Reluctant Saint: The Life of Francis of Assisi

Reluctant Saint: The Life of Francis of Assisi

Donald Spoto / Sep 15, 2019

Reluctant Saint The Life of Francis of Assisi Acclaimed biographer Donald Spoto strips away the legends from the life of Francis of Assisi to reveal the true story of a man who has too often been obscured by pious iconography Drawing on unprecede

  • Title: Reluctant Saint: The Life of Francis of Assisi
  • Author: Donald Spoto
  • ISBN: 9780142196250
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • Acclaimed biographer Donald Spoto strips away the legends from the life of Francis of Assisi to reveal the true story of a man who has too often been obscured by pious iconography Drawing on unprecedented access to unexplored archives, plus Francis s own letters, Spoto places Francis within the context of the multifaceted ecclesiastical, political, and social forces of meAcclaimed biographer Donald Spoto strips away the legends from the life of Francis of Assisi to reveal the true story of a man who has too often been obscured by pious iconography Drawing on unprecedented access to unexplored archives, plus Francis s own letters, Spoto places Francis within the context of the multifaceted ecclesiastical, political, and social forces of medieval Italy, casting new light on Francis and showing how his emphasis on charity as the heart of the Gospel s message helped him pioneer a new social movement This nuanced portrait reveals the multifaceted character of a man who can genuinely be said to have changed the course of history.

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        A prolific and respected biographer and theologian, Donald Spoto is the author of twenty published books, among them bestselling biographies of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Alfred Hitchcock, Tennessee Williams, and Ingrid Bergman His books have been translated into than twenty languages Donald Spoto earned his Ph.D in theology at Fordham University After years as a theology professor, he turned to fulltime writing The Hidden Jesus A New Life, published in 1999, was hailed by the Los Angeles Times as offering a mature faith fit for the new millennium His successful biography of Saint Francis was published in 2002.


    1. 3 1/2 starsWhatever it is that keeps me from selling all that I own and living a life of servitude and simplicity is probably also keeping me from reaching a level of holiness that Francis Bernardone achieved. Clearly the man was holy. While traveling in Italy, and Assisi in particular, during college, I was introduced to Francis of Assisi via Cimabue and Giotto's frescoes in the Upper Church of Francesco's (pre-earthquake!) as well as a visit to the Poor Clares of San Damiano. But my true admir [...]

    2. It is definitely a different take on Francis, one that really gets into the nitty gritty of who he was as a man. The author mentions somewhere in the book that saints are often portrayed as these people who looked at life with rose colored glasses and never faltered. This is not that type of story. It allows the reader to see the true humanity of Francis, being able to identify with his pain and suffering, as well as his triumphs. It makes me want to know more about Francis, to delve deeper into [...]

    3. I thought this book was absolutely exquisite. It gives a frank look at life in the middle ages and a wonderful down-to-earth portrait of St. Francis. The prose is intelligent but still accessible. I found St. Francis to be personally inspirational. I have a new hero! What a magnificent person. He struggled to know God's will for Him, and had to accept that what God wanted him to do and what he wanted for himself was not the same. A must read for any wishing to become a true Christian and true di [...]

    4. Scholarly foundation, but highly readable. The author is respectful, and orthodox in his view, yet doesn't romantasize and oft overly romasntasized subject.I love Francesco even more than I did before reading this

    5. I'm not Catholic but I read this book before I visited Assisi this summer. St. Francis was an interesting character, to say the least, and someone for whom I have the upmost respect. This book seems to be one of the better, more balanced biographies, and Spoto does a good job of historically contextualizing the stories and legends. I don't read a lot of this type of book, and I didn't know what to expect, but I liked it.

    6. Spoto gives a fascinating cultural/historical framework for St. Francis' life. This is not a work of hagiography, but a responsible and respectful biography on this most popular saint in the Christian world. Spoto adds his own musings on the challenge of following Christ as he tells us about St. Francis. A very inspiring book.

    7. This is the best biography of St Francis I have ever read, the author presents a good medieval history backround & has clearly studied his references well. I loved Francis even more after reading this. Francis was no plaster saint but a real, human & holy man of medieval times. As a follower of Francis I appreciated the realities of his life & beliefs being presented in such a clear manner.

    8. This is the second time I have read this book. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to read a meaningful biography, grow deeper in acts of Faith, or better understand such amazing characters in the Middle Ages.

    9. The bio of St. Francis that I consider the best I've read: complete with historical background and culture of the time, to help the reader try to understand this saint. I loved it.

    10. Wonderful description of a life that I knew vaguely, in romantisized terms, and a prayer that I had grown up with. Well researched with insight into faith and relationships to God.

    11. Such an intimate look into the life of one of the most important and inspirational Christian saints, Francis of Assisi

    12. Well, the reading is going a little slow, and I'm usually not one for biographies. I had this in my library because I've always been humbled by the prayer of his namesake.A lot to think about so far in this book, but one section I wanted to highlight was on page 48"We begin to acknowledge, accept and know God--always imperfectly and darkly--when we seek to be free of our idolatry of self, love others unselfishly and accept our existence as meaningful, despite its unmanageability. When we renounc [...]

