Cold Fusion 2000

Cold Fusion 2000

Karl Drinkwater / Jan 21, 2020

Cold Fusion Can love defeat the laws of physics Alex Kavanagh is a pedantic physics geek a teacher who hates teaching a lover who s always getting dumped a writer whose articles all get rejected a year old

  • Title: Cold Fusion 2000
  • Author: Karl Drinkwater
  • ISBN: 9781291222
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can love defeat the laws of physics Alex Kavanagh is a pedantic physics geek a teacher who hates teaching, a lover who s always getting dumped, a writer whose articles all get rejected, a 28 year old still living at home and bullied at the bus stop by teenagers and he s just had the worst day of his life Things can only get better, right Enter his ex, Lucy, in what seCan love defeat the laws of physics Alex Kavanagh is a pedantic physics geek a teacher who hates teaching, a lover who s always getting dumped, a writer whose articles all get rejected, a 28 year old still living at home and bullied at the bus stop by teenagers and he s just had the worst day of his life Things can only get better, right Enter his ex, Lucy, in what seems to be a chance meeting Her betrayal marked the point when his life went nuclear But holy protons he still loves her.Two problems First, she isn t who he thinks she is Second, she s going to leave him forever in 72 hours.Cold Fusion 2000 is a haunting novel about a man who s too rational to believe in ghosts and too short sighted to see what was in front of him all along.

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        Karl Drinkwater is originally from Manchester but has lived in Wales for half his life He s a full time author, edits fiction for other writers, and was a professional librarian for over twenty five years He has degrees in English, Classics, and Information Science.He writes in multiple genres his aim is always just to tell a good story Among his books you ll find elements of literary and contemporary fiction, gritty urban, horror, suspense, paranormal, thriller, sci fi, romance, social commentary, and The end result is interesting and authentic characters, clever and compelling plots, and believable worlds.When he isn t writing he loves exercise, guitars, computer and board games, the natural environment, animals, social justice, cake, and zombies Not necessarily in that order.karldrinkwatertwitter karldrinkwaterfacebook karlzdrinkwater


    1. Recieved by the author nearly a year ago. Oooops, sorry Karl. Anyways, I love the signing you put on the inside cover:Karl DrinkwaterDecember 2012A Wet DayBack cover shows Dante Gabriel Rossetti, La Donna della Finestra 1879and that in itself is worth a star!Opening: A Brief History of Time1992. The Shaman yelled Eezer Goode, Eezer Goode. Alex listened; decided that MSc's 're good and started his postgrad in physics.1993. MSc over, Alex started a PhD on the topic of ancient physics. UB40 sang (I [...]

    2. I received Cold Fusion 2000 from the author as a LibraryThing Giveaway (or First Read, not important which).Mr Drinkwater included a few typed notes with a handful of alternate passages to replace those in the printed book, which turned out to be of lesser importance to me than to him perhaps.He also included an envelope marked not to read until after I had finished the novel due to containing FAQs with spoilers, which I dutifully complied with. The contents did turn out to be of great significa [...]

    3. It's rare to find a book that makes you laugh and think in equal measure. Cold Fusion 2000 does just that, as Drinkwater explores that time between leaving university and life starting in earnest, a time that should be filled of hope for the future but that all too often is full of longing for the past.The writing evokes a rare sultry summer in Manchester at the turn of the Millennium - sticky buses, sweaty staff rooms, stifling heat. Drinkwater perfectly describes 'Stretford Arndale's car-park- [...]

    4. I don't wish to spoil this novel for anyone, but I must say, it's a very good read. The two main characters are stunning in their utterly blatant humanity. They are engaging, absorbing, and wonderful. I found myself losing whole chunks of time in this book without realizing it, that's how entertaining it is. The author is able to capture the complexity of thought and emotion that goes into every moment of being an individual and their relationships with those around them, while maintaining a ver [...]

    5. This is one of those books that starts off a bit slow and you wonder what on earth you have gotten yourself into. As the story line develops it grabs you and you find yourself completely unable to put the book down. You care about the main character, you care about the story, you are disappointed when you are finished. You long to meet other people who have read it, and discuss the plot and the metaphors at length. If it was a play, I would give it a standing ovation. Bravo!

    6. I felt this was almost a coming of age story, although the protagonist, Alex is thirty in the book. He's let a broken heart get him and his emotions stuck in a rut and he needs some help climbing out. Enter Jane, the twin of his ex to catalyse the change. There is some very lovely writing in this book and it doesn't go in the directions you would expect, and is all the better for it.

    7. Fascinating, unpredictable outcome with refreshingly intelligent characters. A great companion to a rainy day and a cup of tea. Looking forward to more from this author in any genre.

