Bravest Warriors Vol. 1

Bravest Warriors Vol. 1

Joey Comeau Mike Holmes Pendleton Ward Ryan Pequin / Feb 19, 2020

Bravest Warriors Vol The new hit Cartoon Hangover series from the imagination of Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward POWER RESPECT Based on ADVENTURE TIME creator Pendleton Ward s brand new animated series Join Chris

  • Title: Bravest Warriors Vol. 1
  • Author: Joey Comeau Mike Holmes Pendleton Ward Ryan Pequin
  • ISBN: 9781608863228
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • The new hit Cartoon Hangover series from the imagination of Adventure Time creator, Pendleton Ward POWER RESPECT Based on ADVENTURE TIME creator Pendleton Ward s brand new animated series Join Chris, Wallow, Beth and Danny, four 16 year old heroes for hire, as they warp from galaxy to galaxy, saving alien races with the power of theiremotions They re noble, righteouThe new hit Cartoon Hangover series from the imagination of Adventure Time creator, Pendleton Ward POWER RESPECT Based on ADVENTURE TIME creator Pendleton Ward s brand new animated series Join Chris, Wallow, Beth and Danny, four 16 year old heroes for hire, as they warp from galaxy to galaxy, saving alien races with the power of theiremotions They re noble, righteous and totally bodacious This new series of original comics based on the new Cartoon Hangover series is sure to be a smash hit This collection includes the first four issues, including the totally boss backup stories

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      378 Joey Comeau Mike Holmes Pendleton Ward Ryan Pequin
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      • Joey Comeau Mike Holmes Pendleton Ward Ryan Pequin

        Joey Comeau is a Canadian writer He is best known for his novels Lockpick Pornography and Overqualified, and as co creator of the webcomic A Softer World with Emily Horne.Comeau currently resides in Toronto, Ontario He has a degree in linguistics.


    1. This is one of my favorite animated series. If you haven't seen it Google Bravest Warriors and prepare to have your mind blown! This first arc shows the powerful teens visiting a clown planet and fighting a villain called sadness. The monsters in this volume are wonderfully creepy so be careful with showing it to the young ones! There are also back up stories in this volume as well? This book is for Coyer Scavenger Hunt #16 Read a Graphic Novel

    2. Such a fun story. I love the characters and I love the cartoon. The side stories were random and distracting though. Some were funny, I was tempted to skip through them and just get back to the actual story.

    3. The Bravest Warriors webshow is one of the coolest things to happen on the internet in some time. Co-created by the brains behind Adventure Time, Pen Ward, it follows the space-faring adventures of the Bravest Warriors, a group of teenagers, separated from their parents, and taken on their mantles as heroic space-vigilantes for hire. In space! Part of the reason it works so well - and part of the reason it continues to work well in comic form - are that the characters are so damn likable. Just l [...]

    4. It's a bit bizarre and confusing, but highly entertaining even for a reader who has never watched the cartoon.Consider it a light amuse-bouche to enjoy in between serious reads.

    5. Well. If you dislike clownsess you're never getting into the Bravest Warriors comics. Cause this opening does not spare you. The Bravest Warriors are sent to a planet of sad clowns, to battle against Sadness. Sadnesse witch. Not, like, the embodiment of sadness, or the cause of sadness (except as much as she can, being an evil witch). Just a powerful witch. And, well, things get weirder than that. Bravest Warriors takes the random events of Adventure Time and just sets them in a sci-fi universe. [...]

    6. For those who love Adventure Time, meet the Bravest Warriors! I should mention that this book starts with the team blowing up an entire planet of sexists. Good, consistent art from all the artists who worked on this volume. The story is simple, but the best parts are the great bits of dialogue and zingers that is peppered throughout the book.

    7. I love how crazy irreverent this comic is, just like the show. (But why is there no Catbug here?! Why?!) That said, sometimes it's SO crazy, I can't even guess what's going on o_0 But I still love it.

    8. Adventure Time remix-reimagining of sorts. Similar visual vibes, round and puffy soft feels, and great unforced silly humor.

    9. The Bravest Warriors, four teenaged superheroes, Chris, Wallow, Beth, and Danny fight evil. In this book, their quest is to save a planet of clowns from their enemy Sadness.To be honest, this book left me with mixed feelings. It's fun and the characters are likable, if a bit one note in some cases. The book walks the line between silly and inane throughout. Is this a story that can be enjoyed by all ages, or only for littler kids? It's just on the line for me. Overall, this didn't thrill me but [...]

