Street Child

Street Child

Berlie Doherty / Feb 24, 2020

Street Child A fictional account of the experiences of Jim Jarvis a young orphan who escapes the workhouse in s London and survives brutal treatment and desperate circumstances until he is taken in by Dr Bar

  • Title: Street Child
  • Author: Berlie Doherty
  • ISBN: 9780006740209
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • A fictional account of the experiences of Jim Jarvis, a young orphan who escapes the workhouse in 1860 s London and survives brutal treatment and desperate circumstances until he is taken in by Dr Barnardo, founder of a school for the city s ragged children.

    Street children Street children are children experiencing poverty, homelessness or both, who are living on the streets of a city, town, or village Homeless youth are often called street kids or street child the definition of street children is contested, but many practitioners and policymakers use UNICEF s concept of boys and girls, aged under years, for whom the street including unoccupied Berlie Doherty Street Child Street Child is based on Jim Jarvis, an orphan who escaped from a Victorian workhouse and attended Thomas Barnardo s Ragged School This inspired Dr Barnardo to found homes for destitute children. Street Child Deutschland e.V. Street Child Deutschland e.V ist ein anerkannter gemeinntziger Verein der Bildungsmglichkeiten fr hilfsbedrftige Kinder in Sierra Leone und Liberia schafft, die auf der Strae berleben mssen. Donate Once Street Child Donate Today Make a donation to Street Child and change a life million children are not being given the chance to go to school Millions are in school but failing to learn. Main Street Child Development Center Main Street Pre K teacher Ms Liz Cassidy recently visited Capitol Hill to meet with Rep Gerry Connolly VA and staffers from the offices of Sen Tim Kaine VA and Sen A Nightmare on Elm Street The Dream Child A Nightmare on Elm Street The Dream Child is a American slasher film and the fifth film in the Nightmare on Elm Street series It was directed by Stephen Hopkins and stars Robert Englund, Lisa Wilcox and Danny Hassel.It is the sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street The Dream Master and is followed by Freddy s Dead The Final Nightmare. The film s general tone is much darker and the Street Child World Cup Street Child United The Street Child World Cup kicked off in Moscow ahead of the FIFA World Cup Russia Uniting former homeless and street connected young people from across the world, to play soccer on the field and unite off the field for a child participatory conference. Empower a street child today SCEF What we do SCEF is educating the mothers of street children in social enterprises to eventually support their children themselves Meanwhile, SCEF has many UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health The UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health ICH which, together with its clinical partner Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children GOSH , forms the largest concentration of children s health research in Europe. Prior Street Child Care and Development Our Centre Our child care centres have been synonymous with high quality, professional early childhood care and education since when Robyn Briggs and her family purposely designed and built their first long day care and education centre.

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        Berlie Doherty n e Hollingsworth is an English novelist, poet, playwright and screenwriter She is best known for children s books, for which she has twice won the Carnegie Medal.She has also written novels for adults, plays for theatre and radio, television series and libretti for children s opera.


    1. This book follows a young boy named Jim who is found homeless in London after the death of his mother. The book begins with Jim living with his mother and two sisters, but it becomes clear very early that the family do not have much money and are asked to leave the small room that they share after falling behind with the rent. Jim’s sick mother is forced to leave her daughters with a friend and Jim is taken to the workhouse. His mother dies here, and after Jims escape he becomes homeless on th [...]

    2. Street Child by Berlie Doherty is about Jim Jarvis whose mother dies and he is left an orphan in London to fend for himself. He is picked up by the Police and sent to the work house. Jim dreams of escaping and one day he finally takes his chance annd makes his escape. The story takes you on a journey through his life and the many people he meets and jobs he has in order to survive. He finds an old friend of his mother’s who takes him and he helps her sell seafood in the streets. However Jim is [...]

    3. Love it!Might write the review later, I've wasted enough time I need to do my work now!!--I loved this book for many reasons:1. I enjoy reading books that are set in London.2. Historical Fiction.3. A book that you actually LEARN from. I learned about how life in England was in the 1800s, and about the workhouses! Which is something I didn't really know about before.4. About a little boy's struggle for survival.5. The cover

    4. This book was recommended to me by a year 5 TA as they had used it for literacy in their class. After reading the first few pages I was hooked and finished this book within hours! This story is so inspiring because it it based on a true story of a young boy's life journey of losing his mother and being sent to the work house. You really do empathise with Jim the main character, such a great read!!

