As Darkness Falls

As Darkness Falls

Bronwyn Parry / Dec 09, 2019

As Darkness Falls As Darkness Falls is set in the isolation of a small town on the edge of the New South Wales outback Haunted by her failures country police officer Detective Isabelle O Connell is recalled to duty by

  • Title: As Darkness Falls
  • Author: Bronwyn Parry
  • ISBN: 9780733624155
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • As Darkness Falls is set in the isolation of a small town on the edge of the New South Wales outback Haunted by her failures, country police officer Detective Isabelle O Connell is recalled to duty by Detective Alec Goddard to investigate the abduction of yet another child from her old home town.With the killer playing a game of cat and mouse and targeting Bella, they havAs Darkness Falls is set in the isolation of a small town on the edge of the New South Wales outback Haunted by her failures, country police officer Detective Isabelle O Connell is recalled to duty by Detective Alec Goddard to investigate the abduction of yet another child from her old home town.With the killer playing a game of cat and mouse and targeting Bella, they have only days in which to find the girl alive, but they have very few clues, a whole town of suspects, and a vast wilderness to search For Bella, this case is already personal for Alec his best intentions to keep it purely professional soon dissolve He starts to think of the missing child as if she were his own, and his anguish over Bella s safety moves beyond the just his concern for a colleague Their mutual attraction leaves them both vulnerable to their private nightmares nightmares that the killer ruthlessly exploits.

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        I grew up surrounded by books, and have a love of reading and stories Commercial fiction, literary fiction, children s literature, history my bookshelves are forever overflowing I write gritty romantic suspense, set in Australia s wild places My first two books, As Darkness Falls and Dark Country are both available in Australia, NZ, the UK, and Germany, and as ebooks in many other countries through the main online retailersMy third book, Dead Heat, has been published in the Czech Republic and is available in many places also as an ebook Darkening Skies, Storm Clouds and Sunset Shadows are currently only available in print form in Australia and NZ, but are available in ebook much widely.My sixth book, Sunset Shadows, was released in Australia and NZ in August, 2016.I live on 100 acres of beautiful bushland in the New England Tablelands of NSW, Australia, with my husband and three border collies, and I love to travel in Australia s wild places.You can find out about me and my books at my website, bronwynparry


    1. It was a year ago when Detective Sergeant Isabelle O'Connell (Bella) worked in her hometown of Dungirri. Since then she has been on sick leave and has also handed in her resignation which will be effective in two weeks time. Now living in an isolated area in the mountains north of Sydney, with no intentions of retuning to work until Detective Chief Inspector, Alec Goddard turns up on her doorstep.After hearing she is needed back at work, Bella is adamant she won't be returning until, Alec tells [...]

    2. Romantic Suspense An exceptionally well written book, I am astonished to learn it was Ms. Parry's first. Her writing is such that the words disappear, and I find I am not reading the story, I am living it.In truth, I have never been to Australia, yet after this, book my heart says that I have. That I have walked the dusty, barren streets of a desolate, dying town. That I have looked into the eyes of my fellow townfolk, seen their fears, their hopelessness.This is the story of Bella, a female pol [...]

    3. There were parts of this I really enjoyed and other parts…I thought they brought the story down a notch or two. So overall - 3.5★The good bits were the police procedural part - someone in the town of Dungirri has been abducting little girls, he/she has killed two of them, and now has captured another one. A Detective Chief Inspector is flown in from Sydney to get involved in the investigation - all this was great - suspenseful, lots happening, good reading.Then there was the romance. Romance [...]

    4. When DCI Alec Goddard appeared on Detective Isabelle O’Connell’s quiet, secluded property, she was unaware his appearance would change her life. Isabelle had shut herself away after events 12 months ago, which left her shattered, and unable to continue in her role as a police Detective. On sick leave, and having just tendered her resignation to the police force, which was due to take effect in two weeks, she lived in solitude with her beautiful dog, Finn, as her only company.But Alec Goddard [...]

    5. I like the book.It was an easy read and I enjoyed it. The book is well written. I found only one fault and that is why I didn't rate it 5 stars and it is simple because of the way how the author descibed the relationship of the couple in the book.I found it a bit unrealistic and a way too much like the typical "book kind of love". I do enjoy romances in the books,and good hot sceens,but I just found the relationship of the main characters too "dreamy".I am looking forward reading other books fro [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book, Bronwyn captured my attention on the first page making me want to read more and my attention never wained. To me this book was more mystery/suspense than romance, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed it so muchThe focus of the story was uncovering the clues to find a missing child and going back to an old crime that had been marked closed. Bronwyn's talent for describing a scene had me smelling the dust, hearing the flies and the sound of heavy boots as they moved th [...]

    7. Initially, I was going to give this book two stars, but as the story warmed up, I became increasingly engaged. It's a fast-paced plot, which keeps you guessing. There are, in my opinion, a couple fundamental flaws. The love affair between the two main characters, despite being inevitable from the onset, seemed completely unrealistic and happened out of nowhere. Also, the style of writing is, frankly, very poor; I've actually seen better writing from a 14 year old. If you are able to look past cl [...]

    8. When I got to the middle section of this book, I started feeling like I was reading a Nora Roberts novel. Therefore, it wasn't too surprising to discover that although my copy doesn't say it but I notice that a lot of the covers of this book say: "If you enjoy reading Nora Roberts, you will love ""Love" may be going a little far - I'd probably just say that this book reads a little like a Nora Roberts novel set in Australia. It contains a very descriptive and non-clichéd look at the Australian [...]

