Wicked Game

Wicked Game

Matt Johnson / Feb 17, 2020

Wicked Game A policeman is killed in a bomb blast a second is gunned down in his own driveway The Wicked Game has started Former SAS and now Royalty protection officer Robert Finlay has had enough of the job s n

  • Title: Wicked Game
  • Author: Matt Johnson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A policeman is killed in a bomb blast, a second is gunned down in his own driveway The Wicked Game has started.Former SAS and now Royalty protection officer Robert Finlay has had enough of the job s not so glamorous demands and opts to transfer to a local police station But Fate has plans for Finlay both of the murdered policemen are former Army colleagues Finlay doesA policeman is killed in a bomb blast, a second is gunned down in his own driveway The Wicked Game has started.Former SAS and now Royalty protection officer Robert Finlay has had enough of the job s not so glamorous demands and opts to transfer to a local police station But Fate has plans for Finlay both of the murdered policemen are former Army colleagues Finlay doesn t see himself as the hero type just a survivor A Wicked Game , where he is the target, is about to test his skills to the limit.

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        Matt JohnsonMatt Johnson served as a soldier from 1975 78 and Metropolitan Police officer from 1978 1999.His debut novel Wicked Game a crime thriller was published by Orenda Books in March 2016 The sequel Deadly Game, was published March 2017.Wicked Game was listed for the Crime Writers Association John Creasey Dagger award, has topped the and WH Smith KOBO charts in several categories and at the end of 2016 was listed by UK as the highest rated rising star novel of 2016 Deadly Game tackles the current and sensitive topic of people trafficking it is told from the authentic view that only a former cop could achieve.Peter James, the international best selling novelist said of Matt s first book Terse, tense and vivid writing Matt Johnson is a brilliant new name in the world of thrillers Sir Ranulph Fiennes said of Wicked Game From the rst page to the last, an authentic, magnetic and completely absorbing read Such endorsements would be serious praise were Matt to have been trained as a writer and have come though a traditional route But he didn t In fact, his journey from the military, through policing to eventual publication might be described as unique In 1999, Matt was discharged from the police with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Whilst undergoing treatment, he was encouraged by his counsellor to write about his career and his experience of murders, shootings and terrorism Matt was eventually persuaded to give this a go, and one evening, he sat at his computer and started to weave his notes into a work of fiction that he described as having a tremendously cathartic effect on his own condition He used his detailed knowledge and recollections to create what has been described by many readers as a fast paced, exciting and authentic tale of modern day policing and terrorism.I could be argued that Matt Johnson is living proof PTSD is a condition that can be controlled and overcome with the right help and support He has been described by many fans as an inspiration to fellow sufferers.


    1. I’ve always been a fan of thrillers, with the build up of tension, the action packed heroics and insane bravery. Wicked Game is a stonkingly accessible British thriller, with its roots firmly set in recent UK history and a strong sense of authenticity running through it. Although it takes a while to get going, it soon holds your attention to the max.The story introduces us to Robert Finlay, a police inspector in his forties. Finlay has an interesting and intriguing back story. He is former SAS [...]

    2. Wicked Game is an incredible thriller. In fact I'm not even sure I like to call it a thriller (even though it thrills) because that often brings to mind banging action with very little depth elsewhere (nothing wrong with that, books are for all seasons) but Wicked Game is full of depth and feeling. Chock full of it. Plus thrills as well. You can't go wrong really.Robert Finlay is also an incredible character. Keeping the reader hooked into a story is often the job of the main protagonist and in [...]

    3. Having seen some amazing book blogger ratings about the second book in this series (Deadly Game), I decided to give this one a go first, as Dee-logic dictates to always start at the beginning of a series. Which in this case isn’t so bad. In other cases when there are already five or more books, it’s a bit more problematic. But I digress.Robert Finlay, a former SAS Member, is giving up his job on the Royal Protection team. He’s happily married, has a beautiful daughter and wants to lead a l [...]

    4. Well don't you just.love it when you start reading a book like this and you know, you just know that this author has seen more than his fair share of action! It is on another level not just the technical stuff but that raw gut feeling, the adrenaline rush of how it would make you feel in that situation. Well this is it. Matt Johnson delivers characters that feel pain, emotion and fear.Robert Finlay is a pretty cool character. Married with a child his family know nothing about his secret past, th [...]

    5. I absolutely blew through this book. I couldn’t put it down. I was immersed in the life of Robert (Bob) Finlay and all that happened to him. The authenticity that Matt Johnson’s own life has brought to the novel is obvious from the outset and with the book reading in first person PoV you do feel as though you are living someone’s life.What I particularly liked about this, and I don’t really read many thrillers of this type, is how Finlay is an older male who is settled down with a wife a [...]

