Bewitched, Body and Soul: Miss Elizabeth Bennet

Bewitched, Body and Soul: Miss Elizabeth Bennet

P.O. Dixon / Aug 19, 2019

Bewitched Body and Soul Miss Elizabeth Bennet Determined to right a wrong against her family Elizabeth ventures to town to reunite her sister with her lover In so doing will she end up losing her own heart Determined to discover the reason for

  • Title: Bewitched, Body and Soul: Miss Elizabeth Bennet
  • Author: P.O. Dixon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Determined to right a wrong against her family, Elizabeth ventures to town to reunite her sister with her lover In so doing, will she end up losing her own heart Determined to discover the reason for Bingley s hasty departure from Netherfield, Elizabeth goes to town in Jane s stead Her initial scheme having been thwarted and with nowhere else to go, she turns to one whoDetermined to right a wrong against her family, Elizabeth ventures to town to reunite her sister with her lover In so doing, will she end up losing her own heart Determined to discover the reason for Bingley s hasty departure from Netherfield, Elizabeth goes to town in Jane s stead Her initial scheme having been thwarted and with nowhere else to go, she turns to one who is sure to put her in Bingley s path Mr Darcy.Darcy realizes it will take than time and distance to erase the memory of the beguiling country miss When she arrives unescorted on his doorstep, will he help her Or will he soon discover he is in grave danger of falling as much in love with her as ever before And what of his best friend s younger sister who has long had Darcy in her sights Will Darcy pursue the young lady who meets Society s expectations of just what the next mistress of Pemberley ought to be or will he follow his heart

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        P O Dixon has authored several Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice adaptations, all written with one overriding purpose in mind falling in love with Darcy and Elizabeth Sometimes provocative, but always entertaining, her stories have been read, commented on, and thoroughly enjoyed by thousands of readers worldwide.


    1. P.O. Dixon is one of the JAFF authors I have read the most. I may have read around 80% of her writing, that is quite extensive, and I keep liking everything she writes.Bewitched, body and soul is one of my favourites by P.O. Dixon, I have just reread it to write this review. In this book you can see the strong willed Elizabeth Bennet who goes to town in order to look for Mr. Bingley and tell him or make him understand that her sister Jane is in love with him.She is not very successful because sh [...]

    2. In reading some of the other reviews, the longer reviews, on , I have to agree with several points taken from various ones of those reviews. I agree that P.O. Dixon was creative in coming up with yet another way to vary the P&P story. The first twist is that Jane is depressed after Bingley leaves for Londonllowed by the rest of his party. She refuses to go to London on the chance she will meet him there. Her attitude is "he knows where I am and if he loves me he will seek me out". Elizabeth [...]

    3. In her latest Pride and Prejudice alternate path, P. O. Dixon asks the question: What if Jane was too dejected to follow Bingley to London? What if Jane lost hope, lost her spirit, and was in the process of losing herselfElizabeth, filled with anxiety and concern, takes Jane's place in London determined to find Mr. Bingley and tell him of her poor, lovelorn sister's state. She is certain that this misunderstanding is the result of Mr. Bingley's pernicious sister and her self-serving manipulation [...]

    4. Novella, quick read, a slightly different bent, no sex, some angstOur story starts with Jane’s disappointment after the Bingley party has left Netherfield. She has now received and is brooding over Caroline Bingley’s toxic letter which states they do not intend to return and of her hopes for an engagement between her brother and Miss Georgiana Darcy. This is a different Jane than canon, more brooding, and despondent. This Jane checks out of the family and doesn’t become her old self again [...]

    5. (I'm hosting a giveaway of this title through July 7th, 2012. Stop by my blog to enter: calicocritic/2012)In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Miss Elizabeth Bennet comes from a modest family of five sisters. Her most dear sibling Jane develops an affection for the delightful and wealthy Charles Bingley, who is obviously far above her in the social strata. His close friend, the sometimes haughty Fitzwilliam Darcy, feels it is in Charles’ best interest to not become involved with the lovely [...]

    6. I found this an interesting read as it changed every scene that could have unfolded in P&P following the Netherfield Ball but still kept to some of the same locations - example the visit to Kent still occurs but by then its clear that Elizabeth is not opposed to Darcy Elizabeth learns the true about Wickham but not from a letter Darcy initial proposal is refused but offered for different reasons And at the start instead of Jane going to London to stay with her aunt and uncle, Elizabeth goes. [...]

