The Secret World of Sleep: the Surprising Science of the Mind at Rest

The Secret World of Sleep: the Surprising Science of the Mind at Rest

Penelope A. Lewis Thomas Shafee / Jun 16, 2019

The Secret World of Sleep the Surprising Science of the Mind at Rest In recent years neuroscientists have uncovered the countless ways our brain trips us up in day to day life from its propensity toward irrational thought to how our intuitions deceive us The latest re

  • Title: The Secret World of Sleep: the Surprising Science of the Mind at Rest
  • Author: Penelope A. Lewis Thomas Shafee
  • ISBN: 9780230107595
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In recent years neuroscientists have uncovered the countless ways our brain trips us up in day to day life, from its propensity toward irrational thought to how our intuitions deceive us The latest research on sleep, however, points in the opposite direction Where old wives tales have long advised to sleep on a problem, today scientists are discovering the truth behindIn recent years neuroscientists have uncovered the countless ways our brain trips us up in day to day life, from its propensity toward irrational thought to how our intuitions deceive us The latest research on sleep, however, points in the opposite direction Where old wives tales have long advised to sleep on a problem, today scientists are discovering the truth behind these folk sayings, and how the busy brain radically improves our minds through sleep and dreams In The Secret World of Sleep, neuroscientist Penny Lewis explores the latest research into the nighttime brain to understand the real benefits of sleep She shows how, while our body rests, the brain practices tasks it learned during the day, replays traumatic events to mollify them, and forges connections between distant concepts By understanding the roles that the nocturnal brain plays in our waking life, we can improve the relationship between the two, and even boost creativity and become smarter This is a fascinating exploration of one of the most surprising corners of neuroscience that shows how science may be able to harness the power of sleep to improve learning, health, and .

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    1. Good book, but I kept falling asleep while trying to read itSeriously, it had a quality I value in pop science writing; everything was written as simply as possible but no simpler. So I'm going to need a second go at it to take in all the underlying brain structure and chemistry fast-forward tutorials embedded. (Or a couple of PBS specials which show moving pictures and diagrams might help.)It didn't have as much practical advice as I want, but that wasn't the book's mandate. That's what the sle [...]

    2. I'm a fan of pop science books (books that provide scientific information to lay people, usually in an entertaining way), so I requested a copy of this book through LibraryThing's Early Reviews program. Penelope Lewis is a neuroscientist who runs the Sleep and Memory Lab at the University of Manchester, according to her biography. Her book on sleep and memory is a quick and easy-ish read, though not nearly as fun as some of the other pop science books I've read. She really tries quite hard to di [...]

    3. This is a short book but an interesting one. It contains a lot of information about how the brain works during sleep, the different types of sleep and information about some of the research which has been carried out into what happens to the brain and the body during sleep. There are plenty of line drawings throughout the text which help to explain certain points. The author looks at the efficacy of sleeping on a problem – it is quite effective. She also explains that when each individual want [...]

    4. I didn't love this book. Lots of interesting information, but definitely presented for the "nonscientist" in a way that felt to me like dumbing it down. Plus, I was irritated by the summaries at the end of each (rather short) chapter. I'm going to listen to the Fresh Air interview instead and I'll probably come away with the same level of depth in much less time.

    5. Received via LibraryThing's Early Reviewer ProgramIt should be emphasized that this book is written for the interested layperson—so even though there is significant emphasis on neural processes and intimidating-sounding stuff like "neurotransmitters" and "acetylcholine" and "action potentials", it gets explained within the first few chapters. This means that it's potentially a little boring to people who are more familiar with the brain, but also means it's much more accessible to those who ar [...]

    6. I received a copy of this book courtesy of the publishers via the LibraryThing Early Reviewers programme in exchange for an honest review.The Secret World of Sleep is a very useful and informative book. It provides non-science readers and students an update on what’s been researched recently about everything sleep-related and the brain’s role in these functions. As I’ve been taking anatomy and physiology recently for my programme, the book served as a nice recap of the brain’s functions [...]

