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Heartless For gay teens in the South Erwin High School is as good as it gets The prevailing liberalism means being gay doesn t have to be the focus of your life which frees up seventeen year old Jason Strummer

  • Title: Heartless
  • Author: J.Roman
  • ISBN: 9781613725528
  • Page: 277
  • Format: ebook
  • For gay teens in the South, Erwin High School is as good as it gets The prevailing liberalism means being gay doesn t have to be the focus of your life which frees up seventeen year old Jason Strummer to take on the role of bully Jason understands his beauty and power and has a reputation to match his attitude No one but his best friend suspects the cruelty Jason hidesFor gay teens in the South, Erwin High School is as good as it gets The prevailing liberalism means being gay doesn t have to be the focus of your life which frees up seventeen year old Jason Strummer to take on the role of bully Jason understands his beauty and power and has a reputation to match his attitude No one but his best friend suspects the cruelty Jason hides behind is a ruse to keep his hellish private life out of the public eye.Jason has only loved one boy in his life, and that crush on Tommy Johnson ended so badly that they re no longer on speaking terms When an ex lover threatens Jason and Tommy steps in to help, the heartless playboy can t help but fall a little bit back in love with him but Jason will have to choose between keeping Tommy or his secrets Heartless Keepi

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        There is than one author with this nameJ Roman is a believer in second chances and making things happen Recently relocated to an ivory tower in the wonderful city of Charlotte, North Carolina, she endeavors to keep everyone on their toes and get into as much trouble as possible A firm believer in happily ever after, J thinks that everyone deserves a happy ending, even if it takes a little work for some people to get there


    1. Don't know how to rate this. In the beginning I really didn't like Jason very much. Although I could relate to his behavior as the story moved on and I felt sorry for him, for me he still wasn't a likable character. The writing was very good, but for the book being amazing, the topic was just too heavy for me. Might be my mood today. So I think I'll go with 4 starsA: Just saw that there is a sequel coming in February. I will definitely read that. I'll just have to wait for the right frame of min [...]

    2. Wow, Heartless indeed. Talk about a way to meet your protagonist. Jason is an ass, he admits it himself a decent amount of times. He is out in his liberal high school which with their school colors of red and white proudly making pink he should be able to, right? But then again, Jason is also one of the smart kids who hangs out with the popular and “in” crowd so he has taken on the role of asshole. Good lord. The first few things you learn about Jason; what he did to Tommy Johnson and how he [...]

    3. 4.5 stars!I am rating this as a 16 year old girl who loves the m/m genre. I want to start off by saying this would not be for anyone immature of not capable of reading a serious matter. This book has some very serious issues brought up and I think it would not be good to read this if you were unable to handle more serious themes.I am one of the first to say I never hated Jason. He was a jerk and an idiot through the majority of the book, but he was broken. His private life was very difficult and [...]

    4. This is really painful subject matter, and it's difficult to sit by and watch Jason put up with the abuse again and again without much of a fight. But felt realistic to me. I felt like I actually was inside a teenage boy's head. It's easy to understand why Jason was often so "heartless" after the way he's been used and abused, but as Tommy pointed out, there's so much more to him behind that mask. I really enjoyed the story. Even though Jason isn't exactly an endearing character, I felt compassi [...]

    5. A teen discovers how family secrets can affect not just his life but the lives of those around him. Full review can be found at Greedy Bug Book Reviews.

    6. 4 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressJason is living a hellish existence in his home life, so he puts on a front at school and with his friends. He has a hard shell and doesn’t care who he hurts. But, when he is attacked by his ex-lover, Tommy steps up to the plate and rescues him and it is the start of something new between them. But, Jason once humiliated Tommy; can they really forgive and forget? And can Jason admit his secrets and become the person Tomm [...]

    7. There was a lot of different things happening in this short book.I really didn't like Jason at all until I found out what made him the way he was. His school life was pretty good and he is trying to get a scholarship into collage. But his home life is horrific! Even after all the things that he does Tommy is in love with him. He sees under the hard and heartless exterior to the young man he is.

    8. Oh, he’s just horrible. Jason is the cruelest thing, ruining people at the blink of an eye with no remorse. He is the worst sort of bully. The crush on Tommy Johnson ended badly, yes. Due to Jason’s own actions, which were, as the title says, Heartless. That is what comes across as you begin to read this book. You get the Jason that everyone except his best friend Kevin have to see. Then you being to realize what is behind Jason’s actions. Horrific is a soft word for his homelife. All he w [...]

    9. I actually liked Jason, however I did not see him as a bully (which is what the blurb stated), just rude.I appreciated the premise of this story (of course I would), but so much was missing, it was so rushed, and the ending was awfully perfect considering. This read like the author was in a race to write a novel, and at the end I felt rather cheated out of what could have been a fabulous story.I have not decided if I want to read the sequal or not. I'll have to think about that one.

