Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Ella Fox / Feb 29, 2020

Picture Perfect Flynn Rand spent the last decade as the lead singer of one of the world s most famous bands Although he s got a reputation as a player he s decided that it s time to find something real One look at a

  • Title: Picture Perfect
  • Author: Ella Fox
  • ISBN: 9781301479740
  • Page: 423
  • Format: ebook
  • Flynn Rand spent the last decade as the lead singer of one of the world s most famous bands Although he s got a reputation as a player, he s decided that it s time to find something real.One look at a photo of Tessa Hamilton had him hooked.Tessa s teenage celebrity crush was Flynn Rand Now he was offering her the professional opportunity of a lifetime, a job as the officFlynn Rand spent the last decade as the lead singer of one of the world s most famous bands Although he s got a reputation as a player, he s decided that it s time to find something real.One look at a photo of Tessa Hamilton had him hooked.Tessa s teenage celebrity crush was Flynn Rand Now he was offering her the professional opportunity of a lifetime, a job as the official photographer for the Renegade Saints farewell tour Assuring herself that her teenage attraction to Flynn wouldn t hold up when she met him in person, Tessa took the job The chemistry between them is immediate and powerful, but Tessa is hesitant to explore their connection.Flynn has no intention of giving up, and he intends to prove to her that they are meant to be together.Can Flynn convince Tessa that their attraction to each other is the real thing

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    1. 1--WTF--Star!Disclaimer: I did not finish this book. But despite that fact (or maybe because of that fact) I feel like I owe it to my fellow readers to explain why. This book had so many 4 and 5 star reviews, I had to be reading a different book. Let me start by saying, I have not read any other books by Ella Fox--nor will I ever.This book was full of one big WTF moment after another. Let's begin shall weWTF Moment #1--The Prologue--Our "hero" Flynn SEES our "heroine" Tessa for the first time on [...]

    2. 5 PANTY MELTING OVARIES COMBUSTING STARSHoly hell ya'll I did not think it was possible for Ella to go any hotter than she did with the Hart series WRONG!! The Chemistry between Tess and Flynn was just crazy I'm surprised Tessa did'nt get knocked up just from standing next to Flynn and the monster he's got in his pants. Flynn is packing ladies and I don't mean a pack of gum. This man's monster might need it's own zip code!He and Tessa put it to good use too they even broke a bed. Granted it was [...]

    3. FREE on US today (9/18/2016)Stand-alone book 1.BLURB:Flynn Rand spent the last decade as the lead singer of one of the world’s most famous bands. Although he's got a reputation as a player, he’s decided that it’s time to find something real.One look at a photo of Tessa Hamilton had him hooked.Tessa’s teenage celebrity crush was Flynn Rand. Now he was offering her the professional opportunity of a lifetime, a job as the official photographer for the Renegade Saints farewell tour. Assurin [...]

    4. This story didn’t work for me at all. So why did I keep reading it? I guess I was hoping things would get better. Honestly, they never did. This is a love story and it does have an hea along with many sex scenes. Truthfully, the dialogue was a bit cheesy no scratch that very cheesy. The story was completely predictable but I read on, so shame on me.”Your unmanning me. I can’t hold on Tess.”~Flynn ”I was having a completely new relationship with my pussy, and it was fantastic.”~TessaI [...]

    5. I'm a fan of Ella Fox and her 'hart series', so I was really looking forward to the release of 'picture perfect'.There were parts in the book that I really enjoyed, and sadly some parts that didn't quite work for me.So, the good bits ~ Love of my life, Soul mates Type love, it was Hot, hot, hot crammed full of Fabulous characters and not a PG style scene in sight. Ella Fox hands down writes the best families ~ The way they interact is gorgeous and for me it ties her books together.So where did i [...]

    6. 4.6 Steamy Stars. Loved it!!This book was on fire hot!!! Talk about some steam. I haven't read a book this steamy in a long time. And guess what along with the steam there was an awesome story. The author did a brilliant job of blending the two. I hate when you want a good smut read an that is all there is is sex and no story. I am pleased to say this book has a beautiful love story. I loved it and will be looking for other books from this author to read. Highly recommended.