    7. Disclosures:This book was a win.I found the book both interesting and irritating so skipped through it looking for the "good parts" thus not actually read all of it.I suspect this book was written with middle school students as one target audience. The descriptions are quite accessible for someone without a science background and it has lots of analogies to help explain brain functions. The analogies are what irritated me. Lewis seemed to be anthropomorphizing cells. This could be helpful for y [...]

    8. This small book is packed with interesting insight into the working of the brain when we’re sleeping. I have often wondered why I dream, and why some of those dreams are so bizarre. When I worked as a new car sales manager, some nights I dreamed VIN numbers (vehicle identification number) repetitively during the night. This book didn’t tell me exactly why, but it certainly gave me insight into the process.Detailed enough to be a textbook, but written in such a way it doesn’t feel like one. [...]

    9. Absolutely excellent introduction to the neuropsychology of sleep. Definitely need a scientific mind though, as it goes right from neuronal firing up to stages of sleep etc. Highly recommended for anyone who has an interest in how sleep works in the brain, the only downside is that the coverage of disorders is a little thin.

    10. Short book packed with lots of information I enjoyed the read and definitely learned a few new things about sleep Cycle's and the importancy of sleep in general and how much of I'm not getting, lol. The rest of which I already knew but put in a definition of importance.

    11. There was a time when sleep researchers had to sit by the bedside of a volunteer sleeper, wait for them to fall asleep, and then watch for eye movements. It is hard to imagine a more boring job than watching someone do nothing, for eight hours, in the middle of the night, and while you're at it make sure you don't make any noise or you'll wake them up. Fortunately for sleep researchers like Penelope Lewis, there are a lot more tools available to them now besides just graduate students.There is a [...]

    12. Useful overview of a sometimes overlooked topic crucial to our survival as a species. Material is presented in layperson's terms, which makes it easy to digest but also limits its depth. End notes are included to suggest further reading if deeper understanding is desired.One conceit of the book that didn't work well for me was the presentation of a particular theory that had been later disproved by another. The author correctly (and somewhat pedantically) notes that science often contradicts its [...]

    13. Wow! Everyone should read this power-packed nugget of treasures on sleep. Lewis clearly explains the science and physics of sleep, what is happening in our body and why it is so important. Her matter of fact writing is insightful and a joy to read. She explores the current areas of contention in sleep and help us remember how important sleep is.

    14. ** Uncover the shhh’s of zzz’s ** What is actually going on during the third of our lives we spend sleeping?Penelope Lewis pulls the covers on this secret world of sleep: “Sleep is absolutely critical to feeling good and being able to function normally. It helps to keep your body healthy by regulating immune function and temperature, and it is also essential for maintaining mood, constructing memories, updating your general world knowledge, and helping you to take an overview of difficult [...]

    15. I heard the author on NPR and enjoyed the interview so I added to book to my to read list. I found the book to have some interesting facts and studies referenced. However, I found the book both a bit boring and it felt a bit "dumbed down" (too simple? less scientific?) than I would've liked. That being said if you are interested in learning a bit more about your brain and sleep this isn't a bad place to start. There are also some tips for good sleep at the end which was nice (though I've heard m [...]

    16. This book covers a lot of new information about the role sleep plays in our lives. Sleeping is plays a huge role in your ability to learn, cope, and keep your brain working. Sleep plays a role in creativity and memory. This book covers what goes on in your brain while you sleep on a physiological and the biology of the brain cell structure. It explains the different stages of sleep and how you can spend a long night sleeping but not feel rested, alternately, a shorter nights sleep can work wonde [...]

    17. The Secret World of Sleep is good for what it is, kind of an Idiot's Guide to Sleep Science. Lewis explores some of the questions and recent neurological research surrounding sleep in an approachable way. Overall, an interesting read.Maybe this is part of a style of science writing with which I'm not familiar, but I could have done without the condescending chapter summaries and "In the next chapter" previews. These are unnecessary for a non-textbook. Also, some of Lewis's first-person narrative [...]

