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Homing Set during WWII Jefferson Day returns from tragedy in London to Williamsburg Virginia his ancestral home This concludes the Williamsburg Novels and the story of the Day Sprague and Campion familie

  • Title: Homing
  • Author: Elswyth Thane
  • ISBN: 9780801535536
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Set during WWII, Jefferson Day returns from tragedy in London to Williamsburg, Virginia, his ancestral home This concludes the Williamsburg Novels and the story of the Day, Sprague and Campion families.

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        Thane is most famous for her Williamsburg series of historical fiction The books cover several generations of a single family from the American Revolutionary War up to World War II The action moves from Williamsburg in later books to England, New York City and Richmond, Virginia.


    1. Whenever I need "comfort reading", I turn to Elswyth Thane's Williamsburg novels, of which Homing, the last in the series, is my favorite. My grandmothers and my mother all read these books before me, and once I went to school in Williamsburg, I picked them up as well. Granted, much of the social views are very dated, but to me that only adds another level to reading these books: how was popular historical fiction reflective of our country's view of its own history in the 1930s/1940s? How do the [...]

    2. Rating: 5 starsUpdate: I love this fictional family and how they just handle things. They don't complain or grumble, don't wish their lives were different than they are. They face the challenges and horrors head-on, embracing the joys and happiness as the moments come. Reading this series five years after I first made its acquaintance was a real pleasure. Different aspects of it meant more to me this time around. It is very of its time, but it is also timeless in many ways. Favorite quotes: "'Th [...]

    3. This is my all-time favorite series of books. I love family sagas and this one starts during the Revolutionary War with Dawn's Early Light and concludes with this book covering the first part of World War 2 in England. This one starts with Stephen bringing his English bride home to meet his parents. Evadne is from the English side of the family and not as familiar with all the family stories as her niece Mab is. She is fascinated though slightly disturbed by Mab's resemblance to Tabitha Day, esp [...]

    4. I didn't care for this final book in the series as much as the earlier ones. I realized that the first several books in the Williamsburg series actually took place mostly in Williamsburg and in other American cities. The last few are set mostly in England. That made them hard to understand for me at times, because there are just so many terms and phrases that I am not familiar with due to the different country and the time period. I also didn't care for the idea that two of the main characters f [...]

    5. Having invested the time to read all seven books, I'm disappointed in how Thane chose to tie (or rather, not tie) things up too neatly, and that's really all I can say about it!

    6. This was the last book in a series I had been enjoying very much. I expected to be sorry to come to the end of this family saga, but this was my least favorite book of the seven and I don't think I'm going to miss reading about the family. Much of the story takes place in England in 1938 and 1939, with what I thought was just too much detail about the lead-up to World War II. We all know when the bombing on England begins and that there is no invasion, so all the angst over what might happen was [...]

    7. This was a great conclusion to what I've found to be a very entertaining & educational series of books. Well, so far anyway. I've only been able to get my hands on books #2, #6, & #7 in the series, but they've all been excellent. My only disappointment is that the book ends rather abruptly, before America even enters WWII & long before the characters stories are finished. She does a nice job of coming full circle with the story, but she leaves you with so many questions! It's almost [...]

    8. This is the last book in Ms. Thane's Williamsburg series.It is a swift and easy read, beginning and ending in Williamsburg. The main story takes place in England where the British watch as Hitler over runs Europe and then the blitz begins. Nevertheless the characters continue on with their lives. Ms. Thane slips in re-incarnation as one character remembers the life of a character from the earlier books of the series.Although usually a series bores me by the fifth or sixth book, this one I found [...]

    9. This is the 7th and final book of the Williamsburg Series following the Day and Sprague families through 8 generations and 4 wars, the Revolutionary, the Spanish/American, WWI and WWII. The stories have good story-lines that flow well and are compelling enough to care about the characters. The series is about a well-to-due, loving family with strong, heroic personalities, always rescuing someone out of something. At times the stories are rather far-flung and unrealistic that left my eyes rolling [...]

    10. This is the last of the Williamsburg books, and Thane tries to round things off by bringing Mab back to Williamsburg after World War II. In some ways Mab and Jeff seem to re-embody the heroes of _Dawn's Early Light_, Tibby and Julian. I don't like it as well as _Yankee Stranger_ or _Kissing Kin_, but it makes a very satisfying conclusion to the series. Plus, I'm a sucker for WWII stories.

    11. I had devoured most of the other Williamsburg novels by Ms. Thane. But this one was such a disappointment to me--especially when she brought in the "reincarnation" of a couple of the characters. I just don't go in for that type stuff, and to me, it cheapened the others. I kept the other 6 books in my library, but got rid of this one.

    12. 12/2012 ** This final book in the series has always seemed to end in the middle of the story, however, perhaps now that the characters have come full circle, there's no where else to go. I felt that Thane didn't handle the characters or world evens with quite the deftness that she worked in some of the previous books in the series. Probably time for her to quit.

    13. Another great installment in the Williamsburg set. While I don't personally believe in reincarnation, I thought it was a very creative way to tie the first book in with the last other than family ties.

    14. if you're reading the williamsburg series for the first time, do not read this one! too needlessly tragic. yes, the others had tragedy, but this one just ended up seeming nihilistic, especially when you look back on all the others.

    15. Very fond memories of reading this series of books with my Mother when I was a teenager. I still own them and they are about to be pulled off of the bookshelf to be re-read again.

    16. I enjoyed the Williamsburg series, though it did strain my credulity in places. Still, fun to read, steeped in place and deftly done.

    17. In the beginning of World War II, Mab travels to America with her cousin and visits Williamsburg. (Working from a list of books I read years ago.)

    18. Definitely not my favorite of the series (that would be Ever After and The Light Heart), but I like it well enough. Honestly, as I've been rereading the entire series, the thing that sticks out to me the most is how many relationships there are that involve cousins and/or huge age gaps. Just for fun, let's make a list. Weird age gaps:- Julian and Tibby in the first book (10 year age difference, I think, and they meet when she 12 or 13)- Bracken and Dinah in Ever After (12 years difference and sh [...]

    19. Last of the Williamsburg series.The author created England in WWII so vividly, and brought the series of books to a fine conclusion.

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