and it never gets confusing or tedious.Oh, and if you’re wondering why [...]

    20. 3.5, really. I am pretty sure I will pick another of these, but at the same time this just isn't my favourite subgenre of Urban Fantasy. Apparently I prefer werewolves and vampires? I did not realize that about myself! Also, the whole Light/Dark mage thing is a little simplistic, especially given that the Dark mages are just plain evil torturers. (Time for a #notalldarkmages campaign? Quite possibly, we may find out different in future books!)But anyway, Verus is an engaging character, but I wan [...]

    21. Similar to Dresden in a lot of minor manners. However the core was unique. Overall the story was pretty good, specially the ending. There are some flaws ofcourse, and some literary devices which I did not like. The protagonist is quite unorthodox, which I can go both ways. Have to read more to find out. I wonder if the books get perpetually better like The Dresden Files, because I enjoyed Fated more than Storm Front.

    22. This was a great introduction for an Urban Fantasy series. It has a lot of what you'd expect—magical people doing magical things in a modern setting with enough worldbuilding to be both original and (eventually) predictable in a way that supports building story with a sense of place. It also has some original elements that I found really intriguing, not least the protagonist's main powers being, at best, indirect.Alex is a diviner. He sees the future, but with limitations that make sense. This [...]

    23. Dresden lite. The story is certainly entertaining, and I enjoyed it, but the plotting and world building suffered from inconsistency and laziness. Some of the things that stuck out at me: Luna's "curse" is supposedly very powerful and deadly but Archne not at all worried about it, and the protagonist still spends time with her (and if a curse why protective of her)? Discussion of how protagonist/magicians get places (gating/mounts/gate stones (one location only)) and his need therefor - AFTER he [...]

    24. 3,5 starsPositive points?The writing. It has a fluidity to it, that just makes it hard to stop reading it.The main character (bear in mind that i've only read the first two Harry Potter books, and i still haven't started with the Dresden files) is Alex Verus. He's a diviner mage. He can "look into the future" (no crystal balls needed) and "see" different futures, acording to the probabilities of the actions one takesr me, this was a great idea. And the strongest point of the story.The character [...]

    25. Alex Verus owns a magic shop, not the kind that sells trick decks of cards or top hates with bunnies attached, but magic items that actually work. He is also a diviner, able to see future choices and the consequences of them before they happen, something very useful in a fight. But Alex avoids the rest of the mage community, both Dark and Light after learning the hard way that Dark mages are truely ruthless and Light mages are more interested in internal politics then helping a young boy. But so [...]

    26. I really must stop thinking I like urban fantasy.I have been meticulously researching other UF series to replace my beloved Dresden books of which I only have one left.My failed attempts include Sandman Slim where the MC was too unlikable, The Devil You Know was so boring it should be a criminal offence, Clean I never even finished or reviewed as I only read 15%. And now I have tried Fated……It is undoubtedly fun escapism and initially the parallels with the Dresden books didn't bother me. Th [...]

    27. Alex Verus is a diviner mage. He can see into the future and that ability is making him a very wanted man. Both the Light and the Dark mages are after him. I loved the main premise: an ancient relic is in the British Museum guarded by mages. Nobody can open it. They need help. The division between the mages is very pronounced so both will do whatever it takes to get what they want.I liked Luna, Alex's friend. Her curse of chance magic is fascinating. I loved Starbreeze, an air elemental with an [...]

    28. This was a seriously fun romp! A fast paced page turner that I really didn't want to put down. Other than Dresden, I haven't found a UF series that has grabbed, and held, my attention; I feel like this one is going to. I love Alex as our guide through this world, and I really enjoy his divining magic. He's not a Mage who's going to blow up cars and do a bunch of flashy shit but he's dangerous all the same. His magic comes from knowledge and craftiness and being one step ahead of his foes. A tigh [...]

    29. I nearly always like magic books set in London. There's something about that city and all its history that lends itself to the supernatural. In this case it is wizards , or mages actually, and Benedict Jacka has invented an intriguing magical system for them. Our hero is a seer and as such uses his knowledge of what is going to happen to avoid dangers rather than having magical powers with which to attack. It takes the story in a whole different direction than say the one Harry Dresden would use [...]

    30. In its defence Sir Richard Burton & Algy Swinburne ARE a hard act to follow.However, after 30 pages in my mind is dead set against this, for one it IS SO Dresden Verbatim that I cant continue. I see the author has written YA prior to this & its his first venture into books for "Grown-ups". Sorry thats the second reason I cant read on, the text is for teenagers & its Dresden for kids, sorry no ta, life's too short as it is.

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