A Half Baked Love Story

A Half Baked Love Story

Anurag Garg Gunjan Narang / Sep 18, 2019

A Half Baked Love Story Have you ever Been a prey to love at first sight Proposed your girl after boozing and fainted before knowing her answer Went to your first date with an empty wallet Got caught kissing your girl by non

  • Title: A Half Baked Love Story
  • Author: Anurag Garg Gunjan Narang
  • ISBN: 9789380349671
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Have you ever Been a prey to love at first sight Proposed your girl after boozing and fainted before knowing her answer Went to your first date with an empty wallet Got caught kissing your girl by none other than her father Risked your IIT exam to meet her for the last time Well, if this excites you enough, here is an enchanting read for you all, A Half Baked Love SHave you ever Been a prey to love at first sight Proposed your girl after boozing and fainted before knowing her answer Went to your first date with an empty wallet Got caught kissing your girl by none other than her father Risked your IIT exam to meet her for the last time Well, if this excites you enough, here is an enchanting read for you all, A Half Baked Love Story The book unfolds a candid narration by a love struck, dumb struck and spellbound guy, Aarav, who confesses every last detail of his love story to his drunkard friends on a new year night The tale of his first love Anamika This story is a feel good love story of these two very different characters as they understand the Pangs and Pleasures of first love while battling with the situations that life has placed them in The book takes a dig at our so called modern society and peer pressure in one s life.Just when life seems perfect, Love chooses its own routes From the first glimpse to the last letter What happens finally About the AuthorGunjan Narang an aspiring educationist, polishing her mind and teaching skills at Miranda House Assuming that she was never born to be a teacher, fell in love with the profession, and faced a similar accident in case of writing Writing, to her, is a means of influencing masses A sudden encounter with a friend brought her into realization of a hidden spark in her and here she is, with her first recognized work.Optimism and perseverance are the essence of her life Sensitized towards various social issues, she plans to write about them in near future Rational and skeptic in approach, she believes not only in dreaming but also in accomplishing those dreams Honest in expression and rebellious at heart.Anurag Garg not yet a Bachelor of Technology, he s a not so sincere student of Bharti vidyapeeth s college of engineering, New Delhi After being an unknown pass out from St Xavier s school and having tried a hand at journalism, he finally found his forte in writing Simple living and plenty eating is his funda in life.Random thoughts, eligible to be put together in the form of a storyline dragged him to his destiny Young for his thoughts, he loses himself to them and lives in his fly by night imaginations A little shy to girls, he is a family guy, who believes in learning from every experience Photography being his field of interest, he also finds himself close to the nature A keen follower of spirituality and Humanism

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    1. A HALF BAKED LOVE STORY baked my brain at first but story turned little interesting when arav(hero of story)starts narrating his past love story which was his true and first love.This story clearly pictures us the way how arav who was shy,caring,decent boy who had fell in love with a girl anamika in his secondary high school turned into man who lost his true love and became so desparate that he started loving every girl he met and ended his relation every time.I think some part of the story is u [...]

    2. Even one star to this book seems exaggeration. I don't know why, but I couldn't bring myself to read this book beyond twenty pages. Yeah, just from a twenty pages read I am in no condition to judge a book properly. But believe me this book is gross. It opens with one of those hot, steaming scenes which ends up in a low level cheap drama and break-up scene. I don't know why the author chose to open the book which this scene but I have realized that over the time it has become Indian mindset that [...]

    3. Have you ever:Been prey to love at first sight?Proposed your girl after boozing and fainted before knowing her answer?Went to your first date with an empty wallet?Got caught kissing your girl by none other than her father?Risked your IIT exam ‘to meet her for the last time’? This book revolves round these stages and finally it endsIts been long time since I read Indian authors College backdrop romantic/Sad ending love stories which is always divided by family issues wether its caste, religio [...]

    4. Full Book Review2.5 on 5This is one of the overhyped books. The only thing that could connect to me in it was the story of Aarav and Anamika. Even though it was the major chunk of the book, it could not justify anything at the end. When you analyze everything after reading the last page, you can't find anything substantial in the book overall. I really wish that the writers would have removed the poorly written first section and began it right from the 'Half Baked Love Story'. Overall, not bad a [...]

