Blue Diary

Blue Diary

Alice Hoffman / Sep 18, 2019

Blue Diary This dark and utterly compelling new novel is about the shadows that lie beneath ordinary lives about the hand that fate deals you and what you make of it and the ripples that carry on indefinitely f

  • Title: Blue Diary
  • Author: Alice Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780099437758
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • This dark and utterly compelling new novel is about the shadows that lie beneath ordinary lives, about the hand that fate deals you and what you make of it and the ripples that carry on indefinitely from a violent act.

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      479 Alice Hoffman
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        Alice Hoffman is the author of than thirty works of fiction, including The Rules of Magic, The Marriage of Opposites, Practical Magic, The Red Garden, the Oprah s Book Club selection Here on Earth, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, and The Dovekeepers She lives near Boston.


    1. Onvan : Blue Diary - Nevisande : Alice Hoffman - ISBN : 425184943 - ISBN13 : 9780425184943 - Dar 304 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2001

    2. Ethan Ford - a handyman, kids' baseball coach, and volunteer fireman - is a town hero. After 13 years of marriage he's still deeply in love with his wife Jorie and a good dad to his son Collie. Then one morning Ethan is arrested for the rape and murder of a young girl fifteen years ago. Jorie and Collie are devastated and the townsfolk can hardly take it in, believing a terrible mistake has occurred. However Ethan pleads guilty to the crime, asserting that he's a 'different man' now. In one way [...]

    3. I didn't finish this book. Ms Hoffman failed to make me care enough about the characters, with the possible exception of Kat, to want to continue past page 116. Yes, I gave it a few extra pages beyond my 100-page limit because I wanted to like this book. Alice Hoffman is an author highly recommended by many friends, and I thoroughly enjoyed another of her novels, "The Probable Future." This novel, though, irritated the fluff out of me with the 3rd-person omniscient POV written in the present ten [...]

    4. Can someone commit a terrible crime and then completely change themselves for the better? If that person has changed and now lives an exemplary life, are they still responsible for that crime even though they are no longer the same person? This is the question posed in Blue Diary. Ethan Ford is THE perfect husband and father or is he? The secret he has kept from his wife for 15 years comes back to haunt him and the whole town is drawn into the ensuing chaos. I thought the premise of the book was [...]

    5. I didn’t hate it but I did skim most of it and couldn’t wait to finish and move onbut at least I finished it. The characters are too perfect or either too perfectly flawed. They are boring and unbelievable more than endearing and sympathetic. The author takes too much time making everything perfecteven the dang strawberries grown by Jorie are the best and sweetest in the world. Give me a break! The story is about Ethan Ford (the most perfect man on earth through the first 30 pages) who is ac [...]

    6. Unrealistic plotRapist/Murderer turns into Perfect Husband/Father/Fireman/Hero. explanation as to why or how this occurred. Disjointed characters briefly interact as they come to terms with their disillusion. I kept waiting for someone to get to the heart of the matter know about Ethan and how/why he transformed himself, but instead got inner dialogue of his devastated wife, teen girl who turned in the murderer, but was still friends with his son, and whose 17 year old sister had been kissed on [...]

    7. Alice Hoffman’s books can be kind of depressing, but you almost don’t mind because they’re so beautifully written. The first chapter describes the idyllic perfection of the life Ethan and Jorie Ford lead along with their son Collie. Everything is wonderful, Ethan is a perfect, gorgeous, hardworking man and Jorie is a perfect, gorgeous, lovely wife. Collie is perfect, gorgeous, and happy. They live in a small, Massachusetts town and everybody loves them. Then, everything falls apart. Ethan [...]

    8. I like Alice Hoffman, but this wasn't my favorite. And it wasn't really a great listen. I feel like this is a story that I could have told while gossiping at the train station getting my cup of coffee. "So, did you hear about the Fords? Well, apparently Ethan--and that's not even his real name--murdered and raped a girl 15 years ago in Maryland! And you'll never guess who turned them in. The next door neighbor's girl Kat, who is best friend's with the Ford's son! I know! So, now Ethan, or whatev [...]

