Balance: A Story of Faith, Family, and Life on the Line

Balance: A Story of Faith, Family, and Life on the Line

Nik Wallenda David Ritz / Jan 29, 2020

Balance A Story of Faith Family and Life on the Line Nik Wallenda King of the High Wire doesn t know fear As a seventh generation of the legendary Wallenda family he grew up performing entertaining and pushing the boundaries of gravity and balance

  • Title: Balance: A Story of Faith, Family, and Life on the Line
  • Author: Nik Wallenda David Ritz
  • ISBN: 9781455545513
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nik Wallenda, King of the High Wire, doesn t know fear As a seventh generation of the legendary Wallenda family, he grew up performing, entertaining, and pushing the boundaries of gravity and balance When Nik was four years old, he watched a video from 1978 of his great grandfather, Karl Wallenda, walking between the towers of the Condado Plaza Hotel in Puerto Rico, stNik Wallenda, King of the High Wire, doesn t know fear As a seventh generation of the legendary Wallenda family, he grew up performing, entertaining, and pushing the boundaries of gravity and balance When Nik was four years old, he watched a video from 1978 of his great grandfather, Karl Wallenda, walking between the towers of the Condado Plaza Hotel in Puerto Rico, stumbling, and falling to his death because of improper rigging When Nik heard his father quote his great grandfather Life is on the wire, everything else is just waiting the words resonated deep within his soul and he vowed to be a hero like Karl Wallenda Balance is the theme of Nik s life between his work and family, his faith in God and artistry, his body and soul It resonates from him when performing and when no one is looking When walking across Niagara Falls, he prayed aloud the entire time, and to keep his lust for glory and fame in check, Nik returned to the site of his performance the next day and spent three hours cleaning up trash left by the crowd Nik Wallenda is an entertainer who wants to not only thrill hearts, but to change hearts for Christ Christ is the balance pole that keeps him from falling.

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    1. Since I was a little girl I have always been fascinated with The Wallenda Family. That fascination never found me actually wanting to walk a wire but watching this family perform always gave me a thrill and a chill. Before we get very far into my quick review of Balance: A Story of Faith, Family, and Life on the Line, if faith based stories are not to your taste then this book is not for you. Nik Wallenda, great-grandson of the late, quite famous, Karl Wallenda, has written a fine memoir of his [...]

    2. I was sick today I had nothing else to do. I decided to finish this book. This was only the second autobiography that I have ever read. I absolutely loved the book. The story of how his great grandfather influenced Nik was amazing. Also how Nik brought his parent financial deficit for zero to hero was absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe that he worked like 16 hours a day just to make ends meet.I don't understand why how much the media wanted to reject him was insane but he kept moving forward [...]

    3. Nik Wallenda is the most driven man I have ever read about. I admire those who, once they get an idea in their head, pursue it regardless of what others around them say. And this single minded pursuit is matched by his amazing skill. Just looking at the photos of his walks makes my stomach drop. His devotion to his faith is equally intense which at times I found hard to take. I don't fault him for his beliefs, but personally prefer a more private display. Aside from this I found the book interes [...]

    4. Interesting look into the life of circus families and performers. I couldn't remember hearing of Nik Wallenda or his family before, but as I continued to listen (audio) to the book, I did remember a guy walking across the Grand Canyon a few years ago and I realized that I was listening to the whole life story of that man and it became even more interesting to me. And I appreciated his clear testimony of Jesus Christ and his effort to do all things in order to give glory to God.

    5. Living in Sarasota my husband and I jump at the chance to watch any circus performers. I've done book signings where we met other members of the Wallenda family, had members perform in our Christmas pageant, or come to a school I taught at to perform and speak to our students at the conclusion of our circus unit. The week before Nik Wallenda walked across the Grand Canyon I had the privilege of finally meeting Nik and his wife as he practiced at Benderson Park. I've heard people talk about how h [...]

    6. This book was provided to me through a Twitter giveaway. Thank you to Christ Community Church for giving me the opportunity to read it. This is my honest review. No compensation was given.I watched Nik Wallenda walk over the Grand Cannon live on TV and was blown away by first the talent and bravery that must be involved in doing such a feat and second his faith in God. He prayed aloud the entire time he walked the line and I was happy to see that broadcast on television after it was picked up on [...]

    7. Nik Wallenda provides a truthful account of his life, endeavors, and struggles. I enjoyed this autobiography as Nik explains his struggles, vulnerabilities, and accomplishments. The art of being an aerialist is something I never thought of until Nik walked across the Grand Canyon a few years back. Walking the line is an art in and of itself and to read Nik's account of his life was awesome. The Wallenda tradition, and the tradition of all circus goers is rather extraordinary. The amount of time [...]

    8. I received this book through a Giveaway, and had high hopes for it. The story of the Wallendas, and particularly, Nik Wallenda, has the potential to be both captivating and informative. Unfortunately, Nik Wallenda isn't the best person to tell that story.Nik's writing felt very choppy and amateurish to me - a bit like reading a 15-year-old's journal. A great deal of print is devoted to his personal thoughts on his faith, drive, and ego, lending little to the actual narrative, which was quickly [...]