    6. In preparation for the Deadly Game blog tour, I decided to read Wicked Game by Matt Johnson. Mind you neither of these books are something I am normally drawn into reading, however, when Orenda asks you to read one of their publications, you trust in Karen and fall in line. So, that’s what I did. Robert Finley, an ex-Army operative, is living a simple, monotonous life with his wife and daughter. He likes it that way. However, when a man connected to Robert’s past is killed, he finds himself [...]

    7. It may be strange – especially as I've often bemoaned those that don’t read outside of or exclude genres from their reading – but the home-grown, UK-based thrillers have never been something that have appealed to me. Perhaps it’s my own mundane interaction with the local constabulary or TV shows likes The Bill or Motorway Traffic Cops (or whatever it’s called) but I’d not really seen the potential for a gripping read there in comparison to – say – an alcoholic Norwegian detective [...]

    8. I'll start by saying that when I read the blurb for Wicked Game, I was unsure as to whether this book would be for me. I'm not the target market, and whilst I enjoy thrillers, I've never been compelled to read the SAS / Army type novels that are very popular. However, Wicked Game is published by Orenda Books, a small publisher that I trust, so I hedged my bets, and took a gamble. That gamble paid out - I won, the book won, Matt Johnson won and Orenda won! Wicked Game took me completely by surpri [...]

    9. Visit the locations in the novel: the booktrail of Wicked GameWhen I was first given a copy of this book to review, I did wonder if it would be my kind of read . What do I know about the IRA and the SAS and would I be able to understand it all? Well kudos to you Matt Johnson and I feel more than part of the team.Talk about a kick ass novel. From the very first page, I was shocked into holding my breath. It reads like an action movie but with all the bubbling tension in-between, some of it so qui [...]

    10. I must confess that I have a bit of a soft spot for a good, fast-paced action thriller. Matt Johnson’s Wicked Game delivers on all counts.The book has an unshakeable feeling of authenticity which is woven deep into the fabric of the story, due to the author's first-hand experience as a soldier and Metropolitan Police officer. The prose is taut and to the point, especially when we’re dealing with Finlay and his investigation into the killings and entirely in fitting with the character. The de [...]

    11. Managed to get my profile set up, and the book attributed to me. I found a helpful admin within the organisation who soon had it sorted.Now bear with me while I get other part of the profile set up. I'm just settling down having been tweeted by the one and only Peter James today.One for the diary!

    12. Now, I have always loved me a good thriller, a bit of the cat and mouse chase and perhaps a touch of espionage or covert mission/secret service action style plotting. I used to read loads as a teenager, with a particularly soft spot for Tom Clancy novels and good old Jack Ryan. I also loved me a good police procedural. Now I can find plenty of the latter which really float my boat reading wise and I have been a very happy reader of late. I also found Rachel Amphlett’s Dan Taylor series which h [...]

    13. Wicked Game is Matt Johnson’s debut. I’ve had Wicked Game on my TBR pile for a while and when I heard that the second novel in the series was coming out it went straight to the top.Wicked Game introduces Robert Finlay who, at the age of forty eight, is retiring from serving the Royal Family and is returning to uniform policing. He now has is wife and young daughter to think about and wants to spend more time with them. Matt kept me on the edge of my seat and the tension didn’t stop until I [...]

    14. Wicked Game, by Matt Johnson, is a fast moving thriller containing all the elements which make this genre so compelling whilst avoiding any hint of a formulaic approach. Its protagonist is an ex soldier who served in the SAS before leaving to join the metropolitan police. Despite this background he is not presented as an all action hero. The author has made him accomplished but believable.The story opens in 2001 with a suicide bombing in India. We are then introduced to the protagonist, Robert F [...]

    15. Definitely a good read. I started Wicked Game a few days before going on vacation, but didn't get too far due to interruptions for things like work. I found it to be the perfect airplane book. Well defined interesting characters and a snappy pace kept my interest. While it's hard to put down there are a lot of little stopping places so you can come up for air (or get interrupted by flight attendants intent on feeding and watering the passengers)! I found Findlay both likable and believable. As a [...]

    16. This book has the touch of realism that is needed to distinguish good fiction from bad - and it was a hefty touch. Action books often leave me cold as they bear little resemblance to reality - whereas this book grabbed my attention from the beginning. Clearly the author has "been there and done that" and the his experience comes through in situation and character alike. Bombs go off and the moment is over very quickly- the aftermath is the horror. Finlay is a complex character with deep personal [...]

