In Love With My Best Friend

In Love With My Best Friend

Yaritza Garcia / Dec 09, 2019

In Love With My Best Friend Everyone falls in love with their best friend sometimes

  • Title: In Love With My Best Friend
  • Author: Yaritza Garcia
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 162
  • Format: ebook
  • Everyone falls in love with their best friend sometimes

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    1. I loved this story and I am tired of seeing reviews where they treat it like it's a novel, instead of treating it like a short story. Yes, it is short, but it's just supposed to be a moment in that character's life that,may be insignificant. Also, you obviously are not supposed to get attached to the character, that isn't the point. The point is to just entertain for a little bit, it's not supposed to have a life-changing lesson or anything.

    2. This was a very short story about a boy who is in love with his best friend. Mike has known Gerard for two years, and when he sees him he gets sweaty palms. He's had a crush on him for a few months but hasn't told him. So Mike decides that on a field trip day, he will tell him of his feelings. They separate a little from the others and peruse through Greek art, and when they pass a statue Gerard tells Mike it looks like him. Since then statue was "beautiful" he thought that Gerard might like him [...]

    3. This is possibly the shortest story I've ever read, and I wish it were longer as I loved the storyline and the characters from what we read. The twist at the end was unexpected but really lovely and I do wish it hadn't been left so open- I hope there is a sequel at some point!

    4. While this is certainly the shortest short story I have ever read - I really enjoyed it for what it was. The author purposely keeps the narrators gender ambiguous so as to make us think about and reevaluate any assumptions we initially have when reading. I especially love the authors note at the end that states that they have received comments from readers wondering when "she" was going to tell her best friend "she" was in love with him. Shows that either some people are extremely ignorant and t [...]

    5. 2.75*I wanted to read something short but this definitely needed to be a little longer. Plus… I thought it would have a very flowery ending but turned out the absolute opposite.

    6. I found that this was a lot better written than another story I read previously, for which I am grateful. The story is essentially about a guy who has unrequited feelings for his best friend, and wants to let him know while they're on an art trip. I liked the subtle manner by which the the main character's identity is revealed, though I do wish it had been just a little longer; to give some more background about both characters, or to expand on what happened between them.Nevertheless, for what i [...]

    7. This is my third short story in a row. It's by far the best one. A little juvenile maybe, but it was refreshing. I do wish there were more. I would read a sequel or even a full length novel. I recommend this to anyone who only has 5-10 minutes and wants to read an entire story that's worth their 5-10 minutes.

    8. In Love with my Best Friend follows Mike who, well you guessed it, is in love with his best friend. Overall it is a very short story but it was very well written. I like that the author really changed it up and put a boy as the main character instead of the typical teenage girl who is crushing on her boy best friend.

    9. This flash fiction story was written much better than the one I had previously read. It leaves it at a disappointing ending, resolved yet still open. The "twist" is so wonderful for the day and age and I love how the author was conscious of misleading the audience until the "big reveal."

    10. Omg the whole time I was reading this book I thought it was a girl who liked her guy best friend, but come to find out it's a guy (Mike) who likes his best friend ! But I do want to know if he will tell him how he feels. !

    11. I wish this story was longer which is part of the reason I gave it three stars because to me even though it was enjoyable there was no real attachment to the characters Plot: The main character Mike wants to tell his best friend that he is in love with him at this art trip

    12. Rating: 2 starsThis story was pretty predictable and annoyingly badly written- at first. The last page-and-a-half or so saved it. I was looking to the right when adorable sadness hit me from the left. I want a sequel or full-length novel about what happens to our main character!

    13. One of the best coded stories with word play ever created. Such a perfect short story and there is no way this would play off the same as an adaptation. Though I think it might still be good and oh my god this might be great!!! (Idea)

    14. I have actually felt this way when I felt like telling him but I don't want to he's in my second period class .

    15. It's good. Once again it's flash fiction and so it ends really quickly but once again I do like it even with that.

    16. Well thanks for the book. This author has a young passion for writing which shows! But they are good at this format which is hard so congrats!

    17. Huh gayyyyyyyJokes aside it's a sad but sort of sweet micro-story about unreciprocated homosexual love. Not very fleshed out or developed due to its length.

    18. 3,5All tho I find it a little to straight forward, and kind of cliché, I really enjoyed it. I also thought it was a girl we were talking about until the end. Bonus points for the twist!

    19. Too short. It is an interesting peek into this young man's mind as he tries to tell the truth to his friend. Take this young man and let him grow.

    20. Rápida de leer, divertida e interesante. Para una historia corta tiene un final impactante que realmente me ha dejado con ganas de probar una novela de García.

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