The Last Gasp

The Last Gasp

Trevor Hoyle / Jan 20, 2020

The Last Gasp A large dense frightening novel from the UK author of This Sentient Earth In the ocean s oxygen producing plankton are dying from pollution Maverick oceanographer Theo Detrick predicts a disast

  • Title: The Last Gasp
  • Author: Trevor Hoyle
  • ISBN: 9780821715086
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A large, dense, frightening novel from the UK author of This Sentient Earth In 1990 the ocean s oxygen producing plankton are dying from pollution Maverick oceanographer Theo Detrick predicts a disastrous drop in the air s oxygen content within 20 years Nobody believes him Polluter industrialist J.E Gelstrom is furiously empire building The US USSR military have abanA large, dense, frightening novel from the UK author of This Sentient Earth In 1990 the ocean s oxygen producing plankton are dying from pollution Maverick oceanographer Theo Detrick predicts a disastrous drop in the air s oxygen content within 20 years Nobody believes him Polluter industrialist J.E Gelstrom is furiously empire building The US USSR military have abandoned nuclear weapons for a better deterrent environmental warfare Marine biologist Gavin Chase teams up with Detrick s daughter Cheryl to gather facts alert the public The climate warms, the protective ozone layer thins, equatorial regions become uninhabitable The military, led by maniacal Major Madden, unleashes environmental weapons while retreating to secret, sealed labs to breed mutants able to survive anaerobic conditions Eventually the dying Gelstrom has a change of heart gives funds to Chase friends who work desperately to reverse the ecological transformation.

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    1. The Last Gasp was originally published back in 1983, set in the future (which actually starts in 2016 here) it follows a series of scientific types who realise that the Earth is moving towards being unable to sustain life rather too fast and political types that have their own agendas – and ends up being a wildly sprawling yet intriguing and fascinating novel that hits quite close to home.It was not without its faults for me, the concept was sound and definitely thought provoking, the characte [...]

    2. Breathing hard, or hardly breathing? Al Gore would love this book!Okay, picture China's air quality right before the Olympics. Now imagine that same air quality spread globally, times 10!In this novel, Hoyle presents a world where pollution is out of control. Can the scientists convince the public and politicians to take action?Written in 1983, it seems like it was made for the debates of today.I enjoyed it.

    3. Even though this chilling book was written almost thirty years ago, it reads like today's headlines. If Hoyle's description of ecological catastrophe doesn't persuade you of the necessity to act against climate change, nothing will. On one level, this is the "Uncle Tom's Cabin" of the Green Movement.

    4. This is an amazingly prescient novel. It was written in the 1980s and set in the future (beginning in 2016) and it has correctly predicted the projection of many of the biggest problems facing humanity together. Hoyle has been massively ambitious in his scope - telling the story of the planet over decades through a few characters. I enjoyed the odd chapters from the perspective of other people whom we don't come back to. Hoyle has made difficult scientific concepts easier to understand and prese [...]

    5. Global warming taken to it's inevitable conclusion. This is a work of fiction but could be seen as a cautionary tale about what we are doing to the planet. A bit dated but entertaining. It made me more aware of how I acted and made me clean up my act early on.

    6. FINALLY! This book took me forever to read, mostly because it was pretty damn terrifying, but also because of the ridiculous amount of science the author decided to throw in (I feel much smarter coming out the end of this though) It would have been four stars if not for an unnecessary rape that I really didn't want to read. Other than that harrowing experience, it was actually a damn good story with some terrifying visions of the future that have messed me up beyond belief. Nearly cried today be [...]

    7. This is a big book, 566 pages, which are needed because the story covers the period 1990 to 2028, a challenging project for the author, Trevor Hoyle. The book was published in 1984, so I guess it was written in about 1982, just before the technological explosion began. For this reason the story at times seems very old fashioned, in that the characters don’t have mobile phones, which seems strange to us, of course. The author should not be criticised for this – how many of us in 1982 could ha [...]

