Between Heaven and Here

Between Heaven and Here

Susan Straight / Aug 17, 2019

Between Heaven and Here In August in Rio Seco California the ground is too hard to bury a body But Glorette Picard is dead and across the canal out in the orange groves they ll gather shovels and pickaxes and soak the d

  • Title: Between Heaven and Here
  • Author: Susan Straight
  • ISBN: 9781936365753
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In August in Rio Seco, California, the ground is too hard to bury a body But Glorette Picard is dead, and across the canal, out in the orange groves, they ll gather shovels and pickaxes and soak the dirt until they can lay her coffin down First, someone needs to find her son Victor, who memorizes SAT words to avoid the guys selling rock, and someone needs to tell her uncIn August in Rio Seco, California, the ground is too hard to bury a body But Glorette Picard is dead, and across the canal, out in the orange groves, they ll gather shovels and pickaxes and soak the dirt until they can lay her coffin down First, someone needs to find her son Victor, who memorizes SAT words to avoid the guys selling rock, and someone needs to tell her uncle Enrique, who will be the one to hunt down her killer, and someone needs to brush out her perfect crown of hair and paint her cracked toenails As the residents of this dry creek town prepare to bury their own, it becomes clear that Glorette s life and death are deeply entangled with the dark history of the city and the untouchable beauty that, finally, killed her.

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        Susan Straight s newest novel is Between Heaven and Here It is the last in the Rio Seco Trilogy, which began with A Million Nightingales and Take One Candle Light a Room She has published eight novels, a novel for young readers and a children s book She has also written essays and articles for numerous national publications, including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Nation and Harper s Magazine, and is a frequent contributor to NPR and Salon Her story Mines, first published in Zoetrope All Story, was included in Best American Short Stories 2003 She won a Lannan Literary Award in 2007 She won a 2008 Edgar Allan Poe Award for her short story The Golden Gopher She is a Professor at the University of California, Riverside and lives in Riverside, California.


    1. Vignettes from the characters we were introduced to in Take One Candle Light a Room. I missed the original story arc, and I would have liked a closer look at certain characters, but overall it was still enjoyable.

    2. dallasnews/entertainmeBetween Heaven and HereSusan Straight(McSweeney’s, $22)By JENNY SHANK Special ContributorPublished: 20 September 2012 06:56 PMSusan Straight is like that rare teacher who sees only the best in the worst-behaved kid in the class. Although Riverside, Calif turns up in its share of places-to-avoid lists, Straight has built a loving literary monument to her hometown in a series of award-winning novels set in Rio Seco, her fictional stand-in for Riverside, and she writes about [...]

    3. The author has created a story that seems real and got my attention with the vibrant and fascinating interplay between characters. I was left feeling that I had first hand knowledge of the events and lives of the characters. I don't typically read this genre, but I'm glad I read this book.

    4. Amazing breadth and depth for such a slim volume.Between Heaven and Here appeared at my door courtesy of my McSweeney's book club subscription, so I did not realize that it was the third book in a series. I did a quick internet search and found out that the main events here take place in between the other two books. I didn't feel like I missed much by not reading the others first, but I'm a completist, so I'm going back to catch those soon!A real community is quite complex. Susan Straight really [...]

    5. Although I've been an admirer of Straight's fiction since Aquaboogie, I consider Between Heaven and Here to be her best. The beauty of her writing, the gripping story, the depth of her characters and her observations on human nature I couldn't put it down. Once again, she took me inside the hearts and lives of people I see on the streets, but this time I finished the book feeling as though they were neighbors and friends. I'm reminded of Faulkner, in his most accessible work.

    6. A crack whore is dead in a shopping cart in a small SoCal town. Instead of letting the cops handle it--they wouldn't care--the people from her community, a street of houses, take her to her family who decide to faker the circumstances of her death so her teenage son won't grieve harder. He is the hope of the whole community, a very smart black boy who is on his way to a great university and middle class prospects. His family are transplants from Louisiana, blacks who moved West during the Great [...]

    7. I recently started working in Riverside and so after discovering that Susan Straight's "Rio Seco" is based on Riverside I had to read her work. I now have more questions that answers about why Riverside is the way it is. Currently: why so much meth and homelessness? how did that happen? what do to about the addiction problems? But also: it's beautiful here. There are huge old trees, citrus groves, beautiful old buildings, wide streets, orange hills and mountains right in the middle of town. I su [...]

    8. i really wanted to like this book.i bought it after attending a book talk with the author. she made riverside, california sounds like a fascinating placee story's core is interesting.but, the author is so scattered. she jumps from character to character and 50 years in the past or the future in a single chapter.i even skipped a chapter in the middle that was completely nonsensicale book started off strongly. there are parts that are heartbreaking and haunting, charming, funny, and very real.but [...]

    9. Beautifully written as usual but I got a little confused with the format on who was related to who at times. One big error I saw was this on page 214."The Navigator bumping old-school House of Pain--'Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain'--and the moon hanging low like a damn Mento. Ugggg! That's old school Cypress Hill, not House of Pain.

    10. I loved this book so much.I find Susan Straight's Rio Seco trilogy one of the best portraits of contemporary America out there. I liked it so much I made this one of my top 5 fiction of the year for The Daily Beast:thedailybeast/articles

    11. A quick read with good snippets of many characters lives. While you don't see resolution for each of them, you can get a great sense for how the community is like. I specially like the contrast and similarities of all the mothers portrayed.

