Eyes of a Child

Eyes of a Child

Richard North Patterson / Dec 14, 2019

Eyes of a Child A viciously fought child custody dispute an accusation of sexual molestation and Chris Paget on trial for murder this is the scorching sequal to Degree of Guilt Chris Pagent s well ordered world is

  • Title: Eyes of a Child
  • Author: Richard North Patterson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • A viciously fought child custody dispute, an accusation of sexual molestation, and Chris Paget on trial for murder this is the scorching sequal to Degree of Guilt.Chris Pagent s well ordered world is blown apart by his love for his assistant Terri Terri s ex husband, Richie, is determined to destroy them both and instigates a child custody battle for Terri s four year oA viciously fought child custody dispute, an accusation of sexual molestation, and Chris Paget on trial for murder this is the scorching sequal to Degree of Guilt.Chris Pagent s well ordered world is blown apart by his love for his assistant Terri Terri s ex husband, Richie, is determined to destroy them both and instigates a child custody battle for Terri s four year old daughter, accusing Terri of neglect and Paget s teenage son of sexual molestation Then Richie is murdered and Paget finds himself on trial for his life.Eyes of a Child demonstrates why the former San Fransisco trial lawyer, Richard North Patterson, is an international best seller.

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        Richard North Patterson is the author of fourteen previous bestselling and critically acclaimed novels Formerly a trial lawyer, Patterson served as the SEC s liaison to the Watergate special prosecutor and has served on the boards of several Washington advocacy groups dealing with gun violence, political reform, and women s rights He lives in San Francisco and on Martha s Vineyard.Macmillan Author ProfileAwardsEdgar Award, 1980, Best First Novel for The Lasko TangentGrand Prix de Litt rature Polici re, International Award, 1995 for Degree of Guiltuscmillan author richar


    1. This was an excellent and well-written book. It WAS NOT a great mystery. Believe me, even Forrest Gump could have followed the trail the author left here HOWEVERPatterson explores a terrifying custody battle between a woman and her narcisstic/sociopathic husband. His charming personality appears to be convincing everyone (mental health professionals, court liasons, etc) he is nothing but a doting, loving, concerned father. Meanwhile, he is torturing his wife with his accusations, etc. At least, [...]

    2. This one kept me guessing, right up to the end, about whodunit.Full of twists and turning amid mounting tension, just the way I like a thriller to be.

    3. This book was neat. I have read the true crime novels and you didn't get a lot of background info on the individual person. It was point by point the details of how the crime went down. And the cases. And no back ground info. This book gave you a good back ground story on their characters. You got to feel for them. You got to figure out their history and their lives and everything good. THEN you heard about the trial. Of course, it's not real so things that happened wouldn't be allowed in real c [...]

    4. The third in a series featuring Christopher Paget, this is an excellent read. Christopher's associate, Teri Peralta, leaves her manipulative and abusive husband. Child custody issues arise and suspicions of child molestation begin to infuse the story. As Teri and Christopher begin a relationship, complications seem to destroy their chances of creating a stable family for their children. Christopher's fifteen year old son Carlos becomes a central figure in the accusations and suspicions. Richie, [...]

    5. This author puts Grisham to shame so many twists and turns. Great story teller & this is one fantastic book.

    6. The very first page, a minor character from book two gets murdered. By page 50 I would have pulled the trigger myself! Patterson lays the groundwork for a riveting tale, then pulls you through peaks and valleys of emotion. So many unexpected plot twists that the expected twists surprise you when they show up!

    7. Richard kept me riveted againAll the ingredients I love. Law, family,love parenthood-twists and turns. Great character building _total escape. Cannot wait to get my husband embroiled in this great courtroom drama !

    8. I'm still trying to figure what the title had to do with how the story plays out. Elena, the child, witnesses and experiences horrible things, but her age - 6 years old - has most of the adults making pretzels out of themselves to contain her experiences and shape her life into normalcy, so much so she primarily is either given a chapter or two showing us bad dreams about a dog, or she is living a normal life while the adults wonder why she is a bit sad. Until all is revealed at the end the read [...]

