The Substitute Bridegroom

The Substitute Bridegroom

Charlotte Louise Dolan / Sep 18, 2019

The Substitute Bridegroom Elizabeth Goldsborough is the happiest of young ladies set to wed the most handsome gentleman in town Then shockingly all is stripped from her when an accidental encounter with an arrogant captain l

  • Title: The Substitute Bridegroom
  • Author: Charlotte Louise Dolan
  • ISBN: 9780451168917
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elizabeth Goldsborough is the happiest of young ladies set to wed the most handsome gentleman in town Then, shockingly, all is stripped from her when an accidental encounter with an arrogant captain leaves her with no choice but to marry a man she despises From the author of The Black Widow A Regency romance reissue.

    The Substitute Bridegroom by Charlotte Louise Dolan The Substitute Bridegroom has ratings and reviews Preeti said With Spoilers This regency has a forced moc plot, but with a little twist T The Substitute Bridegroom Kindle edition by Charlotte The Substitute Bridegroom Kindle edition by Charlotte Louise Dolan Romance Kindle eBooks . The Substitute Bridegroom Open Library So, reluctantly, he responded to the curious ad in the London Morning Chronicle, a desperate lady s plea for a savior a substitute bridegroom The wedding was hasty The honeymoon, horrific, for the odious Harold was hot on their trail. The Substitute Bridegroom Charlotte Louise Dolan The Substitute Bridegroom Elizabeth Goldsborough is the happiest of young ladies set to wed the most handsome gentleman in town Then shockingly all is stripped from The Substitute Bridegroom Barnes Noble The Substitute Bridegroom by Charlotte Louise Dolan Elizabeth Goldsborough was enjoying a London season that promised marriage to that handsome gentleman, Simon Bellgrave But an accident involving arrogant Captain Darius St John stole her happiness. Customer reviews The Substitute Bridegroom Sep , Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Substitute Bridegroom at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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        Charlotte Louise Dolan earned a bachelors degree from Eastern Illinois University and a masters degree in German from Middlebury College She has lived throughout the United States and in Germany, the Soviet Union, Canada, Taiwan, and Austria A bookworm since the age of four, she fell in love with Regency England when she read her first Georgette Heyer book Besides writing, she has worked as a high school Germany teacher, a toymaker, a tech editor, a genealogist, and a craft designer She is the mother of three children.


    1. *With Spoilers* This regency has a forced moc plot, but with a little twist. The H, a captain on leave from Spain, ends up hurting and scarring the h on the face while curricle racing with a friend. Her fickle fiancé dumps her as he cannot bear to look at her ruined face and her brother decides that if it can be ‘an eye for an eye’ it sure can be ‘a husband for a husband’ too! The H, a dedicated career soldier and a misogynist who has no intention of ever marrying, offers for her not be [...]

    2. While it's no standout for innovation in traditional regencies, it's absolutely perfect as what it is - a light, fun marriage of convenience story with enough wit and drama to stay entertaining from start to finish.Army Captain Darius St. John is just about to pull even in a carriage race down a narrow country lane when he has to suddenly swerve at the last second to avoid a child in the road. As he does so, a woman dashes in front of him and yanks the boy clear of the road. Everyone survives th [...]

    3. 4.5I really enjoyed this one. I thought it was really well written and it flowed nicely. I normally don’t like too many POVs, but in this case I thought it was handled well. I liked all the secondary characters and thought it was fun to see things from different perspectives. The reason for Elizabeth and Darius to marry was different then I was expecting. I thought they had good chemistry, when they were together that is. Elizabeth was a very likable heroine. She is so sweet and understanding. [...]

    4. I liked the initial premise very much - that the hero proposes from a sense of guilt, and that this is explicit from the start. That should set up an intriguing "Does he love me or is it just guilt talking?" situation. Unfortunately, that potential is not really explored.There were some very nice touches, though, in the hero's sharing with his men the Letters from Home, the attitude of the servants in the Big House, and some gorgeously bitchy sisters. The hero is Strong and Silent, and since he [...]

    5. It is one of those plots that you either are going to like or hate. I liked it because I understand the realities of the regency time period. If you want the heroine to act and think like someone in our modern time, you might want to stick with unrealistic modern regency books there are everywhere. If you don't want to hear about the promiscuity in marriages during that era, then you are deluding yourself they were part of their culture. (view spoiler)[Just to be clear, the main characters do no [...]

    6. I didnt care for this at all. I never made it through the whole book,there was just something so bland and off about the whole book.Something else that annoyed me was the author cutting to scenes.The hero is carrying the heroine to her home to get her help,then in the next paragraph some time has passed. The heroine is waiting for her fiancee to come visit herThen cut! to the heroine telling her brother "yep my fiancee was here and broke the engagement, because he cant stand to look at my face"I [...]

