Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide

Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide

Andrea Lee Smith Winona LaDuke / Aug 22, 2019

Conquest Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide A recognized Native American scholar and co founder of INCITE Women of Color Against Violence the largest grassroots multiracial feminist organization in the country Andrea Smith Cherokee is an eme

  • Title: Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide
  • Author: Andrea Lee Smith Winona LaDuke
  • ISBN: 9780896087439
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • A recognized Native American scholar and co founder of INCITE Women of Color Against Violence, the largest grassroots, multiracial feminist organization in the country, Andrea Smith Cherokee is an emerging leader in progressive political circles In Conquest, Smith places Native American women at the center of her analysis of sexual violence, challenging both conventionA recognized Native American scholar and co founder of INCITE Women of Color Against Violence, the largest grassroots, multiracial feminist organization in the country, Andrea Smith Cherokee is an emerging leader in progressive political circles In Conquest, Smith places Native American women at the center of her analysis of sexual violence, challenging both conventional definitions of the term and conventional responses to the problem.Beginning with the impact of the abuses inflicted on Native American children at state sanctioned boarding schools from the 1880s to the 1980s, Smith adroitly expands our conception of violence to include environmental racism, population control and the widespread appropriation of Indian cultural practices by whites and other non natives Smith deftly connects these and other examples of historical and contemporary colonialism to the high rates of violence against Native American women the most likely women in the United States to die of poverty related illnesses, be victims of rape and suffer partner abuse.Essential reading for scholars and activists, Conquest is the powerful synthesis of Andrea Smith s intellectual and political work to date By focusing on the impact of sexual violence on Native American women, Smith articulates an agenda that is compelling to feminists, Native Americans, other people of color and all who are committed to creating viable alternatives to state based solutions.

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        Andrea Smith is a Cherokee intellectual, feminist, and anti violence activist Smith s work focuses on issues of violence against women of color and their communities, specifically Native American women.Along with Nadine Naber, she co founded INCITE Women of Color Against Violence in 2000, and she plays a prominent role in its National Planning Committee INCITE is a national grassroots organization that engages in direct action and critical dialogue to end violence against women of color and their communities Smith was also a founding member of the Boarding School Healing Project BSHP According to its website, the BSHP seeks to document Native boarding school abuses so that Native communities can begin healing from boarding school abuses and demand justice Smith has worked with Amnesty International as a Bunche Fellow, coordinating the research project on sexual violence and American Indian women In 2005, Smith was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize as a woman who works daily for peace in recognition of her research and work regarding violence against women of color in the USardingschoolhealingprojeSmith earned her bachelor s degree at Harvard University in Comparative Study of Religion, and her Masters of Divinity at the Union Theological Seminary in 1997 In 2002, she received her Ph.D in History of Consciousness from UC Santa Cruz Smith s Conquest Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide won the 2005 Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Award She is currently a professor of American Culture and Women s Studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.On February 22, 2008, Smith received a negative tenure recommendation from the College of Literature, Science and the Arts at the University of Michigan This decision has attracted an unusual degree of attention from scholars, both at Ann Arbor and nationally and prompted some to wage an online campaign saying the University s tenure evaluation process discriminates against women of color and interdisciplinary professors A statement issued by an anonymous group of students and faculty from the University of Michigan protesting the decision immediately began circulating via email and among feminist blogs The statement refers to Smith as one of the greatest indigenous feminist intellectuals of our time and highlights Smith s relevance as both a scholar and social justice advocate, noting that as a result of her work, scholars, social service providers, and community based organizations throughout the United States have shifted from state focused efforts to systemic approaches for addressing violence against women A Facebook group in support of Smith s tenure bid and online petition to University of Michigan provost Teresa Sullivan soon followed.


    1. Review originally posted on A Skeptical Reader.A nation is not conquered until the hearts of the women are on the ground. (33)Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide by Andrea Smith looks at the effects and the effectiveness of colonization of the indigenous people. It concentrates primarily on the violence committed against women and children, as they remain most vulnerable members of the community, but Smith also addresses the overarching concern of contemporary genocide of the [...]

    2. Everyone should read this book.Smith unpacks politics, economics, culture, sexuality, colonialism, and spirituality in this slim book. It's a searing indictment of the United States' policies toward American Indian people, and the consequences of colonialism upon the bodies of Native people - particularly women; particularly in terms of the systemic and personal violence they withstand.The book has permanently shifted my perception of organizations I thought were doing good - Planned Parenthood, [...]

    3. Violence against Native American women and women of color is a marginalized issue, as is the topic of how colonialist/genocidal policies get internalized in corporate and state decision-making.Smith asks why sexual violence is so prevalent in the U.S. in the first place, and provides historical answers.Each chapter is direct, well-researched, and unsettling. Smith's scholarship on environmental racism, American Indian boarding schools, the appropriation and disrespect of Native American spiritua [...]

