The Story of the Treasure Seekers

The Story of the Treasure Seekers

E. Nesbit / Feb 19, 2020

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  • Title: The Story of the Treasure Seekers
  • Author: E. Nesbit
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Audiobook
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        Edith Nesbit married name Edith Bland 15 August 1858 4 May 1924 was an English author and poet she published her books for children under the name of E Nesbit.She wrote or collaborated on over 60 books of fiction for children, several of which have been adapted for film and television She was also a political activist and co founded the Fabian Society, a socialist organisation later connected to the Labour Party.Edith Nesbit was born in Kennington, Surrey, the daughter of agricultural chemist and schoolmaster John Collis Nesbit The death of her father when she was four and the continuing ill health of her sister meant that Nesbit had a transitory childhood, her family moving across Europe in search of healthy climates only to return to England for financial reasons Nesbit therefore spent her childhood attaining an education from whatever sources were available local grammars, the occasional boarding school but mainly through reading.At 17 her family finally settled in London and aged 19, Nesbit met Hubert Bland, a political activist and writer They became lovers and when Nesbit found she was pregnant they became engaged, marrying in April 1880 After this scandalous for Victorian society beginning, the marriage would be an unconventional one Initially, the couple lived separately Nesbit with her family and Bland with his mother and her live in companion Maggie Doran Nesbit discovered a few months into the marriage that Bland had been conducting an affair with Doran, fathering a child with her and previously promising to marry her Though they argued ferociously Nesbit did not end the marriage, choosing instead to move in properly with her husband and become friends with Doran She then began to help support Doran and her own family financially by writing and selling sentimental poetry Nesbit s writing career therefore truly began as a need to support another woman s child.As the family grew Nesbit and Bland became increasingly politically active In 1883 they were amongst the founding members of The Fabian Society, a socialist group that would have an enormous effect on the politics of Britain over the next century The couple named their third child Fabian after the society At around the same time Nesbit invited her close friend Alice Hoatson to live with the family as housekeeper and secretary, as Hoatson was pregnant out of wedlock Nesbit agreed to adopt the child to prevent a scandal However after the child was born it became clear that the father of the child was none other than Nesbit s own husband Bland Nesbit demanded that the mother and baby leave her house however Bland refused to allow it, stating he would leave her in turn if they could not remain Nesbit relented and adopted the baby, Rosamund, and later dedicated her book The Book of Dragons to her.Initially, Edith Nesbit books were novels meant for adults, including The Prophet s Mantle 1885 and The Marden Mystery 1896 about the early days of the socialist movement Written under the pen name of her third child Fabian Bland , these books were not successful Nesbit generated an income for the family by lecturing around the country on socialism and through her journalism she was editor of the Fabian Society s journal, Today.Between 1899 and 1900 Nesbit s life altered dramatically In 1899 Alice Hoatson had another child, John, with Bland whom Nesbit dutifully adopted as her own son That year the family moved to Well Hall House in Eltham, Kent In 1900 her son Fabian died suddenly from tonsillitis the loss would have a deep emotional impact and numerous subsequent Edith Nesbit books were dedicated to his memory These personal upsets were occurring at the same time as Nesbit s increasing success and fame as an author for children In 1899 she had published The Adventures of the Treasure Seekers to great acclaim.


    1. The story of Treasure Seekers - is a story of six children, who really admire Kipling and Dickens, go through various adventures to earn money. The reason behind their adventures is the poor financial condition of the family. The story is meant for children; for me - it was not interesting and, at times, was very boring. And moreover, there is no treasure hunt in the book, though initially the children start as treasure seekers. I was dragging the book and somehow finished it.

    2. E. Nesbit did not write for children. Oh, yes, I quite enjoyed Five Children and It and The Phoenix and the Carpet and so on when I was a child; they're magnificent children's books. But listening to the Librivox recording of The Story of the Treasure-Seekers makes it very, very clear that the magnificent Ms. Nesbit had very firmly in mind the parents who would be reading the books aloud at bedtime. One beautiful example is a scene in which an adult abruptly rises from his seat and walks away to [...]

    3. Unlike many of E. Nesbit's books, this one has no magic in it, but it's great fun anyway. It's the first of three books about the adventures of the six Bastable children. Simon Prebble does a fine job of narrating this audiobook.

    4. This book is more like a group of short stories than it is a novel. Each chapter a different tale about how this group of children tries to restore their family's fortune, or position would be the better word. Each story borders on the absurd, but I think Nesbit was more interested in her message than believability. This one falls short of The Railway Children. 3.5 stars.

