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Far Seer Sixty five million years ago aliens transplanted Earth s dinosaurs to the moon of a gas giant world Now intelligent saurians the Quintaglios have emerged The Face of God is what every young saurian

  • Title: Far-Seer
  • Author: Robert J. Sawyer
  • ISBN: 9780441225514
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sixty five million years ago, aliens transplanted Earth s dinosaurs to the moon of a gas giant world Now, intelligent saurians the Quintaglios have emerged The Face of God is what every young saurian learns to call the immense, glowing object which fills the night sky on the far side of the world Young Afsan is called to distant Capital City to ap prentice with Saleed,Sixty five million years ago, aliens transplanted Earth s dinosaurs to the moon of a gas giant world Now, intelligent saurians the Quintaglios have emerged The Face of God is what every young saurian learns to call the immense, glowing object which fills the night sky on the far side of the world Young Afsan is called to distant Capital City to ap prentice with Saleed, the court astrologer But when the time comes for Afsan to make his coming of age pilgrimage and gaze upon the Face of God, his world is changed forever for Afsan is the Quintaglio counterpart of Galileo He must convince his people of the truth about their place in the universe before tidal forces rip the dino saurs new home apart So begins Robert J Sawyer s classic trilogy, the Quintaglio Ascension, an early masterpiece by the latest winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel.

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        Robert J Sawyer is one of Canada s best known and most successful science fiction writers He is the only Canadian and one of only 7 writers in the world to have won all three of the top international awards for science fiction the 1995 Nebula Award for The Terminal Experiment, the 2003 Hugo Award for Hominids, and the 2006 John W Campbell Memorial Award for Mindscan.Robert Sawyer grew up in Toronto, the son of two university professors He credits two of his favourite shows from the late 1960s and early 1970s, Search and Star Trek, with teaching him some of the fundamentals of the science fiction craft Sawyer was obsessed with outer space from a young age, and he vividly remembers watching the televised Apollo missions He claims to have watched the 1968 classic film 2001 A Space Odyssey 25 times He began writing science fiction in a high school club, which he co founded, NASFA Northview Academy Association of Science Fiction Addicts Sawyer graduated in 1982 from the Radio and Television Arts Program at Ryerson University, where he later worked as an instructor.Sawyer s first published book, Golden Fleece 1989 , is an adaptation of short stories that had previously appeared in the science fiction magazine Amazing Stories This book won the Aurora Award for the best Canadian science fiction novel in English In the early 1990s Sawyer went on to publish his inventive Quintaglio Ascension trilogy, about a world of intelligent dinosaurs His 1995 award winning The Terminal Experiment confirmed his place as a major international science fiction writer.A prolific writer, Sawyer has published than 10 novels, plus two trilogies Reviewers praise Sawyer for his concise prose, which has been compared to that of the science fiction master Isaac Asimov Like many science fiction writers, Sawyer welcomes the opportunities his chosen genre provides for exploring ideas The first book of his Neanderthal Parallax trilogy, Hominids 2002 , is set in a near future society, in which a quantum computing experiment brings a Neanderthal scientist from a parallel Earth to ours His 2006 Mindscan explores the possibility of transferring human consciousness into a mechanical body, and the ensuing ethical, legal, and societal ramifications.A passionate advocate for science fiction, Sawyer teaches creative writing and appears frequently in the media to discuss his genre He prefers the label philosophical fiction, and in no way sees himself as a predictor of the future His mission statement for his writing is To combine the intimately human with the grandly cosmic uscmillan author robert


    1. Originally posted on JournalStoneA planet inhabited by sentient dinosaurs whose society is analogous to Europe during the Renaissance. Afsan, the apprentice astrologer, embarks on an ocean pilgrimage to see the Face of God. But this voyage is different from everyone else’s. Afsan has with him a new invention: a far-seer (a telescope), and he does something with it no other Quintaglio has ever done before. He looks at the Face of God. Then he turns the far-seer to the rest of the sky, and concl [...]

    2. I'm a bit of a sucker for interesting alien races, and the Quintaglios are a most interesting people, being descended (or perhaps Uplifted?) from tyrannosaurs as humans are from primates. The Quintaglios have traded in the massive size and tiny arms of their ancestors for longer, tool-using limbs with fine digits, and have reached a roughly Middle Ages level of technology. Explorers on their world, which has a single, Pangaea-like landmass, discovered generations ago a massive sphere in the sky [...]

    3. Far-Seer is an interesting read. Humanity’s history repackaged as an alien culture. Interesting stuff. The book is an older piece by Sawyer, and thinking of Sawyer’s current works it was cool to see how this writer has grown since the early 90’s when Far-Seer was published. Not that Far-Seer is badly written. On the contrary, however it does provide a marker for Sawyer’s early work. I will be continuing on with the series at some point, but not right away. Recommended, as are all of Sawy [...]

