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Kindred You may not be aware ma douce but not all vampyre have a kindred some will live out their existence without such beauty in their lives I have waited five hundred years for you Vampires shape shift

  • Title: Kindred
  • Author: Nicola Claire
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  • Page: 373
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  • You may not be aware, ma douce, but not all vampyre have a kindred, some will live out their existence without such beauty in their lives I have waited five hundred years for you Vampires, shape shifters, ghouls and magic users abound in a world where the Norms, those humans without paranormal abilities are ignorant of the creatures of the night and the supernatural You may not be aware, ma douce, but not all vampyre have a kindred, some will live out their existence without such beauty in their lives I have waited five hundred years for you Vampires, shape shifters, ghouls and magic users abound in a world where the Norms, those humans without paranormal abilities are ignorant of the creatures of the night and the supernatural species that live alongside them.Lucinda Monk is a bank teller by day and a vampire hunter by night, but she wasn t always a part of this world Thrown into a heady mix of powerful people and sensual beings, she s had to find her way practically blindfolded in amongst the creatures of the night But she s a capable and realistic kind of girl Her motto never show fear But, there s something different about Lucinda, something those creatures she hunts, want In order to stay one step ahead of the enemy she has to let the enemy in In all his compelling, seductive and delicious ways Sleeping with the enemy has never meant so much before But, can she trust him From the urban streets of the city, to the dark alleys and sinful bars that promise a wickedness a girl from the farm has never before been exposed to, Lucinda gets drawn irreversibly into the dark side of life And if the Master of the City had his way, she would always be his For eternity.

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        Nicola Claire lives in beautiful Taupo, New Zealand with her husband and two young boys She has a passion for all things suspenseful, spiced up with a good dollop of romance, as long as they include strong characters alpha males and capable females and worlds which although make believe are really quite believable in the end Creating rich stories with dynamic characters and unexpected twists that shock and awe has been pure bliss for this author And just as well, because there s a lot story yet to tell You can get Nicola s Starter Library three popular full length first in series romantic suspense novels, with hundreds of positive reviews between them by signing up for her mailing list at nicolaclairebooks.


    1. 3.5 Well, this book was a disappointmentWhen I read the other book by Nicola Claire, Blood Enchanted, I said I must try everything by this author, I absolutely loved that one. And well, I had really high hopes for this series, I heard great stuff about it. And boy, did it disappoint!What I hated: the main female character, Luce, was chopped. She felt like she had different personalities, she was either nice or a bitch or sarcastic or absolutely lovely. Yeah, a person can be all that, but you can [...]

    2. This is the best vampire book I've read in a long time and if you like the paranormal world of vampires, shape shifters, ghouls and magic this book is a must read! The writing was seamless and the character development was outstanding. Lucinda Monk is a bank teller by day and a vampire hunter by night - and she is good at it. Too good - which is why the Master of Auckland summons her for a visit. Michel Durand, the powerful, drop dead, (pardon the pun) gorgeous alpha-vamp, knows there's somethin [...]

    3. I'm always thrilled to find a fresh, unique twist to the done-to-death vampire/shifter theme, and Nicola Claire has given us that. With vamps, ghouls, shifters and magic, the world is complex, the characters engaging, and I'm looking forward to reading more in the series!Many thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

    4. I have lost count of how many series I have started only to drop them a couple or one book in.Stupid slump!It's 3am. Sleep beckons.Also, reading slump equals review slump.If I do end up continuing this series, it'll be for that chapter 2 from Michel's POV.No, I'm not gaga over him. He pisses off my independence and self-worth too much for that.Once again, not a big fan of the names. Might just be me but Michel sounds downright girly for a 500-year-old vamp. Or any self-respecting man for thatDon [...]

    5. This book was recommended to me by my friend, Leslie over at The Indie Bookshelf, and I decided to make it my Halloween read. Thank you, Leslie, for your recommendation. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!This book gives a very different spin on vampires and shapeshifters. No, they don't sparkle and there was no bad DNA in the mix, but there is something very different about them. When I first started reading this book, I immediately thought of a blend between Jeaniene Frost's Cat and Bones and Char [...]