    8. Many thanks to the author for giving me a copy of this book.Karl sa già che la mia recensione sarà in italiano e ha già trovato qualcuno che la tradurrà per lui.Ho finito questo libro questa mattina e mi ci è voluto un po' per mettere ogni cosa al suo posto. Incredibile ma vero, ne sono venuta a capo proprio sotto la doccia che - a quanto pare - sembra essere un luogo di epifania in questo romanzo.Ma andiamo per ordine:Alex Kavanagh è un ragazzo un po' strano: a trentadue anni vive ancora [...]

    9. Cold Fusion 2000 by Karl Drinkwater begins with an interesting prologue.The first chapter is made up of brief paragraphs describing the most important parts of our protagonist Alex's life, with the help of some suitable song titles worked into each sentence. We get a brief history of Alex between 1992 and 2000 (when this story takes place).Alex is a 32 year old man living in Manchester, with a passion for sciences and poetry. He teaches physics and other sciences part-time at a local college, st [...]

    10. I have to admit that this novel took its time to grow on me. I started off not liking the quirky introduction *or* the main protagonist very much, yet by the end of the story I’d genuinely grown to love him, flaws and all. Alex Kavanagh is a socially awkward, bitter, PHD drop-out, resigned to teaching physics, a job he absolutely hates. He has just been dumped (again) and still lives with his mum; he even gets bullied at the bus stop by groups of local teenagers. When he encounters Lucy, the g [...]

    11. I have to be honest, if you ask me what genre this book is, then I have no idea. If you ask me if I liked it, then the answer is yes, did I love it from the beginning? no, at first I was annoyed and frustrated, Alex was such a pompous smartass that I could have slapped him senseless.I kept thinking a few things along the way, one, that I must be a total ignorant because there were several moments when I felt totally outsmarted, the whole physics thing was a bit too much at times, another thing t [...]

    12. I received this book for review from the author and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this novel. Although it is described as an adult contemporary, I found it to be much more intelligently written than most contemporary novels that I have read in the past. The descriptive style made the characters and locations come to life on the page and especially as some of the places are familiar to me, it really put the story in a different class to other stories of this kind. Set in the ye [...]

    13. Karl Drinkwater contacted me and offered me a free copy for review, which I was happy to accept.I enjoyed this book, although it did take me a while to warm to the main character, Alex. He just seemed rather hopeless. Which is, of course, part of the point! The middle part where he is re-connecting with Jane/Lucy (for he perceives her as the latter) is super-sweet, and very moving, but one cannot help but feel a faint sense of unease. Something seems slightly off What could it be? (yes, it is in [...]

    14. Karl Drinkwater contacted me, asking to read his novel. This has never happened to me before and I was humbled by the request and felt honoured but vaguely stressed. What if I didn't enjoy it? Happily, this was not an issue. I enjoyed this book emensely. The main character, Alex, was odd but real. I thoroughly enjoyed his dysfunctional relationship with his family, especially the scene when he is at his family party. His relationship with his ex, Lucy, was sad but typical for a college affair. I [...]

    15. The main character Alex is a teacher who hates teaching, has very difficult relationships with his co-workers, and a awful record with women, and to top it all off, he still lives at home with his mum! I felt that Alex was a typical ad that had not grown up in some ways, but as i read further into the book, i felt maybe it was his lack of social skills that were holding him back. He had had his heart broken but was unable to forget the past and move on. I felt that Alex was a possibly on the aut [...]

    16. A banger of a read. An eccentric book about an eccentric main character, Alex Kavanagh, and his complicated relationships with all and sundry, especially his love relationships with Lucy and Jane. Alex is a 'a pedantic physics-obsessed geek.' Lucy and Jane defy labels, they belong where they belong. One gets the feeling from the start to keep an open mind. To tread gently and to respect their reality, whatever it is. Reading 'Cold Fusion, is like landing on the Big Bang set, trapped in Sheldon's [...]

    17. I have just finished reading CF2k, the FAQ on Karl's blog and most of the reviews on this site relating to the book. I too was contacted by the author and offered a free copy of the book because I had enjoyed 'The Rosie Project' and I too had felt pressure to like the book. Again, like most other readers, I didn't really like the beginning nor the main character at first but I warmed to him once he met up with 'Lucy'. In fact, I found their time together thoroughly engaging. I also enjoyed the u [...]

    18. This was a very clever book, so delightfully different from what I expected. Disclosure: I was offered this to read by Karl because I enjoyed the Rosie Project. From the quirky introduction ( a synopsis of the last 10 years of Alex's life related to the number one hits of each year) to the physics introducing each chapter, this is not the usual romantic comedy Alex, the hero, is a socially awkward 30 year old, still living at home His heart has been broken and he is disappointed in his career an [...]

