Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water

T. Greenwood / Jan 20, 2020

Bodies of Water In Billie Valentine is a young housewife living in a sleepy Massachusetts suburb treading water in a dull marriage and caring for two adopted daughters Summers spent with the girls at their lak

  • Title: Bodies of Water
  • Author: T. Greenwood
  • ISBN: 9780758250933
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1960, Billie Valentine is a young housewife living in a sleepy Massachusetts suburb, treading water in a dull marriage and caring for two adopted daughters Summers spent with the girls at their lakeside camp in Vermont are her one escape from her husband s demands, from days consumed by household drudgery, and from the nagging suspicion that life was supposed to holdIn 1960, Billie Valentine is a young housewife living in a sleepy Massachusetts suburb, treading water in a dull marriage and caring for two adopted daughters Summers spent with the girls at their lakeside camp in Vermont are her one escape from her husband s demands, from days consumed by household drudgery, and from the nagging suspicion that life was supposed to hold something different.Then a new family moves in across the street Ted and Eva Wilson have three children and a fourth on the way, and their arrival reignites long buried feelings in Billie The affair that follows offers a solace Billie has never known, until her secret is revealed and both families are wrenched apart in the tragic aftermath.Fifty years later, Ted and Eva s son, Johnny, contacts an elderly but still spry Billie, entreating her to return east to meet with him Once there, Billie finally learns the surprising truth about what was lost, and what still remains, of those joyful, momentous summers.In this deeply tender novel, T Greenwood weaves deftly between the past and present to create a poignant and wonderfully moving story of friendship, the resonance of memories, and the love that keeps us afloat.

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        T Greenwood is the author of twelve novels She has received grants from the Sherwood Anderson Foundation, the Christopher Isherwood Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and, most recently, the Maryland State Arts Council She has won three San Diego Book Awards Five of her novels have been BookSense76 IndieBound picks BODIES OF WATER was finalist for a Lambda Foundation award Her twelfth novel, RUST STARDUST, will be published in August 2018.She teaches creative writing for San Diego Writer s Ink and online for The Writer s Center She and her husband, Patrick, live in San Diego, CA with their two daughters She is also a photographer.More information on T Greenwood can be found at her websites tgreenwood and ephemerafiles


    1. Update THANK YOU soooo sweet to the couple of people who just now noticed this review form 3 years ago. I STILL remember this book. My good friends Lisi and Iris do too. If you haven't read it and are lookingfor a book to lose yourself in completely this is a great pic. My very close friend from Jr. High School, said *****READ THIS BOOK****! We are friends for more than 40 years.I'm thankful and love my friend. Lisi was always reading as a child. I just wanted to talk about BOYS. Go to school da [...]

    2. I am heartbroken but inspired by Billie and Eva's devotion for each other, their overwhelming passion and their willingness to fight, against all odds, for their loveCan Love conquer all? Not always, but what a privilege to experience such a deep connection with another person's soul in our lifetimes.Thank you Elyse - and by extension thank you Lisi- for recommending this wonderful book. And of course thank you T. Greenwood for having the empathy and sensibility to write this story.Regardless of [...]

    3. Synopsis:When aging Billie receives a phone call from Johnny, once her next door neighbor’s little boy, now a grown man with problems of his own, she is forced to recall the love of her life and how it ended in tragedy.Review:Before I even discuss the actual story, I really really need you to know that Bodies of Water is so crazy good that three things happened to me:I had to stop and catch my breath three quarters of the way through because the heartache was so intense. (Readers, you know tha [...]

    4. A tragic love story of two women stuck in unhappy marriages during the 1960's. The story moves between present day and the early 1960's. Both husbands are alcoholics and one is quite violent. The author mentioned in an interview that while the story is a work of fiction, the character Billie was actually based on her aunt. Overall, I found it to be a memorable and worthwhile read. The love story is haunting with passages that were profoundly moving.

    5. ”This is what I know: memory is the same as water. It permeates and saturates. Quenches and satisfies. It can hold you up or pull you under; render you weightless or drown you. It is tangible, but elusive. My memories of Eva are like this: the watery dreams of the past I can no more easily grasp than a fistful of the ocean.”I am not crying. I am not crying.I. AM. NOT. FUCKING. CRYING.I almost never cry in books, but this book had me a sniveling, sobbing mess. I wasn’t expecting this book t [...]

    6. T. Greenwood has created a heart-breaking love story that will resonate in my mind for a very, very long time. Her characters are vibrant and believable in both their love and their cruelty. While it's set in the late 50s and early 60s, there are so many issues that still, sadly, stand today. This is not a typical love story, and it will make you angry, sad, joyous, confused, afraid, misty-eyed and disgusted no matter what side of the issues you identify with. I don't want to tell you more, I wa [...]

    7. woW!i am truly blown awayEAT author.favorite lines:-memory is the same as water. it can hold you up or pull you under.-this terrible limbo, this purgatory of waiting-though i had my doubts about God, i did always feel at peace inside churches. there is something undeniably calming about all that collective reverence. i could see how faith might entice people, how the promise of something better than this life could provide respite for the weary.-the secret to happiness is counting your blessings [...]

    8. This is the kind of book that needs more than 5 stars. So amazing. I wanted to finish in one day, but my children needed, you know, food and stuff. Best Greenwood yet.

    9. Amazing hidden treasureThis book was recommended to me by a good friend who knows what I like to read. She was truly spot on with this lovely book. I dare say that it reminds me a little of "Brokeback Mountain" whereas it is a forbidden and tragic love story, but this time between two women in the early sixties. A time where a love like theirs was forbidden. When women were merely fixtures, wives and mothers, only there to serve their husbands and do as they were told. Beyond this being a beauti [...]

