The Heart of the Hunter: Customs and Myths of the African Bushman

The Heart of the Hunter: Customs and Myths of the African Bushman

Laurens van der Post / Aug 24, 2019

The Heart of the Hunter Customs and Myths of the African Bushman The author s passionate concern for Africa and for the human spirit is evident in this portrait of the First People of southern Africa the Bushmen Van der Post describes his desert travels the splen

  • Title: The Heart of the Hunter: Customs and Myths of the African Bushman
  • Author: Laurens van der Post
  • ISBN: 9780156400039
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • The author s passionate concern for Africa and for the human spirit is evident in this portrait of the First People of southern Africa, the Bushmen Van der Post describes his desert travels, the splendid landscape and wildlife, and his encounters with the Bushman, an elusive culture Drawings by Maurice Wilson.

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        Sir Laurens Jan van der Post aka Laurens van der Post was a 20th century Afrikaner author of many books, farmer, war hero, political adviser to British heads of government, close friend of Prince Charles, godfather of Prince William, educator, journalist, humanitarian, philosopher, explorer, and conservationist.


    1. Laurens van der Post (1906-1996) was born in South Africa and grew up to be a reporter, dairy farmer, soldier, writer, and television personality. He was the godfather of Prince William, and was sometimes referred to as “Prince Charles’ guru,” because he was a mystical visionary with a wise old soul, quite skilled at thinking outside the box. He took great pleasure in creating fascinating stories intended to wake up people whose thinkers had fallen asleep. The transformative power of his s [...]

    2. Addressing a very sensitive topic, van der Post makes reading about the plight of the Bushman very heart wrenching to the reader. Initially writing about his travels, the small incidents that the author mentions are sure to make a profound influence on the reader. The author’s collected folklore and mythology of the Bushmen and his own interpretations of the same in the light of Biblical and (to an extent) Hindu scriptures are very amusing and extremely interesting. How does the Mantis play a [...]

    3. This is one of my favorite books and follows on wonderfully from "Lost world of the Kalahari". The sense of the bushmen's life being in total harmony with their natural surroundings is incredibly moving and gives a glimpse of our lost but not forgotten "garden of Eden".

    4. Follows on from his 'Lost World of the Kalahari' in that the first third of this book is the return voyage from the Kalahari to the south. A chance meeting with a small group of bushmen generates a number of stories. The other two thirds of the book tells the bushmen stories of creation and early mythology. There is also a bit of LVDP philosophy and some urging for the saving of the bushmen from being overtaken by civilisation.There is obviously come controversy about how authentic LVDP's writin [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book - yes, it's part travelogue, part history, part myth, but if you are connected to the bigger universe, have open mind and heart, then you will get some wonderful insight from this book. The Bushmen of Africa are a fascinating group of people and we, in this day and age especially, could learn a lot from them. I am touched by so many of the stories, the sacredness of their stories, and how they are passed on from generation to generation. Makes me wish I had stories fro [...]

    6. Feels like two books stuck together - one on his time in the desert, and the second on Bushman mythology. Both were interesting though. Some outdated and obviously biased language, but also an evident love for Southern Africa and respect for the people he encountered.

    7. Contains some of Van der Posts beautifully incisive prose but ultimately loses pace as a story, since it includes part travelogue, part retelling of Bushmen lore on the origin of spirit and part historic reality of raising awareness of their plight. Will definitely be seeking out more LVdeP

    8. i borrowed this book from a friend who'd borrowed it from another friend. the 1970s cover just caught my eye. the bushmen's myths are so elegant and dynamic. van der post's love and respect for his native africa is clear.

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