    9. I found Wallenda's book to be a compelling read. He is definitely a risk-taker but not just on the wire. He humbled himself by revealing a family history of complicated relationships and flawed actions. He spoke about faith and the role it plays in his life and career, in a time when being Christian is not "in vogue". Though he has detractors and his family has suffered tragedies, he has exercised discipline in pursuing his goals.I hope there is a follow-up book. I would like to know if he retur [...]

    10. This book is a must read for any Nik Wallenda fan. Wallenda is truly open about all the aspects of his life that influenced him, both positive and negative. While the writing is rushed at times, the content is mostly entertaining. The use of scripture was a tad excessive, but it was certainly a display of Wallenda's values. As other reviewers have stated, the chapter on Niagara Falls was the best part of the book, as it really details all the difficulties involved in securing the walk, but the o [...]

    11. This book was a very quick read for me. It could have been because of the connections of Nik's hometown being the town in which I live or the fact that Nik's kids went to my former school. Although quick, it is filled with an interesting glimpse into the world of the circus and some of the difficulties that life can bring. Additionally, reading about Nik's personal struggles and continued faith are inspiring. If references to Christian faith turns you off, then this is NOT the book for you. Inst [...]

    12. I have literally read every other book about the Wallendas. I admire them, and I am fascinated by their lives. I was at Niagara Falls to see Nik Wallenda walk across. It was incredibly inspiring. I am a Wallenda devotee. However, I was disappointed by this book. As others have said, it was somewhat vague and repetitious. It felt like the ghostwriter didn't quite get to the heart of his story. The book is still worth reading if, like me, you are interested in all things Wallenda or just want a pl [...]

    13. I was really into the first few chapters of this book when the author wrote about his family's history with the circus (I have a things for circuses!) About half way thru I felt like his descriptions of emotions with each feat or stunt became repetitive. He becomes extremely self-righteous and I sort of despise his own character. To top it off, it was a tad too spiritual for me, I found it distracting at parts. I think it was a good book about following and achieving your dreams, so it gets poin [...]

    14. This book may seem simplistic as some have critiqued but it is from the heart. It is enlightening to learn about courage and confidence from a great performer. We all learn from each other if we are willing to listen. I love Nik's walk with the Lord and the way he surrounds himself with fellow Christians. Marriage is not easy but Nik bends to hear what the Lord is saying. Made me feel different about performers and especially ones whose families have been involved for years. Nik Wallenda's story [...]

    15. This book, the autobiography of Nik Wallenda, great-grandson of famout tightrope walker Karl, was gripping. The family history is not sugarcoated (Karl was a philanderer), nor does Nik try to portray himself as anything other than a sinner in the midst of God's grace ( he struggles with a controlling personality as well as with his ego). He highlights his recent famous walks, including the one above Niagra Falls, broadcast live and seen by an audience of 1 billion. An excellent read.

    16. Interesting book on Nik Wallenda who walked across Niagara Falls. Very interesting and learned a lot about the Wallendas but it seemed to jump around a times. It is definitely heavy on the faith side of his life but I would have liked to learn more about his career. He seemed to be successful at a young age and then continue to run into money crisis which didn't seem to agree with his late teen years. Quick read

    17. It is an inspiring book. Being faithful and courageous about life.we should master the essence of life by taking challenges every day!Nik's family is always on the Line (physically and financially) . if you become a master in your life, you will reach your goals( personal and financial.every time you are discouraged by difficulties, think about Nik can cross Niagara Falls. Life is short, let's do something magnificently and leave your legacy behind.

    18. This book was really interesting. After seeing his latest adventure on TV, I wondered what in the world inspires someone to do that. Well, after reading the book it all comes together. He is balanced between giving God the glory for his accomplishments and having a supportive family who has a long history of like accomplishments.

    19. This is a book put out by a Christian publisher, so there's a lot in here about Nik Wallenda's faith and such. The writing was just okay, but I thought his story made up for it. I really enjoyed learning about the Great Wallendas, circus life, what drives someone to walk a wire across Niagra Falls, etc.

    20. I chose this book because I wanted to learn more about Nik and his family heritage. I learned a great deal about both. I also appreciated how he shared his faith in this book; he was very specific in that aspect.

    21. Captivated by his walk across the Grand Canyon, my husband bought this book. It was terrific. Nik is a highly motivated man who balances his work, family and faith in Jesus to entertain people and bring glory to God. It was inspiring and amazing to hear his story.

    22. I loved this book. Nik Wallenda tells about his dreams and goals, and how he achieved them. He tells about his walk with Jesus as well as his walk on the line. I learned about family history which I found interesting.

    23. Not a bad read. I'd encourage Nik to write a book just on his walks over Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. I appreciated his integrity throughout this book and believe he's truly living a Christian life

    24. Plenty of balance on the high wire but major struggles off the wire.Jesus is the answer to being balanced on and off the wire

    25. I didn't find this book particularly well written or engrossing , but did enjoy finding out more about the Wallendas and their lives performing.

    26. Interesting story, but I agree with another reviewer so said he wasn't the one to tell it. I loved that he was so open about his faith.

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