Keeper of the Flame

Keeper of the Flame

Bianca D'Arc / Dec 12, 2019

Keeper of the Flame A warrior a maiden and a passion that could set the whole world aflame Dragon Knights Book Despite the fact he is the largest of his half dragon brothers and better suited to fighting Hugh has bee

  • Title: Keeper of the Flame
  • Author: Bianca D'Arc
  • ISBN: 9781619213678
  • Page: 281
  • Format: ebook
  • A warrior, a maiden and a passion that could set the whole world aflame.Dragon Knights, Book 7Despite the fact he is the largest of his half dragon brothers and better suited to fighting, Hugh has been sent on an undercover mission Forced to stay in human form, he must discover if the land of Helios is truly the Draconian ally it pretends, or something sinister.WhenA warrior, a maiden and a passion that could set the whole world aflame.Dragon Knights, Book 7Despite the fact he is the largest of his half dragon brothers and better suited to fighting, Hugh has been sent on an undercover mission Forced to stay in human form, he must discover if the land of Helios is truly the Draconian ally it pretends, or something sinister.When he witnesses injustice in the form of a misshapen baby gryphon kicked out into the cold, he cannot remain in the shadows and watch the child suffer All he can hope for is that his act of kindness will go unnoticed so his mission can continue.But someone does notice When Lera cautiously approaches Hugh, she is drawn to his strange, foreign magic She is entranced by its irresistible allure until assassins come calling and reveal her true identity.She is Valeria, queen of Helios, Keeper of the Flame And she has been betrayed Together they must risk everything to uncover the traitors and reforge the alliance between their lands Yet beneath their blazing passion, both are still keeping secrets Secrets that the Sacred Flame will reveal if their love survives its cleansing fire Product WarningsWhen a dragon prince and a Flame Keeper come together, the conflagration is definitely too hot to handle

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    1. KEEPER OF THE FLAME is book 7 in the Dragon Knights series. I have been enjoying this series quite a bit. There’s a lot that D’Arc infuses into this series that takes dragons onto a whole other level. The worldbuilding is unique and executed well and the writing is always stellar. However, for this particular book, I find myself conflicted.I’m torn on this book. The reasons why I loved the other books in the series are the same reasons why I didn’t enjoy this book so much. I felt that th [...]

    2. YAY! Bianc D'Arc has come back to the Dragons!! In a sensual game of espionage, passion, a political coup and shapeshifting characters Ms D'Arc delights once again. Keeper of the Flame is the seventh book in her Dragon Knights Series, each more wonderful than the last!! Draconia is fighting for the world's survival. Slowly they have been gathering allies, determined to keep those that want to control the world (or their small part in it) for their own purposes, usually evil ones To gather inform [...]

    3. Loved this! The Dragon Knights series just keeps getting better and Tor finally has a rival for my affections in Miss.This series features great fantasy adventures with intricate plots, magic, shape shifting dragons and erotic romance. Keeper of the Flame continues the adventures of the royal family of Draconia and Black Dragon Prince Hugh as he goes undercover in the neighboring land of Helios. Warning: this story contains sexy dragon princes, adorable baby gryphons and hot sex. I can't wait to [...]

    4. This book can be read separately from the series, however it is more enjoyable if you read these books in order. Bianca D'Arc does a wonderful job in her world building and this book features one of the ruling family of Draconia visiting, some would say spying, a neighboring kingdom to see if they are still allies or tending toward enemies. Prince Hugh is one of the least likely of the brothers to be inconspicuous, but those efforts are dropped as he rescues a "deformed" gryphon. This little chi [...]

    5. I loved this story! It's a repeat read for me. I love everything that Bianca D'Arc has written and eagerly await each new book in all her series. The worlds she has created are completely absorbing and I love visiting them over and over. Must read for me!