    13. Let me begin my 2016 reviews by noting that my reviews are heretofore brought to you by the new and improved which now wants me to remember not only when I finished reading a book, which was already a challenge given my propensity to procrastinate coupled with an inability to remember numbers, but now also expects me to record when I started reading? Which was even longer ago? Sigh. Why?Let me also note that I was looking forward to reading this book. Who doesn't love St. Francis, after all, es [...]

    14. I was expecting this to be a biography but it is more of a commentary, interpretation, and application of lessons learned from the life of Francis. Spoto's opinions are many. At times, his editorial remarks eclipse the story of the life of Francis.Some of the lessons I took away: (1) Francis followed the Nike dictum: "Just do it." He did not plan, think through, justify, or contemplate. He heard the command of Jesus and just did it, without considering the consequences. This got him into trouble [...]

    15. If you want to understand Pope Francis, studying St. Francis of Assisi is a must. This book was factual and did an excellent job explaining the Middle Ages (while Francis was alive) and how this beloved saint became the man he was and the legacy he has left in his wake. Here is the money quote from the book: "As life became more problematic, more complicated and more painful, he kept his focus not on himself but on God. He did not use people to find God: he began with God and then moved on to fi [...]

    16. This was my latest read in a study of the life of St Francis of Assisi. Donald Spoto has a whole series of life examinations, and spends time examining old documents, diaries, etc to prove/disprove myths and legends about famous people. The author describes the book in this fashion: "Reluctant Saint has been writen from the author's perspective that faith is primarily an attitude about reality. In the final analysis, that is what attracted me to Francis of Assisi--that he saw his journey to God [...]

    17. I'm not an overly religious person but I have always been interested in the life of this man, not the perfect saint but the man. Every book I have read so far on him has depicted him as flawless and saintly, which is unrealistic of anyone. This is the first bio about him that I felt showed me who he truly was, a flawed man who strived to be better and serve God. I could actually relate to him as a fellow human being! This is an amazing book if your interested in the truth verses a depiction of p [...]

    18. Although the author/biographer treats the subject with respect and is obviously a fan of the saint, this was meant to be a book that was not done through a religious haze, but as an accurate account of this twelfth century man’s life. This honest treatment of the man who became the saint, increased my understanding of him and respect for him. As an aside, the book is made even more interesting by its incorporation of the politics and competing empires and beliefs of the time.

    19. This was a great new look at someone I thought I knew. Apparently I didn't! So well researched, well written, and interesting. Biographies can sometimes be dry, but this one kept me going- I couldn't put it down. Francis was so revolutionary: teach by example, don't judge, love everyone. Such an interesting view into the Medieval Church and times. Any book that inspires me to want to be a better person should get 4 stars.

    20. A great inside look at the life of a saint - not just what he did, but a glimpse into how he felt and how he attempted to live a life pleasing to God. A great reminder to seek God's will and to carry our cross as God intended and not as the world or our own fleshy desires intend us to. Also a good reminder that saints are people who at times struggle in their pilgrimage to make sense of it all just as we do. Dry at times, but well worth the read to discover the richness within.

    21. This is a short (ca. 200 pages) bio of St. Francis that does a great job of going back to source documents to explain his life. I could have done without the author's theologizing, but I appreciated the great research that went into the book. I read the book because my ex-husband used to say that St. Francis was crazy, and I wanted to see for myself. Good news--apparently he wasn't. It's an inspiring book, good for spiritually-minded readers (and even ex-Catholics)!

    22. St. Francis: Crazy, radical, and a beacon in the darkness. He's at times confusing and infuriating, but he's always an inspiration. What a teacher! He's incredibly relevant for our current times of decadence and violence. Reading about 13th century Europe reminded me of 21st century America. We need more men and women like him. We need peace.

    23. This book was wonderful! It was a little hard to read through at times but I loved learning about a "Saint" that was so simple and down-to-earth and just loved Jesus! Catholicism tends to taint everything and everyone in overly religious tones and it was great to find that Francis of Assisi was just not that way!

    24. The problem with books about ancient religious figures is that they are light on facts and lean heavily on the author's view. This book employs a lot of scripture reference and is both repetitive in its presentation and its conclusions. Overall not a lot of new information or a particularly noteworthy read.

    25. This book appears to have been well-researched. Indeed, I learned quite a bit about St.Francis - more than I ever gave thought to. What I did know - and had confirmed - was that he spoke and lived a simple truth - love Jesus, live simply, treat others with peace in one's heart.I'm glad I read this one.

    26. Saint Francis of Assisi, it turns out, spent his early years drinking, fighting and spending his parent's money. And then he found religion. Spoiler alert: But, he ends up getting practically kicked out of the Franciscan order by a bunch of monkish bureaucrats. Monastic politics makes university politics seem as tame as national politics.

    27. I found the book tedious reading. While I expected a biography, I didn't expect the frequent theological sermons, explaining Francis's behaviors or thinking just as one might in a Sunday School class or from the pulpit. The milieu in which he operated and built his brotherhood was interesting.

    28. St Francis of Assisi is a key personality in the history of the church and I wanted to learn a little more about him. Unfortunately this book did not enlighten me much. Still looking for the book I want!

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