The Runaway Princess

The Runaway Princess

Hester Browne / Sep 20, 2019

The Runaway Princess If Amy Wilde s new boyfriend Leo treats her like a queen that s because he s secretly a prince himself Leopold William Victor Wolfsburg of Nirona the ninth most eligible royal bachelor in the worl

  • Title: The Runaway Princess
  • Author: Hester Browne
  • ISBN: 9781439168851
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
  • If Amy Wilde s new boyfriend, Leo, treats her like a queen, that s because he s secretly a prince himself Leopold William Victor Wolfsburg of Nirona, the ninth most eligible royal bachelor in the world Amy soon discovers that dating an heir to a throne has many charms intimate dinners, glittering galas, and a dazzling new wardrobe with tiaras to match But there are alsoIf Amy Wilde s new boyfriend, Leo, treats her like a queen, that s because he s secretly a prince himself Leopold William Victor Wolfsburg of Nirona, the ninth most eligible royal bachelor in the world Amy soon discovers that dating an heir to a throne has many charms intimate dinners, glittering galas, and a dazzling new wardrobe with tiaras to match But there are also drawbacks imagine the anxiety of meeting your boyfriend s parents multiplied by riding in a private jet, staying in a castle, and discussing the line of succession over lunch Not to mention the sudden press interest in your very un royal family Amy would do anything for Leo, but is finding her Prince Charming worth the price of losing herself

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    1. I tried to read Hester Browne's first book and put it down after, oh, 20 pages or so.So I was reluctant to read THE RUNAWAY PRINCESS, but it was at my library and I needed something to read soWow. Am I glad I picked it up.I loved Hester Browne's voice in this book. Her writing is warm, and funny, and real. I gulped the book down as fast as I could.Amy Wilde is a London-based gardener whose speciality is wildflowers (I see what you did with the name there, Browne.) She lives in a flat with her ma [...]

    2. This review is spoiler-free and here’s why: the title of the book alone is a huge spoiler, the prologue is an even bigger one, and the back cover blurb gives away one of the biggest “surprises” in the whole book. Not that chick-lits are bursting with suspense as a rule, but at least there is a flimsy veil drawn across how Our Heroine and Mr Perfect end up together. In this case, it was the sheer likability of the main characters and the wit and warmth of Browne’s writing that kept me tur [...]

    3. Review originally posted on Mostly YA Lit: Review: The Runaway Princess by Hester Browne stars Amy Wilde as an up-and-coming garden designer in London, hailing from small-town Yorkshire. On New Year's Eve, her fun-loving best friend and roommate throws a party where she meets Leo, a fund manager that she instantly has an attraction to. What she doesn't know is that he's a prince, and Amy's middle-class life is about to be turned upside-down.I really enjoyed the romance of The Runaway Princess. L [...]

    4. ~MILD SPOILERS~I am extremely disappointed, although this is entirely my fault. I was super excited going into this because the premise sounds exactly like the kind of story I love to read about (I'm a sucker for Kate Middleton-type stories) but this ended up being just irritating. The first quarter of the book was fine, interesting even. I enjoyed all the character development and Amy and Leo's blossoming relationship but the more their relationship progressed the more annoyed I got.WARNING: I [...]

    5. Hester Browne is a go-to to for fun, fluffy reads that still retain quality writing. I once likened reading The Little Lady Agency to eating a big piece of chocolate cake. Not an every day occurrence, because it is possible to have too much sugar, but enjoyable in the right moderation.Browne does it here as well: the staple better-than-she-knows leading lady, the fun and smart best friends, the really cute guy who might just be too good to be true, and the situation that makes our leading lady s [...]

    6. Took me a little while to get into this but I'm so glad I stuck with it because it was hilarious and sweet. Loved the romance.

    7. I'm becoming increasingly angry reading this mess of a supposed modern fairy-tale. The main characters have NO personality, the book skips over important events and casually mentions what could have been entertaining scenarios in fleeting terms, and if I read "sausage rolls," "daisy," or "Nirona" one more time I swear I will scream. Nirona. Seriously. Stupidest name for an imaginary kingdom. I literally cringe every time it's mentioned, and that's a whole heck of a lot.The prince isn't likable, [...]

