The Zombie Whisperer

The Zombie Whisperer

Jesse Petersen / Jan 20, 2020

The Zombie Whisperer Once a zombie always a zombie Dave and Sarah are pretty happy in the Middle of Nowhere Montana They ve done their part in saving the world kind of and now they re settling in for a long life of kill

  • Title: The Zombie Whisperer
  • Author: Jesse Petersen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Once a zombie, always a zombie Dave and Sarah are pretty happy in the Middle of Nowhere, Montana They ve done their part in saving the world kind of and now they re settling in for a long life of killing straggler zombies Well, they think that s what they re doing until a helicopter lands on their front lawn with old friends Nicole Nessing and Robbie The Kid on boardOnce a zombie, always a zombie Dave and Sarah are pretty happy in the Middle of Nowhere, Montana They ve done their part in saving the world kind of and now they re settling in for a long life of killing straggler zombies Well, they think that s what they re doing until a helicopter lands on their front lawn with old friends Nicole Nessing and Robbie The Kid on board They propose a dangerous plan Dave and Sarah must return to Seattle and use Dave s Superpowers to help with the final stages of a formula that will not only wipe out most of the zombies, but innocluate humans against the virus.Going back to Seattle was never in the plan Especially since Sarah has a few secrets of her own that could change her marriage, increase the danger they re facing and even alter the future they re so desperately trying to save.

    The Zombie Whisperer Living with the Dead, by Jesse The Zombie Whisperer Living With the Dead Dave and Sarah are pretty happy in the Middle of Nowhere, Montana They ve done their part in saving the world kind of and now they re settling in for a long life of killing straggler zombies Well, they think that s what they re doing until a helicopter lands on their front lawn with old friends Nicole Nessing and Robbie The Kid on board. The Zombie Whisperer TV Series Our favorite trailers of the week include the first full look at the epic Game of Thrones finale and a new spot for Hellboy.Watch our trailer of trailers The Zombie Whisperer TV Series Full Cast Crew The Zombie Whisperer TV Series cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and . The Zombie Whisperer Audible Audio Edition The Zombie Whisperer is about a man named Dr Dragoon, who claims to be able to make a psychic connection with zombies Jana, and her group of survivors, put the doctor to the test One Night In Benevolence is about a man experiencing flashbacks, as he digs near his childhood pet s grave. The Zombie Whisperer and Other Stories Steven E Wedel In The Zombie Whisperer, a young woman living in a secure compound with a few fellow survivors of the zombie apocalypse invites in a man who says he can communicate with the walking dead In One Night in Benevolence a man returns to the home where he suffered so much abuse at the hands of his now dead father, only to find that some things are never forgotten, and some words mean than The Zombie Whisperer Maggie Estep The Zombie Whisperer Posted on May , by managermickey I m heading off to teach yoga in a few minutes and am having the standard issue mix of dread and slight excitement at the prospect of cajoling people into doing unusual things with their limbs and their minds for minutes. PDF The Zombie Whisperer Living with the Dead, The Zombie Whisperer Living with the Dead, PDF eBook by Jesse Petersen Review ePub Once a zombie, always a zombie Dave and Sarah are pretty happy in the Middle of Nowhere, Monica Toy The zombie Whisperer New SE Monica Dec , Monica Toy The zombie Whisperer New SE Monica Toy Cartoon Monica Toy Full Season Video URL Monica Toy is a series of short Monica Toy The zombie Whisperer SE YouTube Oct , Monica Toy is a series of short videos with in D animation Based on Monica and Friends traditional characters, now presented in a Toy Art version The stories have funny and surreal situations The Zombie Whisperer by Steven E Wedel Jan , The Zombie Whisperer Steven E Wedel offers four short stories that run the gamut from pure horror to shocking hilarity First, in The Zombie Whisperer, a young lady living in a secure compound with a few fellow survivors of the zombie apocalypse invites in a man who says he can communicate with the walking dead.

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        A Facebook application once told Jesse Petersen that she d only survive a day in a zombie outbreak, but she doesn t believe that For one, she s a good shot and two, she has an aversion to bodily fluids, so she d never go digging around in zombie goo Until the zombie apocalypse, she lives in the Tucson with her husband and two cats and writes snarky urban fantasy about monsters and zombies Find out about the author at jessepetersen.


    1. omg. justThe ending DID not flow with all the 5 stars i had given the whole series.I know just dropping the rating all down to a ONE might be a bit harshbut sadly i can't help it.This book was too unoriginal and too rushed to belong Jesse PetersenI almost felt like i was re-reading breaking dawn but the zombified versionwith lame characters and predictable a story lineSorryjust sorry.

    2. Sarah and Dave have managed to find a safe place – inasmuch as anything is safe after a zombie apocalypse. They’re hold up, isolated, capable of defending themselves and well stocked up to face the coming year. They’ve even come to terms with Dave’s half-zombie nature and use it to their full advantage. The only problem is Sarah’s growing restlessness. After months of constant fighting for survival, the quietness of their lives is wearing on her.That, and the fact she is pregnant. And, [...]

