Building: Letters 1960-1975

Building: Letters 1960-1975

Isaiah Berlin Henry Hardy / Aug 19, 2019

Building Letters The third volume of Isaiah Berlin s remarkable letters takes us from to In the period covered here Isaiah Berlin creates Wolfson College Oxford John F Kennedy becomes US President a

  • Title: Building: Letters 1960-1975
  • Author: Isaiah Berlin Henry Hardy
  • ISBN: 9780701185763
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The third volume of Isaiah Berlin s remarkable letters takes us from 1960 to 1975 In the period covered here 1960 75 Isaiah Berlin creates Wolfson College, Oxford John F Kennedy becomes US President and is assassinated Berlin dines with JFK on the day he is told of the Soviet missile bases in Cuba the Six Day Arab Israeli war of 1967 creates problems that areThe third volume of Isaiah Berlin s remarkable letters takes us from 1960 to 1975 In the period covered here 1960 75 Isaiah Berlin creates Wolfson College, Oxford John F Kennedy becomes US President and is assassinated Berlin dines with JFK on the day he is told of the Soviet missile bases in Cuba the Six Day Arab Israeli war of 1967 creates problems that are still with us today Richard M Nixon succeeds Johnson as US President and resigns over Watergate and the long agony of the Vietnam War grinds on in the background At the same time Berlin publishes some of his most important work, including Four Essays on Liberty the key texts of his liberal pluralism and the essays later included in Vico and Herder He talks on the radio, appears on television and in documentary films and gives numerous lectures, especially his celebrated Mellon Lectures, later published as The Roots of Romanticism.Behind these public events is a constant stream of gossip and commentary, acerbic humour and warm personal feeling Berlin writes about an enormous range of topics to a sometimes dazzling cast of correspondents This new volume leaves no doubt that Berlin is one of the very best letter writers of the twentieth century.

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        Sir Isaiah Berlin was a philosopher and historian of ideas, regarded as one of the leading liberal thinkers of the twentieth century He excelled as an essayist, lecturer and conversationalist and as a brilliant speaker who delivered, rapidly and spontaneously, richly allusive and coherently structured material, whether for a lecture series at Oxford University or as a broadcaster on the BBC Third Programme, usually without a script Many of his essays and lectures were later collected in book form.Born in Riga, now capital of Latvia, then part of the Russian Empire, he was the first person of Jewish descent to be elected to a prize fellowship at All Souls College, Oxford From 1957 to 1967, he was Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory at the University of Oxford He was president of the Aristotelian Society from 1963 to 1964 In 1966, he helped to found Wolfson College, Oxford, and became its first President He was knighted in 1957, and was awarded the Order of Merit in 1971 He was President of the British Academy from 1974 to 1978 He also received the 1979 Jerusalem Prize for his writings on individual freedom Berlin s work on liberal theory has had a lasting influence.Berlin is best known for his essay Two Concepts of Liberty, delivered in 1958 as his inaugural lecture as Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory at Oxford He defined negative liberty as the absence of constraints on, or interference with, agents possible action Greater negative freedom meant fewer restrictions on possible action Berlin associated positive liberty with the idea of self mastery, or the capacity to determine oneself, to be in control of one s destiny While Berlin granted that both concepts of liberty represent valid human ideals, as a matter of history the positive concept of liberty has proven particularly susceptible to political abuse.Berlin contended that under the influence of Jean Jacques Rousseau, Immanuel Kant and G W F Hegel all committed to the positive concept of liberty , European political thinkers often equated liberty with forms of political discipline or constraint This became politically dangerous when notions of positive liberty were, in the nineteenth century, used to defend nationalism, self determination and the Communist idea of collective rational control over human destiny Berlin argued that, following this line of thought, demands for freedom paradoxically become demands for forms of collective control and discipline those deemed necessary for the self mastery or self determination of nations, classes, democratic communities, and even humanity as a whole There is thus an elective affinity, for Berlin, between positive liberty and political totalitarianism.Conversely, negative liberty represents a different, perhaps safer, understanding of the concept of liberty Its proponents such as Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill insisted that constraint and discipline were the antithesis of liberty and so were and are less prone to confusing liberty and constraint in the manner of the philosophical harbingers of modern totalitarianism It is this concept of Negative Liberty that Isaiah Berlin supported It dominated heavily his early chapters in his third lecture.This negative liberty is central to the claim for toleration due to incommensurability This concept is mirrored in the work of Joseph Raz.Berlin s espousal of negative liberty, his hatred of totalitarianism and his experience of Russia in the revolution and through his contact with the poet Anna Akhmatova made him an enemy of the Soviet Union and he was one of the leading public intellectuals in the ideological battle against Communism during the Cold War.


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