    6. This was a great fresh take on the vampire world. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the second book! The fight scenes in this book are well thought out and had me on the edge of my seat rooting for the good guys! The love scenes weren't as graphic as I'm use too but they gave me butterflies all the same. I actually really enjoyed them and the sparks between Michel and Luce were through the roof. I do detect a possible love triangle coming, between Michel, Luce, and Nero. I could be way [...]

    7. At its heart Kindred is a romance story, that just happens to feature sexy vampires, vampire hunters, and a kindred connection between the two never before seen.For more information about the Kindred World, please visit my website: nicolaclairebooks

    8. This is feeling like it's gonna be a long one and may contain mild spoilers.To start off with, this is very, VERY similar to the Anita Blake series. The heroine, Lucinda, is a vampire hunter instead of a necromancer who hunts vampires (Anita), but she has a very similar attitude. Lucinda's best friend is a shifter, much like Richard is in the A. B. series and there are hints of a pretty powerful love triangle (One would hope not an actual trifecta. That really would be far too much to chalk up t [...]

    9. I was in a book funk when i stumbled upon this book and i can't believe what a revelation it was,it tore me right out of my funk and plunged me into this new amazing world.I'm happy to have found this breath of fresh air,it's an enticingly original story full of passion,action,romance,suspence and humor.I've found myself laughing,crying and holding my breath throughout the entire book.Lucinda the main character is funny,witty,loyal and a kick-ass heroine and her male interest is Michel,powerful [...]

    10. This one is gonna have to be a DNF for me. I made it 60% of the way through and just can’t keep going. Usually when I read paranormal romance I can overlook the occasional grammatical mistake or awkwardly worded sentence. But gracious me, this is beyond the pale. I found myself editing sentencesrather than just reading them. My other struggle was the main characterI didn’t really like her. Tough to say exactly what about her I don’t like, but there we are. Also, I read the synopsis for the [...]

    11. I am aiming more towards 4.5 here.I must admit, I wasn't sure I was going to like this book. When I first started reading, my mind was screaming at what seemed to be shoddy writing. That was merely just due to the few too many "run-on" like sentences. I also wasn't real amused with the way that Luce would speak to the reader or herself, however you want to look at it. I read on and my swift opinions drastically changed as I really got into it.My heart always goes out to the wanna be good boy, ba [...]

    12. 3-4 (3+)I really liked the book, but I had major issues with it, too.It was fun and interesting to read, but I was often questioning the heroines behavior and train of thought. Things didn't completely make sense. I often felt doubtful, confused/unsure and felt like I was missing a previous book or something. IMHO an author should be in control of the emotions the reader gets while reading (I doubt my confused emotions were premeditated).

    13. I thought this was a fantastic read. Loved the characters and I look forward to reading the rest of the series to see where it goes! I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves paranormal reading.

    14. I have just one complaint about this book – the cover. It makes me think some romcom type fantasy will be inside. It doesn’t lend anything to the real story (which is awesome) within. With that said, every other single part of this book was terrific.“Hunters have been preyed upon for centuries, my dear. It’s nothing new.”In a world where vampires have power that is tangible, Lucinda (a name I love, btw) is a kickass vampire hunter in New Zealand. She’s got the kickass style, the atti [...]

    15. It's a 3.5 stars. I've rated it higher and not lower because I truly believed in the promise of the series. It's an "I like it book/series!"I didn't like the cover at all. I really like covers that I can try to get a feeling of the book and such a fast-paced book like this could not be guessed by its cover.I really love the heroine, she alone would be a 5 stars IMO. Luce was a do-it-my-way-or-no-way-at-all type of girl. A take charge heroine with some insecurities hidden very well.I really enjoy [...]

    16. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsKindred is a wonderful vampire story. It is about Lucinda Monk finding out she is a vampire hunter, and all of a sudden she finds out several things about herself by the Master vampire of the city, Michael. Lucinda is a wonderful character. She reminds me somewhat of Buffy, from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. But Lucinda is a lot different. She doesn't know anything about her heritage. And she knows she's falling for a vampire who she's not sure she completel [...]

    17. Not sure what I think about this one, it was definitely too long, there was a very clear point about half way through where the story almost changes that would have been the perfect place to separate into 2 books. There were definitely good things about this book, the writing was slick, the story was grabbing and the world building was unique and shows definite promise for more. The supernatural beings had me wanting more and I really liked the premise of the nosferatin. The heroine seemed groun [...]

