Flotilla of the Dead

Flotilla of the Dead

David P. Forsyth / Dec 08, 2019

Flotilla of the Dead This is the second book of the Sovereign Spirit Saga Picking up where Voyage of the Dead left off follow the adventures of Scott Carl and other survivors of the zombie apocalypse that occurred on A

  • Title: Flotilla of the Dead
  • Author: David P. Forsyth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is the second book of the Sovereign Spirit Saga Picking up where Voyage of the Dead left off, follow the adventures of Scott, Carl, and other survivors of the zombie apocalypse that occurred on April 1, 2012 The crew and passengers of the Sovereign Spirit continue their mission to rescue other survivors, secure supplies for the growing Survival Flotilla, and searcThis is the second book of the Sovereign Spirit Saga Picking up where Voyage of the Dead left off, follow the adventures of Scott, Carl, and other survivors of the zombie apocalypse that occurred on April 1, 2012 The crew and passengers of the Sovereign Spirit continue their mission to rescue other survivors, secure supplies for the growing Survival Flotilla, and search for the cause and cure to the virus that destroyed the world as they knew it.Book Length More than 220 Pages 105,000 words.

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    1. I was honestly very surprised. I had very high expectations of the second installment after reading the first book, but I have to say that it went far beyond my expectations. It was a FANTASTIC read!! I had a lot of instances where I felt my heart about to burst from excitement, anger, and happiness for the characters. The writing was even better than the first book. Mister David Forsyth, you have written a masterpiece! The book only left me hungry for more. It was a long read, but I truly wishe [...]

    2. Ever since reading the first book, Voyage of the Dead, I have anxiously been awaiting this second book in the series. It did NOT disappoint. Check that -- I WAS disappointed when I ran out of book to read. I was engrossed from start to finish. Once again, I was up into the wee hours of the morning to finish the book.As with the first book, I was fascinated with the two main characters. Both Scott can Carl are the type of men I would hope I would be if such a situation as a Zombie Apocalypse were [...]

    3. This was even more of a thrill ride, actually on the edge of my seat at times type stuff much better than the first book. Love all the characters & how they developed throughout the second book. There are some new players being introduced including some women that are not just in the back ground being helpless wives & girlfriends & thats great after all not only men fight zombies.There are some real nail biting chapters that you just cant read fast enough in order to see what happens [...]

    4. Quick recap from the previous book.d its back into Zombie Hell.Previously we all read about ZDAY and how the populaton worldwide starts to quickly change into zombies.All hell broke loose with Fast action, gore, vivid battles & survival of the fittest. One man however startsto rebuild society, and this is where the second book kicks off.Commodore Scott has the sense and vision to help people survivehe starts to bring back order and most ofall HOPE. those scared, hungry, hidden and struggling [...]

    5. I'm a simple man. so all I really need in life is a good horse, a good saddle and a good book. I got the horse, I got the saddle, and now by golly, I got the book. This is an outstanding Zombie series that just keeps getting better, and I've read alot of Zombie books. Mr. Forsyth is a superb story teller. I don't usually dream about books, but I dreamed about this one 2 nights running. It's just one of those books I didn't want to end (thank God there's a 3rd one coming). Scott is a GREAT man, a [...]

    6. WOW! I can't get enough of the Sovereign Spirit saga, this is just incredible Zombie fiction with that added extra. Book two "Flotilla of the Dead" picks up immediately after "Voyage of the Dead" and does not let up in the story line, it just gets better and better and just when you think everything seems to be going wellmething happens to make you think "oh god" what are they going to do now? I'm just so glad I found these books by accident. A brilliant read and well worth the money and highly [...]

    7. I honestly couldn't finish it. I mean the bit with the TV interview? How the hell is this guy meant to be charismatic? Why is almost every other person in a position of authority an idiot? Nonsense. Please include a female character who DOES something. It's embarrassing for the author.

    8. Damnit, this is why I didn't want to finish the book because now I'm aching to know what happens, and I have nothing else to read to distract me of my suffering. I give it five stars. It's just as good, if not better than Voyage. I don't know if it's just that I have an active imagination, but from the beginning of Voyage I was able to foresee where Flotilla would be headed. I was glad that I was correct, but also still surprised at events that I had not expected.Scott is such a badass leader, w [...]

    9. Really, really loved this book and the previous one.Carl is my favourite by far, poor dude didn't have it as handy as Scott in the two books and had to kick more Zombie one on one ass which was awesome.The detail as usual was wicked! How awesome would it be to have being on that ship with Scott and all those weapons, might as well have being on the moon.The only thing I didn't like was how sexist things where. Everything was all about the males, all the women seemed to be helpless, scared or a z [...]

