In Dreams

In Dreams

Eden Winters / Dec 16, 2019

In Dreams Dear Author For three sleepless days the lyrics have been pounding around in my head Every time I close my eyes this is the face that I see The music is pouring from me dragging me in its wake and

  • Title: In Dreams
  • Author: Eden Winters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 378
  • Format: ebook
  • Dear Author,For three sleepless days, the lyrics have been pounding around in my head Every time I close my eyes, this is the face that I see The music is pouring from me, dragging me in its wake and I can almost believe he is real, his haunted eyes singing to me.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love is Always Write event Group members wereDear Author,For three sleepless days, the lyrics have been pounding around in my head Every time I close my eyes, this is the face that I see The music is pouring from me, dragging me in its wake and I can almost believe he is real, his haunted eyes singing to me.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love is Always Write event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.Read the story here or find it in Love Is Always Write Volume 5.

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        You will know Eden Winters by her distinctive white plumage and exuberant cry of Hey, y all in a Southern US drawl so thick it renders even the simplest of words unrecognizable Watch out, she hugs Driven by insatiable curiosity, she possibly holds the world s record for curriculum changes to the point that she s never quite earned a degree but is a force to be reckoned with at Trivial Pursuit.She s trudged down hallways with police detectives, learned to disarm knife wielding bad guys, and witnessed the correct way to blow doors off buildings Her e mail contains various snippets of forensic wisdom, such as What would a dead body left in a Mexican drug tunnel look like after six months In the process of her adventures she has written fourteen m m romance novels, has won several Rainbow Awards, was a Lambda Awards Finalist, and lives in terror of authorities showing up at her door to question her Internet searches.When not putting characters in dangerous situations she s a mild mannered business executive, mother, grandmother, vegetarian, and PFLAG activist Her natural habitats are airports, coffee shops, and on the backs of motorcycles.


    1. A mysterious fantasy story about an elf living in the human world, but not knowing how he got there and who he is. In his dreams a song and a beautiful man is calling out to him. As his memories and abilities come back in fragments, we slowly learn what happened to him. Faster and faster the incomprehensible sounds escape, more chant now than melody. A tightness forms in my chest, squeezing my heart and stealing my breath.Words cannot describe what happened next, the tingling of heat and cold vy [...]

    2. In Dreams is a beautiful short about the power of dreams, telling us about an elf king looking for his lover, who got lost in the human world. Due to the shortness of the story, there wasn't much world building in itself. However, the atmosphere was a bit dark and very mysterious, which really got me hooked. The writing style was very interessting and super catchy! It's amazing how Eden Winters managed to get so many feelings across in so few pages! In Dreams reads itself like poetry! 4 stars!

    3. This is a story told in the style of a typical fairytale - iron-fearing elves with enchanting voices, an elf king looking for his lover, a traitor, an inn where most of the story is set.I'm not sure I would enjoy a novella or a novel set in the same world, because it would be too much sugar to take; despite the premise, you always know how it's going to end and there is not much angst or suspense. I suppose this could be the appeal of this story for those who are looking for something dreamy and [...]

    4. This story has such a beautiful feel to it. It feels very dreamy and full of fantasy. A story about a faerie who has amnesia and his connection with the lover who's searching for him. Lovely, lovely story.

    5. This short story almost reads like poetry. Slowly developing, with a deep sense of mystery, it's about a young man who cannot remember where he comes from, or even his name. His nightly dreams of a lover haunt him, and while he slowly remembers more each morning, he also gets weaker every day. The focus of the story is on him figuring out a way to help himself, since none of those around him are ready to do so.Living without an identity is hard. Eden has shown us a little bit of what it may be l [...]

    6. First person present tense Okay short story. It's pretty vague on the details and I always felt like I was being kept at a distance. I'm not really sure what I just read. Didn't like all the dream sex and stuff and half the time I had no idea what was going on.It's a free short but not one of my favorites for sure. 2.5 stars to maybe 3.5 stars. It wast bad per se it just seemed to be lacking details and the development could have been smoother IMO

    7. I loved the fantasy elements in this, and wish it were longer so I could see more and have things explained a little more clearly. I'm very impressed with the vivid and haunting world and atmosphere Ms. Winters was able to create in such a short story.I'm not usually a fan of amnesia stories, either, but this one totally worked for me. Maybe because of the fantasy setting? Whatever the reason, it was beautifully done. The only thing I didn't like was that the ending felt rushed. From when Alasta [...]

