Thin Blue Smoke

Thin Blue Smoke

Doug Worgul / Sep 21, 2019

Thin Blue Smoke LaVerne Williams is an ex big league ballplayer with an attitude problem and a barbecue joint to run Ferguson Glen is an Episcopal priest and fading literary star with a drinking problem A B Clayton a

  • Title: Thin Blue Smoke
  • Author: Doug Worgul
  • ISBN: 9780985295325
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • LaVerne Williams is an ex big league ballplayer with an attitude problem and a barbecue joint to run Ferguson Glen is an Episcopal priest and fading literary star with a drinking problem A.B Clayton and Sammy Merzeti are two lost souls in need of love, understanding, and another cigarette Thin Blue Smoke is an American redemption tale It is a story of love and loss, hLaVerne Williams is an ex big league ballplayer with an attitude problem and a barbecue joint to run Ferguson Glen is an Episcopal priest and fading literary star with a drinking problem A.B Clayton and Sammy Merzeti are two lost souls in need of love, understanding, and another cigarette Thin Blue Smoke is an American redemption tale It is a story of love and loss, hope and despair Hilarious and heart rending, sacred and profane, this book marks the emergence of a vital new voice in American fiction.

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    1. I'd rate this 4.5 stars.Warning: If you’re a fan of barbecue, do not read Doug Worgul’s Thin Blue Smoke on an empty stomach! You will feel intense cravings that may only be satisfied by a trip to your local barbecue establishment. Perhaps twice, depending upon how long it takes you to read the book.Hunger pangs aside, I thoroughly enjoyed Worgul’s book. It’s utterly charming, occasionally moving, humorous meditation on life’s ups and downs, surviving the challenges thrown at us, the re [...]

    2. A few weeks before reading THIN BLUE SMOKE I didn’t know about the book or its author. Partway through SMOKE, I was glad I stumbled onto it. The moment I finished it and clicked off my e-reader, I knew what my answer would be to a standard question: Read any good books lately?Yeah! Worgul’s SMOKE. Want to know the why? I’ll tell you in a moment.First, how’d I find it? I was searching for information on Frederick Buechner, a writer I admire. In one of the references, SMOKE and Worgul were [...]

    3. 4.5 stars. What a lovely book. This is a series of anecdotes/short stories written as chapters. They're all about the male characters connected by a BBQ joint in Kansas City. LaVerne, A.B Ferguson, Delbertd the turtles. Each chapter brings out a range of emotions - but it's done so lightly. You're giggling. And you're sniffling. And you're moving forward. Through their ups and their downs there's just enough emotional space to make this an incredibly comfortable read. You'll feel, but you won't [...]

    4. Just finished this book. I'm not putting Worgul on the same plane as Steinbeck, but I have to say that he evoked many of the same emotions I felt when I read East of Eden. Worgul's portrait of the Kansas City Barbecue joint "Smoke Meat" was masterful. The 41 seat dive is just as much a character as LaVerne and Ferguson. Worgul does a difficult thing in his novel: He explores the spirituality of two central characters without flattening them into flimsy flannel-graph caricatures.Both characters a [...]

    5. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I am also from Kansas City and Worgul did a great job of conveying Kansas City and the atmosphere here. I also appreciated his characters and their development. I wish there are had been less religious overtones and preaching, though. That sort of thing doesn't appeal to me and it grew tiresome by the end of the book. Still, Worgul is an author I would like to read again -- he is in the process of writing his 2nd novel and I will certainly keep an eye out for [...]

    6. This book is so very USA that I found it impossible to really, deeply relate: it's not my history, nor my culture, nor my country issues. Nonetheless, it is about that USA I've grown to love so much in the last ten years, it became a place I crave for, my personal source of wholeness. And this book is filled with this wholeness, with people bonding over real things, creating their own culture and code as they go, and sticking to it. I may not feel that comfortable with the religious theme - it m [...]

