Nibbled By The Vamp

Nibbled By The Vamp

Celia Kyle / Dec 12, 2019

Nibbled By The Vamp Wren Minix knew vamps were real Totally But mean fairies Fairies weren t supposed to be mean But they are and she really thought she was gonna become fairy dust if it hadn t been for the super hunky

  • Title: Nibbled By The Vamp
  • Author: Celia Kyle
  • ISBN: 9781301316311
  • Page: 173
  • Format: ebook
  • Wren Minix knew vamps were real Totally But mean fairies Fairies weren t supposed to be mean But they are, and she really thought she was gonna become fairy dust if it hadn t been for the super hunky vampire that saved her Had she mentioned hunky And, hey, giving him a little snack in return was no bigs He helped, after all Except she wanted one nibble to turn intoWren Minix knew vamps were real Totally But mean fairies Fairies weren t supposed to be mean But they are, and she really thought she was gonna become fairy dust if it hadn t been for the super hunky vampire that saved her Had she mentioned hunky And, hey, giving him a little snack in return was no bigs He helped, after all Except she wanted one nibble to turn into two and then oodles And she d tell him so just as soon as she finished tasting all of those yummy muscles.For three hundred years, Griffin Linch has protected the city of Atlanta as one of its Knight Protectors, a vampire with a cause Each night he turns other predators into prey and keeps the citizens of the city safe from the bad things that go bump in the night But it s one, lush, curvaceous and smart mouthed human that he s rescued and can t get out of his system She s it for him The perfect package the perfect mate if only she could keep her mouth shut long enough for him to tell her.

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    1. '5 AWESOME SAUCE stars!' ''Opposites attracts'' would be an understatement in "Nibbled by the Vamp" with the palpable attraction between alpha vampire protector, Griffith and talkative but caring, Wren. If you love a sexy read with hilarious heroine while learning the origin to vamps as protectors, the human, the Broken and hidden tomes on the FIRE, then you will love this book!

    2. There was absolutely no plot to be found in this novella was just sex, sex and more sex. I gave it up! I read books for the plot, not the sex scenes!

    3. This book, in the words of Wren, is Awesomesauce!! I freakin loved it! It was hilarious, sexy as all get out, and just what I needed! I stumbled upon it and am so glad I gave it a shot! Wren was a breath of fresh air! She was just plain funny as hell and didn't know when to shut up! I loved it! And Griffin was the typical alpha male who would do anything to protect his lady! ;) I liked the different take on the supernatural creatures / world as well! I will definitely be reading the next one and [...]

    4. Good start to a new series. I will continue on with it.Definitely appreciate Brom, I know its wrong but I really hope Tory (Wren's BFF) is his because too smarty-pants together? Means Brom will be all intellectual and on a hot vampire that's just icing for me.Oh, you wanted to know about this book? Ha, ha. Seriously though, Wren is a talkative person I mean the blurb says "the perfect mate…if only she could keep her mouth shut long enough for him to tell her." And seriously she TALKS THAT MUCH [...]

    5. Griffin Lynch has protected the city of Atlanta for three hundred years and now he can’t get one lush, curvaceous and smart-mouthed human out of his system in this captivating paranormal romance. I was completely caught up in this story from the beginning as Celia Kyle has created a fascinating vampire world with some refreshingly different elements and an intriguing spin on a certain mythological king and I can’t wait to read the next book in this new series.“Copyright Night Owl Reviews [...]

    6. This is the first book in a new series. While everyone knows vampires exist, that is all they know about. And seriously, if there are going to be pixies, they could should be sweetness and light, not evil. This book sets up the rest of the series and each one will have its own happily ever after. This book almost makes me like the thought of vampires.

    7. Here little birdieWren thought pixies were suppose to be like tinker bell all cute and sweet. Boy, was she wrong. See what happens when you call yourself doing a good deed and help another, you get attacked. But wait, your very own hunka hunk comes and saves you at least that's what you think since you have been bitten by vicious pixies with enormous teeth and poisoned. So your last thought while lying in the alley similar to the one you were saving the other woman from being attacked you lay. O [...]

    8. Once again, Celia Kyle does not disappoint. She combines love, sex and the paranormal with a combination of laughter and thrills!Griffin and Wren make an amazing couple. She's the Fire to his Ice. Wren has a great sense of humor. She'll bring the Knights into the present and loosen them up. She is a strong, loyal person. She didn't hesitate to jump in and help her mate when he needs it. I wonder if we'll see more pixies and banshees and "broken" others? And what about Tory? The other Knights? I [...]