    5. narration: quite simple and straight forward whether I doubt a reader who claims to read the book of high literature would dare to throw it asideot: to be so honest, it is utmost common plot where an international book reader is supposed to call it ridiculousaracters: presumably most common teens with their hormones raised so high. this book is surely a cause of frustration for those who dwell upon the characters created by William Shakespeare.> of course there is no great plot but can be res [...]

    6. Life goes ON. This is what the book is all about. Philosophy spun around tale of romance (It don't get philosophical till epilogue :) so don't worry romance story lovers).Story began with a spoiled brat, who is our protagonist. Things he do irritate a lot that I just wish he was not real. I was even surprised why author have decided to have such a freak as protagonist.Real story began when he explains the reason for his nature. From then there is no hate towards him from my side.Love at school. [...]

    7. ‘Half Baked Love story’ was in my reading list since ages and finally when I got time to pick it up and read, I finished it in one sitting only. But was that because of the interest that it developed within me or because of excitement of finally reading it? Will let you know shortly.Firstly the cover of the book is stunningly designed. It actually built the momentum for a reader. Story starts with Aarav’s college life. The carefree attitude and insulting behavior was the highlight of first [...]

    8. I have finished the book when I went to my hometown. ‘Half Baked Love story’ I finished it within a short span of time because of its simple language.Firstly the front of the book is stunningly outlined. It really assembled the force for the reader. The story begins with Aarav's school life. The cheerful disposition and offending conduct was the highlight of an initial couple of sections of the book and also, those were completely exhausting to read as they were rehashed (I have perused this [...]

    9. Story of a guy called Aarav who flirts girls & leave then after enjoyment once faces a difficult situation where a girl asks him whether he loves her or only enjoying her. This leads to a short fight & breakup, comes home drunk & asks his father for a drink & gets slapped. The rude behaviour continues till he punches his ex's bf & make him hospitalized, where he feels guilty & tries to change himself. after that they become good friends. while enjoying a party with his fr [...]

    10. No, this time I know even before reading the book that it would be umm what's the word? bland. Yes, I judged this book by its cover. At this pace, these publishers will drive themselves into a hopeless future really soon and go bankrupt with this greedy approach once the people start realizing that Indian authors got nothing else to offer, except to smear a insipid story onto a 250 pages book with a spectacular cover. I am usually calm and would not like to write anything negative about a book. [...]

    11. A FAST-PACED, ENGROSSING & AMAZING READ UNDER 200 PAGES !!!!!!!!I'll admit that I was pretty skeptic when I first started reading this book. I never liked reading loved stories, to be very honest, as they are all some what similar in one way or the other. But this book certainly took me aback for I was not expecting to like it at all.The book starts off just like any other love story with a grumpy, heartbroken & scornful protagonist. Nothing new or interesting about that though !!! -_-Bu [...]

    12. Amazing Book. Not so much open not so old kind of book or imagination must say that. from the starting to the end it holds you to seat and just read what happens next. I mean you can't resist to turn the page to see what happens nextazing topic i personally love it because i'm suffering from that phase of life where girls say these typical words "My parents won't allow" and all that stuff Ya! Ya! but sensational characters.I literally died for that nightmare of Aarav and a tear roll down from my [...]

    13. It's not a half baked love story and it has its own share of goods and bads. The first half is not appealing enough whereas the second half will bring a tear or two in the readers eyes. One of the sequences towards the end of the story and a short poem are worth mentioning. The characters are in sync with the plot. It might seem out of sorts in the first few chapters but gathers up momentum in the second half. It's a lovers delight and a lesson for some broken heart souls too. :)

    14. If I ever get a chance to change a book’s end then I will surely pick this book. My eyes were almost moist even before finishing the book.As the title speaks, this book narrates a love story; love between Aarav and Anamika. The story begins describing Aarav as a rich brat sleeping with every other girl he gets attracted to. But this behavior of his isn’t something which he inherited; it has something to do with his past life. To read my complete review, click here: sany-speaks4/2014

    15. The novel has average story. The writers has given good efforts while drafting the plot of novel. Initial beginning will seems to be a same as usual love story novels and what you expect from who is writing his/her first novel. The Title of novel is bit fascinating thats why i have chosen this to read. Story become interesting when The Arav (the protagonist) recites his story of past to his Friends on the New year eve.Some take away from story-Some lover are never meant to live together they are [...]