    3. How about the ending to Eat Slay Love? The Wall. Family. Resistance. And Sarah going all Commando-Bad-Assy. I was so glad that they got some rest up in Montana. And if I could go back and tell them not to get on the helicopter I would. STAY! DON’T GO! But they both have that HOPE and SAVE HUMAN-kind thing going for them, so why stop now? I was totally amazed at how at-ease David fell into being a test subject. *scratches head*This review is going to be hard, because at every turn there is a SP [...]

    4. It's hard to write an accurate review when you love the author but don't like the book. I loved the first 3 books in this series. I bragged about them to anyone who would listen, and even purchased them a second time when I got my Kindle. Jesse Petersen is a skilled writer, and the saga of Sarah and David was fun, kick-ass, and entertaining. Until this book, anyway. The most glaring difference is the writing. Where is the sass and snark? Where is the fun in the midst of a zombie apocalypse? Wher [...]

    5. Having read all the preceding books in this series, I was looking forward to reading the 4th and final book. After sadly being dropped by Orbit, the author decided to self-publish the ending to David and Sarah's story. I have read other reviews which stated that the series didn't really need another book, but I'd have to disagree. I'm really pleased that Petersen decided to publish a final book to what was a fun series.I will say that The Zombie Whisperer wasn't as good as I had hoped but it did [...]

    6. I loved the first three books in this series (and the covers) so, I was excited when I heard there was a 4th book. I assumed the 3rd was the final book because I felt it had a nice ending without getting too "campy".Now on to my review, I do not like the cover of this book, it doesn't match the otherswhich is annoying! I felt the story in this book was very forced. It seemed rushed and had no emotion behind it. I also felt it was a bit silly to have all the characters together (even characters t [...]

    7. . I downloaded it from the Nook store on my tablet. My personal review of the book is as follows:I want to say that in my personal opinion the main storyline revolves around a surprise that I guessed was coming from around the middle of the second book in the series because of this I felt like the other stuff was just filler until information about the surprise or the surprise it's self was here and you could see how the characters dealt with/responded to it. For me personally I feel like this m [...]

    8. this was a hard book to find. I read lots of books so I could have just moved on but I loved the series so much I knew I had to track it down. people had reviewed it(even if they didn't like it) so it existed somewhere. I finally found this on Kobo and paid for it even though I knew I couldn't spend much more money. I hope all this things together make you realise how much I loved this book. the end of a series is never the best because it's built up and you know there is no more. I still really [...]

    9. A good conclusion to this series of books , although the story lines became more and more far fetched with each book.

    10. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick & Dirty: Saving the world is hard enough with out the Zombies but Sarah and Dave are going to accomplish both.Opening Sentence: We call it Middle-of-Nowhere, Montana.The Review:I was trepidatious about starting this book because the concept of zombies and romance was a tough pill to swallow. There are so many themes I don’t even blink an eye at when thrown into a romance but for some reason this concept was totally ICK for me, but Ms. Petersen mad [...]

    11. I'm a girl who likes a good zombie story. I'm also a girl who likes a good spoiled, snarky, protagonist of a female character. So it's really no shock that I liked the LIVING WITH THE DEAD series by Jesse Petersen. The series follows Sarah and David, a couple who were nearing divorce when the zombie apocalypse hit. Their adventures have taken them through zombies, mad scientists, cult leaders, crazy survivors, and almost to death and back. So when I heard that it hadn't, in fact, ended with EAT, [...]

    12. I found this series to be hilarious with the right amount of snarky and attitude. Since I listened to most of the books as an audiobook, I really liked the lady who did the reading. She definitely added the right tone for Sarah’s sarcastic attitude and Dave’s winning personality.These books reminded me a little of Resident Evil with a dose of comedy and a little less on the bad-assery clothes. Plus I really liked how in the first book, you can see the falling out on Sarah and Dave’s marria [...]

    13. All good things must come to an end, and I have to say that The Zombie Whisperer, the fourth and final book in Jesse Petersen’s Living With The Dead series, did a nice job at bringing it all to a close.It’s been a year since the zombie outbreak forced David and Sarah – a couple on the verge of divorce – to escape their home in Seattle. Since then, they’ve traveled the country fighting both zombies and a military that wants to slice and dice David in the name of science (since he’s al [...]

    14. I have mixed feelings about this installment in the Living With The Dead series a series I really enjoyed for its balance of action coupled with snappy banter and surprisingly well developed characters.Like other readers, I was disappointed by how this installment was constructed as a quasi-greatest moments compilation; reuniting all of the supporting cast and bringing our heroes back to where our story began. That said, I also had to suspend by disbelief to accept the entire zombie apocalypse s [...]