    7. You can't go wrong with Thin Blue Smoke. I read it cover-to-cover when it first became available on . It sounds like a barbecue book, and it certainly talks a lot about Kansas City BBQ. But it offers so much more than that. It's a book about life, about Kansas City, and about forgiveness. I think the chapters that focus on the character Ferguson Glen could be spun off into a stand alone novel. If a movie were made based on this fictional Episcopal clergyman, I'd be the first in line to purchase [...]

    8. I read this mostly because I did a little singing with Doug when he was still in Michigan where I live. It was an engaging story and the characters were well developed. The references to the barbeque restaurant business in KC were intriguing and mouth watering. The conclusion brought the stories of the characters together in an satisfying way. Hope I can look for more stories from Doug.

    9. A great connection between Kansas City BBQ and a family's struggle to find hope and movement after a tragedy.

    10. I loved all the characters in this bittersweet novel that expresses redemption in a colorful barbecue restaurant setting! Superbly written too.

    11. It isn't often we come upon novels this rich, true, and arresting. I will be reading this book again, because sometimes a story deserves to be studied.

    12. Just completed "Thin Blue Smoke" by Doug Worgul. We are talking about a great new literary voice here. Unlikely setting: Kansas City bbq. LaVerne: "It's interesting how the things that make barbeque taste so good are things that by themselves are so bitter [like vinegar]. . . . How can can things so bitter make something so sweet? I'll tell you how. Patience and faith. That's how." Worgul is rightly being compared to Buechner, and I add Walker Percy to that. Friendly writing, too- easily read, w [...]

    13. Favorite novel of the year so far. Southern, Barbecue, a failed Episcopalian priest and baseball. Story of redemption on many levels. It has it all.

    14. God, baseball, barbecue, the blues, love and redemption all come together in this book set in a thin place - a place where the ancient Celtics believed the boundaries between the eternal and the physical realm are blurred. The stories of former ball player LaVerne Williams and his wife Angela, their families and friends and the other people in their lives, all intersect at "Smoke Meats", LaVerne's hole-in-the-wall restaurant. The novel moves back and forth in time to reveal the stories behind al [...]

    15. this one set by a local Kansas City writer who used to work at KC Star's set in a family run old-time bbq joint at 17th/Walnut and has lots of great characters and stories ~~~I love reading books where the setting is so familiar.I'll save this one for ya, Ig.!

    16. Sometimes you like a book, and you're really not quite sure why. That's how I've been feeling about "Thin Blue Smoke". This book is about black people and white people, poor people and rich people. People who've made big mistakes and picked themselves up and started over because their families and communities loved, cared for and supported them. This may sound funny, but I grew to care about the characters in the book. . . LaVerne, A.B Periwinkle (yes,Periwinkle) and Ferguson to name a few. They [...]

    17. I purchased this book several months ago because it was recommended as the Englewood Review's Top Novel of 2012. Despite loving the opening and my introduction to Worgul's characters I ended up putting it down for a while and only recently picked it up again. This is a novel set in Kansas City at a restaurant called 'Smoke Meat.' The owner, Laverne Williams, who operates a barbecue place for decades. This is the story of he, his family, employees and patrons.All the main characters are broken pe [...]

    18. I hope this is not the case, but I suspect this gem of a story will remain a regional favorite because of its emphasis on BBQ joints, Kansas City, and the Royals baseball team. But, this is a book that deserves a wide audience that is ready for a meaty (pun intended) story about how community is formed, the tension and friendship that exists between races, that marital commitment and love matters, how Christian faith affects people differently, the fluid but necessary role of a clergy person wit [...]

    19. Short review: Some stories are written to be savored. This meandering story is loosely connected to a BBQ joint in Kansas City. But that is just the setting. It is about the way that people come into one another's lives and make an impact. Both for good an ill. LaVerne is the owner of the BBQ place and a former pro baseball player. AB is his assistant and the best friend of Raymond, LaVerne's son that has passed away. Glen is an alcoholic Episcopal Priest and professor and the wise man that cann [...]