    9. Eyes of a Child is the third novel of the Paget series I read; here, a gloomy and rather oppressive atmosphere pervades the whole story. This is what makes it different from the previous two, and other RNP's, novels. Other reviews suggest that anyone can easily guess the culprit in the first quarter of the book; I did not think this was true, what is true is that mystery is not meant to be the central point of the plot here, but you have at least two (if not three) characters who "could have don [...]

    10. Not particularly hard to guess who the murderer is or what happened to cause them to murder the person. I guessed this from very very early on in the book actually and though my dad was surprised that I could guess this so easily, and that he couldn't I thought it wasn't really trying to convince you away from that conclusion.My dad however did make the comment that he thought "wouldn't an author try to lead you towards assuming it was someone obvious and so shouldn't you guess that there actual [...]

    11. "Gates leaned back, pulling herself more tightly together: it seemed clear to Caroline that what she was about to do violated her deepest professional beliefs. 'My sessions with Mr. Arias,' she said at length, 'indicated intense self-absorption; a profound lack of empathy for others; a disrespect for social norms and accepted rules of behavior; a tendency to project his own faults on other people; a lack of interest in anyone else's feelings or beliefs; a high degree of dishonesty and manipulati [...]

    12. This book was too long - for me at least, considering I figured out the whole "who dunnit" part just about half-way through. So then I had to muddle my way through all the hint dropping the rest of the way. I lost interest but made it through. Because of this disinterest, I had lots of time to notice things like the author's love for the word "elliptical."This is a crime/court thriller set in San Francisco focused on an ugly custody battle that ends in a suicide. Of course, no one really believe [...]

    13. Eyes of a child is a tale of sadness, pain and harassment. Author possibly intended to make an honest effort in explaining harsh reality of a very unfortunate and unthinkable phenomenon prevalent in today's society. Story lacks connectivity and flow, drags along for most part of the book. Characters lack power and conviction in spite of sentimental way in which all of them are portrayed. On one hand, it explains fragile nature of kids in today's world and lack of much needed parental attention t [...]

    14. chris paget is a defence lawyer. now he needs one of his own ricardo arias is found dead in his apt, shot in the mouth and a suicide note. but was it? he is separated from his wife terri and has custody of their 6 year old daughter. to complicate things chris is now involved emotionally with terri whop works for him. but their affair only started after she left her husband plenty of motive but of course it goes much deeper than that - especially when politics r involved chris is soon on trial an [...]

    15. by chapter 3 I knew Who I suspected 'did it'. What made this book enjoyable reading is that it delivered, mystery,suspense, court room trial, unique but highly believable characters, Mothers POV Dad POV, and as the title implys an excellent Child's POV, a slime ball Husband POV, and a Grandmothers POV. While it may seem like too many POV's as the reader you don't actually realize all these POV's are theretill you have finished the book and then you realize the gift Richard North Patterson has fo [...]

    16. A man has been found dead, a gun still wedged in his mouth. It looks like Ricardo Arias killed himself…but the physical evidence tells a different story. The police investigation turns up all sorts of troubling data—a bitter estrangement between Ricardo and his wife, Terri; an ugly custody battle over their six-year-old daughter, Elena; charges of child molestation. And before long there’s a murder suspect: San Francisco defense attorney and political hopeful Christopher Paget.But where’ [...]

    17. Ricardo Arias is found dead, the gun still wedged in his mouth. It looks like suicide, but the physical evidence strongly suggests murder. The police investigation uncovers an estranged wife, Terri Peralta; an ugly custody battle over their six-year-old daughter, Elena; heated charges of child abuse; and a murder suspect: San Francisco defense attorney Christopher Paget.Paget has motive--it's his son accused of abusing Elena, his political plans for the future put at risk by the dead man's accus [...]

    18. This is the third time I've read this book & always enjoy it. All the many situations going on are very deep & so obviously could happen to any of us. For the grace of God, my daughter's father could have been Ricardo-there were certainly strong similarities to their personalities. This time around, the one thing I found annoying was Terri & Chris's relationship. In spite of everything going on & loving their children, they still tended to push them aside at times in favor of the [...]