    7. What happens when Elizabeth Bennet's propensity for impropriety takes a turn for her worst?PO Dixon has written a compelling story of Elizabeth and Darcy's tempestuous and misguided relational attraction. Elizabeth decides to accept the Gardiner's invite to London in order to confront Bingley, on behalf of her sister Jane, regarding the love lost between them. Unfortunately, her best laid plans go badly astray, and we're invited into the suspense of what happens along the way!Some introduction o [...]

    8. I believe I'm becoming a fan of P.O.Dixon, her books get better as I go. This novella starts out after the Netherfield Ball when Bingley and his party leave for London. Jane is so melancoly that she does not wish to go to London to stay with the Gardners so instead Elizabeth does with a purpose in mind to seek out Mr Bingley and find out what happened. Of course she ends up trying to get Darcy's help which he refuses. Of course it is not a simple request, Lizzy ends up at Darcy House and it goes [...]

    9. Not terrible but not thrilling. A mediocre variation in my opinion. It reads easily enough, especially at the start and the first half, but then everything from the failed proposal and afterward feels rushed and slightly improbable, particularly the requisite transformation in Mr. Darcy. The characters are a little 2 dimensional.

    10. I'm afraid this wasn't a favorite for me. I've read a couple other Dixon books that I thought were better than this one though. I was okay with the "what if" concept but I kind of felt like too much of the book was a synopsis of the original P&P. It did have new characters in it but I wasn't all that interested in them. I couldn't figure out why no servants would be in residence before Darcy arrives at his home. I would think at least a skeleton crew would be there year round so that part of [...]

    11. This book was a lot of fun to read and I enjoyed seeing the story twist that P.O. Dixon used and how she wrote all the different characters as well as meeting a few new characters. I thought the story was well done and that the author did a good job of bringing the reader into the story and breathing life into her characters. I look forward to reading more Austenesque books by P.O. Dixon in the future.

    12. A delightful period romance updatedThis book was en easy and engaging read. It was enjoyable to read the formality of their speaking and manners. There was not enough historical detail to bog down a reader who doesn't care for such, although I do.

    13. With the amount of Jane Austen fan fiction writers that write “what if” variations, you’d think that by now they would be running short on new scenarios. Thankfully, new and imaginative writers keep entering this genre and introduce new variations on our favorite old classic. P.O. Dixon is one of these fresh new faces. I was first introduced to this creative woman when I heard of a novel that had mixed Arthurian legend with our favorite characters of Pride and Prejudice. He Taught Me to Ho [...]

    14. P.O. Dixon’s novel reveals what happens when Elizabeth Bennet sets out for London, determined to discover the real reason behind Mr. Bingley’s precipitate leaving of Netherfield. What if the only person who may be able to help her is the last man in the world with whom she wishes to associate?After an unsuccessful visit with Caroline Bingley, Elizabeth finds herself standing in the pouring rain on Mr. Darcy’s doorstep. Flummoxed when Mr. Darcy answers his own door, Elizabeth gets right to [...]

    15. -------------------| Blog | Facebook | Twitter |-------------------3.5 Austen.Una curiosa y emotiva variación, nos presenta a una atrevida Elizabeth que hace todo por ayudar a su dulce hermana Jane. El libro es cortito, fácil de leer y muy divertido.No hay profundidad en la definición de los personajes pero cumplen su cometido en hacer agradable la historia. Vemos a una Jane menos solícita y más demostrativa de su decepción y tristeza por la partida del señor Bingley.La historia se inicia [...]

    16. austendiaries/20Type: Pride and Prejudice VariationPerspective: Third PersonRomance Level: KissingRecommended: Maybe, if you adore Austen. 2 starsYou can get this e-book for free by signing up for P. O. Dixon's newsletter at podixon/Note: I just can't review this one without some hints at spoilers. Our story picks up just after Darcy returns returns to town after the Netherfield Ball. Elizabeth visits London to seek out Bingley and determine if he loves Jane. Unable to find Bingley, she visits M [...]

    17. Bewitched Body and Soul by P.O. Dixon is a What-If? Pride and Prejudice adaptation sought to answer the question what would have happened had Elizabeth went off to London instead of Jane. Seeking to fix the misunderstanding between Mr. Bingley and Jane, Elizabeth is determined to mend Jane's broken-heart and convince Mr. Bingley of Jane's true feelings despite her reserved and shy nature. Finding that calling on Caroline Bingley to be less than helpful, Elizabeth seeks out Mr. Darcy for his help [...]

