Spy's Honor

Spy's Honor

Amy Raby / Feb 24, 2020

Spy s Honor Rhianne mind mage and Imperial Princess of Kjall cannot openly challenge the emperor Instead she acts in secret to aid the victims of his worst excesses But now the emperor plans to wed her to the

  • Title: Spy's Honor
  • Author: Amy Raby
  • ISBN: 9780451417831
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Rhianne, mind mage and Imperial Princess of Kjall, cannot openly challenge the emperor Instead, she acts in secret to aid the victims of his worst excesses But now the emperor plans to wed her to the cruel Augustan, the man leading Kjall s attack against the nation of Mosar Soon she will be torn from her supporters and shipped overseas, where she can help no one.MosariRhianne, mind mage and Imperial Princess of Kjall, cannot openly challenge the emperor Instead, she acts in secret to aid the victims of his worst excesses But now the emperor plans to wed her to the cruel Augustan, the man leading Kjall s attack against the nation of Mosar Soon she will be torn from her supporters and shipped overseas, where she can help no one.Mosari crown prince Janto is desperate to save his country from invasion When one of his most trusted spies disappears while gathering intelligence at the Kjallan palace, Janto takes his place and continues searching for information that could save his people But falling for the Imperial Princess was not part of his plan Nor was having his true identity revealed Now Rhianne must make a choice follow the path of tradition or the one of the heart, even if it means betraying her own people.

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        Amy Raby is literally a product of the U.S space program, since her parents met working for NASA on the Apollo missions After earning her Bachelor s in Computer Science from the University of Washington, Amy settled in the Pacific Northwest with her family, where she s always looking for life s next adventure, whether it s capsizing tiny sailboats in Lake Washington or riding dressage horses Assassin s Gambit is her debut novel.Awards 2011 Golden Heart finalist, 2012 Daphne du Maurier winner.


    1. You know what the latter half of this book reminded me of? The siege and spy games of The Winner's Curse,but more drawn out like if the siege and rebel takeover of Curse took place over a longer period of time. Out of automatic adoration for Curse, this book gets an immediate three stars. Just because.I also glimpsed a few reviews first and, as a result, read Spy's Honor before Assassin's Gambit since apparently Spy's Honor takes place first. THE STORY We have two main characters: Kestrel Rhiann [...]

    2. 3 starsIt's Book 2 and it should came out first, not Assassin's Gambit. Anyway, it was a good read.What I liked.1. The world. 2. The politics.3. Jan-Torres for his intelligence, kindness, and mercy.4. His bloodthirsty ferret.5. The brindlecats.What I disliked.1. It was too slow-paced at the beginning.2. Insta-love dull romance.3. Rhianne was stupid, ignorant and spineless.Read the excerpt of Book 3 and it didn't sound promising. But then, that might change.Read on your own peril.

    3. I kind of wish that this had been the FIRST book in the series, since the first book made the ultimate ending of this book VERY obvious. I think that's about my only complaint. I loved learning about the different cultures even as the characters learned themselves. I am eagerly awaiting the next book.

    4. Kind, intelligent hero & an adorable, bloodthirsty ferret. In other words, fantasy romance at it's finest.Janto is the crown prince of Mosar, but his country is succumbing to an unwarranted attack by the larger, greedier country of Kjall. In a last-ditch effort to save his country, he goes to Kjall as a spy on the trail of information that could alter the course of the war. Posing as a slave, he meets Imperial Princess Rhianne, whose uncle, Emperor Florian is responsible for the terrible war [...]

    5. Spy's Honor captured me right from the beginning.The book was very exciting. Who couldn't love this mix: Two kingdoms. Two unsuspecting royals. Both at war due to tyranny, bloodthirst and greed. Both royals fall in hopeless love, but cannot ever be together because of the war. . or can they?It is easily to love her royal highness Rhianne, and to fall for cunning hero Janto who is a spy for his kingdom, and who is the crown prince as well. This book had a well constructed plot as well as a great [...]

    6. I don't want to wait until April for the next book! Spy's Honor is technically a prequel to Assassin's Gambit, but I really think it makes more sense to read them in publication order. Even knowing the outcome of the story I was still sucked in and obsessively thinking about what had happened and would happen next. I loved watching the relationship between Janto and Rhianne develop. It was also nice to see the events leading up to Lucien becoming the emperor and of course there was the briefest [...]