    5. This is the story of Jim Jarvis, a boy who is orphaned and forced to work in an East London workhouse. Eventually, fearing that his whole life will be spent in the workhouse, Jim decides to escape. The rest of the book follows his journey through London. During this time he tries to find his sisters (who he was separated from when he was put in the workhouse), works for a cruel and abusive man on a coal boat and lives as a ‘street child.’ It is during his time on the streets that he meets Ba [...]

    6. Had recently enjoyed the sequel (about what happened to his sisters), thinking I must have read the original. But then wasn't sure. So now I know I've definitley read it! This book has been around since the 1990s and it's the story of Jim Jarvis, a real destitute boy whose circumstances in the 1860s so moved Dr Barnardo (who was already running a 'ragged school' providing free education during the day to poor children) that he decided to raise money to set up loving homes for such children as Ji [...]

    7. This book follows Jim Jarvis, an orphan who manages to make his way out of the awful work houses of London. We're taken along his painful journey to seek freedom and meet other street boys, all of whom unfortunately don't manage to break free like Jim does. Grimy Nick is detestable and the reader experiences the horrors he inflicts on poor Jim for a while until Jim jumps on an opportunity to escape (I won't spoil it for you!) Whilst reading this book, you'll find yourself willing Jim to carry on [...]

    8. emotionally challenging storygreat history lesson - educational and also one to compare with how we live now. lots to discuss in a social and cultural context, examining the behaviours of the various characters : rich toward the poor, poor to each other, adults to children, children to each otherand most importantly the need for people to care for each other

    9. I think if you are a history lover this book is definitely your type of genre as it is based on a real story and various characters can be long and boring and each and every chapter is left on s cliff hanger which makes a really think

    10. I have used this book in a Year 5 class as a read aloud and to formulate English and drama. The book details Victorian street life and the workhouse in great detail. From a teaching point of view this book was a spring board to review diary writing, persuasive writing, and such. We also had a victorian school day based on the book. A good introduction to Victorian life but there are others out there.

    11. As part of the Essential Modern Classics series the book starts with an informative paragraph bio. of the author followed by an essay entitled "Why You'll Love This Book" written by a famous author, in this case Julia Golding. Then a quick blurb on just who is Julia Golding. This publisher's series also sometimes end with extra material at the back of the book called "More Than A Story". Here we have some very interesting pertinent information which really adds to the satisfaction of having read [...]

    12. This was a random read, and one I read in less than two hours. My sister is a primary school teacher and is going to be studying this book with her class, but she hadn’t read it on Sunday when she needed it for Monday. So I read it for her.As a historian myself I found it cluttered and altogether confusing for younger readers - and my sister - a lot of the text jumps from one place to another with no sense of time. The writing also became very repetitive at times, with the characters moulding [...]

    13. 22.12.17 Yeah, it was a fantastic teaching tool and my class enjoyed it. It was a great context to the topic and helped loads with the narrative writing as children were able to truly imagine it (with the aid of Beamish too). I still think it was an inspiring read, especially discovering the origin of the Barnado's charity. My class thought it was interesting but it wasn't their favourite book. __________________________________________I’ve read this in an hour and a half and just sobbed my he [...]

    14. Street Child is book written by Berlie Doherty which explores the theme of street children in London during victorian times. When Jim's father dies, he and his mother and sisters are thrown out of their cottage. Their new home is a single room in an overcrowded tenement. Food is scarce since Jim's mother can't earn much of a wage on her own. And when she falls ill - a cholera epidemic is sweeping Victorian London - the money runs out altogether and they are evicted again. Despite being horribly [...]

    15. “God is love,” said the doctor. “God is good”.“No he ain’t,” Jim shouted, “He ain’t good to me!”This was the moment Jim Jarvis first met Dr. Barnardo who, at that time, had set up a free school for children living in extreme hardship. It was some time before their paths crossed again.Victorian London was a cruel place for a homeless child. Having lost his mum, being separated from his sisters and escaped from imprisonment at the workhouse, Jim has to find a way to survive. Hi [...]

    16. This book tells the story of Jim Jarvis who inspired Dr BArnardo to open his Ragged Schools.I am working with a year 3/4 class who are currently studying the victorians. This book provides the story of a boy living in the victorian times and the hardship him and his family had to face.There have been many activities we have been able to do with this book not only in history lessons but in literacy and ICT lessons too. We have been able to act out the book in small groups to enhance their underst [...]