    16. A general love story until its last, The end of Aarav's flashback and epilogue was totally a different from other love story, well described of every incident and epilogue is a change over from every normal story way, the emotions described well even looks and attires. A nightmare at the end of story is can't even imaginable it's nightmare it all makes this story a change over from other stories.

    17. picked it like any other book from d wheeler stall @bilaspur.The section till he visit the new year's party was not that intresting or i would say it didn't sticked me to it.But as the flash back started it made me n my statement "like any other book" wrong.Every turn of page contains fresh romance with express of his feelings in its purest form.The end made my eyes wet and yeah its a story that touched my heart as well. Good job mr. anurag

    18. I cant complete this book. I hate love failures they give a ill feeling to me.I started dis book long ago but its too hard to take in all dat sad f** stuff.It may be because I am not mature enough to accept the ruthless truth in the story,Or may be because I have seen much worse in ma life which I don't want to remember again. In fact I want to forget earase all dat shit foreverI hate dis book.

    19. This book really has a real good love story. The character Aarav and Anamica are exception according to me. Their love between each other is heart-touching. It's true that when you love someone, you should have the same feelings till the end. You will invite someone into your life with smile. A person should be same to let your love go. It's hurtful to let go someone from your life. Atlast, it teaches you to stay strong whatever happens.

    20. I can't say this as "A Half Baked Love Story" - But, Author has explained each and every character in very good described way. He kept alive every character in my mind.I can give 5/5 for first four parts as I enjoyed it very well.And 4 was not that touching while fifth is very good, author explained the characters in deep way perhaps I think I liked it because of hot charters :PFinally I am happy to give 4/5 for A Half Baked Love Story.

    21. doesn't even deserve a single star.ud! do writers even proofread their booksterrible grammar and a substandard storyon the whole a slipshod workI would never recommend this book to anyoneMakes me wonder how did this disaster become a bestseller! only one thing was quite agreeablehe moves on

    22. Overall story is good. Except that certain things could have been differently shown. Life after love isn't bad. The way the hero moves on with his life could have been better.Coming to the writing style, it was pretty simple. Could have been more interesting so that it could be an unputdownable one. The language could have been better too. Can be read for the story.

    23. Pace in the story - YesGood description of characters - YesGrammatical errors - YesStory Line - AverageThe fact is we never pick these books with a lot of expectations. So what I expected from the book, i got it. A nice time pass while waiting for few hours and when you are not in a mood to read good literary stuff.

    24. A simple yet heart melting love tale by 2 Delhi writers Anurag Garg n Gunjan Narang. The tale depicts about Aarav-Anamika duo and what our menacing society filled with rules n regulations does to them. A plain love story that is far more interestingly written in simple English for all generations. The book is directed at out present society, caste system, the inhabitants and so on.

    25. Simply Loved the book <3 I'm lost for words. It was so heart warming. Beautifully written Love story. A perfect Blend of Humor, Love, Pain. I started reading the book with zero expectations and It took my by surprise when i found the book so interesting and cool. This book will never let you down. Do read it.

    26. Ending was good which prompted me to give a 3/5 rating.Good story but poor writing skills, timings of the day were taken for granted, and even in the conversations here and there, there is some utter confusion as to who is talking to whom, which leads to readers exasperation. But last 50-60 pages will keep the reader enthralling till the end.

    27. This story is a feel good story of two different people and interesting character Aarav and how he is totally different from Anamika and they met and fall in love. Nice and college students love this. Great job Gunjan Narang

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