    6. Originally posted at: longandshortreviews/boKeeper of the Flame is the seventh book in Bianca D’Arc’s Dragon Knights series, and the first new book in a few years.Prince Hugh of Draconia is a long way from home because a seer convinces his brother, the king, that Hugh should journey to Helios posing as a simple traveler, to see if he can discover whether Helios is still an ally to Draconia, and do so without exposing his inner dragon. The seer has said he needs to meet with the Doge of Helio [...]

    7. Latest in the 'Dragon Knights' series, this tale introduces gryphons these winged big cats live in cliffside caves. But one abandoned youngling is following agent Hugh around town in the sleet. Attracted by his magical heat, little Miss is pitiful but Hugh, masquerading as an ordinary trader in this foreign land, gets her warm and fed. She's barely able to talk yet but she needs a friend. The endearing kitten is soon the source of tavern rumour and a lady who is KEEPER OF THE FLAME arrives to in [...]

    8. I took an abnormally long time to read this book. Not a good thing even if it's 300 pages. I mean, it's a PNR with lots of sex. Not exactly rocket science so I shouldn't have taken so bloody long for sure? The story isn't terribly boring but isn't all that good either. I must say I was never particularly anxious to end my reading breaks. I finished it though. I really did. Not that it made much of difference in my enjoyment levels. They stayed pretty low throughout the whole book sopoints for co [...]

    9. Okay, so I'm having to admit I read some romance. *Shrugs* It has dragons and the most adorable baby griffen ever! So, I've enjoyed this series, but this book was not one that really stood out to me in said series. While I understand that the Goddess plays a role in helping true love mates find each other and realize they're a love match right away, in this book the two main characters just Well, they didn't have the same spark as a couple that several of the couples in other books have had. I r [...]

    10. I enjoyed this story. Hugh of Draconia was not really present in the other books so it was great to see a character barely mentioned in previous books to be fleshed out. I was wondering when we would find out about the Doge of Helios and it was great to learn more about Helios and the gryphon. The set up of the story was outstanding and this book does stand alone so reading the previous books are not necessary but it is somewhat helpful. I really recommend this book.

    11. This one is a real nail biter!The continuing saga of the Dragon Knights gets even better with a new location and yet more new characters. I loved the addition of Miss and Hugh's story. It is sweet and exciting. Lera is a wonderful queen and a perfect addition to the family. I can only hope the next book comes out soon!

    12. Love Love this book. love Hugh who took in Miss without a thought and was protecting her with his life. Love Lera who was tough while still be sweet and she loved Miss with all her heart.I love the Hugh and Lera made a great couple. the compliment each other in that he was a warrior and she was a queen. if life didn't keep interfering I would have not put the book down.

    13. I enjoyed this story, however.I felt the intimate scenes between Hugh and Lera seemed forced. Sorta like a commercial break. All these things are going on but Lera gets tired and we break for a go to bed/sex moment. Not all of them were like this. I thought the first one was well placed and the bathtub one wasn't badbut the other two - not necessary.

    14. I thought the book started out well and was interesting. But, that was the best part. It became sticky, warm, nice, sweetke a cinnamon bun and a cup of tea. So if you are looking for a very sweet fantasy romance, here you go. Not quite what I was looking for. I had to force myself to finish it. 2.5 stars.

    15. again, this seemed to flow, there were only a single male and female lead, and a cutie baby gryphon called Miss!the story running though all these books seems to be coming to a head, so hopefully an end is in sight.

    16. Wonderfully done!Has a well rounded story, fits easily to the rest of the series. With with cover art would have displayed a visual of 'Miss', that would have brought it all together.

    17. another fantastic book in this terrific series. a must read for anyone loving paranormal fantasy type books. can't say enough good things about this series. leaves u anxious to read the next and the next.

    18. Can you believe a story can be so awesome that you forget to sleep and just keep reading? This book was one of them for me. I really enjoyed the bonding between the baby griffon, the dragon and the Lady. An amazing addition to the series.

    19. Liked it :) enjoyed it dont know if I will re-read it and I normally re-read her stuff all the time (unless there is undead it !)

    20. I really loved reading this book . I love the Dragon Knight series it was a funny,sexy read and I'm looking forward to the next two books.

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