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Remarkable A wonderfully whimsical debut that proves ordinary people can do extraordinary thingsIn the mountain town of Remarkable everyone is extraordinarily talented extraordinarily gifted or just plain ext

  • Title: Remarkable
  • Author: Lizzie K. Foley
  • ISBN: 9780142424100
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • A wonderfully whimsical debut that proves ordinary people can do extraordinary thingsIn the mountain town of Remarkable, everyone is extraordinarily talented, extraordinarily gifted, or just plain extraordinary Everyone, that is, except Jane Doe, the most average ten year old who ever lived But everything changes when the mischievous, downright criminal Grimlet twins enrA wonderfully whimsical debut that proves ordinary people can do extraordinary thingsIn the mountain town of Remarkable, everyone is extraordinarily talented, extraordinarily gifted, or just plain extraordinary Everyone, that is, except Jane Doe, the most average ten year old who ever lived But everything changes when the mischievous, downright criminal Grimlet twins enroll in Jane s school and a strange pirate captain appears in town.Thus begins a series of adventures that put some of Remarkable s most infamous inhabitants and their long held secrets in danger It s up to Jane, in her own modest style, to come to the rescue and prove that she is capable of some rather exceptional things.With a page turning mystery and larger than life cast of characters, Lizzie K Foley s debut is nothing short of remarkable.

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        Lizzie K Foley has an MA in Education from Harvard and has taught Women s Studies at Northeastern University, but this novel was inspired by her experience as the unremarkable little sister of two exceptionally remarkable big sisters Lizzie didn t have her oldest sister s photographic memory or the coolness of her middle sister, who was a model, but, in her own words, she made it through junior high and high school without being noticed by anyone or achieving anything of note which is kind of an accomplishment in and of itself Lizzie currently lives in Montclair, New Jersey, with her husband and son and four poorly trained dogs.


    1. It's hard to be average when other people are exceptional. That's not only the subject of Remarkable, Lizzie K. Foley's debut novel, but also the reaction that I had to the book when I'd finished reading it. Remarkable is a town in which everything and everyone is outstanding in one way or another. Well, everyone except Jane Doe, a ten-year-old with no distinguished traits of any kind, unless you want to count being the only student in town not enrolled at the School for the Remarkably Gifted. B [...]

    2. “Remarkable” takes you to a land where everything and everyone is unique and perfect in their own way. All except Jane Doe. On the way of her ordinary life, she realizes that gifts and talents don’t always bring happiness. She was excluded. Picked on. Looked down at. A disgrace. But she always had friends. Freakish, but always there for her. Balancing her will to impress and her infamous self, she attempts to save the world. Reading this book made me think of “The perks of being a wall [...]

    3. I really related to this book because I feel like everywhere I look, people are just doing amazing things. In the book, Remarkable, Jane feels like everyone is remarkable. Her family, her friends, everyone in her town. She wants to find something that is truly her talent. She wants to be good at something. She feels alone because she considers herself as ¨untalented¨ or ¨unworthy¨. Jane really wants people to be proud of her. Jane really just wanted to feel like she could be as good as the p [...]

    4. “The world is a wonderfully rich place, especially when you aren't trapped by thinking you're only as worthwhile as your best attribute.”This was personally, one of my all-time favorite books. I would recommend 10/10. This book is about a girl named Jane, who is the only ordinary person in her remarkable town. A lot of the time I felt I could relate to her and her life experiences. Lizzie K. Foley made the book fun and interesting to read, but at the same time, it had a meaningful concept: b [...]

    5. This is a tale about a quirky town. Full of whimsical humor -- I don't think I'd like it in every mood. Fortunately for it, I picked it up while in the mood.The town of Remarkable is indeed remarkable. Full of remarkable people, who create the finest jam, run the finest pizza place (whose proprietor is psychic and often sends the pizza before you know it's wanted), write novels, do photorealistic paintings, and much more.Except Jane. Her parents even gave up their planned name and called her Jan [...]

