Wolf's Rain, Vol. 1

Wolf's Rain, Vol. 1

BONES Toshitsugu Iida Keiko Nobumoto / Dec 11, 2019

Wolf s Rain Vol Four Wolves on the Road to ParadiseHumans thought the wolves died off two centuries ago in this bleak post apocalyptic wasteland But some survivors lurk among the humans by mentally cloaking their ani

  • Title: Wolf's Rain, Vol. 1
  • Author: BONES Toshitsugu Iida Keiko Nobumoto
  • ISBN: 9781591165910
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • Four Wolves on the Road to ParadiseHumans thought the wolves died off two centuries ago in this bleak post apocalyptic wasteland But some survivors lurk among the humans by mentally cloaking their animal bodies One white wolf, Kiba, scours the land for the scent of the Lunar Flower that will lead them all to Paradise

    Wolf s Rain, Vol Bones I haven t read all of the Wolf s Rain manga yet, but the first thing that is important to note is that this is the first volume of a two volume tie in series to the anime show. Wolf s Rain, Vol Wolf s Rain, by BONES Nov , Wolf s Rain Vol Anyone who loves manga and or manwha, manhua surely has that special piece of work, the one that first sparked their interest in it, lurking in the back of their minds It s there, inspiring one to seek out other series, to catch up on newer animes. Wolf s Rain Wolf s Rain, Vol Bones This item Wolf s Rain, Vol by Bones Paperback . Only left in stock on the way Ships from and sold by FREE Shipping on orders over Details Wolf s Rain, Vol by Bones Paperback . In Stock Ships from and sold by . Wolf s Rain, Vol Wolf s Rain, by BONES Wolf s Rain is a story that deserves to span than two volumes The characters have just enough time to develop before the story ends There are themes and ideas that aren t expanded upon enough, and a third volume could very well tie up the whole story and finish it off. Wolf s Rain Vol Original Soundtrack Songs, Reviews Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Wolf s Rain Vol Original Soundtrack on AllMusic Wolf s Rain, Volume book by Keiko Nobumoto Thriftbooks Feb , I haven t read all of the Wolf s Rain manga yet, but the first thing that is important to note is that this is the first volume of a two volume tie in series to the anime show. Wolfs Rain Vol Recollection DVD, eBay Find great deals for Wolfs Rain Vol Recollection DVD, Shop with confidence on eBay Wolf s Rain, Volume book by BONES Thriftbooks I haven t read all of the Wolf s Rain manga yet, but the first thing that is important to note is that this is the first volume of a two volume tie in series to the anime show. Wolf s Rain TV Series Jan , Pretty Packaging The Wolf s Rain Ultimate Edition Is Good Enough To Howl About June Screen Anarchy See all related articles Around The Web Powered by ZergNet Create a list User Lists Related lists from users Animes I ve Yet To See a list of titles

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    1. I really want to write this to Tsume:Dear Tsume,I like your character. But I heavily dislike your look. Your clothes are awful. Thank you.

    2. The short manga version of BONES' Wolf's Rain is an impressive graphic novel. It takes some of the most complex characterization and condenses it into two volumes. The first volume, however, gets stuck on set-up, and the story isn't very compelling yet. You get whiffs of the amazing story to follow once the wolves get on their journey, but until then all you see are angsty loners meeting up for the first time.Paradoxically, this first manga is, of course, essential to reading the second book an [...]

    3. Hey guys:DI am here to write the review on Wolf's Rain,one of the anime and manga legends in my opinion.I read the first volume -finally- and I have lots of things to tell you.First of all,I have to admit that at first I was surprised how much the manga looks like the anime but as the story unfolded,for a strange reason,I realized that I didn't like it THAT much as the anime.Then,I changed my mind COMPLETELY and I realized that I liked the fact that it wasn't as complicated as the anime was.The [...]

    4. A journey in search of a paradise that doesn't even exist? How pathetic.In a barren, suggestively post-apocalyptic landscape, street gangs scrounge for food, robbing supply trucks to stay alive.Wolves, (that's with a capital W) animal-human shifters that once walked the land, were thought to have gone extinct two-hundred years ago.Until, that is, a lone grey wolf is spotted and shot by a man with a dog that, he claims, can sniff out Wolves' blood.The scientists monitoring the 'lunar flower', (do [...]