    4. I'd like to preface this review by stating that Robert J. Sawyer is one of my favourite writers. His science fiction is thoughtful, insightful, and grounded in current theories and speculations. He writes wildly entertaining stories with great characters and fantastic plot twists. This book, however, just did not live up to my expectations from this author. It is a neat idea (written from the perspective of a dinosaur-like sentient race) with a very interesting main character (a bright young fel [...]

    5. Going in, I wondered how absorbing a read this would be without any people to balance it out. The people in the Neanderthal Parallax, though very different, had interaction with people to breed familiarity. I was pleasantly engrossed, of course - the vast majority of Sawyer's writing can do that to a body. I'm very interested to see where this goes now, of course, and so I do have to persist.

    6. I have enjoyed several of Robert J. Sawyer’s science fiction novels, but “Far-Seer” is the first fantasy sci-fi I’ve read of this author.The back of the book of this particular paperback has spoilers, information on the characters of the book that are not revealed (apparently) until the later books in the trilogy, and I was disappointed by that. Of course I won’t reveal that! Plots: This is Book One of the Quintaglio Ascension. A “Quintaglio” is a species of intelligent dinosaur, g [...]

    7. Oh mywhere to start. This book was so well doneat I actually wanted to make a fan-made comic on it. I mean it was well done is so many ways. First off the beginning starts off different. The main character has already been on his journey arriving at "Land's" Capital city. I liked that, you didn't need his background right away, it explains to as you read the novel. Afsan is the main character, a part of the intelligent species of Tyrannosaurs living on a moon orbiting a gas giant. He is a intern [...]

    8. At the risk of appearing to be a dinosaur geek ala Ross Geller of Friends, I had been seen reading a novel with a dinosaur holding a telescope on the cover. Not something I'm keen on, being 40 years of age at the time, but Far-Seer is worth it.This is the story of a planet inhabited by intelligent dinosaurs, our hero being an astrologer seeking the truth about their world. Be warned that this is part of a trilogy, and they may be hard to find. AlthoughI did enjoy it, I will not be moving on to t [...]

    9. Bello, mi è veramente piaciuto questo romanzo, credo il primo, di Sawyer. Ho atteso per anni che venisse pubblicato in Italia e spero che i due seguiti arrivino presto. Ovviamente se l'autore dovesse riscriverlo oggi, sarebbe diverso specialmente per la parte della biologia e dell'antropologia dei Quintaglio. Ma resta una storia godibile e nel complesso palusibile. Con diversi misteri ancora da risolvere.Tre stelle e mezza.

    10. An early Sawyer that still has the wonderful storytelling and characters that he is known for. An unique way of conveying that tale of Galileo and his battle with the church (plus a mixture of others). A little light on quantity but still worth the read. I am interested in the other two books of the series.

    11. Far-Seer (Quintaglio Ascension #1)by Robert J. SawyerThis novel is one of my favorites and is the reason I read more from Robert Sawyer. It is a short easy read (an old fashion sort of book before giant tomes and endless series came in to fashion) None of his other books of series brought me to place that this one did. The idea of an entire dinosaur civilization with no ‘human’ observer just captured me. The world building is fascinating, a religion that supplanted older gods (the five Hunte [...]

    12. hahahaha oh manokay so the thing you gotta understand is my manager loaned me this book a year agothis was a terrible mistake as i read seventy pages (which were quite interesting!) and set it asidei knew i should finish! but the growing sense of guilt for not having done so and returned it meant that i put it off even further as i am a contrary soul who is allergic to any feeling of readerly obligation(this is why i'm terrible at book clubs)ANYWAYS. i was home sick today and thought to myself g [...]

    13. Great read, really creative. Fascinating.Fantastic. I really enjoyed this book and find impatience as I write this I can't wait to get to the second book in this series.I felt this perfectly captured some of the religious fervour we've seen far too often and for far too long in our own world. If you like talking dinosaurs, warriors, hunting, mystics and real science Stop ready my words and get some of Sawyers well crafted words of wisdom in your face!

    14. Un mondo nuovo e coraggioso, abitato solo da profughi dinosauri, finalmente evoluti quasi a un livello umano sarebbe una pacchia letteraria. A patto di non infarcirla di ridondanti scene di caccia e un'infinita noia nei dialoghi e nei personaggi. Noia riscattata qua e là da intuizioni galileiane e dall'idea che bisogna scappare dall'inospitalità. Primo segmento di una trilogia: io però scendo qui.

    15. Not really knowing what to expect with a story about dinosaurs who have a human-like civilisation, I found this book a great diversion. After living in the worlds of Diana Gabaldon, Louise Penny, Katherine Kurtz and Steven King recently, I look forward to reading more about the Quintaglio's struggle for survival in Fossil Hunter and Foreigner.

