The Terrorist

The Terrorist

Juggi Bhasin / Dec 06, 2019

The Terrorist When you are trained to endure the harshest of climates the most hostile of situations to survive where no ordinary man can there s little difference between you and the terrorist you are trying to

  • Title: The Terrorist
  • Author: Juggi Bhasin
  • ISBN: 9780143415275
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • When you are trained to endure the harshest of climates, the most hostile of situations, to survive where no ordinary man can there s little difference between you and the terrorist you are trying to kill Little, except which side are you on.

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        Who am I asked Spiderman in the hit movie and believe me however old we might be, many of us still struggle with that question I am, however, very clear about who I am not I am not a person with a straight line career like a doctor or a chartered accountant I am a person who has dabbled in many things, whether by accident or design, but surely with some degree of success.My detractors would say that he has a rolling stone career but those who appreciate me would say that he is a self actualized person After all how many people you know have been a television reporter and anchor, stage actor, marketing services entrepreneur and event manager and not to forget a mental health counselor, good husband, sensible father all roles carried out with a high degree of success.But my biggest test is yet to come as I stand at the cusp of fulfilling a lifelong ambition to become a writer of serious note And my first work of fiction called The Terrorist , a Military Thriller, is published by Penguin Publications This is the first step towards my journey of fulfilling my ambition.Career choice number is it four or five would probably be the most challenging to date So folks you can take your pick and decide whether I am indeed a rolling stone or a seriously evolved individual And hey I forget my current interest in poetry, but relax that is not a career option, well not as yet anyway Additional details about Juggi Bhasin can be found here


    1. Where do I begin? Reckon will start with the things I didn't like about this book. For starters the cover of the book looks like a bollywood movie poster designer being "inspired" by hollywood. The cover is something like Amish's immortals of meluha. Hmmmm What other negatives are there? Oh yeah, for some godforsaken reason penguin decides to publish thisbook under their metro reads banner. Now the good bits Remember the time when Farhan akthar made DCH? I am sure you do. You didn't care that it [...]

    2. There are 2 reviews for this book. One is short, while the other is long.Here's the short one:GO BUY THIS BOOK NOW!!! ITS THAT GOOD!!!For those of you who want a Rs. 50 Discount on the cover price of Rs. 250 can buy it from FlipkartNow for the long review:Every Indian and every asshole politician (if you don't believe politicians are assholes, you will after reading this book) must read this book. Juggi couldn't have painted a more accurate picture of the current state of affairs in India.Some i [...]

    3. The Terrorist by Juggi Bhasin is a fast-paced, adrenaline pumping ride which stays just a bit longer than you would have ideally liked it to be, but till it stays it is worth every word. It moves at the rate of knots, not giving you many moments to think about and finishes with a thrilling climax which is sad and destructive in equal proportions.The Terrorist tells the tale of Suvir and Murad, both numb with the pain of having lost their loved ones, choose their different paths. Both are victims [...]

    4. For a first time writer Juggi Bhasin does a wonderful job in making the characters come alive. The characterization of the 2 main protagonists is done in every detail possible with emphasis to the environment they are in. Suvir a.k.a the good guy is the hero and the one with dark pasts who is trained in a 'shoot-to-kill' style. He can't forget his past which keeps coming back to haunt him and hence he joins the special forces which acts as a way of letting his frustration go out for him. Murad a [...]

    5. An interesting book. Well written and very much a current topic and concern for everybody. It's essentially a story of two men and how their respective destinies make their paths cross. Two men who are very similar yet totally different. Two men who could have been friends but were destined to be enemies! It's like two separate stories intertwined into one. One is of a man who fights terrorism and his own demons, sometimes unable to distinguish between the two. The other is of a terrorist who ca [...]

    6. Juggi Bhasin could very well be called the Fredrick Forsyth or Robert Ludlum of India But why should he? His writing has 'Juggi Bhasin' written all over. And Hats off to a first time author for pulling out a masterpiece. While the backdrop had the Mumbai 26/11 attack but positioned in Delhi The human aspect was bought out were well. Juggi has not resorted to unnecessary plots and kept situations to a bare minimum intricately woven. I wont be surprised that this gets converted into a Bollywood mo [...]

    7. Pretty good for a debut novel. If you can read a 500 page novel in two sittings, it means the author is definitely not bad! His pace was pretty good and the plot doesn't slacken anywhere but some dialogues looked outright dumb or maybe I missed the point. Cannot be called a thriller of a drama book.Do not read if you are planning to take something from the book. Any book that is banking on drama needs good dialogues and that is where this book fails. The book looks more like a screenplay of a mo [...]

    8. Although the author tries to weave a suspense thriller around a terrorist plot, the plot lacks the necessary suspense and excitement to make you turn pagese training details are rather patchy and the writer conveniently skips the narration where he is not good. the story sometimes gets slow due to protagonist personal affairs and this is a bit boring partthough a good attempt, it makes only one time read as it lacks the excitement to turn the pages, lack of any good prose and dull narration styl [...]

    9. An amazingly in-depth written book especially for the audience who love reading books on terrorism. The book absorbs you and you end up relating with the characters, even the negative streaks in them. You can relate to the political and military scenarios.Though the story and the end isn't something of a thriller but then the pace, the well researched scenarios, and easy-to-relate story keeps you gripped.A Must Read!!!!

    10. started of on a good note characterization of both leading characters was beautifully done. However as the plot progressed the author in an attempt to cover various characters seems to have lost hold on his main leads an engrossing read nonetheless an insight into the indian army was enlightening!

    11. I bought this book because I know the author but eventually glad that I did. Part fast paced interesting thriller, which made easy and enjoyable reading. Would happily recommend it to anyone who enjoys thriller fiction, you won't be disappointed. The cover does not do justice to the book and one might be put off by it. The content more than makes up for this singular flaw.

    12. A very well written and good read, if you are interested in fiction. A good work of fiction in Indian context. however I felt that towards the end of the book, the author was not able to make justice to the characters he built at the beginning of the book.

    13. Very filmy plot, but still a page-turner. The modus operandi of the terrorists operations could have been more slick. Juggi Bhasin like Mukul Deva (author of Salim Must Die, Lashkar, Tazneem) has given Indian thriller readers their own military novels, so a big thumbs up to them!

    14. a great story, very fast paced and detailed making the entire situation seem almost life-like and yes some events send a chill down the spine which is a big compliment for the story telling abilities of a first timer. I can't wait for the next instalment from him way to go juggi!!!

    15. Fast paced, well written book. The characters and situations have been built well. The ending of the whole drama I felt was a bit contrivedbut may be the author did not want to drag beyond an already sizable 500 pages.I liked the book and would recommend a read!

    16. An amazing book written especially for the Indian audience. The book absorbs you and you end up relating with the characters, even the negative streaks in them. That's what I loved about it. Go grab a copy now! Juggi Bhasin, the next time around a better cover would be appreciated.

    17. Though initially I felt the story is dragging me, later I got hooked to the book. Good one those who want to read thriller stuff. With lots of twists I enjoyed the book.

    18. Amazing narration. Beautiful moments in between, especially the Governor scene. Though a little predictable ending, it makes for a good read.

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