    18. BEWITCHED, BODY AND SOUL is an engaging Pride and Prejudice "what-if" story about Darcy and Elizabeth and a different path to happily ever after. ♥❤♥What Readers Are Saying:"This novel had all the essential elements of the original Pride and Prejudice story, but at each turn it was creatively manipulated on a new path that Dixon creates.""Dixon does a marvelous job of letting the wordplay between Darcy and Elizabeth become unintentional verbal foreplay between the characters. It's a quick, [...]

    19. Enjoyed this variation of Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth was very strong in this story. She took things in her own hands while in London visiting her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner. Once again, she was thrown into the path of Mr. Darcy, because of her own desire to right the wrong done to Jane. What develops is her constant meetings with Darcy through unexpected happenings with the new social circle she finds herself. They meet again at an extended house party, where Lady Gwendolyn tells Elizabeth of t [...]

    20. **Sigh** Love. That's how I felt after I finished Bewitched, Body and Soul. It left me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It had all the elements of Pride and Prejudice but they were a little mixed up. Fun!In this story, after the Netherfield ball, Jane receives Caroline's letter implying Bingley’s preferance for Georgiana, leaving Jane in despair. As a result, Elizabeth goes to London to visit the Gardiners in her stead. Sure of Bingley’s love for Jane, Elizabeth sets out to find the truth. [...]

    21. This is a strange p & P variation. I would describe it as P & P in a blender, because many things happen out of order. It begins with a seriously depressed Jane in December after the Netherfield party has returned to London.This Jane is melancholy to an extreme that belies her sweet disposition in the original book. In an effort to alleviate her suffering Lizzy travels in her stead to London with the Gardiners and proceeds to Mr. Darcy's town home to plead Jane's case. Like her sister sh [...]

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed this "what if" extrapolation from one of my absolute favorites. I appreciated that while the circumstances called for certain changes in the chain of events the main ones were kept. I also loved getting glimpses of both BBC and Hollywood film adaptations and the original text as well. But mostly, the credibility of the new events and the new characters introduced were the highlight. I found the new characters to be intriguing and engaging while the favorites were on the scen [...]

    23. This continues after the Netherfield Ball when Elizabeth goes to London Instead of Jane. Again our regency lady starts most improperly by calling on Mr Darcy while unescorted. Her endeavour is to petition Mr Bingly on behalf of Jane. As far as books go this does make moot of Elizabeth being Prejudiced and Darcy being Proud it also raises the issue of how, when Pemberly is taken out of the picture, the love between the protagonists grew. However I must say that Darcy's proposal has become like Au [...]

    24. Some romantic cliches are timeless. Written well, the reader will gladly be swept along with the story. My favorite happens to be getting caught in the rain with someone you despise, but secretly love.Decorum be damned, Elizabeth Bennett is going to London to find Charles Bingley. After being thwarted by Caroline Bingley, she risks her reputation and knocks on Darcy's door. In the rainher carriage leaveshe's aloneere is a fighte's soakedI swoon.Dixon does a marvelous job of letting the wordplay [...]

    25. It was a fun little read. Some of the writing seemed a bit choppy and I believe that is because many of the main events in Pride and Prejudice were in the book but they were out of order. It is not my favorite variation of PP. I think that is because we didn't see Darcy falling for Elizabeth because the book jumps to right after Bingley leaves for Netherfield. He is already in love with her when you start reading. So his ardent love seems a bit strange but some of the new storylines had fun litt [...]

    26. This story is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice if Jane had never gone to London, but Elizabeth did. It was ok. It offered a perspective of Mr. Darcy in a different way. I didn't love that the author had Mr. Darcy undress Elizabeth (even though she was sick). It was just a little to sexually done in my opinion. It didn't really seem to fit with the Regency style. The rest of the story was ok, though.

    27. This is a good one but I found it to be a little bit off the beaten path. I think I would've liked it better had the author not changed some of my favorite characters. I hope to have a full review up soon.

    28. As a long time lover of Pride and Prejudice, I was a little hard on the author initially, but once i got into the swing of things and just enjoyed a different take on the classic I found myself thoroughly enjoying the different take on events. I will probably read more by this author.

    29. Not the best what if out there, and it was a bit hard to believe that Darcy would not try to correct his interference when it was pointed out that it's his fault his friend is hurting and he had a chance to fix that still pretty good tho.

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