    9. I read Australian author Bronwyn Parry's debut novel As Darkness Falls because it conveniently fit into two of my 2013 reading challenges - the Australian Women Writers Challenge and Book'd Out's Eclectic Reader Challenge which called for a 'romantic suspense' novel. I had heard about Parry's books through last year's AWW Challenge and was intrigued to see how a romance and a crime story would fit together in one novel.Parry did well to write for two specific, and very different, genres and to c [...]

    10. The first of a loosely linked trilogy set in outback New South Wales. As far as romantic suspense goes, it doesn't get much better. The story is set in a fictional small town where the third young girl has gone missing. A task force is assembled, including a detective who has been on leave since the horror of the second abduction twelve months before. She must work closely with DCI Goddard, a dedicated but reserved man whom she comes to respect, and finally, love. The townsfolk are an interestin [...]

    11. Gritty and dark with a puzzling plot that even the most hard core mystery reader will love, As Darkness Falls is a rarity among romantic suspense--a police procedural with a happy ending. Light romantic suspense fans might find it a bit too melancholy, but anyone who enjoys both the British police procedurals of Peter Robinson and the romantic suspense of Karen Rose will want to add Bronwyn Parry to their autobuy list. Not published in the US, As Darkness Falls is available with free shipping fr [...]

    12. Gorgeous writing, strong, unwavering characters (that aren't bastard Neanderthals or too stupid to live), and a murder plot that kept me on the edge of the seat throughout. The slow burn between Alec and Bella was mesmerising to read as the pages went by, making me wish for more of this special brand of intensity between them. Even after I finished the book, I was left wondering about the both of them, hoping for more than just a glimpse of what their HEA might be.

    13. Keep soldiering on solely on good reviews. So far there's nothing distinguishing this book from other generic romantic suspenses except the setting. The attraction feels forced and fast. The dialogues are a little wooden. Too much self talking, longing. Not so many actions. Hope something change real fast before I lose interest.**Two pages later**Okay. I give up. This goes to DNF.

    14. I loved this book. I loved everything about it. It was just perfect with a lot mystery and a little romance. It changed the lives of both Alec Goddard and Isabelle O' Connell.

    15. As Darkness Falls is a romance spence thriller writing by Bronwyn Parry. It is about Dective Isabelle O'Connell who recalled to duty to help DCI Alec Goddard with the abduction of 8 years old girl Tanya from her home town. 12 months earlier Isabelle was investigating another abduction of another young girl who was murdered and was badly injured when the towns folk went on rampage at one of the local men who they thought it was.Alec thinks that the cases are link and he needs her help to find Tan [...]

    16. This book is full of clichés and repetition. The characters are typical romance novel characters and it feels like the plot had been made to fit them rather than the other way around. By that I mean that the actual crime is secondary to the romance and this makes the story disjointed so much so that when the perpetrator is revealed the reader actually has no idea who they are. There is no 'ah-ha!" moment but there are plenty of eye rolling moments. If you love unrealistic romance about unreal p [...]

    17. Urgh, awful book. Probably my fault as I didn't realise it was a "romance" novel. It would have been one star but I did finish it so it gets an extra star for that. If the icky/unbelievable/boring romance between the two main characters had been removed it would have probably been a reasonable read. It would also have only been about a chapter. I just don't get how anyone can read about the strong/ masculine male meets the beautiful, vulnerable but strong woman page after page.

    18. 'As Darkness Falls' by Bronwyn Parry was an ok read about a child abduction in the Australian bush. Tension and suspense abound, but they always seemed to be overshadowed by the sexual tension between the detective and the lead investigator which often took centre stage despite the terrifying events happening around them. Still, all the characters seemed realistic and there was some engaging descriptive passages of the countryside.

    19. I really enjoyed this book. I found it hard to put down. The story was well written and kept the reader interested.

    20. The conclusion is also in english. :)~~~Meine Meinung~~~Noch während des Lesens war mir klar, dass es schwer werden würde eine Rezension zu schreiben, die diesem Buch gerecht wird. Auch jetzt bin ich mir sicher dass sie nicht perfekt istMein Lieblingssatz in diesem Australien-Thriller ist/war: ,,Isabelle starrte sie an, als habe sie behauptet, der Himmel sei grün[]" (S.64)Über den Inhalt werde ich nichts verraten. Es wäre dem Buch gegenüber nicht fair. Isabelle und Alec müsst ihr schon se [...]

    21. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The suspense was so believable I found it very difficult to put down before work and bed each day! I really enjoyed the growth between Alec and Bella through the chapters and wished for more when it ended ❤

    22. This review was first posted @ The Australian BookshelfWhy has it taken me so long to pick up a title by this author? After recently getting into the Aussie suspense romance genre, I decided I would check out Parry’s work. I loved As Darkness Falls. There’s crime, suspense and romance all wrapped up within a tight plot and strong characters.When Detective Alec Goddard turns up on Detective Isabelle (Bella) O’Connell’s doorstep to recruit her on a current missing person’s case, it inter [...]

    23. The front cover of this book states that if you enjoy reading Nora Roberts you will love. "As Darkness Falls" by Bronwyn Parry - however, since I have never read any Nora Roberts books, I wouldn't know! Following my love of Australian Outback Romances and Mysteries by authors such as Fiona Palmer, Fleur McDonald and Rachael Treasure, it seemed the natural progression to read Bronwyn Parry. As Darkness Falls follows the story of Detective Isabelle O'Connell who left the Central NSW fictional town [...]

    24. Everytime I see the words "Darkness Falls" I think of that X-Files episode. It was my favourite episode for a long time (it may still be). This book is a bit like a Criminal Minds episode, except in Australia, without the FBI and actually it's nothing like a CM episode, never mind.This is a romance novel. It's also a murder mystery, child abduction investigation that is very well written. I'm not usually a big fan of romance novels because they're not very interesting. This, however, is a roman [...]

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