    8. It's pretty rare for me not to finish a book. I normally try to give them the benefit of the doubt, particularly when it's a review copy I've been given. The best way to review something fairly is to finish it, so that it can be judged as a whole. When I do abandon a book unfinished, it seems to be normally at about the 40% mark. By that stage, I've read enough to be confident abandoning it is the right thing. I gave up on Trevor Hoyle's The Last Gasp (Jo Fletcher, who provided a review copy thr [...]

    9. I read this book years ago and loved it. In the process of moving I realized that I no longer had my copy. I went on and bought a replacement. This book was written almost 30 years ago. It was a chilling look at the end of us. I remember clearly about the red algae in the ocean, then years later watching about the red tides on the news. Scary stuff. Wonderful read. You can't borrow my copy though cause I'm going to dive into it once again.

    10. One of the greatest unsung novels I've ever read. I picked it up at a discount store in the 80s, but it has haunted me for years. An outstanding apocalyptic nightmare, maybe relavant today than ever.

    11. I thought this was a fine book. It’s a pacy, prescient story with an important 'message' and lots of irresistible post-apocalyptic chaos and shooting down of climate change deniers.However, many of the characters are Hollywood-style clichés, the women leave a lot to be desired (oh my god, they are ALWAYS serving drinks), and it too easily slips into a simplified good–evil dichotomy.Read my full review on my blog:50ayear/2017/06/10/22-

    12. I received a free digital copy from the author/publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest feedback.2.75 Stars (I couldn't decide between 2.5 and 3 stars so I'm compromising)The Last Gasp tells the tale of a slowly-dying planet earth and its human occupants ignoring the obvious signs of illness. An eco-disaster is growing and become irreversible and as environmentalists crying out for the world to change, and for people to take notice, they're killed off by a corrupt government. Slowly, th [...]

    13. This book is divided into 6 parts, spanning 38 years. It's set in the near future (at the time of writing) and describes what could happen if mankind fails to take action and continues to upset the natural balance of the planet. In particular, the book discusses in some detail what would happen if the algae within the oceans is killed off, reducing the composition of the air we breathe (there would be less oxygen).This environmental message is told in a fairly accessible way. Although some speci [...]

    14. I reread this book because I was reminded of the evil in our politics today. In this book scientists begin to discover an environmental problem that faces the earth. The author takes the problem in a way that is not actually occurring - but he uses real problems that we are facing in our environment. The book was written in 1983Anyway, as the scientists discover the environmental problems - leaders in governments and the military dismiss and get rid of these warnings. they have their own agenda [...]

    15. Unlike most of the nuclear apocalypse novels of the time, environmental disaster is one thing I can still see happening.It's been at least ten years since I've read this, so I can't remember the exact details, but the general gist of it remains stuck in my mind and crops up whenever I hear of any new sign of global warming and various other ecological disasters. It's still a timely work, despite "global warming" never being heard of when it was written.

    16. end of the world story written in 1983 about global warming complete with greedy corporate CEO's and Dr.Strangelove type military involved in destroying the ecosystem for personnal gain. Sounds like BP in the Gulf!

    17. Extremely Plausible ReadI believe well written and rather scary in it's predictions of what can and will happen if the human virus doesn't do something about the damage done and being done to Oceans and Land Masses Right Now.

    18. Depressing read. Even after it becomes evident that there is a global environmental catastrophe, one of the subplots (as I recall) involves the Pentagon making Strangelovian plans to make things worse overseas.

    19. A very dark and troubling novel of ecological disaster and what happens to earth and humanity. The ending is not what you would expect.

    20. What was written as SciFi, has a strange forewarning re: the fate of this planet due to greed and Man's arrogance.Good book but the contrived ending makes for a less than stellar rating.

    21. Of all the post-apocalyptic novels I've read, this is by far the scariest. Should be mandatory reading for everyone.

    22. I loved this 80's take on Global warming and ecological disaster. It's entertaining and "pulpy," but I've read it several times. *guilty pleasure*

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