    7. This was so good I need to go back and reread Assassin's Gambit, but I lent it to a friend, so I'm hosed. I realized what this series reminds me of: Pern. The politics are intense, the world is amazing and the details bring it all to life. Without the structure of the caturanga game, I didn't think Spy's Honor could be as intensely detailed as the first book in the series - but I was wrong. I really liked the way the hero and heroine developed a relationship over language lessons, the battles, t [...]

    8. Wonderful!!! I loved every page of this book. I got it from the library, and I will be purchasing it soon along with Assassin's Gambit. Amy Raby shows such talent with her ability to create a world so detailed with a magic system that is also very unique. She was also smart to leave that magic system not completely explained, and we can learn more and more about it as we continue to read the series. This shows promise as a fantasy writer.On the romance side, Raby captures the emotions of both th [...]

    9. In this the second book of the Hearts and Thrones series, we actually take a step back in time. This book occurs before the events of Assassin's Gambit. I am not really sure why they were written this way, but it works for me!Rhianne is a Kjallian princess and the cousin to the emperor. As such, she is expected to make a political alliance more than a marriage. Her country is in the midst of political turmoil, primarily because her uncle the emperor is a vicious tyrant (which you know from readi [...]

    10. Rhianne is the Imperial Princess of Kjall and a mind mage. As she is the emperor's niece, she has to marry a brutal man she doesn't love. And, of course, she falls in love with Janto, heir of Mosar throne and enemy of her uncle, who comes to Kjall to spy on. In this book, we find all romance's codes. A nice princess fall in love with a nice prince. They want to change the world and stop the war between their countries. Rhianne has magic power but it is not very useful because she can't use it ag [...]

    11. The full review can be found at my blog. I was a little nervous to read this book because of the time frame of it. This one occurs before the events in the first book and tells Rhianne’s story. Aside from that I really enjoyed this book. I loved Rhianne and Janto as characters and it was nice seeing them interact and how they got together. The one thing I wish we had gotten to see with this book was Mosar, their people and the life that they lead. From what we were giving about the country the [...]

    12. Should be book one in the series since it takes place before Assassins Gambit and sets the world and a couple of the characters. I enjoyed the verbal sparring and would have liked more and a little less battle strategy.

    13. This book was awesome. A perfect blend of heart wrenching romance and political intrigue, all in a unique and interesting fantasy setting. It fit my tastes to a tee, and I stayed up way too late finishing it.

    14. This joint review was originally published at The Book PushersMarlene: First of all, let me say that the Romans gave great empire! Where would epic historical fiction and epic fantasy be without them? Amy Raby’s Hearts and Thrones isn’t the only epic fantasy series that owes a lot of its inspiration and overall situation to some of the best and worst elements of the Roman Empire. There’s also Crista McHugh’s Deizian Empire series (its awesome too) as well as Lindsay Buroker’s The Emper [...]

    15. 4 starsIt's been almost 2 years since I read Assassin's Gambit and I like the premise that I didn't hesitant to bought Spy's Honor. The problem is, when you read the first book a long long time ago, you will miss some detail. Spy's Honor is a prologue to Assassin's Gambit and I admit, I'm a little bit confused when read this one. Spy's Honor is about Rhianne, Imperial Princess of Kjall and Jan-Torres aka Janto, the Crown Prince of Mosari. Both are cameos in the first book but play important role [...]

    16. Full review available on AAR - likesbooks/cgi-bin/bookRevHave you ever been scared to start a sequel? Sometimes the first book in a series just works so well, with all the pieces fitting together, that it’s hard to think of topping it - sometimes it seems hard to even match it! I recently read Assassin’s Gambit, the first of the Hearts and Thrones series, quite recently, and was excited to read the next - until I actually got it. And then I spent a week or two reading the first page and putt [...]

    17. (4.5 stars) Wow! I have read that Raby's aim with this series is to write books that are equally satisfying to fantasy or romance readers. She made a good bash at it with Assassin's Gambit (Book 1), with an original world that felt real enough to inhabit, but as a fantasy reader I felt we got a bit short-changed compared to the romance audience when it came to the second half of that book. By contrast, Spy's Honour actually pulls it off. The romance is swoony, the worldbuilding is convincing, an [...]

    18. Even though this is the second book in the series, it takes place 4 or 5 years before Assassin's Gambit (the first book), and I really wish I'd read it first. While each book can be read as a standalone, I didn't really appreciate or understand Rhianne or Jan-Torres in Assassin's Gambit because I hadn't read their book first. I also went into this book with some preconceived ideas that made me impatient for certain parts because I'd read Gambit first.I loved Assassin's Gambit so much, I was afra [...]

