Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary

Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary

Linus Torvalds David Diamond / Sep 20, 2019

Just for Fun The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary Once upon a time Linus Torvalds was a skinny unknown just another nerdy Helsinki techie who had been fooling around with computers since childhood Then he wrote a groundbreaking operating system and

  • Title: Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary
  • Author: Linus Torvalds David Diamond
  • ISBN: 9780066620732
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once upon a time Linus Torvalds was a skinny unknown, just another nerdy Helsinki techie who had been fooling around with computers since childhood Then he wrote a groundbreaking operating system and distributed it via the Internet for free Today Torvalds is an international folk hero And his creation LINUX is used by over 12 million people as well as by companies suOnce upon a time Linus Torvalds was a skinny unknown, just another nerdy Helsinki techie who had been fooling around with computers since childhood Then he wrote a groundbreaking operating system and distributed it via the Internet for free Today Torvalds is an international folk hero And his creation LINUX is used by over 12 million people as well as by companies such as IBM.Now, in a narrative that zips along with the speed of e mail, Torvalds gives a history of his renegade software while candidly revealing the quirky mind of a genius The result is an engrossing portrayal of a man with a revolutionary vision, who challenges our values and may change our world.

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      • Linus Torvalds David Diamond

        Linus Benedict Torvalds is a software engineer and hacker, best known for having initiated the development of the Linux kernel He later became the chief architect of the Linux kernel, and now acts as the project s coordinator He also created the revision control system Git.


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    2. Я вспоминаю, что когда вышла книга Just for Fun, все говорили, что в следующем году линукс будет на каждом домашнем компьютере. Прошло десять лет, а на 99% домашних компьютерах до сих пор бегает М$. Ну, и что? Где этот хваленный линукс.Тихо и спокойно линукс бегает на гигантских супер [...]

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    4. kinda split about this one. i went into it expecting a certain character to linus and finding a totally different one.i guess i shouldn't be surprised. i had the notion of the "rockstar" shattered many moons ago. in the end, linus is just another guy with flaws just like anyone else. heck, linux wouldn't exist if he hadn't accidentially tried to dial the university of helsinki through /dev/hda1 instead of /dev/tty1. there's a resiliency and an honesty to him i really like, even if he seems to tr [...]

    5. Прочел эту книгу очень давно, поэтому детальных комментариев дать не могу, но книа мне запомнилась и оставила хорошие впечатления. И я не буду списывать всё на то, что в то время я был увлечён OS Linux и как мог отращивал свитер и бороду (ну, не буквально). Ставлю 5 с благодарность [...]

    6. I really loved the book. First of all, I like Linus. And Linux. And the whole idea of the open source. This book explains all of these. The best thing about this book is that it lets you to hear from Linus and to hear about Linus.There seems to be two points of view: Linus as he sees himself, and Linus as he is seen by others. And it is very interesting to compare these two sites points of view. And your own, too.This book may be interesting to people, who don't know anything about technology, b [...]

    7. به نظرم کتاب فقط برای تفریح، کتابیه که گیک‌ها از مطالعه کردنش لذت میبرن. این کتاب داستان خلقت لینوکسه، به روایت خالقش. این کتاب یه کتاب فنی نیست، بلکه یه رمان بر پایه‌ی واقعیته که خیلی خوب نوشته شده.فقط برای تفریح در طول زندگی لینوس توروالدز پیش میره و ما رو با زندگی گیک‌وار ا [...]

    8. I thought I might get excited about open source (as a concept)but it's a pretty straightforwardly awesome concept, so I didn't find anything surprising. What IS interesting, philosophically, is that he comes right out and says "This is my life philosophy." It's really only touched upon at the beginning and end, but sort of exemplified through the whole quirky, detailed, fun story of this guy’s life. He’s a weird dude; both in what he says about his past, his attitude toward it, and how he ac [...]

    9. چند نکته‌ی کوتاه:- اسطوره‌زدایی لینوس از شخصیت خودش قابل توجه بود. هم به صورت مستقیم خودش چند بار بهش اشاره می‌کنه و هم به صورت غیرمستقیم این که چقدر جزئیات زندگیش و اشتباهاتش رو به راحتی بیان می‌کنه باعث می‌شه لینوس از اون بالا بیاد پایین و مثل یه آدم معمولی دیگه به نظر برسه [...]

    10. Surprisingly mature book, with a mixture of biographical narration and commentary about technology. The last few chapters are especially worth a read. Given this book was written in 2001, it's amazing how many of Linus's predictions about the direction of Linux and processors are true - he predicted both the emergence of low-power processors and the ubiquity of Linux in the book.

    11. David Diamond does not follow a formulaic path when laying down the story of Linus and the development of Linux. It's far from a comprehensive history of Linux's early days, JfF reads more like a weekend conversation with a friend over beers, geeking out over the technological nostalgia, and telling a good story or two on the trials and tribulations that came from developing one's own OS.

    12. کتاب خیلی خوبی‌ه برای طرفداران گنو/لینوکس. لینوس توروالدز در این کتاب از همه‌چی حرف می‌زنه، خودش، تفکراتش، روزهای اول لینوکس و خیلی چیزهای دیگه. ترجمه‌اش هم خوبه.