    17. I’ve had Wicked Game on my Kindle since it came out, and with the news that book two is on its way, I figured now would be a good time to get this one read. It’s been so long since I looked it at that I didn’t remember the blurb which always stands in my favour as I know I have no expectations. However, this is an Orenda Books author, so I knew I was in for a treat and I wasn’t let down!Wicked Game is a debut, and a very assured one at that. Following Robert Finlay as he leaves Royalty P [...]

    18. I first heard about Matt Johnson's debut Crime Fiction novel when he followed me on Twitter. I followed back and noticed that his book had a lot of positive feedback. Downloaded the book and read it in a few sessions. An absorbing and well written read that had me staying up late to finish the book.Matt's career as a soldier and then later as a police officer for twenty five years gave him valuable insight into the aspects of both services, add that to his ability as a writer who can craft a goo [...]

    19. Authors who write about their own past profession are usually treading a difficult line. They are in a perfect position to offer the reader a level of authenticity which would elude the layman. On the other hand they need to keep the story flowing. Matt Johnson has risen to that challenge cery effectively - with a story that makes you want to read "just one more chapter", before you turn in for the night.I read the book in one sitting - and whilst some of the twists were reasonably easy to predi [...]

    20. Wicked Game is a tense, dramatic, and absorbing thriller. The writing is as taut as the plot and the pace is nerve-shreddingly fast. Using his former careers as a soldier and Metropolitan police officer Matt Johnson's debut novel oozes with authenticity. An utterly compelling and gripping thriller from the opening page. This is a must-read.

    21. It is just over a year to the day that I finished and semi-reviewed Matt Johnson’s self published version of Wicked Game, which inspired me to start reviewing the books I was reading. One year on, I’m a little more experienced in writing book reviews and it seems that I’ve come full circle, as I write this review for the revamped version of Wicked Game, published by the fantastic Orenda Books. I loved the original book, despite it not necessarily being a genre of book that I would normally [...]

    22. The sheer dogged determination of Robert Finlay provides one hell of an exhilarating ride, as he dodges bullets, explosives, and the shadows of his past, in this Wicked Game of cat and mouse.Expect nothing less than a thrilling journey, where secrets and revenge are delivered with guts and precision and the stakes are as high as they get – Finlay gives new meaning to the SAS motto of “Who dares, wins“.He’s coordinated the siege on the Iranian Embassy back in 2001, he’s single-handedly [...]

    23. Wicked Game – Stunning DebutWicked Game is an absolutely stunning debut thriller that will take your breath away at its pace, its writing, like me you will be blown away. To think that this book started out as therapy to help him deal with PTSD after working in both the police and army. This is an absolutely breath taking, compelling that will just blow your mind, this sort of work you expect from an experience writer, not a novice. All I can really say is WOW!Robert Finlay is a police inspect [...]

    24. Always love to open the pages of a new book, by an author I have never read before, like taking the first steps of a journey into the unknown. From the moment I started reading, I was hooked. This was a journey I wanted to make, Every twist made me want to read more, to discover how and why the protagonist was going to reach the end to each situation. I believed in him, and wanted so much, throughout the book, for him to move forward and solve the issues plaguing him. I like a book that keeps me [...]

    25. Saw the first review and wondered if it was referring to the same book? So I looked at the UK site reviews. Here is a summary.First released in the UK on Kindle. UK Reviewers comments"enjoy a non stop tale of twists and turns that will hold your attention until, regretfully, you reach the end""good to read a book that has adventure and pace without being over complicated""This is the story of an ex SAS cadre, all now serving police officers, finding themselves the victims of what seems a terrif [...]

    26. I have just finished reading Wicked Game. I could say so much because I just want to express how the book delivers a thriller ride, but I would just give the story away! I am an avid reader and particularly like thrillers with an edge, my favourite reads ever being by authors such as Mark Billingham, Stephen Leather, Jeffrey Archer and Thomas Harris. I have read many more by different authors but from the names mentioned I can vividly remember the stories as if I has read them yesterday as they [...]

    27. I received this book from and I was none too sure if this was the book for me. I like a thriller but this is a book written by a former SAS officer and the blurb suggests that the story is based on his experiences so I felt it might be a bit 'masculine' for me.I couldn't have been more wrong, this is a fabulous story that has the reader gripped from start to finish. The storyline is so obviously authentic and Robert Finlay is an admirable and likeable main character who is not portrayed as just [...]

    28. „Wicked Game“ is a wicked masterpiece!Matt Johnson managed to write an unputdownable thriller, full of suspense, intriguing characters and a multi layered plot, which keeps you thinking and your heart racing until the very end!The main character is Robert Finlay, a man who gains the reader’s sympathy very fast, as he is not your typical, untouchable badass. He is someone with demons from his past, dreams for the future and a little family, which he loves more than anything. In short, Finla [...]

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