    7. 4 Perfectly HotNN stars!!Babe, just wait until I'm DEEP inside of you. I'm going TO fuck you hard, long, and deep. The THINGS we're going to DO together are going to BLOW your mind.">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>We meet sexy, gorgeous, rockstar Flynn. He has been the lead singer of the band, Renegade Saints for the past 10 years. He is your basic no strings at [...]

    8. It kills me to say this, but very little about this book worked for me. I am a big fan of her Hart family series, so I was so excited to get this rockstar spinoff. The Hart books were hot - smokin hot, and there was "heart" to them as well, that made them really fun books. All of that was missing for me. I didn't feel the chemistry between Flynn and Tessa. There were some hot scenes (although to be honest those felt off too) but emotionally I didn't feel any connection. Then there were quite of [...]

    9. **3.5 Stars** I enjoyed this for the most part. I could have done without the repeated references to his manwhore days even though they were not painted in a positive light. I get ityou had hundreds of women. Drop it already. Thankfully, it lets up by 25% or though. And, I know I sound like a broken record here, but I hate miscommunication and misunderstandings. Especially from something that could easily have been resolved with a little heart to heart. I'm not against angst in my books, but I'd [...]

    10. 4 1/2 Stars. My corneas are on fire right now from what I just experienced. (And a few other things too)Ok. 5 things…1)They2)broke3)the4)freaking5)BED!Chemistry? Affirmative.Flynn Rand is the lead singer of the Renegade Saints, one of the hottest rock bands for the past decade. He meets Tessa at one of his concerts at a time in his life where he is on a downward spiral from the rockstar lifestyle feeling disillusioned and jaded about life. Tessa has a front row seat and is enthusiastically wat [...]

    11. Full Review to come :) My Flynn Rand [image error] My Tessa Hamilton

    12. I'M A THIRD OF THE WAY THROUGH THIS BOOK . . d I'm having a lot of WTF moments. First off, whenever reading self-published books, I'm flexible on grammatical errors, but when it's error, after error, after error, it starts to get annoying. Commas in the wrong place or missing commas aren't so bad (which this book has in spades along with extra and missing words), but the author confusing "their" and "there" is too much. There (not their) are also tense issues, but thankfully those aren't as comm [...]

    13. 3.5 stars! I enjoyed this book. although at times I was getting tired of hearing about Lee and how bad he was and all the comparison and all the times he said he had lots of woman .haha I was like ok ok I get the picture And the past reference with him and cole lol I did not expect that and it was too much info for me :) I liked the epilogue perfect just the way I like a book to end !

    14. Ahhhh Flynn RandI love him. He (in my head) is fucking gorgeous.Luckily I like boys and girls cause in my head, Tessa is pretty damn hot too.Sooooooo, on with the backgroundTessa is a photographer who Flynn sang a song to 6 years ago when she was 17, since then shes been in lust with him.He sees her photos and feels a connection he cant place so he hires her to tour with him and Renegade saintsShe thinks:He thinks after less than a week:He knows she could be the one.When he is loving on her and [...]

    15. Not sure what happened here . I got my icckkkk factors at about 55%. Nothing and I mean nothing wowed me in this book. I felt like the steam was turned up to appease me for wasting time ! I'm wondering if its just my fault - I read the blurb and my mind did the rotation " the mighty storm " and " documentary" two books which I really loved Could this be their book baby ?!?!? No no no no no Not even a distant cousin ! The dialogue - totally not believable. The story - I think I had 20 consecuti [...]

    16. "I've been waiting on you forever sweetness, but you're more than worth the wait."Meet My Flynn RandI love a good Ella Fox book, and this one was no different. So I started this book a week or so ago in between buddy reads. I didn't realize until I had started it that I was supposed to buddy read it as well. So, I had only gotten about 6% in, but was already hooked, so me and my girls went ahead and squeezed it on in, and I'm so happy we did. Actually Vika and I got together today and made a Fam [...]

    17. Before reading this book, I highly recomend that you read "The Hart Family" series. It will be better for you to understand the dynamic and characters of this book.That was so hot!!!Ella Fox knows excactly what I like in my books: lots and lots of dirty talk, an incredible chemistry, and awesome secondary characters.I ADORED Flynn. That man was so fineBut I cannot say the same thing about Tessa.That bitch was so fucking annoying! I usually like Ella's main female characters. They're all strong, [...]