    9. Good hot shortyThis was a nice little pick-me-up story to read. I like to read these when I don't have a lot of time or have read something long or heavy and need a nice little fun story in between. I liked it and will definitely watch for more of this series as they are released.


    11. I will if you stop sayingAwesomesauce. Funny and sweet and sexy. That's what this book is. I just wish there was more of it, therefore the loss of a star. There was no resolution to the plot, that was disappointing.

    12. Fun story with a great female protagonistThis was a short but good book that has me looking forward to reading other books set in this world.

    13. Start This is the first in the series and I loved it! The connection between then is off the charts and wren is a trip lol I can’t wait for the next one

    14. Nibbled by the Vamp (Knight Protectors Book 1)This was pretty good I didn't think I would enjoy it but I did and I can't wait to read the next book in this series

    15. This was a quick, quirky, smutty, paranormal read that was a wonderful little gem. Sure, there’s not an epic storyline or some very deep thoughts (other than the naughty ones), but we get a solid start to a new world and series.Wren finds herself thrown into the world of vampires and fairies when a ball of light attacks her. At that point, she’d accept help from anyone – it’s just a bonus that he ends up being a hot vampire. Said hot vampire, Griffin, is actually a member of the Knight P [...]

    16. 62 pages at $2.99 is a bit much; fortunately I was able to get it in the Nibbled by the Vamp - Big Bad Vamp combo pack at $2.99. With Ms. Kyle's ongoing release of Poking the Vamp available for free in installments on her website (the third of the Knight Protectors series) the price is starting to look okay for the amount of material. Maybe is Ms. Kyle had better editing, but she is trading off quantity for quality, which is understandable if you are feeding a family (plus her quality isn't horr [...]

    17. I love the universes that Celia Kyle creates. Her stories are so addicting. Case in point her Ridgeville series.This is the first book in the beginning of another fun, entertaining series, the "Knight Protectors". I thoroughly enjoyed myself while being enveloped in the world created by this author. I look forward to being drawn into the world of the Knight Protectors and their future "Fires", if they are all as fiesty as Wren, there is no doubt entertainment will abound. The interaction between [...]

    18. What a delightful read. A short novella that opens the doors to a new series. Griffin, strong and capable protector has found his one and only, his other half. I wonder if he knows what he's getting into with Wren. Eternity is a long time with someone whose mouth is on overdrive. Wren, bless her heart, has stumbled into a situation that just may push her over the edge. She's got the hots for one handsome vamp, but who wants perpetually cold hands touching and feeling. Other than the fact he's go [...]

    19. what do you do when you get attacked by fairies . and what if a handsome vampire saves you . but is also drawn to you . and what do you do if you are not to save humans from the supernatural that you call the others . and after a taste you want more . find this and more when you read the box set which is where i am reading this and next will be a review on book 2 this was Griffin and Wren's story .

    20. I liked this, but felt like it was too short. I feel like there should have been a little more detail, but I loved the characters. I feel like there isn't much depth between the characters and the story. I sort of reminds me of a rough draft that would write for a high school english class. I like the story and the characters, but I feel like it's missing some kind of umph.

    21. It started off on a high, the book had me interested, intrigued and then she was attacked as well as saved by her savior. It maintained it's intensity with the sex scenes. It's hard to find a work to describe the sex scene in detail so I will just say damn I have no other words to describe it. I hope they save tory and carry her into he fold as well.

    22. This one is about Wren & Griffin. I liked the story & the character, but at times it felt like a 80's valley girl broke into the dialogue. The writing is clean, just the wording is weird. The story sucks you into the world that was built, so the extra descriptions weren't needed.I will be checking out more of this series, because of the characters & the world created in the book.

    23. This is a story about a Vampire, Griffin who save Wren, who he has never felt like this with anyone else. I loved this story, it was well written and kept me interested and I can't wait to read the next one.

    24. 3.5 sorry was not feeling this book, it was comical but then very wrong with Killer Pixies, Come one give me a break. I apologize to the author if I have offended her with my review. But it was very incoherent to me. Sorry. Maybe Part 2 will be better.

    25. Loved this hot hot storyI loved this story. It was very funny while being very hot at the same time. I just wish it was a little bit longer. I will definitely be reading the next in the series.

    26. Was an entertaining readPlot was good and original. Well written and enjoyable to read. Did lack some depth to some of the characters but fit a short book was do e well.

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