    12. Interconnected stories about a Creole family living in Riverside, California. Glorette is the center, each story spoking off her troubled life and violent death. The stories take us to a levee in Louisiana where 100 people are stranded after a deadly flood in 1926, to a juvenile correctional facility in Chino, to Riverside's strip malls and highway overpasses and an improvised parking lot around a community college. After a bit of a slow start, I came to love this family. I want to read more of [...]

    13. I had the great pleasure of hearing Straight read part of this novel last month at Antioch University in Los Angeles - and I have to admit it took me a little while to settle into this book without her peaceful voice lulling me into it. This is a beautifully written, tragic, deeply complex story about humanity and life. I found it lovely and heartbreaking and I missed her lyrical voice - and several of the characters - when it was all over.

    14. While I had some trouble following the book in the beginning, it really turned around for me by the end.What I thought would be a sort of "whodunit" around the death of Glorette, became a story about everything that went on around her son, Victor. It was hard not to want the best for him, and I think that's a sign of excellent writing. It was interesting to hear the different voices, telling their story and how it related. Another McSweeny's winner!

    15. Susan Straight was my creative writing teacher as an English major undergrad at University of California--Riverside so I am a bit biased towards her craft. Between Heaven and Here is a wonderful little story that finalizes a wonderful trilogy. There is a bit of bouncing around with the characters but it doesn't take away from the thoughtful yet tragic tale that needs to be told. Well done Susan!

    16. I'm a huge Susan Straight fan and have read every book she's written. ( I think.) This book is definitely an accumulation of all her talents as a writer. Her mastery of dialogue left me awestruck. Told from multiple points of view, BH&H is a story about community, family and the ties that bind us to one another. But it's also about so much more. Drugs, sex, class and race. It's all in here. My new favorite.

    17. A beautiful woman grows up poor, betrayed by the men who want to own her beauty for a time. She gets pregnant as a teenager, has a son, does her best to raise him, but dies when he is still a teen. Murder or overdose, some people around her lie while others seek to uncover the truth.People holding on to the edge still have much to lose.This story was too dark for me, and skipped back and forth a little too much.

    18. I got a little frustrated with the first part of the book because it just seemed to keep covering old ground and not add anything new. Eventually, though, I got into it and enjoyed it the way I do all of Susan Straight's books. Her characters are so engaging--I feel like I know them--she is incredibly good at making me feel as if I am a part of the story.

    19. I love this book & will read it again & again! The story is sad and yet compelling. You feel the characters, their environment & want to be there. Not that their life is wonderful & happy, but the people are so rich & deep that they make you want to sit down & BE with them. Will have to read Susan Straight's other novels.

    20. Well written, urgent, and compelling. She does a dope job of layering the thoughts and realities of the characters in a single moment. Real talk though, some of the urban dialect and cultural references (a few of which are incorrect) seemed really forced, which pulled me out of the text and made me more skeptical than I wish I would have been.

    21. This is a beautiful book about ugly life. Ugly poverty, ugly drugs, ugly society. . . but a family that finds beauty in each other, in the cards they're dealt, in the no-holds-barred protection of the family unit. Susan Straight's powers of description, of creating place, are amazing, and the prose is often poetic. A wonderful read about hard existence.

    22. Interrelated stories about a crack-addicted streetwalker in Riverside County, and the histories of her family. It was very well-written and beautifully evoked the world of the characters. My only complaint is that the dialect was so hard to understand, and the chapters revolving around individuals so hard to follow that I feel like I missed a lot of what the book had to offer.

    23. Between the way the author plays with chronology and the way she's able to change her voice as the perspective changes from chapter to chapter, this was simply a beautiful read (if quietly heartbreaking). I only learned when I was some way in that this is the third book in a trilogy, so I'm hunting the first two down as soon as I can.

    24. Beautiful writing.Frustrating to try to keep track of all the characters.Powerful moments.Very depressing subject matter.Focuses on how the past can seep up into the present.Fortunately, by the end there's hope. And I understand Susan Straight will now be writing about this hopeful character in her next book. That's one I will read.

    25. Wish I had known this was third in a series . .would have started with the first one . . reading this, I felt kind of lost as I wasn't sure what was going on until I was about done with the book. Kind of hard for me . ever it was a trip to Creole country in Louisiana . . nice for historical/cultural value

    26. I can't really recommend it. There's a unique voice here, but the voice is not for me. It glides around like a chatty teenager oftentimes going nowhere at all. I'd like to leave that rambling nothingness back in high school.

    27. I received this as a giveaway. It is a story about a girl that was just so beautiful and how everyone's life intermingles with each other in one form or another. It was a very descriptive book, I could feel the heat of the day seemingly to come right off the pages.

    28. A beautifully written book doesn't necessarily indicate a good story. While I enjoyed her narrative, in the end it was more of a "month in the life of". While I don't regret spending the time to read it, it wouldn't be a book I jump to recommend to others.

    29. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. I love a nontraditional narrative in the hands of a great storyteller like Susan Straight. This book speaks for perseverance without sugar coating and for love without the mainstream trappings.

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