    5. Kami yang sesaat terpisahrtemu kembali di siniYang ada dalam pikiran kami, mereka jauh dari apa yang disebut temanTapi meski langit jatuh sekalipun.Meski dewa kehilangan jejak kakinya.Bila itu bisa memberi suatu kepercayaanAkan ada sesuatu yang sama yang menunggu di ujung sanaDari jejak kaki yang kami langkahkan. (volume 1-2 tamat)Cerita empat ekor manusia serigala (lebih tepatnya, serigala manusia) yang melakukan perjalanan menuju 'rakuen' dengan ditemani gadis bunga yang sebenarnya nggak mirip [...]

    6. Wolf's Rain (Vol. 1)Anyone who loves manga (and/or manwha, manhua) surely has that special piece of work, the one that first sparked their interest in it, lurking in the back of their minds. It's there, inspiring one to seek out other series, to catch up on newer animes. I've read a good many mangas, enjoyed quite a few series, but there was a beginningFor me, it was Wolf's Rain. I remember seeing the artwork, the dazzling images that seemed to make the pages breathe. Even in black and white, it [...]

    7. A white wolf named Kiba who can turn himself into a human is trying to find a place called paradise. He met a few friends in a city named Toboe, Hige, and Tsume who are also wolves and can transform into humans. Kiba saw a flower maiden named Cheza who could lead him to paradise, but she is captured by a noble named Darcia. Kiba and his friends traveled out of the city to find Cheza and paradise.The theme of this manga is don't give up on what you are looking for and keep going, then you will fi [...]

    8. Amo profundamente este manga y también el anime."Según la leyenda los humanos descendemos de los lobos, hay humanos que lo recuerdan y por eso son valientes y poderosos, en cambio otros lo han olvidado y perdieron su instinto animal.""¿Por qué los humanos sólo miran el cielo? ¿Por qué quieren volar si no tienen alas? Nosotros vamos a correr a donde sea mientras tengamos patas." "Los humanos somos unos animales estúpidos. Somos diferentes a los sublimes lobos. No podemos vivir sin depende [...]

    9. Wolf's Rain is about 4 teenagers who are around 15 years old. They can turn into wolves and they had to find paradise without being caught from humans because wolves haven't existent for a long time already, they have face challenges, keep Cheza the flower maid safe and meet another teen of their kind. Kiba is the main character and the one who started this mission of finding paradise for them and their kind, when Kiba turns into a wolf, he was white fur, very sharp teeth and have golden eyes. H [...]

    10. I saw the anime first, and I really like the story so far. It is super short, though, and I almost wish volume 1 was larger. There are only 2 volumes, which scares me a bit because the story is interesting, and well-drawn, so I'm afraid my seeing the anime first might spoil whatever could be left in the second volume. <3 Toboe.

    11. While it’s an interesting intro, I feel like there’s a whole lot more to the world than the volume is telling me. I feel like I need more information to understand this prejudice against the wolves. Other than that, I think the art is lovely.

    12. Two stars is not bad. As the star system here says, it means, "it was okay." I can tell this volume is mostly introductory to get a feel for the condition of the world. I expect volume two will be better because of this. I will edit this review to a series review after I finish volume two.

    13. Stuff I Read – Wolf’s Rain Vol 1After a lot of the manga I have been reading lately (Chi’s Sweet Home, Neko Ramen, and Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service), it’s a little odd to come to a manga that is much more, for lack of a better work, typically manga. Not to say it is unpleasant or unoriginal, but it keeps a bit more toward the more traditional manga action format. I mean, it is interesting in that it is an intriguing world and the wolves are neat and such, but it acts more like a mang [...]

    14. I thought Wolf's Rain was a little weird. The story seemed interesting enough, but I also felt like I was missing something. It, apparently, is an anime, and the manga is based on it. I wonder if that's why I have these feelings of missing something. You definitely have to take the world as it is, because you don't really get the how's or why's- it just is. I really like the the story, and the art is okay. It was a little blurry, particularly at the beginning, and I'm not sure if the copy I have [...]

    15. *SPOILER FREE REVIEW*This manga adaption of the anime series Wolf’s Rain by the renowned and innovated studio BONES is something I would only recommend to fans of the original anime. If you’d like to own a portable and well drawn version of the anime you’ll enjoy this manga. However, if you’ve never seen the Wolf’s Rain anime, I’d advise watching that first before reading the manga. As this adaptation is only two volumes it’s understandable that there is a lot of character developm [...]