    8. 5 Words: Gardening, family, friends, love, royalty.This was such a fun listen, read by one of my auto-buy narrators.It's feel-good fun at its best.Full review to come.

    9. 3 StarsI am highly disappointed with The Runaway Princess. I love Hester Brown books and I have read all of them and so when I noticed this recent release, I was very excited.Amy is your typical normal gal; she lives in London and co-owns a garden business. Amy meets Leo at a party and doesn’t know Leo’s a prince. I wish I could say the book is about Amy discovering who Leo is, but it’s not and that was probably the down fall of the book.The first 60 pages were not necessary, I felt like i [...]

    10. Absolutely loved it! Perfect blend of romance, wittiness and angsty plot. It was funny, incredibly well written and very good. I love reading a book that really gives a well rounded account of a couple falling in love. They have friends, their own lives and their own problems. Each person brings their own life to the table and reading about that makes a book so much more rich. And I love Royal romance. So add that, and this book was a total winner.Loved Amy, and completely connected with her and [...]

    11. Couple of seriously irritating points:1. The MC doesn't seem to stand for anyone or anything-E.g. when she lets Sofia and Liza push her around-like so much. I get that the author is trying to show how Amy is in a difficult position, but quite frankly I think the way that she handled it-to go along with it, disregard her values, and then run away from it all when it all gets too much-is hardly admirable.2. The romance-Leo is perfect-too perfect. He lacks character and is really quite boring. Coup [...]

    12. 2/5I don't recommend this, disappointing book.Characters: stereotypes. Few of them lovable, and the primary protag (Amy) is insultingly anti-feminist. A woman who naturally cant take compliments or handle her own emotions Ffs And using a flat uber-bitch from career land in form of Sophia does NOT balance out Amy anti-fem character! Not all feminists are heartless career scum who loath family and enjoy stress work sophia is just another stereotype. Plot: confused. First 15% of book isnt needed. A [...]

    13. Boring, dull, totally unrealistic and annoying. Amy is silly and stupid. The title gives away the story. Such a silly read. Wasted my time. I do not recommend it.

    14. After nearly being buried under my last book, the 1,149 page Outlander behemoth, An Echo in the Bone, I was looking for something lighter and shorter to read. Inspired by American princess to be Meghan Markle, I picked up this cute little novel about a commoner who becomes engaged to a prince. When gardener Amy meets Leo at a party she is the only person on earth who doesn't recognize who he is. She quickly gets caught up in the fun part of being a royal, diamond bracelets, glittering parties an [...]

    15. The title of The Runaway Princess is misleading because Amy, our heroine, is just ordinary English middle-class girl. Her best friends Jo jokingly calls her 'Queen of Spades', but that's got more to do with Amy's profession than social status. If you haven't guessed it, Amy is a gardener. I felt close to Amy immediately - we had a lot of similarities. We're both not afraid to get our hands dirty, do not care about latest fashion, makeup, manicure and usually say wrong thing or get tongue-tied ar [...]

    16. To see full review click here: yalbookbriefs/201I started this book right before my last final and had a hard time putting it down (thank God the final was open note and I basically started the book when study time was over). This book was simply a breath of fresh air. Yeah, it was predictable and it was ridiculously fluffy, but I really enjoyed it.Maybe it's because I love any book with princesses in it-you can blame Meg Cabot for that one folks. Also, I was sort of obsessed with the royal wedd [...]

    17. I really liked this book. I thought for a fairy-tale type of story it was surprisingly believable and it really made me think of what I would do if faced with the same situations. I really did relate to Amy. She was a girl who took pride in working for everything she got and I liked that about her, she didn't let the glamour of dating a prince change her personality. She was a normal girl and I think that's what made the book not feel over the top, which a lot of modern princess stories can be a [...]

    18. Rating: solid 3 starsIt was a nice cute read. The shy wallflower, middle income girl gets the prince, but I did however find the Leo character quite lacking. He was great and charming, but there really wasn't much depth to him. He didn't really have any flaws. Sure, he was really considerate made the heroine feel special, but he never made a mistake. There was no hidden traumas of being royal or emotions of resentment that his every action was monitored by the press. Or that he followed a schedu [...]