    10. Young-adult is not my favorite genre, and I'm not sure this really qualifies as YA with all the sex, even if the MCs are 16-17 (?).It was good, a bit of a cliffhanger there, but I want to read the next part, mostly to know more about the rest of the characters, I didn't like Jason (the MC) all that much

    11. “You’re a beautiful person, and it’s okay to let people see that.” Says Tommy to Jason.Except Jason isn’t a beautiful person. He’s a mean, shallow little prick who is nowhere near as clever or quick-witted as he thinks he is, and I can’t understand what anyone sees in him. Later, Tommy states, “He’s so much more than everyone says he is.” Where is the evidence of this? Because it is not on any of the pages I read. There is no character development with him, which is a shame b [...]

    12. No matter how hard we try to hide them, secrets nearly always come out in the end. Seventeen-year-old Jason Strummer learns as much in Heartless, this edgy debut by J. Roman. As well as following the ups and downs of a newly blossoming romance, it shows the horrific effects on a teenage boy of sexual abuse and his desperate struggle to conceal the truth from the outside world. Jason is a bully. He has a spiteful putdown for anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path, while his good looks and co [...]

    13. Title: HeartlessAuthor: J. RomanPublisher: Harmony Ink PressISBN: 978-1-61372-552-8Buy Link: dreamspinnerpress/storReviewer: Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb:Keeping Secrets: Book One For gay teens in the South, Erwin High School is as good as it gets. The prevailing liberalism means being gay doesn’t have to be the focus of your life—which frees up seventeen-year-old Jason Strummer to take on the role of bully. Jason understands his beauty and power and has a reputation to match his attitude. No on [...]

    14. The first person narrative voice of Heartless was pretty engaging, and you quickly sympathize with Jason, who is the narrator. There is definitely enough psychological depth, at least in the characterization of Jason. His internal dialogue is very revealing of not only his thoughts and feelings, but of his beliefs, philosophies, and values as well. So I do feel for Jason (only a truly heartless person wouldn’t), but I’m not sure if I “like” him. You could say that I have mixed feelings t [...]

    15. 2.5 starsmight be spoilerishThis book started strong: LOTS of angst, a compelling MC, an intesting arch, and then it all goes downhill quickly. He did a 180 going from hate to love almost instantly. It also deals with a delicate subject: child abuse. I guess what bugs me about it is the constant cliche portrayal of the AWFUL mom. Why do so many m/m romances need to have OVER THE TOP evil moms? I mean, she basically leaves the house when her husband (Jason's stepdad) asks her to leave the house s [...]

    16. This story was an okay read. I think what annoys me is that this book had all the potential to be an awesome read but the author didn't take the time to flesh out the storyline a bit more. Writing about heavy issues such as sexual abuse, neglect and near rape are heavy subjects yet every situation and how they were remedied were treated entirely too lightly in this book. (view spoiler)[ what parent would adopt a child without discussing the situation that drove them from him from his home? Also, [...]

    17. Il libro è piacevole. Scritto in modo scorrevole e di facile lettura.E allora perché ho dato solo due stelline?Io non ho un'idea molto precisa su come un libro dovrebbe essere scritto per potermi piacere, a livello di trama. Di solito leggo un po' di tutto. MA ci sono alcuni argomenti che, a mio avviso, o andrebbero trattati in modo completo e competente o non andrebbero trattati affatto.La violenza e l'abuso domestico su minore è uno di questi.La superficialità con cui l'argomento è stato [...]

    18. This is a pretty short book and tries to do a lot of things in a small amount of "time".I enjoy reading high school stories/college stories they're my guilty pleasure - and rarely done right in my eyes. Heartless is an example of that. Jason is a horrible character and a character I can't come to like. (view spoiler)[ Jason's step-father has been raping Jason since he was thirteen. It's horrid and whilst there is no one-page description, the author does write the interaction between the two befo [...]

    19. For me this story was a "sweat-jerker." I read it breaking out in a cold sweat. Some very raw stuff here. I couldn't help thinking the story would've been a lot shorter if the characters hadn't all kept the abuse a secretd a lot happier storybut it felt raw and real in some ways, and I'm not sorry I read it. I really wanted the characters to be OK! Also I read the sequel that same day, so it held my attention

    20. I don't know what to think about sexual abuse other than that I wish to God that it never existed in the first place. I like that through Tommy, Jamie becomes a better person. I like that through Tommy, Jamie found the courage to move out of his house. Furthermore, I would really like to see the book spent a little time penalizing Jamie's stepfather for what he did and his mom for her deliberate neglect.

    21. Overall a good story. I wish it had been longer though, because the ending felt rushed. Jason's situation flipping from horrible to happy ever after seemed to happen too seamlessly for what he had gone through in the past.

    22. I didn't particularly like the main character, or most of the side ones to be honest and the story was too forced at times.Even so, when I accidentally started reading this at 1am, I couldn't stop until it was finished for some reason

    23. Started strong but I lost interest even though I read about 50%. The two mc feelings were a given based on prior events and we never saw the two fall in love.

    24. Reviewed by:Lucy Genre: M/M Young AdultRated: 4 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

    25. So much potential lost :( It was okay, but the way the author chooses to unwrap the plot was way too flat. Some things were just too out of context to me. Great story, poor development.

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