The Island of Last Truth

The Island of Last Truth

Flavia Company / Feb 19, 2020

The Island of Last Truth I don t remember who introduced me to Dr Prendel However I do know that it was at the home of Martin Fleming the psychiatrist during a get together of the faculty professors to celebrate his promot

  • Title: The Island of Last Truth
  • Author: Flavia Company
  • ISBN: 9781609450816
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • I don t remember who introduced me to Dr Prendel However, I do know that it was at the home of Martin Fleming, the psychiatrist, during a get together of the faculty professors to celebrate his promotion from Assistant Dean to Dean, and I was immediately captivated by his reserved, taciturn attitude and the indifference with which he looked around him, as if he knew exa I don t remember who introduced me to Dr Prendel However, I do know that it was at the home of Martin Fleming, the psychiatrist, during a get together of the faculty professors to celebrate his promotion from Assistant Dean to Dean, and I was immediately captivated by his reserved, taciturn attitude and the indifference with which he looked around him, as if he knew exactly what would happen and what would be said So begins The Island of Last Truth, a story of many mysteries, principal among them, the true identity of the enigmatic Dr Matthew Prendel Legend has is that Prendel, an expert sailor, had been shipwrecked years before the story opens in contemporary New York His boat was attacked by pirates He survived thanks to an incredible stroke of luck, while his entire crew perished But then found himself embroiled in a ferocious fight for survival between two castaways on a desert island There, too, he was lucky and came out the victor Or perhaps luck played no part in it Perhaps something darker was at play And at stake The only thing sure is that Matthew Prendel disappeared for five whole years He has been back in New York now for a couple of years That s what they say at least Though one should never rely entirely on hearsay

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        Flavia Company Buenos Aires, 1963 es licenciada en Filolog a Hisp nica, traductora, periodista, profesora de l Escola d Escriptura del Ateneo Barcelon s y de Creaci n Literaria cuento en el M ster en Creaci n Literaria de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra Cr tica literaria en suplementos como Babelia o Quadern y colabora con P gina 12.


    1. I SILENZI CHE SERVONO PER ASCOLTARE SE STESSIA un certo punto mi sono accorto che stavo coprendo con una mano la parte bassa della pagina per impedire che la coda dell’occhio potesse anticipare qualche parola, mi rivelasse troppo presto quello che volevo scoprire man mano, così come era stato progettato. Eppure, non si tratta certo di un thriller – al massimo, potrebbe essere avvicinato al genere avventura. Ma c’è suspense, attesa, mistero, come in uno dei miei film preferito tra i prefe [...]

    2. I picked up this novella almost at random in a bookstore, never having heard the title or the author, and liked the first page enough to buy it and start reading it on the spot. It was a quick read, a nautical tale in the tradition of Defoe and Conrad by an Argentine woman who moved to Barcelona and wrote it in Catalan. And it was excellent.It begins with a mysterious doctor at a New York party who was rumored to be shipwrecked on a deserted island for five years. The bulk of the story is told b [...]

    3. The Island of Last Truthis the story, from alternating points of view, of Dr. Matthew Prendel, a physician who has been shipwrecked for years and, through some luck he does not describe in detail, returned to New York City. He is the only survivor from the pirate attack that left two of his close friends (who were also his crew) dead. He is stranded on an island with another one of the pirates, but escapes the only survivor. Only one man knows exactly what went on during those five years, and as [...]

    4. Espectacular història de Flàvia Company. Amb una escriptura impecable i directa l'autora ens endinsa en la història d'un naufragi identificant-nos amb el diàleg intern del protagonista només com ella sap fer. Després, la relació entre els dos habitants d'una illael captiu i el captorI un secret que no és desvetllat fins al final. Una novela curta, intensa i soprenent fins a l'última pàgina. De les que queden. 100% recomanable.

    5. This is a taut, gripping story about a contemporary pirate attack and shipwreck. This novel explores the intersection between what one will do to survive, and what one won't do in order to think of one's self as a moral person. The story also deals well with portraying the discrepancy between the person one thinks one is, and the person one actually is. Maddeningly compelling.

    6. Philosophische Abenteuer-Erzählung über einen segelbegeisterten schiffbrüchigen Arzt auf der Suche nach sich selbst, mit einer raffinierten Wende im Epilog, die dazu bewegen mag, das Buch nochmal von vorne zu beginnen

    7. 3.5 The tenses in the narration change, but throughout the writing is crisp and precise. A disappearance of five years, a reappearance and a story, pirates, stranded on a deserted island and a mystery. How did he survive? How did he escape? A taut psychological thriller, a secret and questions of morality that are all explored in this rather small but extremely interesting novel. ARC from publisher.

    8. This is a great read! I read it while at a dance competition with loud music and screaming girls. It kept me captivated and I was on the island. There are some great thoughts about life such as how do you know if you are winning or losing. This is a quick read and I highly recommend it.

    9. Un libro que en definitiva sorprende de comienzo a fin, el manejo del lenguaje, la interacción de los personajes y los giros bruscos en la trama hacen de esta novela un libro tan apetitoso placentero que considero es de las novelas que mas me han fascinado. Septiembre 2012

    10. I like Europa editions a lot and picked up this book mainly for its looks. Very surprised by the story and the twist at the end. It is a recommended read for those fans of shipwreck stories.

    11. A very good, short read. An interesting story with a few twists and turns about different kind of truth. Definitely to recommend.

    12. Un libro rápido y corto, pero que transmite un montón de mensajes y reflexiones de un hombre que roza la muerte. Al principio, me pareció aburrido y dramón, pero la historia fue mejorando, enganchándote y convirtiéndote adicta a él.

    13. UNfortunately, the twist at the end was a little bit predictable. Still a quick, fun read. At some points, it seemed like the book was clearly a translation, because some of the tenses and tone didn't flow super well in English. I enjoyed the storyline, though.

    14. La historia de un hombre que sobrevive a un ataque pirata y vive en una isla perdida del Atlántico con uno de los piratas por unos años. La historia y el twist al final son interesantes. Terminar el libro y preguntarse qué pasó? No le pasa a uno todos los días.

    15. "Vaig sospesar el risc. No era possible matar un home per un llibre. No es tractava només d'un llibre però. Es tracta de l'ordre de les coses. De disciplina. De poder. Vostè ja sap què són els símbols, benvolguda meva."

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