    19. Actual rating: 4.5 out of 5 Reading secular rom-com isn't always my cup of tea. Fortunately I'd read a stellar review for this novel which led me to buy a copy. After that The Runaway Princess sat on my shelf being good for nothing but taking up space. Once I finally got into it, I had to ask myself: why did I wait so long to read this!?The snappy dialogue (which is deliciously British), its British setting and wonderfully colorful characters gives this book an edge. Sure it will probably conjur [...]

    20. Hester Brown's books are always such fund with a leisurely pace and lots of character development. What I like best is that the characters are believable with honest reasons for the behaviors, not turning completely into someone else at that last minute to make the plot work.Amy is somewhat shy, but not because she doens't care for people or is uninterested. She has some bad past to constantly remind her of what happens when you let people in. I could eastily understand why she is the way she is [...]

    21. I liked The Runaway Princess. I might've enjoyed it a bit more if it hadn't been such a long book. It's about a "normal" girl who falls in love with a prince. It describes itself as "The Princess Diaries meets Runaway Bride" and this description is pretty much exactly what I would've compared it to. I enjoyed the parts where she was being taught how to be "royal" the most. My main problem with it was the length. I thought there unnecessary parts and times when the book moved a bit slowly. Otherw [...]

    22. Totally guilty pleasure I grabbed in the library. Not sure how to rate it: I really enjoyed reading it, but it wasn't a good book (characters are one-dimensional, you know what is going to happen if you have ever read any other piece of chick lit). StillI was entranced and enjoyed it in spite of myself.

    23. 4.5 stars-This was a really fun book. Typical nobody meets a prince love story with lots of flair in between. It felt a little rushed at the end, but I still really enjoyed the characters and their stories.

    24. Quando ho letto le recensioni di "Regalami una favola" devo ammettere che mi sono scoraggiata. Ce n'erano molte davvero pessime e non sapevo bene se fidarmi o meno. Poi, avendo recuperato il libro in scambio, ho deciso di leggerlo e togliermi ogni dubbio da sola.Vi dirò, non mi è dispiaciuto per niente.La storia di Amy è, appunto, una favola; incontra un principe, Leo, e si ritrova catapultata nell'altissima società e in uno stile di vita che una giardiniera come lei non avrebbe mai potuto i [...]

    25. "I thought he was checking his phone, but on closer inspection I realized he was reading a Kindle. That just put the cherry on the cake. A man who read, when no one was even looking at him."Very cute contemporary royalty romance - shes a gardener and hes a prince and they fall in love. He loves her because she's a commoner, but feels the stress of not 'acting' royal. Can they meet in the middle?My only complaint is that (view spoiler)[there is just no punishment for how Sofia treated her? No tal [...]

    26. Amy Wilde may have a green thumb when it comes to plants, but when it comes to men she's all thumbs -- hopelessly frozen, bereft of a single intelligent thought or witticism. Her vivacious roommate Jo is determined to see Amy's perpetually single status changed for good at their next party -- a party that's gate-crashed by Rolf, a playboy with the godlike looks of an Adonis. But it isn't Rolf that captures Amy's eye -- it's his suspiciously normal (but equally handsome) friend Leo, with whom con [...]

    27. Hester Browne is an author I’ve never, ever tried before. She’s written about six novels, but all have passed me by. If I’m being honest it’s because most of her novels are about posh people. They radiate poshness and elegance and it’s generally not something that appeals to me. However, after reading The Runaway Princess, I am very very wrong. Hester Browne’s books may look, sound and perhaps be a bit posh, but that is not a bad thing at all and she’s one of the most talented Chic [...]

    28. I am not an adult genre reader, it just doesn't happen. And on the rare occasions when it does happen I get bored very quickly and stop reading. But I couldn't get enough of this book. It really was a feel good story, with characters I couldn't help but love and a romance that gave me butterflies.(Warning! Because I am a massive geek I have decided to fill this review with princess gifs. Prepare yourself for the Disney Princess love!)I LOVED Amy. She was just such a normal, down to earth chara [...]

    29. I just want to start by saying how GORGEOUS the front cover is! I am a huge fan of floral patterns and the cover of The Runaway Princess grabbed my attention straight away! I had never read a book by Hester Browne before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m always very keen to try new authors, as you never know, you might discover your new favourite book or author. I can say I’m ever so pleased I picked up The Runaway Princess and took the time to see what Hester’s books are like!Amy [...]

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