    7. I simply love this book. The plot moves along at a good pace and the dialogue is fantastic. I really feel for Elizabeth who is such a sweet character even if she is a bit quiet. Darius is a great character who shows growth even while being a consistent figure. There are times I want to hit him over the head, but so does the heroine, so I count that as a good thing. Their romance is sweet and a good roller coaster. Side characters are colorful and fun and really flush out the storyline as they ad [...]

    8. A wonderful story! The characters and the tale are as delightful on the tenth or fifteenth reading as on the first one.

    9. 3.5 out of 5 starsI really like Charlotte Louis Dolan. She writes wonderful traditional regencies, and has written one of my all time favorites, Fallen Angel.This book has an interesting plot, several story lines that all work and converge quite well, lots of well drawn secondary characters, and a great heroine. It's a marriage of convenience story, and the basis for the marriage is a unique plot device I haven't seen elsewhere (view spoiler)[ the hero injures and disfigures the heroine, and her [...]

    10. Fun readThis book was an enjoyable read, it was fun and entertaining, you are able to just escape for a bit. Parts were definitely predictable, but all in all good.

    11. Quite disappointing actually, I expected a lot more of the H based on the other book by the same author. The whole problem is the protagonists hardly have any scenes together to make the romance believable. Most of the books are about the social scene they are living in and the shallow people they have to live with. Granted, these are actually pretty well done and gave a classics jane austeny feel to it, with the short length though, there is just not enough page to have the luxury to introduce [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book because the heroine was so likeable. She was strong but not abrasive. She was loving but not a doormat. She was perceptive, not a pushover. She expected the best of the people she met but once she found out that they were malicious or manipulative, she had no problem walking away from them.While the hero was somewhat unlikeable at first, it was understandable given his family situation and life experience. Because he was a British officer during the interminable Napoleonic Wa [...]

    13. This book was decent. Not amazing, but entertaining. There's not much about it that stands out as being memorable, but it was worth a read the first time around.The heroine is a bit bland, but likeable and you want to see her get her happily ever after. The hero is little more interesting, but not terribly well rounded. I wish there had been more development of the romance and showing them falling in love, rather than all of the subplots that took a ton of time away from the main storyline. And [...]

    14. I did not find this story "light-hearted" it was very frustrating. The hero was in fact the most frustrating. 97% of the women were conniving and the sudden changes of point-of-views was quite annoying. I Have no idea what made them fall in love with each other because they were barely together until the latter part of the book and everyone they knew (apart from 2 people) had major flaws in them. The servants had more sense than the members of the ton. Rated it a 2 rather than 1 because I've rea [...]

    15. This is the second of Ms. Dolan's books I've read. She does a decent job of creating situations where it could get too adult for me, but never crosses that line. Several times I prepared myself to cringe, or put the book down, or feel exasperation with stupid characters, but each time she navigated the machinations of her characters with skill, so no one got too hurt. The characters are likable, the setting and manners authentic. Her nasty women are really, really nasty. This is a good read, but [...]

    16. the heroine was alright but she did seem to fall in love too quickly and without much basis. the hero was irritatingly distrustful. While the story gave him plenty of reasons to be so distrustful, I found it hard to believe that his sisters and mother could be that bad. the villains were not complex and were just bad to the core. they were so bad that I found it hard to believe that there could anyone be that bad. I do appreciate the lack of uncomfortably sexual scenes. I prefer passion to be im [...]

    17. I thought the characterizations were more than a bit off in this one. The heroine is a wimp: not so nice she lets everyone push her around, but weak. The hero is OK, if limited, but the real problem with this book and the others I've read by Dolan are the bad guys. None of them [and there are many] have a single redeeming quality, thought or gesture, they are caricatures of badness, farcical in their shrill hedonism and not believable.

    18. This was such an interesting premise but it fell a little flat for me. In a book where the heroine has been horribly disfigured, you expect at some point for the hero to reassure her about her appearance. This moment never really seemed to happen. The hero was the strong, silent type, and remained silent for the duration of the book. I really wanted a little more sweet talk, but overall it was a decent read.

    19. I had never read anything by this author before so I was kind of skeptical as to whether or not it would be interesting. Since regency/period romances are some of my favorite types of novels I was really hoping this would be good and it definitely was! I am excited to read other novels written by her.

    20. Charlotte Louise Dolan writes a story that anyone can. Can easily be added to the 'clean' Regency shelf. She depends on the characters to tell the story. Darius is the cynical soldier who does not believe in female fidelity or honor. Elizabeth is an innocent whose character is strengthened in this book. A charming tale with great secondary characters.

    21. Having nearly run out of Georgette Heyer, which is a tragedy, this author was a very pleasant discovery. Great characters, and period-appropriate language which was not too flowery. I would recommend it.

    22. I enjoyed this book as with the other two I found by this author who only wrote a handful of books. Not as good as the other two, but still enjoyable.

    23. A nice trad Regency. Dolan does a nice job with character development within the limitations of a series historical.

    24. An underrated writer. Dolan understands regency era well. In particular, she writes in the language of the time.

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