The Devil's Cinema: The Untold Story Behind Mark Twitchell's Kill Room

The Devil's Cinema: The Untold Story Behind Mark Twitchell's Kill Room

Steve Lillebuen / Jun 20, 2019

The Devil s Cinema The Untold Story Behind Mark Twitchell s Kill Room A detailed well constructed account of a diabolical real life Dexter Lillebuen has written a riveting true crime page turner about aspiring filmmaker Mark Twitchell who turned his obsession with fa

  • Title: The Devil's Cinema: The Untold Story Behind Mark Twitchell's Kill Room
  • Author: Steve Lillebuen
  • ISBN: 9780771050350
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • A detailed, well constructed account of a diabolical real life Dexter Lillebuen has written a riveting, true crime page turner about aspiring filmmaker Mark Twitchell, who turned his obsession with fantasy into horrible reality Robert Remington, co author of Runaway Devil On the night of October 10, 2008, Johnny Altinger was heading to his first date with a woma A detailed, well constructed account of a diabolical real life Dexter Lillebuen has written a riveting, true crime page turner about aspiring filmmaker Mark Twitchell, who turned his obsession with fantasy into horrible reality Robert Remington, co author of Runaway Devil On the night of October 10, 2008, Johnny Altinger was heading to his first date with a woman he had met online He was never seen again Two weeks earlier, aspiring filmmaker Mark Twitchell, a young father with a devotion to the television series Dexter, began a three day shoot for his latest short film His horror story featured a serial killer who impersonates women on an online dating site to lure unsuspecting men to his suburban kill room But was his script actually the blueprint for a real life murder And what of Twitchell s other writings, including the elaborate and shocking document titled S K Confessions Was it a work of fiction or a diary detailing his dark transformation into a would be serial killer A powerfully gripping narrative, The Devil s Cinema is the definitive account of the notorious Dexter Killer, a case and trial that captured the world s attention Steve Lillebuen takes us deep into the extraordinary police investigation and the lives of everyone involved, while unveiling never before revealed details, all drawn from extensive and exclusive interviews including months of contact with the killer himself.

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    1. Without giving too much away, I have to say that Steve Lillebuen did a fantastic job researching and writing The Devil's Cinema. He was there at the beginning as a reporter, and then dedicated several years of his life putting this book together, with unique access to all the people involved in the story and investigation. He writes the story expertly, saving some surprises along the way so that the reader enjoys an almost novel-like experience as they read this incredible account. See my full r [...]

    2. The Good Stuff Fast paced & truly fascinating Very detailed and obviously very well researched Not too sensational or descriptive of the more gruesome aspects of the case (I would have liked a lot less, but I am sensitive) Author really tries hard not to put in his own opinions -- slips a little sometimes, but it would be hard not to Impressed with the dedication of the Edmonton police force on making sure he didn't have the opportunity to kill again Also impressed with the fact that justice [...]

    3. This is one of the better written, researched and interesting recent true crime stories. Some may recall a bizarre, and gruesome murder case in Edmonton, Canada in 2008. It involved the case of 38 year old Johnny Altinger, who disappeared after being lured to a rendezvous with what he thought was a beautiful woman he had met online. He was to follow directions to the meeting place he was e-mailed just before leaving to go there. He e-mailed a copy of these directions to a friend just before exit [...]

    4. This was another case hitting close to home. Surprisingly, I hadn't even heard of it, yet the media attention was outstanding when you look back at media archives. I was quite surprised to find out that my hometown news paper was even there for some piece of the coverage.What I found most fascinating is the complete break from reality that Twitchell clearly experiences. This obsession with creation and promoting projects is one I am familiar with. There is a fine line between fact and fiction, a [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book. A lot. It is a fascinating story and is incredibly engrossing. The effort made to convey details, mannerisms, and personalities allows us to "get to know" the people involved, so they become more than "characters" in a story. There is no sensationalism, which is greatly appreciated, especially in the true crime genre. It is so easy to make these stories into hyperbolic drama, and Lillebuen does a fantastic job of steering clear of that and presenting the story as it i [...]

    6. I picked this book up yesterday around 11 am, and finished reading it around 12:30 pm, what a spell binder what a horrific story about the evil that can live amongst us. I have read many true live murder stories, however this is Steve Lillebuen's first book, which is pretty amazing.Steve's background is veteran Journalist and he has written for the Edmonton Journal, The National Post, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the Sydney Morning Herald, and many other publications.This story deals wi [...]

