Karel Čapek Reino Silvanto / Feb 25, 2020

Salamanterisota Salamanterisota on tunnetun tsekkil isen kirjailijan mainio satiiri nykyajan kulttuurista ja sen synnytt mist el m nilmi ist Tekij n ruoska heiluu lakkaamatta nauru ja totisuus vaihtelevat Kertomus a

  • Title: Salamanterisota
  • Author: Karel Čapek Reino Silvanto
  • ISBN: 9789510183670
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • Salamanterisota on tunnetun tsekkil isen kirjailijan mainio satiiri nykyajan kulttuurista ja sen synnytt mist el m nilmi ist Tekij n ruoska heiluu lakkaamatta, nauru ja totisuus vaihtelevat Kertomus alkaa merikapteeni van Tochista, joka l yt pienelt Tyynen meren saarelta salamantereita ja opettaa n m viisaat ja uteliaat el imet pyydyst m n itselleen helmi Ne kasSalamanterisota on tunnetun tsekkil isen kirjailijan mainio satiiri nykyajan kulttuurista ja sen synnytt mist el m nilmi ist Tekij n ruoska heiluu lakkaamatta, nauru ja totisuus vaihtelevat Kertomus alkaa merikapteeni van Tochista, joka l yt pienelt Tyynen meren saarelta salamantereita ja opettaa n m viisaat ja uteliaat el imet pyydyst m n itselleen helmi Ne kasvavat ja kehittyv t, lis ntyv t voimakkaasti, oppivat jopa puhumaan ja k ytt m n nykyaikaisia aseita Ja yht kki huomaamme olevamme keskell koko maailmaa koskevaa kuumeista toimintaa

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      • Karel Čapek Reino Silvanto

        Karel apek is one of the the most influential Czech writers of the 20th century He wrote with intelligence and humour on a wide variety of subjects His works are known for their interesting and precise descriptions of reality, and apek is renowned for his excellent work with the Czech language His play R.U.R Rossum s Universal Robots first popularized the word robot.


    1. Faking News! Newts Trump Humans!I'd become rather blasé when it comes to apocalyptic science fiction. I thought I knew them all, those brave new worlds that writers invent to symbolise the immediate danger of human self-destruction out of sheer stupidity?Think again, Lisa! The newts invited me to the ultimate, unexpected, completely logical fantasy, containing it ALL. Welcome to a roller coaster of the hilarious kind!Does it start with the end of the world as we know it, with the destruction of [...]

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    4. Satire is my favorite genre. And this book is a gem.Nowhere have I ever found a better description of homo sapiens’s boundless greed, bigotry, stunning thoughtlessness, and utter stupidity.This book leaves no parts, levels or facets of society unscathed. Karel Capek satirizes science, academia, education, business, politics, fascism, communism, militarism, law, religion, philosophy, racism, journalism, and just about every trait of human nature one can think of. Yet it isn’t all funny. It is [...]

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    8. 1985 was the worst year of my life. The previous summer our family had moved from Calgary to Saskatoon and I had left behind a group of very close friends. I had just graduated high school and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I did know that I would rather go to school than get a job, so for perhaps the first time in my life I really applied myself academically in a last ditch effort to get accepted into University. I pulled off a 99% in a summer school Chemistry class, which must [...]

    9. Having impulsively nabbed this from the library, to return home and see Robert’s tip about reading a later translation (Penguin Classics ed. is a facsimile of the Weatherall from 1938, replete with arcane spellings), I entered the novel wearily, to be won over by the first-rate Swiftian brilliance pirouetting from each page like Darcey Bussle doing The Hustle. Making use of newspaper clippings, excerpts from academic studies, letters to the editor and so on in the second book, the novel is als [...]

    10. A Dutch captain discovers giant talking newts on a remote island and teaches them to use tools, fight off predators, and collect pearls for him. They are eventually exploited by international corporations and the newts challenge man's place at the top of the animal kingdom.Capek covers a multitude of issues and subjects in this wonderful satire -- capitalism, militarism, racism, and even Hollywood. A great read!

    11. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Vaduz in the mountains of Liechtenstein where negotiations are being held to end the hostilities between humans and newts. Although the meetings are held behind closed doors, it has become known that on the 117th day an agreement has been reached concerning the temperature and the salt concentration for the water in the tubs in which the members of the newts-delegation are staying during the trials. In two or three months the agenda will presumably be decided by [...]

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    14. One of the most enjoyable books I ever read, and definitely only one distopia I really ever liked. Main concept of this book was repeated many many times after, for example in Starship Troopers. Goverment finds a public enemy, moves it ahead, unleashes society and mass-media on it, eventually organizes a war against itHeroes, tragedies, war crimes for what? Newts!(well we could find examples of this not only in literature, won't we).BUT, as oppossed to We or 1984 this book is INCREDIBLY funny, t [...]

    15. A few years ago a friend of mine sent me an email containing a link to a newspaper article. This article referred to the discovery of, if I remember correctly, a previously unknown type of lobster. Underneath the article my friend had written: ‘How long before this ends up on a plate in some restaurant?’ To which I replied with something like: ‘They’ll probably dissect it or fuck it first.’ It has long been a running joke between us that with anything we – by which I mean human being [...]

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    17. humor, parodija, satira, ironija, komedijama čega nema u ovom genijalnom djelu, nema ikoje nezgodne ljudske osobine koju nam Čapek nije primjereno nabio na nos.jako ugodan čitanjac, drago mi je da sam se podsjetio i svima apsolutno preporučujem.1936. godina, a tako svježe i primjenjivo i dan danasviše od 5

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    20. Synopsis: Kapek wrote in the post-WW1 era. In the book, a sea captain finds a bay that harbors giant newts, about the size of a ten year old human, complete with digits and all. The newts are intelligent, and he trains them to capture pearls for him. Eventually, a company forms that sends the Newts to all parts of the world for slave labor. Because of their intelligence (about equal to humans) and the training and supplies given them by man, the Newts spread all over the world (they get up to 70 [...]

    21. Svět po první světové válce propadl iluzi, že udělal vše pro to, aby se už podobné hrůzy neopakovaly. Avšak ve třicátých letech se stále více ukazovalo, jak byly tyto představy naivní. Svět naplno prožívá hospodářskou krizi, a mnoho lidí hledá podporu v extremistickych hnutích, jak by se daly nazvat všechny ty . na vzestupu. A právě takové společnosti nastavuje ve svém románu Válka s mloky Karel Čapek zrcadlo. Nabízí světu nový způsob, jak se vymanit z k [...]

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    24. the thing about this book is how the author effortlessly brought up metaphors and stuff by just some small details, some comic conversations or by just describing things. the language is extremely visual it reminds me of my own writing lol. but this one is better admitedly. it's too comic at times but totally likablee way it randomly jumped from a usual narration to a kind of journal language or even a scientific paper dead plain voice is extremely fresh. i mean, i came up with this idea of a fe [...]

    25. Als Klassiker angepriesen (ich kannte es vorher nicht), war es ein willkommener Quartalskauf bei der Büchergilde. Die Beschreibung im Buchkatalog klang dermaßen interessant, dass ich mir dachte: das muss ich mir jetzt echt mal geben!Und es hat sich wirklich gelohnt! Eine Perle im Literaturmeer (um beim Thema zu bleiben), die nicht nur für reine Lesefans etwas zu bieten hat, sondern auch noch für den Grafikliebhaber und dem Kenner von besonders gelungenem Layout. Sogar die Schriftart orientie [...]

    26. Me lo he pasado de miedo, auqneu esconde un fondo agridulce. Es uno de esos libros que sorprenden y se recomienda sin remedio

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