    9. This was a good book, not the quality book that is life-altering or really touches your soul, but a good solid book nonetheless. The book centers around earth-shattering truths revealed to a woman about her husband. Its a bit unsettling to think about how quickly life can change. Equally as upsetting is how little you may know someone you think you know and love. Imagine you found out your husband had committed a horrible crime, only moments before you met and fell in love with him. Years later, [...]

    10. Hoffman’s novel Blue Diary takes place in a small rural village where life seems perfect—at least for one family. A wife whose beauty is envied by angels themselves, with a husband that all women secretly glance at when they think he’s not paying attention and lastly, a cherubic son who creates an entire new meaning for the word ‘innocence’. But due to the hands of fate, their life shatters like broken glass when the husband, Ethan Ford’s past life is exposed. The skill with which Al [...]

    11. I was attracted to “The Blue Diary” when I was listening to a book talk at our school. Later, I took the book and read the introduction of it which I though the plot was quite exciting. Then the librarian came to me and told me that she liked reading the book written by the author, Alice Hoffman, because her writing is really good. So, I decided to give the book a try. However, the book is totally not what I had expected, and not in good way. For me, it is a disappointment because it is far [...]

    12. Just finished this book after pushing through it ever so slowly. And there is one questions (well one of many) that is really confusing me! How did Kat know?I mean this happened years ago, and how did she know just because she didn't see his reflection (don't get me started on that!) in some mirror, that he committed a crime years ago?If anyone had an answer, that would be great! Apart from that it's a certainly interesting question that runs through the whole novel, but the characters were so 2 [...]

    13. Wow! What a premise. Ethan Ford and his wife, Jorie, have the perfect life. Even after 13 years of marriage, they are blissfully as in love as the day they met in the bar on the outskirts of town. It was love at first sight, and has only grown over the years with the birth of their son and their idyllic life in a small town in Massachusetts. Ethan is a master craftsman, coaches his son’s Little League team and motivates all the town’s boys; he serves on the volunteer fire department and over [...]

    14. This story reminds me of a true story I read in a magazine. In the magazine article we see a man with a terrible problem. His daughter is sick and needs a kidney, her mother and other family members are not a match. The father is not her natural father as the girl is a child of rape. This father was the one who befriended the traumatized girl who had been raped by an unknown assailant, offered her friendship, comfort and love and eventually became her beloved husband and the devoted father of he [...]

    15. Not the most inspiring book of the year, based on its topic, but definitely interesting. Raises the question, "Could you keep loving someone once their secret past is revealed?"At points I was disturbed by this novel because of the territory the heroine traverses in her search through her husband's past, but at the same time riveted to the story to see what would happen next. That's good, right?As always, Hoffman's lyrical prose leads you down a primrose path of words that can only be described [...]

    16. How capable are we of change? This is the question Alice Hoffman asks in her novel, Blue Diary. Ethan Ford, a seemingly handsome and harmless gentleman, is actually a criminal who has been on the run for the past thirteen years for the murder and rape of a young girl. The plot blooms as his history is revealed, shocking everyone from the local librarian to his own wife and son. You would expect forgiveness from this small town, as Ethan was once known as the hero of the place; the one person tha [...]

    17. What can I say about this book other than it made me cringe? Quite a few things, since I was taking notes for a book club discussion, searching for its themes amid the overblown, flowery prose such as that found in this example: "He has walked through the fire with her name on his lips; he has drunk of it and found sustenance in it, until at last he was carried to the other side of the black river." Oh boy. Multiply this by the 303 pages found in this book, and you'll understand what I'm talking [...]

    18. How do you find forgiveness in the unforgivable? This is what Alice Hoffman tackles in the superb book "Blue Diary". Ethan Ford and his wife Jorie have everything since meeting one night 13 years ago at the local bar. A perfect house, garden, the towns respect and admiration and an entranced love that allows them to make love as each day is the first day they met, but how far does love go when you are asked to forgive to unthinkable? Josie and the town struggle with this when Ethen is arrested o [...]