    16. This book had a really cool premise, but the protagonist discovers several hundred years worth of astronomy in a couple days and then rehashes a lot of tired old religion vs science arguments. Not Sawyer's best work.

    17. “I cast a shadow in your presence.”A great premise: What if Galileo was a sentient theropod on a Jovian moon? Good development of raptor culture and metaphors. Good unraveling of the astronomical puzzle. Okay storytelling.“Your heroism saved my life.” “It was nothing.” “My life? Or your deed?” “I’d like to think that in either case, that’s not true.”Got the dynamics of planetary body movement and observation correct enough to make it fun for science nerds, while enough so [...]

    18. Far-SeerI wasn't sure I could embrace such a different race of beings but Mr. Sawyer did not disappoint. The males were, as usual, not quick to embrace change.

    19. Far-Seer follows the life of young Sal-Afsan on the journey of a lifetime. He is a Quintaglio, a race of sentient t-rexes living on a distant planet and enjoying a unique culture and religion centered on the ritual of the hunt and a seafaring pilgrimage. During his coming-of-age adventures, Afsan makes several discoveries whose repercussions threaten to destroy his society in this re-telling of the lives of Galileo and Copernicus in one.This novel is best described as charming. The prose is simp [...]

    20. The summary on the back of the book really annoys me. "Sixty-five million years ago, aliens transplanted Earth's dinosaurs to another world. Now, intelligent saurians--the Quintaglios--have emerged. Afsan, the Quintaglio counterpart of Galileo, must convince his people of the truth about their place int he universe before astronomical forces rip the dinosaurs' new home apart." I have to ask, did the person who wrote this even read the book? If they hadn't used the word "Quintaglio" I'd have wond [...]

    21. Robert J. Sawyer writes plot-driven scifi. It's the kind of thing that was wildly popular in the 1960s, where stories were about exploring ideas, not characters or language. You see this theme all through Sawyer's work. He has fantastic ideas--he often crams in too many in a single book--but his dialog is wretched and his characters usually (though not always) flat.Out of the dozen-or-so Sawyer books I've read, Far-Seer is the best. It's wonderfully imaginative. The quintaglio society is thoroug [...]

    22. Well, this was a lot of fun. It's a story of reptilian aliens, parallelling roughly Renaissance Europe-level technology and thought (the "Far-seer" is a telescope, and the way that astronomical discovery can challenge dogma is a key theme--shades of Galileo). The irony of the doom-sayer on the street-corner predicting the end of the world being a man (well, lizard) of science rather than a religious fanatic was a delicious touch. The book does some great stuff tracking the development of a scien [...]

    23. I was really into Robert J. Sawyer for a while back in Junior High, before he won a bunch of awards for later books and became Canada's hottest science fiction star. All of which I just found out via , after forgetting him for the last 15 years, and unexpectedly remembering how much I loved this trilogy in the shower this morning. Also for some reason, suddenly fully understanding the cleverness of the Gallileo->Darwin->Freud progression the three novels follow: a progressive dissolution o [...]

    24. An older novel written in the early 90's by Robert sawyer. Picks up on a moon circling a gas giant in a solar system, that is not our own. This is the first book in a series of 3. Apparently 65 millions years ago an alien race knew that life on earth was going to be wiped out by dinosaur killer asteroid, and transplanted many species to this new world. This is never mentioned in the book, however the story makes it fairly obvious in connection with the small blurb on the cover "Somewhere beyond [...]

    25. I really enjoy Rob Sawyer, but truth be told I've avoided this trilogy as it sounded so bizarre and I was worried it might sully my admiration of Sawyer. I was happily wrong. While at times almost reminiscent of trippy Heinlein like 50s/60s scifi, with a dash of Arthur C. Clarke, this trilogy about sentient dinosaurs (e.g. raptors) making scientific discoveries on their home world is engaging and, like all Sawyer's books, eminently readable, plot-drive, and scientifically accurate. Without givin [...]

    26. Sawyer's world-building (species creation) is brilliant here. You can see the seeds of his Neanderthal Parallax work in this world of dinosaurs, but they're also wholly themselves.Unfortunately, the plotting and characterization don't hold up to this standard. The plotting in particular is very rudimentary, largely following the story of Galileo, and pushing the characters around as required by the plot. There's not a lot of conflict and there's not a lot of reason for the characters making the [...]

    27. Sawyer has captivated me with his explicitly theological and philosophical explorations through science fiction adventure. This is the earliest one I've read by him and it seemed a little clunkier than his more recent work, but I still enjoyed it and will probably end up reading the rest of the trilogy. A species of highly evolved, sentient Tyrannosaurs (Quintaglios) play out a thinly veiled version of human history through some well-known characters (Galileo, for example, in this volume). "ybe [...]

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