    20. This book was chosen by my book club. I ordered the digital copy, and there is talk of the author joining the discussion. I think I'm going to respectfully decline to attend the discussion because this book is a DNF for me, and I don't foresee a time when I will pick it back up again. The description of the book says its a redemption, but after clicking through 13% of the book, I can't figure out who needs redeemed for what. Heck, I'm not entirely sure who the main characters are. There are vign [...]

    21. Thin Blue Smoke is an episodic novel with a broad cast of characters, all focused around LaVerne Williams' Genuine BBQ or more simply "Smoke Meat," a simple and worn barbecue restaurant in Kansas City. The brief chapters venture over the history of the various characters and tie them together through time and space, especially the space of the restaurant. It is a novel of friendship and redemption, with Christian themes handled overtly due to the character's faith (one is an Episcopal priest), b [...]

    22. LaVerne Williams,owner of the BBQ restaurant known simply as Smoke Meat, hates being asked by customers what his "recipe" is. "It's a technique," he insists. And as there are so many different stories, fully-realized characters and themes that work together as a cohesive, entertaining and truly moving whole, I feel the same way when describing this book. The technique of allowing the reader to see this Kansas City restaurant and get to know the people who frequent it, of hearing their conversati [...]

    23. If you are looking for bbq gifts for hard to buy for friends and relatives you can't go wrong with Thin Blue Smoke. I read it cover to cover when it first became available on . But, don't take my word for it - there are many, many other positive reviews from readers on . It sounds like a bbq book and certainly talks alot about Kansas City BBQ, but it offers so much more than that. It's a book about life, about Kansas City, and about forgiveness. I think the chapters that focus on the character F [...]

    24. I love this novel recommended to me by Tracy Heaton de Martinez. It was a beautiful story of the people gathered around a barbecue joint in Kansas City, Kansas. It is a wonderful motley crew of characters who allow us to see grace and sin and beauty playing out in the midst of their lives, their failures, their hopes, their dreams. There are funerals and baptisms and weddings and days spent over a barbecue smoker. It is written very well and it often made me laugh and a time or two it made me cr [...]

    25. This book takes place in Kansas City, Mo. A young black man, LaVern is going to play baseball for the Athletics but injures his shoulder and is released from the team. He learns how to make BBQ and opens his own restaurant.A young lonely white boy A.B. comes to work for him. As the story unfolds the reader meets and learns about other customers and LaVern's family. Each chapter is a short story about these people and a good story. I really enjoyed all the Kansas City references. A good read!

    26. Finely crafted. The time bounces from the 60's to the present in chapter by chapter vignettes of full, 3D characters. Some of these are whimsical, others are solid and hard working. Together they inhabit a world in which cherry smoke and incense wrap the alliances and allegiances to create a community. It has the sense of reality and faith that leads to hope. The novel is slow roasted to allow the smoke to seep deep and render it's reader a feast that is tangy, yet tender.

    27. I loved this book. A beautiful story about people. Where they are, how they got there, and the people in their lives. I admit at one point I hated the author and thought because of one chapter I'm not going to be able to say how much I enjoyed this story. I got over it. But only because my fears were allayed. It is a testament to the author and his writing and how I came to love the characters in his story.

    28. Although this situations felt a little contrived at times, this is a terrific book. It focuses on a small group of friends who all frequent a neighborhood BBQ joint. There is the alcoholic Episcopalian Priest, the guy who grew up in the trailer park, the old Blues singer who is getting so she can hardly move, and the proprietor who used to be a pro baseball player. Worgul weaves them together into the beloved community, and makes you see your own group of relations with new eyes.

    29. Loved this book. Setting and characters are interesting and complex. Worgul does a fantastic job showing the struggle of spiritual journey, at mutltiple levels. It is one of those books that is difficult to put down, and once I finished it, I felt like I knew the characters, like on any day, I could go an meet them for ribs and conversation.

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