    19. A good read as a relationship novel with some humorous touches. The two main characters are well drawn and likeable, and the pace keeps you needing to read on just a bit more. For those who aren't a shallow quick reader like me there are probably quite a few deeper meanings within it. There's a twist in the plot - pay attention to how a particular chapter ends and how a later one starts. I liked the writing style and attention to detail in certain scenes.

    20. I found this novel compelling, there was a strong story throughout with humour and sadness. Felt like I was there watching things unfold. Very enjoyable.

    21. This story surprised me. By the title, I wasn't sure I would care for it, but don't let the title fool you. I didn't understand the title, that is, until I got to the end of the book. It makes sense now; however it can throw you off if you're not familiar with scientific terms and their meanings--which I am not.This is a good story. The writing is wonderful. The dialogue is real and descriptions are poetic. It's not an easy read, though it seems like it is initially, because nothing is as it see [...]

    22. Karl Drinkwater has a particular talent for taking quotidian events and everyman characters and crafting them into something really special.In Cold Fusion 2000, Alex is the 'everyman' - socially awkward, frustrated in his job, living with his parents, unable to get over his ex-girlfriend. A chance meeting with a woman gives him the chance to move past his frustrations but only if he is brave enough to take it.In the hands of a less talented author, these events might be mundane, but Karl Drinkwa [...]

    23. Cold Fusion 2000, by Karl Drinkwater, is a book that must be read to the end. It is a story of love, loss and moving on. As with a Rubik’s cube, it is not clear how the puzzle satisfies until the final few twists re-establish order.The protagonist, Alex Kavanagh, is a frustrated science teacher at a further education college in Manchester. At thirty years of age he is living in his family home with his mother and sister, having given up on completing his PhD when he split with his girlfriend s [...]

    24. I received a review copy from the author. Alex Kavanagh is a 30 year-old PhD dropout teaching physics in Manchester. His mission is to be first in the shower, but gets thwarted, as he’s living at home with mother and sister and an absentee father who’s away on a rig. Then there’s Natalie, sister Kelly’s friend, who’s hiding out in the Kavanagh house from her own family. As we meet Alex, he’s just waking up, ideas bursting through his sleep-addled mind. Ideas about articles, student e [...]

    25. ‘Watching numbers crunch and evolve was almost as mesmerising as the Windows 98 disk defragmenter.’After a prologue which includes a summary of significant events in Alex Kavanagh’s life between 1992 and June 2000 when this story opens, we meet Alex. He is a 32 year old man, fascinated by science and poetry. He teaches science part - time at a local college, has occasionally experienced fugue states, and still lives at home. Alex wonders about how his life might be if he’d made different [...]

    26. Set in Manchester during the Millennium era (2000, hence the title), main character; Alex, still lives at home with his Mum and sister; Kelly and has been in an impasse since his girlfriend from university dumped him. Now thirty years old and his life being in this rut, a sudden encounter finally unlocks him from this dilemma in his life to get him back into his better ways. He's fed up of getting bullied by the teenagers at the bus stop and fed up of getting dumped, so he was surprised when he [...]

    27. I received this book from the author after a discussion on here about another book I reviewed - and the basic premise brought back some very embarrassing memories for me! I have to be very careful not to give away any spoilers, even for people who have read it, so I will just say that getting involved with identical twins can be very confusing! It also brought back happy memories of millenium era Manchester, and captures some of the joys and frustrations of the time beautifully - those of us old [...]

    28. Karl Drinkwarter kindly sent me a copy of this book to read. He even signed it for me.So I didn't like the first chapter. The language was ugly, Alex the main character was unlikeable, horrible,he is 30 still lives at home and fights with his sister and I wasn't wanting to read futher.However once 'Lucy' turned up the story was like a rose opening up. She brought lightness and sweetness to the story. Alex and Lucy went out years ago and broke up and Alex had trouble with woman ever since. But ou [...]

    29. I received a copy of Cold Fusion 2000 directly from the author after reviewing another of his books - 2000 Tunes (which I would consider a companion piece). When I received it I read the blurb on the back of the book and didn't know if it was for me. Even when I was reading it I was unsure, but maybe quarter of the way in I realised I was hooked by the story.A brief summary of the plot. Set in Manchester at the dawn of the Millennium the main protagonist is Alex. Alex has turned 30 has a job he [...]

    30. At first Cold Fusion 2000 feels a bit like a mash up of The Rosie Project, the Adrian Mole series, with a touch of the humour of The Big Bang Theory, but it is definitely its own book. Opening with a cool time-line of Alex’s biggest ‘life-events’ (complete with song references), I found the book immediately interesting and engaging. It is set in Manchester in the year 2000 (the year after I moved home to Canada from Liverpool-so lots of the references were familiar-which is always fun), Th [...]

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