    18. A new series by Ella Fox and we meet Flynn (lead singer) and Tess (photographer for the the tour). The Hart series should be read before this as they do overlap I love it! Loved Ella Fox's writing style, she writes amazing sex scenes. I think I'm going to like this series more than the Hart series. Cant wait to find out what will happen with Devon-Ian-Cole. 4.5 stars from one happy reader! "One of my pet peeves about girls is the constant and ridiculous need to put on the, "I don't eat much," bu [...]

    19. We all know the concept that your soul mate is out there waiting to be found, but what if when you first met your aren’t worth of their love. We meet Flynn during a very rough part of his musical journey and everything changes the minute he sees the most amazing pair of brown eyes. From that first magical moment he realized that he needed to be a better mate for himself and those amazing brown eyes!! Years pass and fate lands these brown eyes back in the hands of Flynn in a black and white pho [...]

    20. 4.5 Sexy-As-Sin Stars!Kudos to Ella Fox for creating another SEXY romance novel. If there's anyone that can write sex's her!!*I'm sad to say that I could not cast either Tessa or Flynn. I just couldn't find any one sexy enough to do either one of them justicebut use your imagination, sometimes that's the best way to do it!*Flynn Fucking-Mason Rand, the MOST SEXY & ROMANTIC Rock Star! Six years ago, during the start of a horrible concert, his eyes locked onto the deepest, richest chocolate br [...]

    21. Flynn…I feel like we’ve been inundated by sleazy rock bands as of late. Every time I turn around, there’s another whorebag lead singer or bass player or drummer trying to work their way through the vortex created by an unending string of drugs, booze and sleazy groupies. The heroine is smacked in the face with orgies and hangovers and rehab, resulting in drama fueled ANGST. This is not the case with the Renegade Saints. At only 23, Flynn and his band figured out where the dark road of fame [...]

    22. I really enjoyed reading Picture Perfect. Yes, it is kinda hard to believe it could really happen that way, but don't we all hope that it can? Ella Fox just put all of our fantasies on paper and tied it up with a nice bow. Wouldn't we all love to go to a concert, sit in the front row, and have our dream crush stare into our eyes while singing our favorite song? Who wouldn't want to have a sexy rock star try to convince you that fate has brought you together? I know I do!I got really attached to [...]

    23. Hot digedy dog!! Ella Fox can WRITE a sex scene like nobodys buiness!! The book was scorching hot melt your panties hot!! I loved Flynn soooo much he was such a sweetie. I wanted to hug him and them I wanted to ahem. Now Tessa, sometimes I wanted to smack her up side the head. I was like oh come on can't you see how much he loves you?! In the end I loved them together. I can't wait for the rest of the series. Also loving the "Hart" connection. I missed them so it was nice to see them all again. [...]

    24. Super freaking steamy, super romantic. Perfect! I loved it! Loved getting some time with the Hart family too! Great set up for the next books in both of these series. Thank you Ella, you did it again!!

    25. ~"Never loved the taste of someone before baby, but with you, I would willingly drown in it. I'm going to devour you Tess, from the inside out, and you're going to come so many times that you'll forget there even was anyone before." ~ FlynnThis was my first time reading Ella Fox and let me tell you right now, It most certainly will not be the last! Holy shit on a stick…To say Picture Perfect was a smoking hot read would be an understatement. This was on fucking FIRE!!"With that first touch I. [...]

    26. Flynn Rand spent enough of his time as the lead singer in his band acting randy and doing what rock and roll stars do. However in one moment he realizes he wants more, he wants a to create a life for himself and when he sees a photograph of Flynn Rand he knows he has found it. Tessa Hamilton can't believe she has the opportunity to go on the final tour of her favorite rock band taking photographs of the tour. She doesn't expect the instant chemistry between her and Flynn. Flynn wants her, he mak [...]

    27. My first book by Ella Fox will definitely not be my last.I really loved the plotline of Picture Perfect.Yet I feel the need to express my thoughts about “HOW BEAUTIFUL” everybody was. I think it was just a tad to much in this book.I was tempted to count how often the same people were described as beautiful and in which way they were beautiful. If it had not been for the fact that the story was really good – this book might have even dropped to three stars because of this as it became sligh [...]

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