    4. Smith's account of the many, many ways state and societal violence have been and continue to be perpetrated against indigenous people (focusing mostly on the Americas) is a difficult but necessary read. Seriously, all non-indigenous Americans should read this book. Longer thoughts cominga:Conquest starts with the observation that sexual and reproductive violence against Native women are forms of racial and colonial violence, unpacking the various ways in which sexual violence "serves the goals o [...]

    5. Andrea Smith is brilliant and while i found some of this book to be a bit didactic mostly I think her writing is clear and straightforward. And boy is she pissed. With good reason.

    6. The title says it. Andrea Smith writes with clarity and delivers her arguments with powerful evidence that can sometimes be very disturbing to read. After reading it, it feels like a central piece that was once missing in history's great puzzle is finally in place. She makes connections between feminism, current U.S. politics, history, environmental justice, and human rights. I would recommend this excellent book to everyone.

    7. There's some good stuff in here. The portions about Native Americans and the criminal justice system seem particularly timely. The strength of this book is probably as a summary of (semi) current issues and activist approaches to problems facing indigenous women and their communities. I'm not sure that much is original here: most important points are citations to others. A couple things did bother me: despite the attempts at intersectional approaches, I found many generalizations that were under [...]

    8. Assigning this book as a "capstone" reading for an undergrad course I'm teaching in the fall that examines US health movements in the twentieth century through an oppression/resistance lens. Smith's book brings it all together -- environmental justice, sexual violence, poverty, medical experiments, forced sterilization and other issues of reproductive justice, immigrant health, health care access, etc. -- and fills in the gaps left by our other reading assignments, particularly in terms of socia [...]

    9. Simply amazing. It focuses on the subtitle (sexual violence and the American Indian genocide) but broadens what sexual violence means. It speaks of the poisoning of the environment, the (mis)management of the land/"wild", the introduction of alcohol, the squashing of native spirituality, the "othering" of a people everyone should read this.

    10. Re-read on the heels of Luana Ross' "Inventing the Savage: The Social Construction of Native American Criminality" and the two are an excellent pairing in that order. Smith cites Ross and her material dovetails and is a modern and expanded off shoot of most of Ross's points. Discovered that I had apparently taken notes on my Ipad from the first time I read it. Expanded them and they are included below. IntroductionThesis: "This book will focus particularly on sexual violence as a tool of patriar [...]

    11. Extremely well thought through look at the genocide of the Native American people and the continuing violent systems that oppress them and in particular Native women. I couldn't recommend this book highly enough. Since colonization and invasion has affected many Indigenous communities in similar ways I believe that this book is also really valuable for people outside of the US, especially seeing as the US itself continues to negatively impact Native communities abroad as well (through war, invas [...]

    12. Not an easy read very academic and intelligent something best read in a library rather than on a crowded cross-town bus, still a clear criticism of colonial hierarchy system with offering alternative although not always clear how this fits in various native realities except for a repeated calls for creating community based solutions. Strong on analysis weaker on applications and method except when visualizing a woman-lead spiritually center movement that sounded very much like a 12-step approach [...]

    13. "Whether it is our reliance on the criminal justice system to protect women from violence or the legitimacy of the U.S. as a colonial nation state, Andrea Smith's incisive and courageous analysis cuts through many of our accepted truths and reveals a new way of knowing rooted in Native women's histories of struggle. More than a call for action, this book provides sophisticated strategies and practical examples of organizing that simultaneously take on state and interpersonal violence. Conquest i [...]

    14. In this breakthrough book, Andrea Smith analyses how in order to successfully colonize American Indians, First Nations and Inuits, the U.S and Canadian nation states have employed sexualized violence. Rendering Native women inherently violable, meant their lands were inherently violable. She details the barbaric ways Europeans raped and slaughtered Natives in order to cleanse the body politic of ‘pollutants’. Simultaneously Europeans sought to instill patriarchy in the gender egalitarian sys [...]

    15. This is one of the most brilliant and informative books I have ever read. Andrea Smith is a genius. I was captivated from the first word.This is one of those books that should be mandated for every child in high school. I bet people would be surprised to learn that "liberal" orgs who are all about women's rights and environmentalism (ex. Sierra Club) actually advocate for policies that effectively destroy - physically and mentally - communities of color, esp native peoples. I'm reminded of that [...]

    16. Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide is one of the increasing number of books that leaves me absolutely speechless with rage. I've read plenty that evokes a visceral reaction in some capacity, but it's an entirely different matter when the subject of the book is a real life thing that happened to someone. And that's all that Andrea Smith discusses in this book.It's an extremely well-researched and in-depth look at Native American history and exploitation, aimed specifically at [...]

