Violet's Present

Violet's Present

Kim Fielding / Jun 25, 2019

Violet s Present When Matt s Great great aunt Violet dies she leaves him a precious gift a photo album he loved as a child Then Matt starts having dreams very good dreams about Joseph one of the men in the pictures

  • Title: Violet's Present
  • Author: Kim Fielding
  • ISBN: 9781613726525
  • Page: 135
  • Format: ebook
  • When Matt s Great great aunt Violet dies, she leaves him a precious gift a photo album he loved as a child Then Matt starts having dreams very good dreams about Joseph, one of the men in the pictures from the 1940s One morning when Matt wakes up, the bruises are still there Could there be to Violet s present than he thought

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    1. ~3.5~I wanted a longer, more substantial ending, but this story will stay with me. The desperate touches, the blurring of fantasy and reality, the priceless gift we can accept only if we want it enough . . . Dreams are just a fragment of our reality. No one makes me believe in magic and possibilities like Kim Fielding.

    2. This was such a heartwarming short story that I gobbled up in no time. I'm beginning to believe nobody can do a fantasy plot like Kim Fielding.The characters we're so flawed and vulnerable that you can't help but root for them. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer ^_^

    3. Sweet story about a man who suddenly finds himself in 1942 and meets his one great love there.Nice, sweet, lovely HEA. A bit short to be really good.

    4. Mostly interesting until the end, and then it just completely fell flat for me. The explanation for how the two characters were able to meet and connect was far too thin for me, and the ending was ridiculous. I like fantasy, and time travel is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, but this one just didn't work for me.

    5. Time travel stories are difficult for me, I just have to discard lots of logical thoughts and go with it.But Ami's review made me decide to go for it, and I'm glad.Matt lives in the here and now, but he's lonely, he inherits a photo album from his great Aunt Violet , a photo album that had a picture of a young man in it, that has always captured his interest. Through very realistic dreams he meets Joseph, the man in the pictures and their last meeting on the battlefield had me sniffing, but also [...]

    6. This is a story about lovers who would, under normal circumstances, never even meet. Separated by several decades in time, only the mysterious workings of an elderly aunt might bring the two together. ‘Aunt Violet’s Present’ works both ways, I think, and it takes present-day Matt and historical-Joseph a while to figure it out.Matt is an artist and lonely. His previous ,over cheated on him, so he ends it. Not that it’s easy. But when he ‘meets’ the man he’s watched in his elderly au [...]

    7. 3.5/5Time travel! Well's more a dream travel. (view spoiler)[And then time travel (hide spoiler)]I liked this story but it suffers from the short length, I think. There were a lot of loose ends at the end that took some of the enjoyment out of this one for me.There's a sweet chemistry here between the characters that was the best part of this read for me. The time travel mechanics were glossed over just a bit too much, understandable given the length of the story but still I think it took away f [...]

    8. Review posted at Brief Encounters Reviews.This is a pretty typical and run of the mill time travel story. While the characters aren't necessarily unoriginal archetypes, they're aren't quite fully developed either. Still, the strength of this story is in the settings -- first, rural Nebraska and second, the bombed cities of Europe and the beaches of Normandy.The story is pretty straightforward. Matt is mourning the loss of his great great-aunt Violet, who was always a little mischievous and doted [...]

    9. Reviewed for Hearts On Fire ReviewsWow, this short story packed a big emotional punch. Matt lives in California but goes home to Omaha for the funeral of his great aunt Violet. He doesn't really want to be there but he wants to support his mom. Matt has been suffering over a break up with his boyfriend Brandon four months ago. Even though Matt was the one to break it off due to Brandon's cheating, Matt somehow can't seem to get over him. Matt's mom, and Violet for That matter, never thought Bran [...]

    10. Matt is a modern-day graphic artist. When his Great-Aunt Violet died, Matt gets her photo album. One of the photos in that album always seems to call to him. It's a photo of a 19-year-old soldier, Joseph, who is also a distant cousin of Violet, back in 1942. Joseph died in 1944 in Omaha Beach. Then after Matt owns the photo album, he starts to dream -----I like time-travel theme --- it gives a chance for hurt/comfort that I like in stories. Especially in story like this. The fact that Joseph liv [...]

    11. Matt attends his great-aunt Violet’s funeral with his mother. After the funeral his mother gives him Violet’s photo album that he loved from childhood in Kim Fielding’s VIOLET’S PRESENT. Matt always looked at the photos of his ancestors and was fascinated by a cousin of Violet’s, Joseph who died in WWII. Matt returns home with the photo album and begins dreaming of JosephOLET’S PRESENT is a poignant story of a young man who did not have the opportunity to live before being sent off t [...]

    12. I'm a sucker for doomed romance and you just can't get more doomed than being in love with a photo of a long dead ancestor.This one was short and sweet. Lovely characters, lots of emotion, and very nice writing. The time warp stuff makes no damn sense if you are the type who wants things explained like its an episode of Star Trek But actually I hate when time travel is "explained" because it NEVER makes sense. This way is so much better for me because my brain can just go, "Heh, its a miracle" a [...]

    13. Another fun read by Kim Fielding - the only thing I didn't like was that it was so short ;-)Despite the shortness she creates a wonderfully vivid story, the characters and everything that happens seems to be so real, I could see them in my mind. And the steamy scenes didn't hurt either, not at all.But what I probably liked most what that it ended kind of open, so much can still happen, it gives you a great starting point for your own imagination - not your typical 'happily ever after', but very [...]

    14. It's not bad, rather sweet, etc.I just would have liked more (view spoiler)[explanation on how it all happened. I mean, you kind of knew it was going to anyways, so what really remained to be seen was execution, but Fielding kind of skirted over that part. It just needed something to insinuate a little more on how it all occurred. Maybe not outright magic of the typically paranormal kind, but something to marry the element of the fantastic to realistic Some further element of magic realism would [...]

    15. This was a quite well developed story, especially given the length. The writing was quite vivid - especially the sequences involving pre-war Nebraska and WWII battlefields. We really only experience directly a young Violet through a dream since she has passed away before the story begins, but it's obvious that she really loved Joseph and Matt. This is the first story I've read by Kim Fielding and I look forward to reading more.

    16. I enjoy time-travel stories, and this one really worked for me: a modern-day graphic artist and a young man enlisting as a World War Two soldier are brought together by a photo album?Well-drawn characters, evocative settings, and a unique plot. An unusual love story that will certainly stay with me.

    17. I really liked the premise of it instead of love coming out of a dream, it's walking into a dream. I got myself caught in the emotions and it felt real on that point. It is a nice time-traveling through other means story and it is also a nice story of love (view spoiler)[ conquering everything even death and time. (hide spoiler)]

    18. 3.5 StarsI really, really like this right up until the end when it lost me a bit. The characters are great and the realistic dreams and their settings worked wonderfully but I had waaaay too many questions left at the end.

    19. Well, this was more a novella than a book, just a handful of pages with a short but compelling story and intriguing characters. Some sex but nothing over the top. Very romantic and sweet. Entertaining enough.

    20. This short story is truly unique and made huge impression on me. I was positive surprised and loved HEA for Matt and Joseph. Sure the end is partly magical and unrealistic, but heck I loved it. Great written story from Kim Fielding!

    21. An enjoyable short interlude of two men in different time periods, pulling together in dreams, incorporating 'what ifs' and a very happy ending :) It is neatly and concisely written.

    22. wish it had been developed a little more (in other words, I'm greedy and liked it and I wanted it to be a lot longer), but it was still a sweet little story.

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