    8. Offered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group, Love Is Always Write: Volume Five.This was a really interesting take on the picture and prompt that were given. A magical world that is slowly revealed to us. I only wish we got a little more at the end to get to see Loren and Alastair reunited a little longer.

    9. Oh wow! I'm not usually a fan of short stories but this one grabbed me by the throat. I had goosebumps for almost the whole story and my breath caught in my throat several times. It felt much longer than it was (in the best way! :) and I swear I was Loren for the duration. What a perfect response to that prompt and photo! The story felt complete as it was, but I'd love to spend more time in that world and get to know them better.

    10. I totally loved this. This is not the type of story (not even close) that I would normally read. I probably would have skipped this one all together had it not been written by an author whose other work I have enjoyed. Sure it is a short story but there was just enough build up for it to work. I hope these guys are revisited someday soon (she left it open). I would love to see where they go from here.A very enjoyable read. as always by this author.

    11. I really liked this story and the build up to the MC remembering who he is. I would definitely enjoy reading more of this world. Thank you Eden Winters, for donating your time and talent.

    12. This is the story of Alastair and Loren; two elves separated by jealousy. The story begins with a young man, who calls himself deformed, dreaming of a beautiful man covered in cloth with dark eyes singing to him. He names him Alastair and wakes with fatigue. Loren is able to enhance production from the animals in the barn he stays in by singing to them; he has no recollection of who he is nor why he is where he is. As he continues to dream of Alastair, he is finally able to remember little piece [...]

    13. I love the fantasy realm and this one had both magical and mysterious qualities to it. It was kind of that feeling of being in a fog – things are somewhat familiar but not really. Only when the sun finally begins to burn bright does it make the fog lift. Loren started in that foggy place and as he focused more and more on Alastair, everything began to clear up and right itself. I didn’t expect the story to go in this direction based on the picture prompt, but very glad it did! Wonderful!!!

    14. One of the LiAW stories reviewed at The Armchair Reader.A fascinating and slowly unfolding story about an amnesiac faerie prince who sings charms. The tone of this very short story was charged with a sort of melancholy and stirring hope. In such a short time, Eden pulled off the amnesia storyline by making it less about mystery and more about the remaining thread of soul connection between lovers.

    15. I really liked this magical elven story about Loren, an amnesiac elf bard and consort, and his singing that was a lifeline to his lover, Alastair the King of the Elves. The author did a good job of conveying Loren's melancholy and longing for things that he couldn't really remember, and his longing for the mysterious man in his dreams.

    16. This was such a beautiful story filled with magic and romance. I loved how the reader was just as much in the dark as Loren was regarding his own situation and who his dream lover was. The story wonderfully captures all the elements of a fairytale in just a few short pages.

    17. This short story has the feel of a dreamdark and lonelyelusive, with information coming in snippets, only as required. Although it is perfect as is, my greedy soul wants more!

    18. What a delightful story! This short is really refreshing and delightful. Loved that the mystery is slow to emerge in this tale of true love that will not be thwarted. Lovely as usual Ms. Winters!

    19. Dreamy and like a fairy tale. An ok read but in my opinion to short for the topic and the world it is set in.

    20. This was a very short, but very compelling story. In just a few short pages, I wanted to know more. (view spoiler)[ Who was he dreaming about? Why didn't he have any memories of his past? What kind of magic does he possess?(hide spoiler)] And then when the pieces slowly came together, I realized that I was enjoying it much more than I thought I would. I really would have been happy with a full length novel. (view spoiler)[ I'm already intrigued with Alistair and Loren. They're obviously in love [...]

    21. I really liked this. It was written really well. I liked the plot. My only gripe is that it could have been so much better if it had been a lot longer. I wanted more of the 2 main characters.

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