    18. Clear, with good illustrations, and helpful information such as the best time to study and sleep in order to retain memories/consolidate memories for studying, as well as interesting research showing that we can learn during sleep (new learning, not just remembering learning), and info about sleep deprivation and its differing effects on "larks" vs. "owls" (about half of us have one gene for each and are a mix of the two, falling somewhere in the middle). Interestingly, much of the research quot [...]

    19. "If sleep does not serve an absolutely vital function then it is the biggest mistake the evolutionary process has ever made." (page 3)This is a great book. It gives you an insight into many things such as why it is important to get enough sleep and the effects of sleep deprivation, the relation between memories and sleep and their consolidation, the remembering and forgetting of dreams Among many interesting things that all of us should know. Despite being a science book, it is understandable fo [...]

    20. Although a short book, it contains quite a bit of information about what happens to the brain and the body during sleep. The science is explained in such a way that most lay people would understand. I thought it was well researched and personally learned a lot from this book. It has assisted in reminding me to make sleep a priority, which I am guilty of not doing on many occasions. Very happy to have read this interesting and informative book.I won this ARC through a giveaway. Thank you!

    21. This is an interesting book, well-written if a little challenging for those of us without a background in brain anatomy and chemistry. Be brave and push on past chapter 2! It really is the most technical one. I got this from the library and may have to get my own copy so that I can take another run at some of the more detailed passages. There's much good information packed into relatively few pages.

    22. For readers who desire a straight-up description of what we know about the impact of sleep on memory, mood, and cognition, based on experimental evidence, this book is probably a 4 or even a 5. For a summary of how to maximize the probability of a good night's sleep, just read the last chapter. Lewis' book does not incorporate the latest research about the housekeeping functions of the sleeping brain, nor other functions of sleep, perhaps because this research is so new.

    23. This reads a lot like a textbook- one where the author tries to keep things light, but still very much like a schoolbook, even down to a summary of What We Learned at the end of each chapter. Interesting information (especially- to me, anyway- regarding the role of sleep in reconsolidating memory) but not very engaging.

    24. Enjoyed the "science lite"; a lot of intriguing aspects on the mechanics of sleep. I especially enjoyed the last chapter, with the experiments with auditory and olfactory cues. I didn't care for the references to evolution (a preposterous theory, more full of holes than Swiss cheese). The tips on improving the environment for sleep (for those of us who struggle with it) are highly appreciated!

    25. Highly didactic without offering much insight or new information. If you've never taken a psych course that discussed sleep research before, you may find it interesting, though I think it's rather boring for a complete beginner. But for anyone who has read up on the research before, it doesn't offer much that's new.

    26. I confess that I only occasionally read non-fiction and rarely do I read it as carefully as I read fiction. (It's a lot easier to skim.) That said, I enjoyed the tone of this very much. When there was too much neuroscience, I skimmed. (Others might actually choose to read through.) But I learned a lot.

    27. I'm not a huge fan of non-fiction, but the idea of learning about the mysterious world of sleep was enough to make me sign up for this giveaway. This book is packed with lots of detailed technical jargon that you may need to read twice to fully absorb, but it also has a nice balance of easy to understand ideas and explanations for things you were probably curious about.

    28. I found this book to be very good. I thought that the technical science behind the benefits of sleep and some of the unknown facts about sleep were very intriguing. Along with this, the author posed some interesting questions about sleep in animals and within nature such as the sleep of a bottlenose dolphin. Overall, I think that this book is definitely worth the read.

    29. A fine book, I'm sure, but I was just so tired every single time I cracked it open! Did the book induce my sleepiness? Maybe, maybe not. But I am very sure if I'd been more awake I would have retained more of the really informative stuff I read. As it is, I may try that other book on sleep with a very similar title in a few months.

    30. Not too much humor, but if you need to understand sleep and don't know the first thing about neuroscience then this is an enlightening and useful read. If you know anything about brain science, parts of the book become repetitive and bland, but that's to be expected.

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