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    15. Geen lineaire biografie, maar meer een mix van verschillende soorten stukken. Het begint met een persoonlijke geschiendenis (de typische ouders, zus, . relaties) en een paar dialogen tussen de journalist en Linus over hoe ze toch zo'n goeie vrienden zijn (geworden). Gelukkig vrij kort allemaal, want eigenlijk niet zo heel interessant. Dan een beetje geschiedenis over hoe Linux onstaan is. De reden waarom ik dit boek wou lezen. Niet extreem uitgebreid maar zeker de moeite. Voor mij het beste deel [...]

    16. This is the story about Linux, world's most popular operating system* and Linus, the unlikely man behind it. The story of a hard up, reclusive Finnish student creating something so remarkable is interesting enough, but the book shines in Linus' descriptions of the events of leading up to the context that enabled something like Linux to emerge: the erstwhile free software (now open-source) movement, the Unix philosophy and the geek culture of the 1980s. Linus also manages to explain tedious techn [...]

    17. The book which shares authoring credits of Linus Torvalds and reporter David Diamond is about the life of Linus and Linux. The writing is mostly by Linus in first person with some intermediate chapters by David Diamond to give sort of an outsider's view of Linus' life.The book is mainly in 3 parts: Birth of a nerd, Birth of an operating system and King of the ball. I loved reading the first two parts where Linus talks about Finland, early life with his family, introduction to computers, birth of [...]

    18. در زمان تحصیل در دانشگاه خیلی راجع به لینوکس و مقایسش با ویندوز و باقی سیستم عامل ها و داستان ساختش شنیدم اما همیشه در حد جزئیات و اطلاعات کم بوده. کتاب بسیار خوب نوشته شده و برای مخاطب جذابیت و کشش ایجاد می کنه که تا آخرش بخونه.در نهایت از ترجمه خوب کتاب بسیار لذت بردم. ترجمه کت [...]

    19. This is the bookIt combines the (early) life of Linus Torvalds and the development of Linux (how could they be separated?). What I admire most about Linus is his single-mindedness, his lack of duplicity: he doesn't pretend, he tells it like it is. I don't necessarily admire how he says it but at least you can be sure he's not lying.This book has a chapter on programming in which Linus tries to explain what makes programming so special. To the non-programmer this will not make sense. I think of i [...]

    20. The funniest autobiography I've ever read.He is all praise for open source (as expected). No focus on many / any flaws. But then he also calls himself an asshole and an inconsiderate bastard and makes fun of his own nose (after the nth occurrence of his nose I actually wasted 5 minutes of my life looking up Google images and found a perfectly fine nose on Linus's face assuming those are his photographs).All in all a very entertaining read. Maybe inspiring too.

    21. Kirja esittelee kiinnostavasti Linux-käyttöjärjestelmän syntyvaiheet, jotka johtivat siihen, että käyttis lopulta julkaistiin muuallakin kuin ohjelmointiharrastajaskenen sisällä. Tavallaan Linuxin menestys- ja syntytarina 1990-luvun alussa on ollut lopullinen lähtölaukaus nykypäivän ns. avoimen lähdekoodin softille ja koko businekselle, joka näiden ohjelmistojen ja sovellusten ympärillä kytee.Avoimen lähdekoodin ohjelmistot ovat toki edelleen tavallaan pienen piirin juttu, sill [...]

    22. جادی برای ترجمه این کتاب زحمت کشیده اما نوشته هاش شدیداً نیاز به ویراستاری داره. متن به هیچ وجه روان نیست. در مجموع زحمت جادی در ترجمه این کتاب ستودنی است.

    23. I got everything I expected from this book. Some technical details, some good, spicy stories and some Linus philosophy. It is a must read for every Linux developer.

    24. Being a nerd like Mr. Torvalds, interested in technology, I enjoyed this book very much, especially from him talking about how he started programming, what computers he owned, what kind of a sun deprived, unsocial youngster he was, how Linux came to life, all the way up to the point where he was giving talks in front of thousands of people -even though he never dreamed of being able to do that due to anxiety-, being a god to the people in the open source software movement (he said this sarcastic [...]

    25. I do believe in the authenticity of this book, the way Linus talks about himself. He isn't one to pose. He's using the same strength both in technical arguments and in self deprecation of his typical nerd life - the blandness of the home office, the conference-t-shirt-socks-in-sandals engineer attire, the uneasiness around people. But his brilliance lies in the simplicity of his beliefs, the focus on solving problems - most of the time, simply because they are interesting - on tackling complex s [...]

    26. A very interesting read but it could have been much better. My guess is that most people will read this to understand a bit about Linus and how Linux grew from its beginning in his bedroom to where it is today and you don't get the detail I would have liked - much of it is brushed over. What is interesting is how he decided to give his creation away for free and not monetise it and his opinions on this. His predictions for the future (and given that this was written some time ago) came remarkabl [...]

    27. Extremely honest and candid account of the circumstances and motivation under which he ended up writing the early version of Linux. Written to give the impression that you are casually chatting with him while taking a road trip. Exactly the geek-in-Finnish-winter story you might expect, but makes you know him a bit better after reading the book. A page turner for the beginning half, then loses steam a bit but continues to have some interesting bits thrown in the latter part as well, still making [...]

    28. I used to think of Linus Torvalds as a mystical genius that single handedly built a whole revolutionary operating system. It just turns out to be one of the most grounded and simple-philosophy minded, remarkable people, who just worked with passion on something to solve what he saw problems for him. The success of Linux is just a side effect of him trying to fix holes in the road.And what for me is the major side effect of his way of thinking in practice: the rise of open source.Fun story, altho [...]

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