    17. This was a great read. It really opens your eyes to the dynamics of conquest, in result the reader can see that play out in ways that conquest and cultural imperialism still happens today. People always act like cultural appropriation and sexualizing native women is no big deal. This book explains how sexualizing native women has been a tool for conquest, therefore it IS a big deal. It also expands on other instances of cultural appropriation or ways that native american's identities are trivial [...]

    18. I could have finished the book more quickly if some of the content were not so disturbing. It put together many things I had already heard of, like contraception being used against a people, and how the environmental movement needs to be working with the Indians or it cannot succeed, and how the groups working to prevent domestic violence often increase it. Smith gave some good ideas on applications of restorative justice. All of that makes the book very worth reading.It is also hard reading. Th [...]

    19. A severely horrific book about stuff most Native's hear about but don't know the extent of the extinction agenda being enacted upon us as a people. Women in this book, and in reality get it the worse. Violations on all fronts. Raped in every concievable way possible. I could go on and on but there is just so much in this book that saddens one's heart and spark a renewed anger. The language like most Native American books would even challange English born speakers into submission. That is the onl [...]

    20. A professor of mine that I greatly admire gave this book to me about two years ago, and I just got around to reading it. I was absolutely floored by the brilliance of Prof. Smith's argument against the US Empire and its use of sexual violence (bodily, environmentally and metaphorically) as a means of oppression for particularly indigenous women, but against all people of color (and all people in general!). Prof. Smith's argument is not only well supported; it is passionate and creative. Her take [...]

    21. LOVE this book! go read it right now! andrea smith writes an INCREDIBLE book about the sexual violence practiced against all american indians in the last 500 years, & especially indian women. it was published by boston's own south end press, which made me so proud to live in boston. this book blew mymind--well-researched, passionate, straightforward, full of important information, & best of all, smith uses her brilliant mind to brainstorm solutions to many of the problems she addresses, [...]

    22. This is an utterly eye-opening, fierce, and challenging book which makes a compelling link between sexual violence and American colonialism, both historical and contemporary. Some of what she writes about historical violence against American Indians was known to me, but her exploration of present-day abuses was much newer to me, surprising and horrifying. I was particularly struck by the chapters on environmental racism (and will be looking much more closely at the mail I get from the Sierra Clu [...]

    23. Smith writes an amazing book and the critical connections she makes are phenomenal. It was a difficult read for myself a white, middle-class priveleged woman but it certainly changed the way I look at the world and my responsibility for what has occured in history. I think this book provided one of those key turning points for me in that like slavery and contemporary racism, I can no longer say that I am not responsible but rather what am I going to do now that I recognize my role in the oppress [...]

    24. Took my time with this one. I am glad I stuck with it. Reading it 11 years after it was published, it seems like it could have been written yesterday. I was initially so put off by the section of the "rape of the land" chapter directly equating environmental destruction with rape that I expected I would not like the rest of the book. I could go into the problems with this in detail but I won't for brevity's sake. Upon finishing the book I found myself educated by or in complete agreement with th [...]

    25. It took me awhile to read this book, and I purposefully took my time on it because the material is heavy. Sometimes I had to walk away and contemplate the section I just read, other times it took a huge emotional toll on me, nevertheless I learned so much. There's so much I want to say about this book, because I whole-heartily love it, but I think you should just read it. Thank you, Andrea for teaching me so much.

    26. In this book, Smith examines how colonialism is tied to sexual violence and how that lense can be used to examine what has been done and is still being done to Native Americans, especially Native American women. This covers not just what we generally think of as sexual violence, but also cultural appropriation, environmental damage, and population control. It's a really excellent book and while it wasn't written in a casual manner, I found the language pretty easy to follow most of the time.

    27. Andrea Smith aptly writes on the white patriarchal colonial nation-states' (United States & Canada) campaigns of sexual violence and genocide against indigenous populations. I did not quite follow Smith's argument that spiritual appropriation is sexual in its violent nature, but maybe I just need to re-read this chapter. Most exciting to me was the chapter providing examples of responses to colonialisms and more possible remedies.

    28. This is one of my favorite feminist books. It's a good overview for those unfamiliar of some of the issues with colonialism and indigenous people generally, but native women in particular. The perspective is feminist/activist and Smith's narrative is very easy to follow. You'll come away feeling like you've learned something, and hopefully, will have some ideas for how to change the deplorable status quo.

    29. this has a lot of really important things to say about sexual violence against native women in the united states (native women are more than twice as likely to be sexually assaulted than any other ethnic group). it's also full of a lot of conspiracy theory-the vaccines are killing us-pretty out there stuff. however, that's only a minor distraction from the cold, hard facts. worth understanding that the ripples and echoes of genocide continue in these women's lives today.

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