    16. This is the first manga that I ever read, given to me by a friend in early high school. I remember finding it fantastic. I guess after years of reading experience, I've realized - in retrospect - that this manga isn't really that good. Unless it's just me discarding the incredible fantasy of the whole story - nothing really has a "how" or "why" aspect to it. The reader is meant to take all the strange aspects of this world as they are - so some magical wolves can turn into people and there's a b [...]

    17. After seeing the anime, I picked up the manga. The story is fairly different though the premise is the same: In this post-apocolyptic world, wolves are thought to have gone extinct with most other wildlife after humanity wrecked the environment, but they've just learned how to appear as humans if people don't pay too much attention to them by some kind of illusion. I enjoyed that they left shape-changing out of it. Somehow it retains the wolves' dignity.Legend says the Lunar Flower will guide th [...]

    18. Wolf's Rain is an incredibly complex anime to be boiled down into a two-manga adaptation, but this one works surprisingly well. The first part of the story gets stuck in its teenage angst phase for a bit too long, but once you get past that and see the characters on their journey, the story really picks up.This adaptation reminds me a lot of the FLCL adaptation where the same themes and characters are shuffled into a completely new story. As such, this is a great companion piece to the show, and [...]

    19. A quick read. It deviates from the show slightly, and to my knowledge the manga and show were released within the same first half of 2003.Regardless, what it does well in comparison to the show is pacing. Whereas the anime's major fault has always been it's slowness, the manga just dives right into getting things done. It's mostly just set-up, but all the characterization is there - and Toboe definitely shines to hold the emotions of it all together. So, if you're a fan of the show and thinking [...]

    20. ***** 4 stars *****I really enjoyed this manga series. I have seen some of the anime before and while it was short and sweet, I still thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. However I was rather confused with a few things like why was Kiba adamant to find paradise? Also I do not understand quite so much as to why the nobles wanted Cheza so much. But anyway, I loved the storyline and I also enjoyed the illustrations especially when on the wolves. All in all I did really enjoy it however I felt like the [...]

    21. wolf's rain felt like a more natural flowing anime with fine spiritual/religious undertones. They end on a rather high note making the reader feel like it wasnt a total waste of time but theyd totes wanna read the next one.would recommend for: dudes that like wolves, religion, 90s style anime designs and road trip/journey its pretty good, i can see alot of kids loving the hell outta this aswell as adults

    22. Pitkähkön animesarjan typistäminen kahteen mangaan on vähän kuin rottiksen hännän leikkaaminen. Valinta, mutta ei välttämättä fiksu.Juoni ei pääse vetämään, kun henkilöhahmojen ja miljöön esittely vie sivukaupalla tilaa. Lukija pyörittelee päätään tulevaisuuden, aristokraattien, paratiisin, laumojen, kukkien ja kuuntyttären kanssa pelastuen onneksi hienoihin susipiirroksiin lepäämään. Kun kirja loppuu, se olisi just alkanut. Kakkososaa kehiin!

    23. This book I liked because in this book there is tons of action. In this book there are humans but they can turn into wolves. These wolves/humans are looking for a city that has paradise for wolves that where people can accept wolves instead of hate them. The humans are trying to kill the wolves because there wolves got instinct 200 years ago are then there wasnt any of them. But now there are five of them leftand they are trying to find paradise where people can accept them.

    24. I've read in other reviews that the anime for Wolf's Rain is better than the 2-volume manga, and I suspect that's correct. It seemed like too much of a story to fit into just 2 volumes, and thus everything felt under-developed, a little confusing, and disconnected. I feel like I could have really liked the main characters and gotten into their struggles/quest, but I wasn't really given anything to "sink my teeth into" (all puns aside) with this short manga adaptation. :(

    25. I read this book three or so years ago, in 6th grade. It was my first manga. I remember liking it, so I checked it out from the library and read it again.It is interesting. (I'm sad it's only two books.) The plot is interesting, and the drawing is good but I don't really know how to review it otherwise. I definitely will check out the anime. Everyone seems to love it.

    26. Picked up the manga after seeing the anime which was great. The manga was a waste as the story was too rushed and cut short, Normally a anime of 30 episodes should have had 60 chapters in manga adoption then the actual 10.

    27. I adored this anime. It actually made me cry (which is quite the difficult feat, lemme tell you that much). It's too bad the manga series is just the 2 booksbut still. I loved this book and suggest it to any wolf lover, manga lover, book loverah

    28. A great deal faster than the anime, but still very enjoyable. I like the quicker pace because I'm familiar with the story, and the slower ingestion of the anime makes for more relatability, so this kinda suffers on that front. Good for a short, nostalgic romp with nostalgia.

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