    6. As a mother who is always trying to find books that are both challenging and appropriate for a particularly precocious 3rd grade daughter, I appreciate this book. It is silly and fun, and there is nothing in it that is nightmare inducing or early dating focused, so that's a great start. I also love that the characters have a whimsical quality reminiscent of early Roald Dahl books, and perhaps most important, there is a central female character who actually does things, important things that do n [...]

    7. I tore through REMARKABLE in a couple of days and found myself laughing out loud constantly. I think that anyone who likes clever, quirky, funny middle-grade will love this book! I was impressed with how many distinct characters populated the world of Remarkable and how many different subplots the author was able to keep rolling at once. I also really enjoyed the satire inherent in situations like the great rivalry between Remarkable's boutique organic jelly company and the nearby town's mass-pr [...]

    8. 4 stars A quick and hilarious read! The story of a town called Remarkable where everything is remarkably remarkable except for one girl, Jane Doe, who turns out to be quite ordinary. In this book you will encounter a lake monster, a town squabble over jelly, a multitude of pirates, a few cases of secret identity, a set of mischievous twins and many other exciting adventures and delightful characters. The book is divided into 42 short chapters. A whimsical read for adults and children (8+) alike! [...]

    9. Too many plots, too many story lines going in too many directions and characters that I really didn't care about. Meh.

    10. A couple years ago, I received this book for Christmas, my mom saying that it in a way would relate to me. I never really read bc the cover looked really cheesy, and majority of the books with cheesy covers were terrible. But once I read last year, it completely drew me.In my past years, I never fit in at my school. Everyone was ‘well rounded’ there. They always got a 4.0 GPA (which was normal for them) and were amazing athletes (which I am too lazy to be). I was a little odd person there. I [...]

    11. The actual title of this book is Welcome to the Town of Remarkable Where Every Day in this Remarkable Place filled with Remarkable People is Positively Remarkable for Absolutely Everyone Except Jane. Do you see why I shortened it? Anyway, this book is by Lizzie K. Foley, and tells the story of Jane Doe, an ordinary girl living in a town filled to the brim with extraordinary (should I say remarkable?) people. Her mother (Angelina Mona Linda Doe) is an extremely famous architect, her father (Ander [...]

    12. This book was dull, repetitive, slow, and annoying. It's about a town where everyone is super special it's called Remarkable, and wow do they use that word way too much. I was sick of it by the first three or four pages. Everyone in the town is super special except one girl and her name is Jane, everyone else has overly annoying and ridiculous names, and of course the entirety of their name had to be used every single time. SO you have an overly used word, combined with overly used names that ar [...]

    13. From the back cover: 5 remarkably good reasons to read Remarkable:1. There are evil twins in it, and those are always fun.2. There's even a pirate with two peg legs who learns to ride a bike. (Now, that's remarkable!)3. Where else are you going to find a sea monster who loves fig bars? (Nobody loves fig bars.)4. Maybe you've dreamed about being something or someone different--a singer, a pirate, or a dentist?5. Or just maybe you've wondered if there's something remarkable about you that nobody h [...]

    14. This book is cute and clever -- lots to laugh about and much to enjoy, if you share the author's sense of humor (which I do). The premise of this tall tale is that an ordinary girl named Jane Doe (naturally) grows up in a town in which every one and every thing is remarkable -- except Jane and her grandpa named John Doe (naturally). Add to the mix a lochness-like sea monster, pirates, and evil twins -- and you've got yourself an entertaining read. However, the authoros only intention isn't to en [...]

    15. What a gem of a book. 10-year-old Jane Doe is an ordinary girl in a town where everyone is gifted and talented, or at least highly competent. Jane goes unnoticed most of the time, even within her own brilliant family, and longs to accomplish something noteworthy and be noticed. She gets her chance when the criminally-minded Grimlet twins suddenly transfer from the School for the Remarkably Gifted into the public school Jane attends (bringing the public school enrollment up to three). Throw in so [...]

