The Shooting Star

The Shooting Star

Hergé / Oct 16, 2019

The Shooting Star A huge fireball comes hurtling towards Earth from space Tintin sets sail with Captain Haddock to find the meteorite in the stormy Arctic Ocean but a valuable metal is contained in the meteorite and T

  • Title: The Shooting Star
  • Author: Hergé
  • ISBN: 9781405206211
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • A huge fireball comes hurtling towards Earth from space Tintin sets sail with Captain Haddock to find the meteorite in the stormy Arctic Ocean, but a valuable metal is contained in the meteorite and Tintin s attempts to reach it are met with relentless sabotage.

    The Shooting Star Just a girl who travels. After years of chasing shooting stars and meteor showers in India, a post for all night sky enthusiasts. The Shooting Star The Shooting Star French L toile mystrieuse is the tenth volume of The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Herg The story was serialised daily in Le Soir, Belgium s leading francophone newspaper, from October to May amidst the German occupation of Belgium during World War II. The Shooting Star backpack The Shooting Star Bumped Mon, Feb Listed Mon, Feb by Monokuma Beep boop, I m a Bot Send me an offer with the correct price ref , and I ll accept it as soon as possible. Gojira The Shooting Star OFFICIAL VIDEO YouTube Sep , Gojira s official video for The Shooting Star from the album Magma, available now on Roadrunner Records Directed and animated by Markus The Shooting Star mentalmars How to get the The Shooting Star The Shooting Star can be obtained randomly from any suitable loot source, but has an increased chance to drop from the Lost Legion Powersuit Noob during the mission Red, then Dead on the Lunar Launching Station. The Shooting Star The Adventures of Tintin Herg There is an exciting international race to get to the shooting star, as Tintin rides aboard the Polar Star under the command of good friend Captain Haddock The race to be first goes down to the final seconds. Shooting Star Definition of Shooting Star by Merriam Webster Definition of shooting star a visual meteor appearing as a temporary streak of light in the night sky any of several North American perennial herbs genus Dodecatheon, especially D meadia of the primrose family that have entire oblong leaves and showy flowers with reflexed petals. How to Trade Using the Shooting Star Candlestick The shooting star falls into the Hammer candle family The identical twin of the shooting star candlestick pattern is the inverted hammer The shooting star candle pattern has a strong bearish potential on the chart Thus, traders use the shooting star to set short entry points on the chart. What ever happened to the Shooting Stars Competition Maybe if the Shooting Stars Competition came back I d be inclined to watch at least part of All Star weekend if the Spurs were represented which is hard now that the Silver Perry Mason The Case of the Shooting Star TV Movie An actor rigs a fake on air shooting with the connivance of his friend, the show s host, but the practical joke goes horribly wrong when the gun, which he d loaded with blanks, turns out to contain a live round.

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        Georges Prosper Remi 22 May 1907 3 March 1983 , better known by the pen name Herg , was a Belgian comics writer and artist.His best known and most substantial work is The Adventures of Tintin comic book series, which he wrote and illustrated from 1929 until his death in 1983, leaving the twenty fourth Tintin adventure Tintin and Alph Art unfinished His work remains a strong influence on comics, particularly in Europe He was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2003.Series on The Adventures of Tintin Quick Flupke The adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko


    1. L'étoile mystérieuse = The Shooting Star (Tintin, #10), HergéThe Shooting Star (French: L'Étoile mystérieuse) is the tenth volume of The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. The story was serialised daily in Le Soir, Belgium's leading francophone newspaper, from October 1941 to May 1942 amidst the German occupation of Belgium during World War II. The story tells of young Belgian reporter Tintin, who travels with his dog Snowy and friend Captain Haddock aboar [...]

    2. 'Tintin and the Shooting Star' is in my opinion one of the weaker Tintins. It's still somewhat fun, with some slapstick comedy as usual and it is lifted by the wonderful Captain Haddock. But being a scientist I was groaning at the science. I know, I shouldn't be that fussy, and I don't think I was. But oh, dear! I'm not going to be a neck beard and pick it apart here though. Just swallow it down and enjoy the comedy.Tintin sees a mysterious bright light in the sky on a walk one night and calls t [...]

    3. This is my first Tintin adventure. I've seen the movie, been regaled with images of Tintin (the best of which are these Tintin meets Lovecraftian monsters mash-ups, and heard praise heaped upon Herge's head as a pioneer of the comic art. I'm not disappointed, but I'm not wowed either. Herge is no Winsor McCay, but his influence can be seen in Jean Giraud's work, which means that Herge was, at a minimum, influential on today's comic arts. The Shooting Star is a strange mix: Surreal science fictio [...]

    4. Before I read the final book in Charles Burns’ X’Ed Out Trilogy, I wanted to re-read Herge’s Tintin book, The Shooting Star, besides Burns’ first two books, to see if it would add anything to the overall experience. Having just finished The Shooting Star and from what I remember of Burns’ comics, there’s unfortunately no major connection besides the visual. It also turns out this Tintin book is pretty awful too - (not so) shockingly, my pre-teen self was wrong about this one (even th [...]

    5. As with all the early Tintin books, we're getting roughly the same plot over and over: Tintin is visiting a foreign country where he runs afoul of a criminal organization doing something wacky. He tracks down various clues as a couple of crooks try to kill him. Each time, he miraculously survives by pure luck. Then he beats a whole roomful of large, armed men to a pulp and escapes in a stolen aeroplane. All the plot points are convenient and interchangeable, built on haphazard coincidences and l [...]