    19. Long-ish but rewarding if you stick with it . Really absorbing story with a good mix of likeable and loathsome characters . Paget is battling the establishment when he dares to put himself forward for the political world .His enemies jump at the chance to stitch him up when he has some success with the start of his campaign but misjudge the loyalties of the legal profession who consider Christopher one of their own .Some serious mud-slinging sticks and a major court case ensues gripping the read [...]

    20. I like Richard North Patterson's writing style. This book was a little long and drawn-out, but worth my time. The whole story centered around the investigation and court case of the killing (suicide?) of Ricardo Arias. Terri had just left Ricardo and immediately started a romance with her boss, Christopher Paget. Ricardo was a sociopath who sexually molested their daughter and blamed Christopher's son Carlos of molesting their daughter. It is scary to think of how accusations can damage someone' [...]

    21. Real love is when people make a commitment to family and carry it out, even through the bad times.Men have more answers than women have questions.Whoever first conceived of a broken heart, must have loved a child.Just tell people the truth, it's less confusing.We can never really look into anyone else's heart. Even when we think we know everything about them.You can't look for how you should feel about yourself in the faces of other people. You have to have your own standards, both for how you a [...]

    22. The sequel to Degree of Guilt (recently read and reviewed), this is a very enjoyable and intelligent legal thriller. The characters come to life, and the courtroom drama is very compelling and realistic; it's obvious that the author is an attorney! Except when necessary to keep the plot moving, he gets the details just right. I've rated it so highly in part because I read it several years ago, remember 'whodunit', and was still engaged up to the last page! If you enjoy the genre, I think you'll [...]

    23. For a trial lawyer like Christopher Paget nothing is much harder than to be the one prosecuted on court. He was alleged of killing his girlfriend's ex-husband, Ricardo Arias. Excellent legal techniques were showcased in this novel. Richard North Patterson showed his exquisite writing ability in this legal thriller. Every one will sure to be hooked until the end. Very gripping, it will keep you holding your chairs for such heart-thumping revelations. The book was intelligently-written, perfect fo [...]

    24. This was a somewhat better-written murder mystery than some of the dribble I recently entertained myself with during one of the myriad trips I've taken back and forth across the Atlantic this year. Topics include murder, blackmail, spousal abuse, child abuse, etc and the psychological impact of all these issues on both the child and adult characters in the book. The ending, however, was quite predictable, so - in retrospect - this story could have been shorter and still would have had the same i [...]

    25. this is definitely my favorite legal thriller novel ever. i've read this about five times. it made me want to be a lawyer (almost) but the deaver novels made me want to do forensics (even before csi came out) but i didn't do law or forensics. instead i did criminology (which i still attribute to either this book and the bone collector). wrong choice. should have just done forensics! but read this! you won't regret it.

    26. This was a page-turner that kept me engrossed through its narrative twists and turns. Richard Patterson produced a masterful tale of love, pain, courage and perseverance of Chris and Terri, two people who get caught in a legal battle. His characters are so well-defined, strong, but at times, sensitive and flawed, that they seem to come alive in front of you. The legal strategies in the courtroom were definitely interesting, encouraging the reader to continue reading till the very end.

    27. Hard to put down. The detailed courtroom procedings were the most interesting for me. Cynical but probably accurate view of the jury selection process. The main character, murder suspect Christopher Paget, is a lawyer. Some of the discussions between him and the attorney representing him were fascinating. (view spoiler)[ I especially liked when they were analyzing whether to put on a defense at all after the prosecution finished (hide spoiler)].

    28. Got this from my husband--I was in the hospital--he went to the gift shop to buy me a book--his name was Richard Patterson--so as a joke he bought me this book. I liked it --it was a good mystery and characters developed well-I bought several more by this author and wasn't disappointed--I like the way he uses his characters from novel to novel ( not all his works are like this) but you don't have to read them in any order--each stands alone.

    29. I picked it up and stuck with it because of the amazing reviews, which I'm afraid I have to disagree with.About 200 pages too long. The courtroom drama doesn't even start till around page 300. The ending was very predictable. I didn't particularly like any of the characters. This is a shame, because the underlying issues of child abuse, sociopathy, etc. are important and the author seems to have done his research on these topics.

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