    5. Utterly charming.As I said above, I thought this book was charming & I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Having two kids of my own, I had had some experience with E. Nesbit - most particularly, we had listened to an audiobook of The Railway Children years ago on a driving trip. In some ways, I think I enjoyed it more than kids did.Nesbit's stories are so rooted in time and place - childhood in Victorian England - that reading them is a window into the past. It amazes me how much more freedom ch [...]

    6. This was a spare-time readaloud with the girls over several months, and it was a fun read. I started reading it because I saw that it was one of the inspirations for The Penderwicks, a series our whole family adores – and you can certainly see the parallels, including a surprisingly dry wit that holds up quite well a century later (see if you can guess, despite the his best efforts to stay objective, which child is narrating; it's one of the best running gags I have ever experienced in a novel [...]

    7. "نحن آسفون جداً. لم نفكر في أن أم ألبرت ستقلق عليه إذا احتجزناه فجأة. فنحن نحاول بجد ألا نفكر في أمهات الناس الآخرين, لأنه ليس لدينا أم"قصة الباحثون عن الكنزعن ستة أطفال يعلمون بأن والدهم تعرّض لخسارة في تجارته وأنه أصبح لديه القليل من المال, فيبدؤون بوضع الخطط لجمع المال لوالد [...]

    8. One of my childhood favourites. A great story of a family in reduced circumstances and the most endearing children determined to restore their father's fortune. This book really captured my imagination as a child and again when I read it to my children. I still have the original copy that I purchased at a school book sale in 1981. A dear old friend.

    9. I love Nesbit's stories, they are such fun. This is the start of the Bastable children's adventures.In the forward information about Mrs. Nesbit it included a description of her that created a funny image in my mind of a young woman hopping over a fence slinging a corset bag full of smoking goods.She became the modern woman of her time, cut her hair short, threw away her corsets, reveled in physical fitness, walked a great deal and leaped over gates when she had a mind to. She wore Liberty dress [...]

    10. I read this story as part of The Dead Writers Society Genre Challenge for January which was to read a book in the Action/Adventure/Travel genre and I chose this book.Told be a unnamed narrator (which honestly you figure out quite quickly) readers find out that the narrator is one of the Bastable Children. There are six Bastable children in all and I am not going to lie, sometimes i got a bit confused by them all. The children are: Dora, Oswald, Dicky, Alice, Noel, and H. O. We find out that the [...]

    11. Oh, how I adored this book! I laughed aloud in so many parts and these characters, especially Oswald the great, felt as familiar as my own children. The funny cadence of writing that was sort of spur of the moment/top of the head thoughts and relaying of events, was just perfect. The realizations that came to me when reading were subtle, but I still feel them several days later.The story of the poor Bastable children seeking to better their fortune is something that kids can relate to, wanting t [...]

    12. I tried reading this once as a child, maybe about the age of seven and eight, and put it down because I found it very bizarre. I can now see that it's the kind of book which is intended to be read to children by their parents as there are plenty of amusing comments which only adults would understand (e.g. finding the coins in the garden). It's an excellent book, written in the way of many books from that time - each chapter has its own plot, meaning that you can read one chapter every night befo [...]

    13. I liked this a lot as a nipper, as I was a big fan of books about families of many siblings who wrote their own newspapers and so forth. I picked it up by chance a few days ago and realised that it was set in Lewisham, so I read the whole thing again and found it to be great fun. As a child I don't think I'd paid any attention to the story going on in the background, where the Bastables' father is struggling immensely with sudden poverty and widowhood (they have to cut down to just one servant!) [...]

    14. The "Five Children and It" trilogy is among my favorite childhood books, so before rereading them I decided to try this one. I have to say that I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected, probably because it has no magic at all and the characters of the children seem a bit too stereotypical - the eldest sister who acts as mother to her orphaned siblings, the sensitive poet, the brave and chivalrous boys, and so on. All right, it's not the author's fault that she didn't include supernatural elements [...]

    15. I was prompted to reread this wonderful children's classic (and a favorite of my childhood) by an essay by Michael Dirda, the Washington Post book reviewer. The story and characters remain fresh, humorous and honest as the Bastable children seek to restore their " family fortunes" with a series of creative ideas.

    16. Wonderful story! Great read aloud for children. Oswald cracked me up with his faulty third- person technique. The picture on the front of this edition is dreadful. Bet it keeps lots of folks away. I'm sure Oswald does not have buck teeth and he is much too polite to say if his siblings do. Oswald knows what it means to be a gentleman.