    15. I am so glad I finally got a chance to read The Zombie Whisper. By the end of the first chapter I realized just how much I missed Jesse Petersen’s style of writing. Most of all I missed the quick witted one liners between Sarah and David.The Zombie Whisper is the end of Sarah and David’s journey and is a fitting end. The two have gone a very long way since we first met them; the once near divorced couple is together and stronger than ever. Though now Sarah is keeping a big secret and David i [...]

    16. This book was a major disappointment.Why, you ask?Because Everything turned out bloody perfect!Now, before you go calling the men in white,let me tell you why I am annoyed.This series,atleast the 1st three books, had zombies,deaths,more zombies,unhappy endings,zombies,backstabbing crazy people and more zombies!These little incidents gave the essence of danger and maintained a touch of realism despite the zombies (or maybe because of them).However,when I flipped tgrough the pages of this book,I f [...]

    17. This sequel was superb. I could somehow compare it to "As the World Dies" by Rhiannon Frater but this one was very very light and very fun to read. You could even read each book in two to three hours. Yes, one of those books-you-love-to-read-in-just-one-sitting :)Though you could easily foresee what will happen after each scene and the set-up wasn't original, you know Sarah getting pregnant by his half-zombie husband David and they have to deal with this General Keel who wants to take their Litt [...]

    18. A great end to the series, The Zombie Whisperer concludes the story of Sarah and David, which began in Married with Zombies with a zombie outbreak in Seattle. Appropriately enough, this novel returns the action to Seattle for a final showdown with the living and undead. A number of characters introduced in the previous 3 novels, and in the short stories, reappear to assist (or hinder) Sarah and David as they make a last attempt to save the world. But Sarah's hiding something important, and even [...]

    19. I liked it, but did I really like it? So I guess this is 3.5 starsThe final part of a series. I was a bit surprised at the plot. After the last book I expected something quite different -- an exploration of the plot bunnies left over at the end of that book, a venture into unknown lands beyond the wall There was definitely the beginning of another full length novel there.Instead there was this -- fairly short, a rather hurried tie-up of any loose ends with a happy ending. Don't get me wrong, I l [...]

    20. A silly fun brainless read to wrap up the Living with the Dead series. I liked this better than the third book in the series as that one felt like Petersen had a deadline looming so she had to finish quickly. There were plenty of snarky comments, back stabbing, brain bashing, and bad-assery to keep those familiar with the series happy. That said I found it rather farcical that they encountered every living person from the previous books including the military dude who took David at that wall, bu [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this book. I am sad that the story had to end, but I like how everything was wrapped up. I like knowing what happens to all the characters that I have grown to know in a book. I don’t feel like the story was rushed or “campy”, like some of the other reviewers mentioned. It did feel a little shorter, but I read the first 3 in paperback, so I can’t really compare. I will agree that the cover is not as good as the other 3, but I also understand that this book was published [...]

    22. This one wasn't as good as the others in the series, in my opinion. It felt like everything happened way too fast, and it was really short. This could have easily been a full length book and been drawn out more. It was still a fun read, don't get me wrong, but I felt it went overboard on the winking at the reader bits that were in the other books. With this one being so short, it didn't work as well. Overall, it was a good read and I still liked the book, I just wanted it to be longer and slowed [...]

    23. Ok so I lied. I did decide to read the last book. And now I really wish I had just listened to the reviews. This book has so many things about it that pissed me off. Mystical pregnancy trope being the first and biggest (tvtropes/pmwiki/pmwikip). At first I was just pissed that our ass kicking heroine was reduced to baby carrier, but throw in the mystical aspect and it really ruined this book for me. It's also just not as good. The first three had gripping plots. This one not so much. I should ha [...]

    24. I really liked the first three books in this series, but this installment felt forced. I agree with others that it seemed arbitrary and distracting to bring back every major remaining character from the previous books. The plot and dialogue did not really measure up to the rest of the series either.For whatever reason, the writing was just not as good as the previous books in the series in my opinion. Not sure what happened here.If you are a fan of the series, you may still like this book. Overa [...]

    25. Good bye Sarah and David. I very much enjoyed your zombie killing travels around the western US. You made me laugh, you made me cry (Ok I may be taking a little poetic license here), you made me hope I do as well in the Zombie Apocalypse. I'm glad you stayed together and worked out all those pesky marital problems while being totally kick-ass zombie killers, And finally, I hope that you get your happy ever after in that dark corner of Jesse Petersen's brain, because you definitely have one in mi [...]

    26. I did like this book but i was missing the humor from the first books in this series. This book took a very serious turn and also brought back the relationship issues from the first book with the funny parts. I did not like that. The story however was decent. Not the most fleshed out plot but decent read. Bottom line easy read thats not terrible but lacks the humor appeal from the previous books in this series.

    27. Well, how to rate this. I love Jesse Petersen's work. I loved the rest of this series. I was so excited to read this and even though I enjoyed it, it felt rushed. Especially in the end. There could have been so much more to this. Even the comical parts were lacking. Not that it didn't have the humor, it did, it just wasn't delivered like the other books. I still enjoyed the story. Just wish it had more juice to it.

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