    18. Really enjoyed this first book in a series about a vampire hunter set in New Zealand. Lucinda Monk is approaching her 25th birthday and she is a member of an almost extinct group of supernaturals. She is a vampire hunter by night and a bank teller during the day. The city's master vampire Michel is attracted to her and wants to have her as his Kindred. As with any first in a series there is a lot of world building but so enjoyable to read. Having never been to New Zealand I can picture it thanks [...]

    19. After having read and really enjoyed Sweet Seduction Sacrifice, was interested in trying out another book by Ms.Claire. Unfortunately didn't like this one as much. Nicola does a great job in crafting a very detailed story and wrapping up a lot of loose ends, but this one almost had too much detail for me and had me struggling to follow along at times with the new vocabulary alone. I also didn't get as invested in the characters for some reason. However, great suspense in having once again multip [...]

    20. My Disclaimer:I was provided a free copy of this book by joining the author’s newsletter. I am voluntarily providing an honest review in which all opinions are fully my own. I am not being compensated in any way.~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat ReviewMy Review: ✭✭✭✭It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book just about vampires and vampire hunters, so this was a change of pace for me. It turned out to be a fun one, too. It’s not a new book, it’s been around since 2012. But it’s a pr [...]

    21. My review as posted on myparanormalbookreviewspoKindred is the first book in the Kindred Series by Nicola Claire. WOW, what a start!I love the character of Lucinda Monk. She is a feisty, kick ass, vampire hunter. Lucinda knows she is a vampire hunter with supernatural abilities. However, she does not know why she is different and why she feels a pull toward vampires preying on innocent humans. Throughout the book, Lucinda makes discoveries about her family history and her fate. Telling the story [...]

    22. I give this book a 3.5 star ratingI have to admit I battled in the beginning to get used to the style of writing, and felt that sentences sometimes ran into each other. I also lost the plot every now and then with the sudden jump from one event to the other. I love Michael, and he so clearly loves Luce that at times I get quite upset that she doesn’t see it. Luce is great, and kick-ass, if not a little slow to trust. I liked her relationship with Rick and the Taniwha. It kinda reminded me of B [...]

    23. Bank teller by day, vampire hunter by night: Lucinda Monk has led an unusual life since she moved to Auckland and found out about the city's supernatural side, and it's about to get a lot stranger and more dangerous. Turns out she's not as human as she thought. Instead, Lucinda is what's called a Nosferatin, a species meant to enter into symbiotic bonds with a vampire - or die shortly after their 25th birthday. Since hers is coming up in a few weeks, Luce is less than thrilled, especially since [...]

    24. Let’s enter the world of Lucinda Monk and Michel the Master Vampire. So Lucinda is a bank teller by day and a vampire hunter by night. She is the heroin on the series and I love her! I like how she is very independent and she does not allow the vamps, shape shifters ghouls and magic users to tell her what to do. Lucinda is on a mission to keep her city out of trouble from the evil Maxmillian. Who is a Master vamp looking to gain a Nosteratin to join with him. He tries to get Lucinda, but oh bo [...]

    25. (3.5 Stars)When I first read the summary for "Kindred" I thought it would be a book that would be right up my alley. The main character, Lucinda is a bank teller by day and vampire Hunter by night. Even though she hunts evil, human killing vampires, she has a somewhat unorthodox relationship with 500 year old Michel, the vampire master of the city.Lucinda is short but that just makes her determined to prove herself more. Oh, and I have to mention that this girl is so snarky and has such a potty [...]

    26. This book was recommended by a friend, I'd had it on my kindle for years but the cover kept putting me off. I'd never even got as far as checking the reviews I just couldn't get past the cover but now it had been recommended I checked the reviews and started reading and now I'm kicking myself for waiting so long.I wasn't sure at first that I was actually going to like Lucinda, in my case she took a bit of getting used to. Michel however I just loved, there's just something about a hot sexy vampi [...]

    27. This is the first book of a new author I started to enormously admire and appreciate. At the beginning I had a bit if a problem to get into it. The reason was the style it is written . The entire story is from the point of view of the heroin. Once I got used to it, it was not a problem anymore at all and just because of that, I gave at book one 4 instead of 5 stars.The Kindred series pulls you into the world of Lucinda Monk, who is a Nosferatin. - a vampire hunter , who is deeply involved in a n [...]

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