Delectable Desire

Delectable Desire

Farrah Rochon / May 24, 2019

Delectable Desire Is he too sweet to be real It s not unusual for Carter Drayson to be swayed by a pretty face The artisan baker is a connoisseur of feminine beauty and when sweet delicate Lorraine walks into Lillian

  • Title: Delectable Desire
  • Author: Farrah Rochon
  • ISBN: 9780373863068
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Is he too sweet to be real It s not unusual for Carter Drayson to be swayed by a pretty face The artisan baker is a connoisseur of feminine beauty, and when sweet, delicate Lorraine walks into Lillian s bakery, he thinks only of how soon he can have her Little does Carter know that she is Lorraine Hawthorne Hayes, heiress to a jewelry dynasty And he never expected her tIs he too sweet to be real It s not unusual for Carter Drayson to be swayed by a pretty face The artisan baker is a connoisseur of feminine beauty, and when sweet, delicate Lorraine walks into Lillian s bakery, he thinks only of how soon he can have her Little does Carter know that she is Lorraine Hawthorne Hayes, heiress to a jewelry dynasty And he never expected her to make him feel this way Lorraine is wary of Carter with good reason too many men have fallen in love with her bank account and not her heart But Carter has a fortune of his own, and in his arms Lorraine discovers a passion she s never known Is she just his treat of the week Or will the perennial player actually become her lifetime love

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        A native of south Louisiana, Farrah Rochon officially began her writing career while waiting in between classes in the student lounge at Xavier University of Louisiana After earning her Bachelors of Science degree and a Masters of Arts from Southeastern Louisiana University, Farrah decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a published novelist She was named Shades of Romance Magazine s Best New Author of 2007 Her debut novel, Deliver Me, the first in her Holmes Brothers series, garnered rave reviews, earning Farrah several SORMAG Readers Choice Awards.In September 2010, Farrah joined the Kimani Romance family with the launch of her new series that follows the life of the fictional New York Sabers football team When she is not writing in her favorite coffee shop, Farrah spends most of her time reading her favorite romance novels, hanging around on Twitter, and trying to attend as many Broadway shows as her budget will allow An admitted sports fanatic, Farrah feeds her addiction to football by watching New Orleans Saints games on Sunday afternoons.


    1. Fair warning: reading this book will make you want to eat cake. Like, a big slice with seven layers and homemade buttercream frosting. The bakery business parts of the book were my favorites, I think in part because I watch a lot of the Food Network and I'm fascinated by all those cake shows where they make the fancy cakes with the moving parts and the gravity-defying structure. Carter is, of course, the best baker who ever baked because he's the hero, but it's fun to read about a guy who keeps [...]

    2. Delectable Desire by Farrah Rochon, the second installment from The Draysons: Sprinkled With Love series was absolutely wonderful. This time up its Carter's story. Carter Drayson and Lorraine Hawthorne-Hayes had an instant attraction from the first moment he saw her standing in his family's bakery.Carter and Lorraine were both commitment phobic. Carter didn't have a good example of how to develop a relationship because his parents never married. Lorraine was burned by an ex-boyfriend who tried t [...]

    3. This was a great book. Carter and Lorraine were opposite as night and day but their attraction to one another was very obvious. Once they admitted their feelings it was hot in the bedroom. Great second read in the Delectable Series.

    4. Hearts desireA wonderful story about two people who just needs to know who they are and what they have to offer. Carter and Lorraine brought out the best in each other and their love was out of this world.

    5. REVIEW: DELECTABLE DESIREAs the story unfold Carter sees Lorraine when she comes into Lillian’s to order a cake for her sister bridal shower and from that moment on he wants her. Carter is the one of the grandson of Lillian & Henry Drayson, he is the head baker for Lillian but lately Carter is questioning whether or not if he should go out on his own or stay in the family business. Carter parents weren’t married so he didn’t have the advantage as the other grandchildren who have the pl [...]

    6. I wanted to love it, but liked it instead. This is not a bad book, but unlike really good cake I'm not quite satisfied. I loved the bakery setting, and mention of sweets. I loved that the H/h problems mostly stem from family issues. However, for me the story felt a little slow.What I did not love was all the lose ends. Why did Carter end up feeling differently about his family in the end? Why does Lorraine seem to have a secret life. Her problem is not how to gain the courage to merge the two, b [...]

    7. In this second installment of the Drayson series, Carter Drayson is the next Drayson grandchild to feel cupid’s arrow. This baker finds himself enamored of the beautiful Lorraine Hawthorne-Hayes after she comes into the bakery to order a cake for her sister’s bridal shower. To say sparks were flying, I am surprised Lillian’s Bakery did not catch fire. Carter had his work cut out dealing with Lorraine’s insecurities, her mother’s interference and Carter’s own issues with his family. A [...]

    8. Quick, well-written second edition of the series. The characters were well-developed. Although, Lorraine is extremely rich, her plight and struggle felt real and I was able to relate to her struggle although, I'll never see that type of money in my life. Carter and Lorraine made a great team because they experienced similar struggles and understood each other. Although, the romance between them was immediate, in a way, it wasn't totally unbelievable. Very well-written, compact book that told a l [...]

    9. Rochon's Delectable Desire is the perfect sweet confection to get you through a rough day. Carter and Lorraine are kindred spirits, so their insta-connection resonates, and the way they strengthen each other and complement each other is like finding the best blend of flavors in the first bite of a cupcake. Cranky readers (like yours truly) might be a little put off by the fantasy in Carter's first scene, where he describes a trio of ladies with food metaphorsbut, hey, he IS a cake baker — at l [...]

    10. I was fortunate to win a copy of this book in the First Reads program. I have to admit I usually walk away from romance novels, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the author was actually a very good storyteller and gave the characters a lot of depth. I had not read the first book in this series, but it stands on its own without the rest of the series. Every time I would read about Lorraine's mother, I would think about my own kidsThey would not put up with that behavior. I will look for [...]

    11. When you have been bitten by the love bag you do crazy things. On the other had when you have been bitten and hurt by the love bug you do even crazier things. this bring us to artisan baker Carter Drayson and heiress Lorraine Hawthorne -Hayes. A meddling mother and self doubt on the part of Lorraine and Carter keep you turning the pages. to see if the cake will be a success or fall flat.This is the 2nd story in the Sprinkle with love series.

    12. Miniseries: The Draysons: Sprinkled with LoveCategory: African-American"This novel is a nice addition to the Drayson saga and Rochon does a great job of wrapping up the primary romantic storyline while leaving the end of the tale open for the next Drayson installment." RT Book Reviews, rated 4 stars

    13. Meh. I know it's generally an accepted part of the formula for there to be some conflict that comes between the lovers but I couldn't get behind this one at all. Plus the reconciliation went way too smoothly, considering.

    14. This was a delicious read. More romance around sweets. Carter and Lorraine were as different as day and night. There was something there that just couldn't be denied. Even though each one of them had there own issues they made through.

    15. This is the second book in the Draysons Sprinkled with Love trilogy! I absolutely loved Carter and Loraine's story. I wasn't to fond of Loraine's mother in the book though. I can tell that there is going to be plenty of secrets that come out in the next book written by Yahrah St. John.

    16. Loved itThis is my second time reading this book I really enjoyed it. I understood the characters better the second time around.

    17. I won this book in the giveaway. This is a great second read in the Delectable Series. Carter and Lorraine are completely different. This is a great romance read.

    18. So bland. The main defining qualities for these characters was how filthy rich they were. All of their "problems" seemed manufactured. Just terrible.

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