    17. Street Child is the story of a young orphan, Jim Jarvis, going through numerous trials and tribulations after the death of his mother and being separated from his sisters. He is initially sent to a workhouse, but soon escapes in search of his sisters. After being unsuccessful in finding his sisters, he soon ends up working on a boat for a cruel man, Grimy Nick. Jim spends over a year working on his coal boat and eventually makes the decision to escape from there too. Jim lives on the streets of [...]

    18. Street Child by Berlie Doherty is story set in the Victorian times. The books follows a young boy called Jim Jarvis. The book shows the continued struggles he faces after the death of his mother. With this tragedy in the family, Jim and his siblings are split up and he is used as a child labourer in a factory and at this point Jim is left to fend for himself on the streets. ‘Street Child’ is a popular power of reading book. This book is ideal for KS2 children (Yr 5 and 6) and with the cheeky [...]

    19. Drawn in from the start, I found myself wanting to know more about Jim's story straight away. What was going to happen to him? Would he end up like Shrimps? Would he find a family? I really couldnt put this book down. I found that the start of the book really gripped me and I found every aspect interesting, however as the book went on I found myself less interested as it seemed a little unimaginable and very glossed over. I felt that the entire part when Jim was on the Lily, this could be either [...]

    20. Street Child is about a young boy called Jim who lives in the Victorian era. Jim and his family face many troubles and then the family are separated leaving Jim all alone. Jim is very determined to get out of the awful workhouse he is stuck in and finally manages to escape. But as he escapes one awful place, he ends up in another awful place with Grimy Nick. Jim eventually gets his freedom for once and for all. He meets Dr Barnardo who changes his life forever.I really enjoyed reading Street Chi [...]

    21. Jim Jarvis is a young orphan who escapes the workhouse in 1860's London. He survives brutal treatment and desperate circumstances. London is a dangerous place for a young boy like Jim! After a long journey, he is finally taken in by Dr Barnardo, founder of a school for 'ragged' children. This was a good story to read with Year 5. The children were learning about Victorians in Topic, so they knew lots about that era. I did a role play lesson with the class, the children had to think of questions [...]

    22. Jim Jarvis is a runaway. When his mother dies, Jim is all alone in the workhouse and desperate to escape. But London in the 1860s is a dangerous and lonely place for a small boy and life is a constant battle for survival. Just when Jim finds some friends, he is snatched away and made to work for the remorselessly cruel Grimy Nick. Will Jim ever be free?Review: Based on the true story of the orphan whose plight inspired Dr. Barnardo, Street Child is an exciting, evocative and often deeply-moving [...]

    23. Jim Jarvis is a young homeless/orphan who escaped The Workhouse in the 1860s in London. He survives many depressing circumstances including the death of his mother, being homeless and leaving his sisters forever. London is a dangerous place for a young boy like Jim. After a long journey, he is finally taken in by Dr. Barnardo, founder of a school for 'ragged' children. Barnando (Barnie) teaches Jim and his homeless friends about God.This was a quick read for me and I liked the happy ending. This [...]

    24. I remember the first time I heard this story. When I was eight, my teacher read this story to the class and I blame it fully for laying a foundation stone for my interest in history. Jim Jarvis is, at the start of the book, basically Oliver Twist � he escapes from the workhouse and tramps the streets of London, going from one awful situation to another. In the end, he finds his liberation in the form of a benevolent benefactor, the founder of the Barnardos childrens� homes. This story is won [...]

    25. An amazing educational read!! The story based on real life events is brought to life in this brilliantly written piece of fiction about the life and times of a young boy Jim Jarvis who lost everything during 1860's Victorian England. The tough reality of what it was like is excellently described without being frightening for the target audience.Just started supporting a year 6 class who are reading this book. Brought it home so I could understand and support better. Finished it in under 3 hours. [...]

    26. Halfway Through!! The story is amazing. I liked how the events are stated.The story talks about a little boy who has 2 sisters and a motheer. He is very poor.His sisters began working in a kitchen of their mother's friend. The boy and his mother were taken to the workhouse where the mother dies just as i predicted ! After a year, the boy escapes to find his sisters . He goes to his mother's friend's house and starts hellping her with her new work after she was fired from the other job. But he st [...]

    27. Street Child By Berlie Doherty For Children in years 5/6This is the true story of a Victorian street child called Jim Jarvis. Jim is left to fend for himself in London during the 1860’s when his mother dies. The story vividly describes Jim’s harsh life and his struggles to survive. In desperation Jim seeks sanctuary in a ragged school, where he tells his tragic story. It is this story that inspires Dr Banardo to start up his homes for the street children of London. This story highlights the [...]

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