The Otherworld Trilogy: Faelorehn / Dolmarehn / Luathara

The Otherworld Trilogy: Faelorehn / Dolmarehn / Luathara

Jenna Elizabeth Johnson / May 23, 2019

The Otherworld Trilogy Faelorehn Dolmarehn Luathara This Omnibus Edition includes the entire Otherworld Trilogy as well as a commentary from the author an interview with the main characters a map of Eile and a short story from the author s other se

  • Title: The Otherworld Trilogy: Faelorehn / Dolmarehn / Luathara
  • Author: Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
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  • Page: 455
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This Omnibus Edition includes the entire Otherworld Trilogy, as well as a commentary from the author, an interview with the main characters, a map of Eile, and a short story from the author s other series, The Legend of Oescienne.Books in the Otherworld Trilogy Faelorehn Book OneDolmarehn Book TwoLuathara Book ThreeMeghan Elam s life may not have been perfect, but atThis Omnibus Edition includes the entire Otherworld Trilogy, as well as a commentary from the author, an interview with the main characters, a map of Eile, and a short story from the author s other series, The Legend of Oescienne.Books in the Otherworld Trilogy Faelorehn Book OneDolmarehn Book TwoLuathara Book ThreeMeghan Elam s life may not have been perfect, but at least it was somewhere just outside the realm of normal Of course, it only gets worse when Cade MacRoich shows up and saves her from a pack of bloodthirsty monsters And Cade doesn t stop after playing the part of the redeeming hero He informs Meghan that she is not human, but Faelorehn and immortal With the help of her mysterious rescuer, Meghan gradually learns who she truly is and that danger waits for her around every corner, danger that only grows when she ventures into the Otherworld Between a vindictive goddess nipping at her heals and a mother who has been keeping secrets from her, Meghan must learn her new place in a magical and terrifying world, a world she is now very much a part of.

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        Jenna Elizabeth Johnson is a best selling, multi award winning author of Fantasy and Young Adult Paranormal Romance Jenna has cherished her imagination since the day she discovered it probably around the age of two and has enjoyed the many adventures and retreats it has offered her since Miss Johnson grew up and still resides on the Central Coast of California, the very place where the Legend of Oescienne began to blossom into the epic it has become The province of Oescienne is based primarily on the topography of this area, and some specific locations in the novel reflect actual sites These places are dear to me, and I wanted to share their natural magic with those who might read my books Miss Johnson has a BA in Art Practice with a minor in Celtic Studies from the University of California at Berkeley It was during her time in college that she decided to begin her first novel, One day it dawned upon me that if I didn t write my stories down, then I would be the only one ever to enjoy them Further, reading such works as Beowulf, The Mabinogi and The Second Battle of Maige Tuired in my Scandinavian and Celtic Studies courses only added fuel to the fire Having a degree in art has also aided Miss Johnson in creating the world of Eth es All of the artwork found on this website was done by the author Having a picture, especially a map, helps me visualize the story completely I hope that the images I have placed on my webpage will help my readers get a better idea of what my world looks like Of course, you are always welcome to disregard them if the image you have in your head is better than the one I offer Besides writing and drawing, Miss Johnson enjoys reading, gardening, camping and hiking She also loves animals and bird watching and has many bird feeders set up in her garden at home.


    1. It's twelve in the morning and I have school tomorrow, so I'll save this review for later. One thing to say though: Rating: 10 out of 5 stars!

    2. Great Read - fun for all agesRead the three books back to back - if I had just chosen these books by cover alone (and I am swayed by a cover - shallow maybe but I do think artwork can sell or send a buyer running) I would have been happy, but these books keep you on your toes! Brilliant I'm off to get the next one.

    3. I wavered between giving this series three or four stars. For now I'm calling it a solid 3.5 and I'll mark it as a four. But on with the review. So I noticed that I couple of other reviewers felt that the characters came off as flat. I couldn't agree more. I have a problem with Meg's intsa love for Cade and the months that she spent swooning over him while he was gone were almost enough to make me put the first book downI did continue though and overall I found it entertaining. The world buildin [...]

    4. I jammed through these book in about four days. Reading until I fell asleep (book in hand) at night. The plot is fun, imaginative and adventurous. The only real character flaw is the female main character, Maegan. She is terminally diagnosed with the "Bella Swan" syndrome (For you "Twilight" readers, you'll get my drift." If you enjoy young reader, supernatural stories, this book might be for you.If you watch TV, the series "Bitten" is loosely written on her novels. Here's what I'd like to see J [...]

    5. A really enjoyable series with compelling relate-able characters.Based around a young woman named Meaghan and her discovery of her past which opens up an unbelievable future.Meaghan is found wandering the streets naked as a young child, assumed abandoned she is eventually adopted into a loving inclusive family, as the eldest child of her adoptive family she becomes the big sister of five brothers a role she relishes, but where her home life is wonderful her school life is upsetting, despite a gr [...]

    6. I started reading this series because I won Ghalien. I am so happy I was introduced to this series. A great read, wonderful characters that pull you into their world and then pull you into the "Otherworld". I will read this series again. I wish I could get this book on CD, I would luv to listen to it. I recommend this series to lovers of mystery, danger, and innocent love. I have read many books and I am seldom surprised but there were twists that caught me off guard and I love it when that happ [...]

    7. A good read!These books got progressively better as they progressed. I enjoyed watching Meghan go from a teen to a self possessed woman. There was a good balance of joy and tragedy to the story. I didn't feel sorry enough for the characters to make the story unenjoyable. But I also was able to appreciate the joys because of the sorrows. Very well crafted narrative overall.

    8. These books were little hidden gems. The first was feee, so I figured why not? Then it was love at first sight. I am a of faerie lore, and I really like how you can tell that Jenna Elizabeth did some preliminary research into it.

    9. While book one was a bit slow (developing the multitudes of characters) book two and three kept the reader's attention.

    10. I loved this series. I couldn't put it down. The protagonist was easy to relate to and I wish there were more books in the series.

    11. Love at first glance for me. Wonderful storytelling & editing as well.Any lover of paranormal romance, or the fae MUST READ this trilogy!

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