    16. This book is about a girl named Jane who lives in a place called remarkable. All the people who live her is remarkable in their own way. saying that they each have a special talent. All thought Jane doesn't have a talent of her own. so everyday she does to school were normal people go. Until one day two twins called the gimlet twins showed up and led her on series of adventureske on a uncontrollable science fair,a pirate captain on the run from a mountain crew,a lonely dentist and a newly constr [...]

    17. Lizzie's Foley's MG debut is witty, adventurous, and endlessly imaginative. The town of Remarkable and its characters are delightfully eccentric, especially the falsely scurrilous Captain Rojo and the cunning Grimlet twins. I also love the relationship between protagonist, Jane, and her ordinary grandfather and the way that several mysteries unfold in the last few chapters, yielding a climax that is empowering for Jane and thrilling for the reader. The final message--that you don't have to be re [...]

    18. Read this with my three boys and everyone loved it. Such a fun and entertaining book. Thought I would share some of the boy's thoughts about why REMARKABLE was remarkable. :o)"I really loved all the awesome names in the book." (The two favorites were Lucinda Wihelmina Hinojosa and Captain Rojo Herring. We loved how they rolled off the tongue)"I like how lots of people had secret identities." (And how their cool names gave clues to the story)"Lucky, Dirt and Salzburg were really awesome." (Dirt-- [...]

    19. Remarkable by Lizzie K. Foley, Fantasy, 4th grade and up – similar to Drizzle by Kathleen Van Cleeve… I really enjoyed the quirky characters and community feel within this town of Remarkable. I felt like I was stepping into a new Polly Horvath book to be honest- the style of Everything on a Waffle. Jane is the only person who isn’t “remarkable” within her town and hopes to simply be noticed by others. Pretty special book. I’d recommend to students who would benefit from a fun, though [...]

    20. A very sweet and funny book for middle-schoolers, or even younger kids. I had a lot of fun with the names: Angelina Mona Linda Doe is the mom, Penelope Hope Adelaide Catalina Doe is the sister, and our heroine is Jane Doe. She is one of two ordinary persons in the town of Remarkable, where everyone else is you guessed it remarkable. The only thing that is not remarkable is the coffee at Coffeebucks because it is a chain. There are pirates, evil twins, a lake monster, and lots of fun.

    21. Really liked the concept of what it would be like to be a regular person in a community of all talented people. Many times I caught myself laughing out loud at the tongue in cheek humor of Foley.

    22. This book was okay. It was really cute and such, but the plot wasn't consistent, and it was kinda hard to follow.

    23. If Remarkable sounds a bit silly and fun and lesson-y, it is the first two things. Lizzie K Foley has a flawless style: the writing is clean and the reading effortless; the setting and the characters are beautifully rendered and humorously imagined. Seemingly disparate actions/lines smoothly come together in a enjoyable conclusion where lessons are learned but not obnoxiously served.Natalya’s teacher mentioned her a time or two to his wife. His wife finished Remarkable and thought N would very [...]

    24. This book is one of my favorite books!😀 I really like how the author was creative throughout the whole entire story. This book really was one of my favorites!!! I liked how the author uses varieties of thinking because she thinks imaginatively by using different types of characters and settings. This book was about a kid named Jane Doe who is unremarkable. She isn't special or unique in any kind of way, even though her parents and siblings are extremely remarkable. The place where she lives ( [...]

    25. A tongue-in-cheek tale that is delightfully full of characters both remarkable and unremarkable. How could you not love a tale with evil twins; pirates past, present, and fake; a lake monster to rival Nessie, and an ordinary girl who has an extraordinary influence on all those around her even if most of them don't even notice her.

    26. Another adventure into reading for my Grandchildren.While I enjoyed it, and loved the message-that being remarkable is very subjective, and not the best thing to want, I was not overly impressed. But that may well be the thing to learn here-remarkable is overrated. Not my first recommendations, but not bad.Sincerely,Kat

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