    19. Rhianne, is Imperial Princess of Kjall, who is very naive about the way of the world. She enlists her cousin Lucian into her plans for her dear friend Morgan. Lucian may be The Crown Prince but his father will see him as a kind of failure and second to last choice for ruling Kjall. Rhianne wants to know more about Mosari deciding to learn the language by teaching herself. Mosari Crown Prince Janto is searching for his spy at The Kjall Palace. He befriends a few slaves into helping him discover w [...]

    20. I enjoyed this book better than the first in the series, which takes place after this one, but it lacked depth and strategy. The heroine is naive despite her intelligence and willfulness. The hero is a gentleman who is apparently the best strategist in several nations. However, that strategy doesn't appear until after late in the plot. Until then he makes a lot of rash decisions and depends a lot on luck. The princess is unbelievably able to run around as she pleases, even with her particular po [...]

    21. I was lucky to win this book on Givaways and I loved every page! I enjoyed the world Amy Raby has created. The slight mix of fantasy with reality of countries wanting to rule others and the magic of mages. Also the fact a Princess (in her eyes) fell in love with a slave and I enjoyed how their relationship developed. I loved the idea of familiars and of Jantos ferret with the killer instinct. I was actually willing Rhianne to take her brindle cat as a familiar.From other reviews I hear that thi [...]

    22. Ah voici le roman qui me réconcilie avec l'éditeur, car j'étais plutôt remontée sur le prix du 1er tome et sa piètre qualité. J'attaque le suivant avec grand plaisir !Contrairement au 1er tome, la fantasy prend une place importante dans cette histoire, bien que le sujet principale reste la romance qui est ici construite avec cohérence et donne envie de poursuivre. Espérons que cela dure sur la série.Bon par contre, je ne sais pas comment suivre l'auteur car on fait de sacrés bonds dan [...]

    23. 3.5 Stars but I'm rounding upThe events in this book take place prior to Assassin's Gambit (Hearts and Thrones, #1), so in reality this SHOULD be book one. If you don't know that it's rather confusing. So if you've read book 1 keep that in mind and if you haven't I'd recommend reading this Spy's Honor, then Assassin's Gambit. The good news in it appears Prince's Fire (Hearts and Thrones, #3) takes place in the proper timeslot for book 3.All that aside this was a good read, not quite as good as b [...]

    24. I like this book better then the 1st book. a little confused as to why it wasn't the 1st in the series seeing as how the events in this book had already taken place before book one. overall this was a nice book. the writer is getting into a little bit of a rut IMO with the politically charged love/ hate marriages. I will say while love story in this book got very series very fast i liked Rhianna better then the females in book one.

    25. Having read Assassin's Gambit, I knew that Janto and Rihanne had their happy ending etc. However, this was still a very enjoyable read. Both characters were likable, the family dynamics and the politics (despite knowing the resolution) were interesting, and the actual resolution worked well for me. I'm also a sucker for animal familiars; Sashi was awesome.

    26. I really enjoyed this book. I read the first book (Assassin's Gambit) quite awhile ago and couldn't remember a ton of details (that happens when you read 3 books a week) but I remembered I liked it. I barely remembered Janto and Rhianne from the first book and I enjoyed reading about their story. The world building was good and I thought the story moved along pretty well. I really liked Janto (and his psycho ferret).

    27. While fun, Spy's Honor isn't as good as Assassins Gambit. It happens earlier in the timeline, so my hope is that it was an earlier novel that Raby turned into a sequel. The combination of treason, less compelling characters, and one of the people shafted at the end being the hero of the last book kind of turned me off. On the other hand there was a compelling fantasy world and a well plotted story to keep me occupied:)

    28. Okay, so let me just say that though I DID enjoy reading this series thus far, I STRONGLY feel this book should have been Book #1, NOT the second in this series. The first book, Assassin’s Gambit, would have picked up after this book, Spy’s Honor, then led into the third book…about Celeste. So if you’ve yet to read these stories I’d recommend reading Book #2 before Book #1. Just throwing that out there! But other than that, the books were enjoyable to read.

    29. 3 stars. Chronologically ahead of Assassin's Gambit, I can see why this wasn't released first.This is fine; the characters are matter of fact to the point of insensitivity -- but then again, there's a whole lotta action that they've got to get through before all is said and done. Some sweet moments, too.I liked it.

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