    17. The Story of the Treasure Seekers by E. Nesbit is a classic children's book from years ago. But it had a timeless quality to it and I enjoyed it so much. The voice was wonderful, the characters, children who are conspiring to "restore the fortunes of their fallen house", were delightful. Their adventures were both touching and funny and I laughed out loud several times. A great relaxing read.

    18. I read this many years ago, that I don't even remember what is it about. I just remember that this was one of the first adventure book I read and it was very interesting. I recall that I like it. Turns out this influence J.K.Rowling to write Harry Potter

    19. Another book by Nesbit about children and how they try to solve problems and find adventure along the way. All of her stories remind me of my childhood and my own adventures (though they were not quite as exciting)and I believe that is the top reason I enjoy them so much.

    20. I had been curious about this book ever since first reading The Magician's Nephew about 55 years ago, when C.S. Lewis wrote, "In those days Mr Sherlock Holmes was still living in Baker Street and the Bastables were looking for treasure in the Lewisham Road." I knew about Sherlock Holmes and Baker Street, but the Bastables I had never heard of, though Lewis clearly assumed that his readers, or most of them had. So it seemed that an important part of my literary education was missing. It also said [...]

    21. A wonderful surprise of a book — recommended for my daughter by a friend, yet I ended up devouring it with much joy. A story of six English siblings setting out to restore their family's “lost fortunes” after the passing of their Mother, and their Father's been cheated out of business by a partner. Told with childish naivety and bluntness, but behind it all you can see “adult” implications, especially as the grown-ups are being touched by the sincerity of the young ones. Fun, sometimes [...]

    22. I may be an old granny but I still love to read children's books! This one was very delightful and I'm continuing the series.

    23. استمتعت بها جداً، راح أقرأ أكثر لنبستملاحظة، اكتشفت شخصية الراوي من قبل لا يكشف نفسه

    24. This is also a revisit because Shiloah brought up E. Nesbit yet again! Also, I realized that I have not ever recorded this one anyway so it is a good thing to revisit. I love this story. The adorable flipping back and forth from third to first person by the "young" author is priceless. And the adventures that these children find themselves on are so hilarious. And the treatment of the adults, from a child's perspective is eye-opening and is always a good reminder for any parent, teacher, or ment [...]

    25. 3,5 / 5Los seis hermanos de la familia Bastable que oscilan entre los tres y quince años son huérfanos por parte de madre desde hace unos años. Desde que ocurrió saben que las cosas son difíciles en casa, la fortuna familiar está perdida y su padre no para de trabajar a todas horas para intentar mantenerla a flote. Los niños han decidido hacer algo para recuperarla: buscarán tesoros ocultos, serán detectives, venderán poemas, buscarán benefactores, rescatarán ancianos en apuros, vend [...]

    26. An interesting book, and one that I'm glad to have read, but sadly not one that I loved. Of course I loved bits of it, like I love at least bits of each book I finish- you can always get something out of every book I think. It is wonderful to read a book about children who are imaginative and can amuse themselves for vast amounts of time- long before tv, computers and ipods. As an adult reading this book we see how naive the children are- the Bastable family has fallen on hard times- their mothe [...]

    27. I remember enjoying this a lot as a kid, and it's still pretty good now. Actually, in some ways it's even better because, aside from all the adventures the characters have, I'm now able to better understand all the things that are secretly going on in the background of the book with their father's financial problems and so on. Everything turns out unbelievably well in the end, but the fact that the children do get told off when they do something idiotic (e.g. getting their dog to attack a lord s [...]

    28. For me, Nesbit reached perfection with "The Railway Children," so this book couldn't possibly match that, and I also missed the magic elements of "Five Children and It" and "The Phoenix and the Carpet," but I still enjoyed this story of the Bastable children and their efforts to "restore the fortunes of the ancient house of Bastable." The book is really more of a series of individual adventures than a continuing story, although things do get tied together somewhat at the end. With six children i [...]

    29. Los buscadores de tesoros es un libro ameno, contado para pasar una tarde, de los que consiguen que te metas entre sus paginas y en el momento de la acción, que la autora sea de otra época ayuda a creca un escenario que resulta menos conocido pero a la vez real cuando empieza a describirlo y que este, a pesar de ser un libro realista, si ademas le combinamos la forma de ser de sus personajes, sea uno de esos que te transportan a lugares antes desconocidos y te dejan una sorpresa pagina tras pa [...]

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