    10. Great art and characters. I'd say watch out the creator of Adventure Time would suebut Pendleton Ward IS the creator of both. The set up is there, but I wish there was a little more sense/story flow. What works on tv is harder to create I. Comic form.

    11. *2.5. Just not my kinda book. Plot was dumb, shallow feminism abound and the author apparently thinks the “friend zone” is an actual thing. Forced romance. Just too fake random/“teen cool” for me, I guess.

    12. It was really funny! The story is probably one of the best parody of superhero genre ever. While joking, authors underline absurds in our everyday life. Entertaining, colorful comic book for adults.

    13. Little confusing with the random short stories within the overall graphic novel, but you get over it after a while. And it had no Catbug, I need Catbug!!!:)

    14. cute. funny, surprisingly smart and creative. I'd say this is as good if not better then the show on YouTube. which I highly recommend by the way. one of favourites for the year.

    15. If you love adventure time like me you are doing to the the style and characters in this book.I also love the little cute funny remarks and puns made.

    16. I went into this graphic novel fresh. My son is a fan of the series and I bought him the graphic novel because he likes Adventure Time (who doesn't?). I haven't seen the web series yet, but it looked interesting enough so I gave it a shot.First off, I really liked the presentation. The designer did a really great job putting together a retro-ish style. Honestly that was my favorite part of the book. The story was all over the place. Hey, the book is for kids so it's okay to be random? Question a [...]

    17. NOT ENOUGH CATBUG!Otherwise, I found myself quite literally laughing out loud while reading this. Definitely going to continue on with the series. I LOVE the bravest warriors, they're a great combination of characters.

    18. Este comic esta basado en la popular serie de Youtube del mismo creador de Adventure Time. Así que si viniste por el arte, viniste al comic equivocado.Por estar basado en otra serie transmitida en otro medio, podemos esperar que no haya mucha continuidad. Y que la historia termine en el mismo status quo. Así que si viniste por la historia, viniste al comic equivocado.Así que agarre este comic del humble bundle sin mucha expectativa. La historia no es tan buena, el arte no es tan bueno. Pero l [...]

    19. You can definitely feel the Adventure Time similarities here; similar sensibilities and approaches to humor. Similarly absurd overall situations played straight, and lots of humor being pulled out of the absurdities. In this case, going to a clown planet to defeat Sadness But that's just a skeleton plot that the jokes are built on. Everything is sill and funny and absurd and cute and all other kinds of puffy positive adjectives. I've not watched the series, but if this book is a fair representat [...]

    20. Bravest Warriors must have been made by the same people that make Adventure Time. If not, they have very similar looks. I'm generally not a fan. The artwork is silly and childlike, which is fine that it has it's own look, just not my preference. I guess it does fit with the middle school level humor throughout. Some of the jokes were just random idiotic phrasing, silly gags, and a whole section of puns. I wouldn't say the book was bad by any means, it's just not my type of book. My kids would pr [...]

    21. Bravest Warriors: Volume Oneis a graphic novel based on theBravest Warriorsweb series that documents their adventure of battling emotions by saving clowns from sadness. The book includes the same style of humour and storytelling as the show, as well as video game, comic book, popular culture references, and short stories from a guest creator. I personally liked this book, but that's partially because I am familiar with and fond of the characters. This book should appeal to fans of the web series [...]

    22. I love the bravest warriors, I watch them all the time on youtube. When I saw their comics at the library, I immediately picked it up and ravenously read them from beginning to end, at the expense of my grades. They're enjoyable, I liked them. It's good to read them at least once, just to fill in the blanks. Would I own it? The answer to that is no. I love anything Pendelton Ward does, but, let's face it, his stuff lacks depth. I wouldn't change a thing, it's whimsical and funny, but I don't thi [...]

    23. This was a lot of fun!! I loved the humor and characters and it reminded me a lot of Adventure Time, which I also absolutely love. Each chapter (or comic book issue) in volume one kept my attention for the most part. I definitely think it got slow and boring at times. I think that although I loved this collection of comic book issues, this story and these characters definitely do better as a tv show. I recommend for anyone into the Bravest Warriors show on YouTube. Anyone new to Bravest Warriors [...]

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