    10. I loved book one in his series and could wait to get my hands on this one. This book deals more with the continuation of civilisation after z day. Alot less zombie attacks and started to become a bit predictable and now u know they are safe in water you know there is always an escape route now! Despite this I couldn't put the book down and can't wait for book three

    11. Absolutely a wonderful read to the previous books. Mr. Forsyth takes the reader to a higher level in this book. Keeps you on the edge of your seat from the beginning. Nothing less than a 5 star read in my book!! Anyone who gives it a lower star is a zombie!!

    12. awesome. I'm at a loss to the humanity that this book has. I hope that there really would be great people like that out there if the Z-poch were to actually happen.

    13. It had been a long time since I had read book 1. The writing was very similar, but the characters took an even more back seat to the action than the first time around. I suppose there wouldn't be much going on but survival during the first couple weeks of an outbreak, but I would have liked something more than prepping, survival tactics, and action scenes.

    14. It took me a mere two days to read all three books of the Sovereign Spirit Saga. Once I picked them up, you couldn't tear me away! Let's get real, I bet this series makes each of you muse over what you would spend your hundreds of millions on should you ever hit the megabucks. The plot is straightforward. Scott, a family man, hits the lottery in a big way. You know boys and their toys. He purchases an old cruise liner and retrofits it to be the ultimate party boat. We're talking helicopters, pla [...]

    15. The best way to describe this story is to imagine that the first 30 minutes of Jurassic Park went on for two hours, then the only one to die was the lawyer. Then the credits rolled. Excited for a sequel? Me neither. I quite liked the first book but there's a total void of any conflict; a basic concept they tell you in any script writing 101 course. The main character continues to be insufferably intelligent and over charismatic, with a guaranteed way out of any situation that arises, any conflic [...]

    16. Actually, I did like the previous book a bit more.On one hand, I wanted to read a zombie book and what I got was a book about a politician who needs to describe his plans for a rebuild of civilization about five dozen times in the space of only 250 pages. It really gets repetitive. I understand that political leaders need to repeat their vision to each and every newcomer time and time again, but me, reading a story, it gets really tiring.On the other, there was Carl, now that guy I loved. He is [...]

    17. Why I enjoyed the second instalment of the Sovereign Spirit Saga, it did not enthral me like the first book. This book settles into more of a political style with a great deal of the book taken up with the consolidation of the survivors armada and the growth of the main character as a leader. The logistics of feeding the survivors and assisting others are etched out in detail. There is still some awesome zombie fed action but not as much as I would have liked. Taken all this into consideration t [...]

    18. What a great second book to the series. The action just doesn't stop! Scott Allen continues to try to construct safe harbors for all of the "boat people" while trying to stay out of trouble with the authorities (the police, the mayor, etc) David Forsyth portrays this new world "disorder" with descriptions and details that are almost visual! I fully enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the last in the trilogy. Just awesome!

    19. Just keeps getting betterI don't have all those fancy words good reviewers use so excuse the sadly simple way I tell you, this book is freakin' brilliant! (As was the first) If there's ever a zombie apocalypse these 2 books could definitely serve as survival guides. I can't wait for the next book!

    20. Nice continuation to the first book. If there ever is a Z day, I hope I manage to land in one of the safe havens depicted in here! Yay for the last chapter and who comes rolling in! Looking forward to reading Deluge of the Dead next as I can't wait to find out how everyone meshes.

    21. Great sequel!This series is originial, innovative and gripping! Not your usual zombie apocalypse novelis one uses the ingenious ideas of the survivors to put a hopeful and practical spin on things! Much more than blood and goreese books are very well developed! Kudos to the author!

    22. Sovereign Spirit Saga Book 2Not much blood or Gore in book 2. The characters and the storyline is enough for me to continue to the 3rd book in this series.This series would be perfect for anyone who wants to read about zombies that are squeamish!!! Not for the blood & guts readers.


    24. Different kind of Zombie bookI am really enjoying these books. Different from the others in a great way. If you like apocalyptic horror, these are a must read.

    25. a real page turnerI would recommond this book for anyone who love suspense, things on the line of World War Z movie.Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

    26. Great BookThis is more of a book on keeping civilization alive, than a book just about zombies. Easy read, look forward to the next.

    27. Good stuff butThis has been a good series, I have little complaint, except maybe sometimes things come a wee bit too easy for Scott, but over all I like it.

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