    10. This is a brave, haunting love story with the breathless pacing of a mystery novel. Ostensibly the story of forbidden love between two women in an era when such a thing was not only considered a crime, but a sin, BODIES OF WATER also catalogs the claustrophobia of being a stay-at-home mom in the 1960's when your husband's word was law. Despite the harsh, almost Shakespearean tragic story line, Greenwood writes with such empathy for all of her characters that readers are left with a feeling of ho [...]

    11. I was born in 1960 so it is somewhat hard for me to comprehend how women lived by the rules and mores of that time we 'burnt the bra' so to speak. Husbands made all the rules, wives stayed home, and married, because that is what was expected of them and they didn't question their husbands regardless of whether they were good men, or bad. Wives didn't work outside the home as a rule, but the work in the home was by far more exhaustinge floors were cleaned and washed Everyday, meals made from scra [...]

    12. I’ve been traveling and haven’t been able to review this magnificent novel (which I read in 3 hours). Tammy Greenwood’s books are insanely readable. The kind where you’re only going to read the first 10 pages and then start making dinner and meanwhile you’re suddenly 200 pages in and feeding one’s children becomes an afterthought. Like all her novels, this is beautiful and stark and haunting. Her books truly make you feel, even if you don’t relate to the characters. This book invol [...]

    13. 4.5 Stars. This is a story about 2 women, Billie & Eva and is set in the early 1960s when housewives stayed home to raise children & obey their husbands. Makes you realize what a different & unaccepting time it was. This is not your typical love story, yet it was tender & beautiful I couldn't put it down. The ending made me cry, which was a little awkward since I was reading it while walking on the treadmill at the YMCA! Very well written & would totally recommend.

    14. This novel is not out yet and I do not want to go into details that will give anything away. I got my hands on ARC. It is about family and the obligations that can sometimes lock us in tight to a life that makes us feel trapped in our skin. It is about a time when loving who you wanted wasn't such a free choice. But make no mistake, this is a beautiful, sad love story. At the end of the novel I thought, what a fitting title. It alternates between the present and the past with each chapter, and w [...]

    15. If you have not yet read any of T. Greenwood's must!!Our little on line book group highlighted her this year as a Focus on One Author & I think all 6 of her books that we read were big hits & well discussed.Her writing is beautiful, the imagery is at times musical & at other times too painful. Even in the darkest & some of the most painful parts of her books, the wording is lovely, respectful & real.This particular story was especially heartbreaking, a true love sto [...]

    16. Bodies of Water is about two 1960s suburban "housewives" who live across the street, fall in love and find hope and escape from the daily drudgery of their lives (for a short time). Greenwood does a terrific job exploring a powerful and complicated love story as well as the repression of the era. The novel is a timely reminder that life was not "great" for many Americans in the early 1960s. Greenwood's writing is clear and resonant and I will certainly read more of her novels. (Thanks for the re [...]

    17. Absolutely fabulous booka love story and so much moreis was my first book by this author but will definitely not be my last! I literally couldn't put this book down and miss the characters already2 thumbs up stars doesn't seem enough!! Read this book then tell everyone about it!!!

    18. Read novel courtesy of a friendThis is THE book that MUST be read! It is so compelling that you won't be able to put it down. T. Greenwood has written a quintessential novel of the American family with all of the devastation and dreams included."Bodies of Water" is essentially the story of two women, their families and their love. I'm not going to say anymore about the plot. I will say that this novel struck such a cord with me that I found myself laughing and crying throughout. Once I started t [...]

    19. Ce roman est magnifique. Cette histoire d’amour entre ces deux femmes est si belle et pourtant impossible à vivre. J’ai été très touchée par leur histoire, et j’ai ressenti dans ce roman à la fois un grand calme et en même temps une descente aux enfers des personnes qui tentent de s’aimer sans jamais pouvoir le faire librement.Ma chronique : myprettybooks.wordpress/2

    20. Compelling, haunting, heartbreaking. Another story of redemption by the author of Two Rivers but a bit more edgy. I enjoy the juxtaposition of eras (the 60s and current day) and the unexpected twists. pg 262 The idea that someone could hear about what happened all those years ago and not be disgusted, horrified, by all the tragedies that followed, that someone could find a sliver of the goodness, the beauty, I cling to is almost more than I can handle.

    21. a complex love story during the 1960's. a lot of stereotypical stuff going on for that time period. women stayed home and listened to their men. this book touches on forbidden love, domestic violence, drinking alcohol, with tragedy. almost 5 stars but I didn't like the past and present. I get it needed to be done but too much about present. I would've been ok with starting with present, the whole story in 60's, then ended as the present. good writing style and recommend it.

    22. this was an amazing book!! will be adding it to my must read at least once a year list! I loved the way Greenwood interweaved the past and present while telling this love story. Literally could not stop reading this once I started. first time reading this author but it will definitely not be the last time! going to read all previous work now.

    23. T. Greenwood has done it once again. This book has everything you could ask for. Makes me want to go to the east coast and rent a cabin by the lake for the summer.Thanks T. Greenwood for such a wonderful story…5 +++++++++++++++

    24. Absolutely adored this book! The writing is beautiful and I fell instantly in love with the characters. I know it's cliche to say but I couldn't put it down.Read my reviewhere. Looking forward to picking up the other books by T. Greenwood!

    25. Beautiful writing, interesting characters and good drama. This is a good one! If you know me you know I don't like dual timelines but it didn't bother me as much with this one because the majority was in the past and it was all Billie's story. Times were so different in the 60's and I'm really glad times have changed, especially after reading this. There are countless quality novels about the civil rights movement, but I can't remember reading a book that takes on what we now call the Love is Lo [...]

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