    6. The adventures with Captain Haddock continue - his drinking problem also continues, even though in this sea trip he is cheered as the leader of non alcoholic sailors (LOL). In the mean time, at the same time as he receives a garland of flowers for being the abstemious captain of the ship that is going to make a scientific expedition, full boxes of whiskey bottles are being crammed into his cabin !!! LOLWell, I do not tell the story: you must go and read it yourselfMaria Carmo, Lisbon 11 January [...]

    7. A very good book!! Perfect stuff for adventure and humor, which is the best part of tintin series!! Tintin and snowy are as awesome as ever!! This is also one of the most enjoyable of the series!! Liked it a lot!! Captain haddock's humor was very enjoyable!! Waiting for more adventures of the series!!Do read the book if u get an opportunity! I bet ull def enjoy this part!! Awesome awesome awesome!!

    8. انا فاكرة الفكرة بتاعة المغامرة دى بالذات و الغلاف بيتهيألي ، كانت نجمة او جزء من نيزك على شكل عيش غراب و تان تان أكل منه و بقى شرير او مجنون او حاجه حصلتله يعني ، بس موش فاكره ايه هي بالضبط هاهاهاهاهااهاهاه:))))))

    9. Captain Haddock shines in this one. You might be annoyed with the drunk Captain Haddock in 'Crab with the Golden Claws', but sober Captain Haddock is the man. Ain't nothing like insults such as “I'm going to tear those caterpillars into little pieces”. Now, that's original! On this adventure, Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock and others set sail to the Arctic to find a meteorite and discover a new metal. The story is interesting because it's different from the earlier ones that are invariably m [...]

    10. The Tintin stories for anyone who has read them and understands their history can't be viewed as anything other than groundbreaking. The beginnings of these stories have been around as long as the Lord of the Rings, the illustration and environments in the Tintin books are accurate and extremely detailed. Anyone who has spent even a little time exploring Herge (Georges Remi) can see the painstaking research and adversity he worked through to compose the world around Tintin. His ideas were ahead [...]

    11. This is one of the more unbelievable Tintin books, including a shooting star (as the title suggests) that plummets into the ocean, sporting red and white mushroom (as the cover suggests). xD

    12. Very funny issue. I really love the scenes with Snowy and Tintin! After the fall of a meteorite and a big earthquake Tintin with Snowy and Captain Haddock and a group of scientists sail to the Arctic to find it and discover a new metal.

    13. Another cracking adventure with TinTin, snowy and Capt Haddock! Happily reading these in the original publications.

    14. হ্যাডকের আবোল তাবোল গালাগালি গুলো খুবই মজার। এই গল্পের শুরুর দিকের meteorite approaching মুহূর্ত গুলোর ইলাস্ট্রেশনে লাইটিং এর কাজগুলো খুবই চমৎকার ! and it has got one of the best adventures. খেয়াল করে দেখলাম কথায় কথায় টিনটিনের gre [...]

    15. Another Tintin story that has really stuck in my memory since childhood - it was great to return to this one. The Shooting Star feels unique because it has a bit of a science fiction/fantastical feel to it, courtesy of the star and the almost magical island it creates - with those giant mushrooms!It's also notable for another appearance of a pre-Calculus Calculus-style professor and another nice Haddock insult ('woodlice') along with a good dose of slapstick, though what stood out this time arou [...]

    16. This is a pretty big milestone for me - the very first French book I've read all on my own, from cover to cover. Sure, it has pictures, but it also has plenty of big words, and I understood enough of them to figure out what was going on. And I laughed at the funny parts, which, as any language learner will tell you, is a real triumph. Now to find more of these! I may need to place an order on amazon.

    17. Well, they can't all be masterpieces, I suppose. The premise is not good, but Herge plugs along admirably with good twists and suspense leading up to an exciting end. The art is, of course, excellent.

    18. How people have decided this book is less racist than Tintin in the Congo, I shall never know. To me they are both equally horrible.

    19. قصص جميلة ومثيرة مثلما اِشتُهِر عنهاالتقييم على التشويق والمغامرة في القصة،تنتمي مغامراتها للعالم الواقعي أحيانًا وأحيانًا أخرى يكون ممزوج بعالم الفانتازيا اللذيذولا شك بأن هناك اسقاطات منها على الواقع-----------------------ملخص عن حياة هيرجيه من الموقع الرسمي الإنجليزي لسلسلة تا [...]

    20. First of all, I'm a huge Tintin fan, having occasionally spotted him in the comic book store but really adopting him as an adult during a trip to Paris. And I have to say, purchasing the individual softcover comics is hands down a better read than the three-book collection editions - although more expensive on a per issue basis, the graphics are much clearer, you get the amazing cover and whatever full page Herge' opted to add to the story, and you can read the dialogue without eye strain.And "T [...]

    21. Que divertido episodio xDNos encontramos de nuevo con nuestro reportero favorito cuando llega a enlistarse en una expedición después de que una roca extraña llegue a aterrizar cerca a uno de los polos. Grande es la sorpresa cuando otra expedición también quiere llegar primero a la roca y hay unas dificultades para la embarcación dirigida por el capitán Haddock. Como ya es costumbre, Tintin es quien llega a la roca y por un pelo se llega a salvar y ayudar a la embarcación,Rapidisimo de le [...]

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