    19. It took me an inordinately long time to read this book. Maybe because I was reading an actual book, as opposed to an electronic version, and I tended to save it for outdoor reading. It was not a difficult book to read, was not character-heavy or full of plot twists. No, it was a relatively straight-forward plotline and was interesting.So, having finally decided to finish the darn thing, I started plowing through it yesterday and finished this afternoon, with tears in my eyes.You find out quite e [...]

    20. right now i'm really interested i the plot, but plodding through all the flora and and fauna to get to what actually happens is a bit much. about 1/4 of it would add to the story the rest should be dumped out. Interesting so far though. Ok finished it today, and man, i like the way it was wrapped up. now i see why she had Kat and Jorie take turns with the perspective. I also have to say, please cut out the flowers and shrubs and pick some normal names. Lots of heavy stuff in here, Murder obvious [...]

    21. This was a good book. It is life-altering and it really touched my soul. I have to say that the turn in this story truly surprised me after Ford's secret was revealed and he was arrested. I expected greater forgiveness from his family and neighbors because of his exemplary behavior before. However, forgiveness did not come easily in this gossipy town. As many other reviewers asked: "Can someone commit a terrible crime and then completely change themselves for the better?", people are not alway [...]

    22. I chose this book because I really like some of this author's previous work (The Dovekeepers, Here on Earth) and this novel did not disappoint. The main character believes she has the perfect marriage: her husband is a hard worker, a volunteer fireman who has saved countless community members, and a coach for their son's baseball team. After 13 years of marriage they are as in love as they have always been until they get a knock on the door and she finds that her husband has a sordid past. She g [...]

    23. I enjoyed this novel and found Hoffman's prose style very readable, with lyrical descriptions of scenery. Unfortunately publishers always seem to compare her with Anne Tyler on book jackets, so I find myself making the same comparison and I don't think she is as good - but then again, who is?! The plot centres on Jorie, a woman leading an apparently perfect life after falling in love at first sight with Ethan, a stranger in her small town. Since their marriage he has become a pillar of the commu [...]

    24. Sad story with sad characters. Wouldn't want to live with this crowd. There is the:holier than thou self rightous neighbor girl Kat who excuses all her illegal acts, fair weather wife and son who fold and run at the first sign of trouble,married lawyer man who dumps his wife and 3 girls so he can be noble and play "caring husband" to a divorcing sick woman who he has loved forever. You don't see Kat being concerned about that familyd the mean mouthed no help sisters.What a crew! Nobody tries to [...]

    25. This book was a disappoint to me. The author wrote from a different perspective than I was used to. She has a wonderful skill in describing everything in perfect detail except the plot. For example she tries to reveal the feelings of an entire town which becomes a burden to the reader to keep up with a plethora of characters. You never really figure out the main characters. Could you forgive and overlook a heinous crime committed by someone you love? Good question but the story fell short. I stu [...]

    26. Alice Hoffman loses her mind in this one. I really think she just took pretty words, put them in a jar, shook it up, and pulled out a handful everytime she needed to describe something.It starts with the first sentence and goes downhill from there.T'S THE LAST MONDAY OF THE month, a brutally gorgeous morning brimming with blue air and the sweet scent of honeysuckle, which grows wild in the woods beyond Front Street, when Ethan Ford fails to show up for work.If the purple prose overkill wasn't en [...]

    27. Wish I wouldn't have wasted my time. This book is wrong on so many levelsa man does not go from doing evil to becoming Mr. Wonderful Citizen overnight. A woman who truly loves her husband does not abandon him. The child Kat is far too dark for a child of that age, swinging wildly between loving her friend yet having no qualms about ruining his life and manipulating her sister who is older and wiser than her. This story is so far fetched that it irritated me more than it entertained me. The autho [...]

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