    7. Steve Lillebuen recently took home the 2013 Arthur Ellis Crime Non-Fiction Award for this book, documenting his research and coverage in the fascinatingly strange story of Mark Twitchell. Having grown up in Edmonton, I found some of the scenery familiar as he described the events and locations. I was however startled by some of the city's more modern folklore - having dubbed itself "Deadmonton", which certainly played well into the book's central theme, but was not the case twenty years ago. I a [...]

    8. This book included chilling details of how a man came to his conclusion that he was not only a psychopath, but wanted to be a serial killer. Well written and researched, everything comes together to give you as much of a satisfying answer as you can get to the question of how something like this could happen.The really beautiful thing about the book though, is how it spends effort in making the victim a real focus so we would remember his name too. His life and his friends are made a real presen [...]

    9. I could not put this book down!! Steve Lillebuen did a fantastic job researching and investigating a factual, non-fiction version of this case and presenting it as a fascinating look at a twisted killer. As an Edmontonian, I was already familiar with the Mark Twitchell case through the media coverage here, but this book did a great job of covering the story in depth utilizing not only the trial proceedings and facts of the case, but also interviews with family, friends and Mark Twitchell himself [...]

    10. Good book.Well-written, fairly unbiased, fairly non-sensational.I appreciate that most of the information was gathered from sources besides Twitchell himself, though, it was glaringly obvious when stories were coming from the horse's mouth- very narcissistic.Recommend to people who wish to hear the ins-and-outs of the Twitchell case- from the original occurrence, to how he was convicted and sentenced.A warning to some: near the middle of the book, pieces of Twitchell's own account of the murder [...]

    11. There's a good mix in this book of journalistic observation, court and police proceedings which makes for a horrific story. The only query I had was with the chronolgy of the story. There seemed to be an amount of to-ing and fro-ing which I found annoying.I think it would have worked better as a story if it was told in a chronologically straight line.A good book to skim through quickly, especially because of some of the horrific details.

    12. Fascinating and well researched. I did follow this case when it was in the media, since so many of my friends were reporting on it, and I know a guy who went to school with Mark Twitchell.I learned a lot about the case and the investigation, but felt that the organization of the book was TERRIBLE. There was also a lot of really bad writing in this book too.Interesting, but poor execution.

    13. Absolutely loved this book! Lillebuen's journalism background is obvious. His dedication to research and accuracy comes through in the well-written non-fiction novel. Lillebuen did a fantastic job of incorporating all of the necessary details while keeping the reader engaged in the narrative. Really recommend this book if you enjoy reading true crime stories, learning about the mind set of a sociopath, or have an interest in the Canadian legal system.

    14. I couldn't put the book down. I loved that the chapters were short, it's a Canadian book, and the author was extremely well researched. I've read another true crime book "Captive" where the author was not as well researched and you could tell. This book right until the end kept me turning the page. Very little bias (that I detected).

    15. Sorted, sadist and savage. Hard to read in places - true crime story. Not a read for everyone - my compulsion to read it came from knowing that he once lived in my city. The story of Mark Twitchell and his fantasies - leading to murder. All caught on a movie reel.

    16. A great true crime account of a deranged young man. The author did a wonderful job at setting up the story, detailing how this psycho came to be and how he was ended. Further reading says he gets to watch the Dexter TV show at the prison he is incarcerated in.

    17. Disturbing true story of a crazed STAR WARS and DEXTER fan who wasn't satisfied making crummy fan-based movies and moved into the realm of real-life crime. I found this well-researched book often unpleasant but always fascinating.

    18. Loved this book. Real eye opener into the life and mind of a psychopath. Not only that, but it was interesting to read stuff about the victim's life too. Always found this case interesting and thought this book was very well researched and written. I highly recommend reading it.

    19. A very interesting and disturbing insight into the mind of a psychopath. The intricate web of lies was absolutely fascinating

    20. Interesting and thorough. Though, as a fiction lover, true crime narratives are generally too dry for me to be captivated. But it was an informative read, nonetheless.

    21. I first learned of this case from episodes of 48 Hours, 20/20 and Dateline. Bizarre but true story of a sick, twisted mind and the fatal impact on an innocent man.

    22. Meh! He killed one guy and liked Dexter so this book calls him a serial killer. Not an interesting read in any way, shape or form.

    23. This was pretty interesting, but nothing special. I didn't get totally sucked in like I often do with these terrible true-crime books.

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