Yesterday's Sins

Yesterday's Sins

Shirley Wine / Feb 18, 2020

Yesterday s Sins Some sins are unforgiveable and Catriona has vowed to never forgive Alex His mistake was grievous and left his honour badly tarnished something he finds intolerable Accused of the hit and run that k

  • Title: Yesterday's Sins
  • Author: Shirley Wine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Some sins are unforgiveable, and Catriona has vowed to never forgive Alex His mistake was grievous and left his honour badly tarnished, something he finds intolerable Accused of the hit and run that killed his nephew, Catriona has had time in plenty to regret the impulsive decision that saw her visit Alex Kreagan in a bid to clear her name.What she can t forget theSome sins are unforgiveable, and Catriona has vowed to never forgive Alex His mistake was grievous and left his honour badly tarnished, something he finds intolerable Accused of the hit and run that killed his nephew, Catriona has had time in plenty to regret the impulsive decision that saw her visit Alex Kreagan in a bid to clear her name.What she can t forget the passion they shared, or the daughter they had together, and when she fled Australia to create a new life and escape the man who threw her well ordered life into chaos, these indelible memories came with her For eight years she has lived in the tiny South Auckland village of Clevedon as Kate Audley, an uber successful real estate agent Now that Alex has found her, Kate discovers he is just as ruthless in his determination to make amends, as he was in exacting vengeance Yesterday s Sins is the captivating story of a woman s attempt to resist the man she loves to hate and Alex s equally determined commitment that she won t succeed Can these wounded lovers find a way to forgive and reconcile when fate gives them a second chance If you like your heroes flawed and emotionally damaged and heroines who are prepared to sacrifice all for family, you will love this series Follow these charismatic characters and their friends as they struggle to find that special someone who holds the power and enough love to heal their damaged hearts.Yesterday s Sins is where it all began All these romances are stand alone reads, but you will meet up with familiar names and characters throughout these books If you like your romance spiced with mystery, danger and intrigue, you ll find it here Welcome to the small idyllic town, where nothing is quite what it seems, where secrets lie hidden to catch you unawares.

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        After a lifetime of living in rural New Zealand this has provided a rich base for my stories.I have always written and for many years freelanced for metroploitan and regional newspapers I write romance because I love delving into human relationships It is these relationships in all their diversity that make the human race so fascinating.I ve been asked why Romance and my answer is always I write romance because to me first and last, family matters.Visit my author blog shirleywine


    1. I wasn't really sure about this book but I wanted to read it because of all the controversy it was causing over at . It really had me hooked in the beginning nda like a train wreck, I wanted to put it down and stop reading but I just couldn't. lol. After about 60% through though I lost interest in the characters and decided to "shelf" it on my dnt shelf.

    2. 30 something hero kidnaps 18yo heroine thinking she killed his nephew in a drunk driving accident (it was actually her cousin). He forces her to marry him and give him a child. She runs away and he finds her some years later when she's in her mid/late twenties. There is a HEA, but the amount of victim blaming placed on the heroine makes this hard to stomach at times. Strength of emotion/writing was what kept me reading. I was highly conflicted. It was a page turner, even though I had definite is [...]

    3. You know the thing I struggle with when reading these HPesque books is the often arrogant, entitlement complex that the heroes display. This is certainly the case with Alex. And while I am sure he was remorseful of his actions I can't see how any future relationship for Alex and Kate could be on even footing. It was an angsty too-and-fro read that I enjoyed though I have to admit a certain degree of frustration with neither characters ability to 'stick to an emotion'. I wanted to scream 'make up [...]

    4. 2.5 stars.Now, this book has a promising plot. more important, has a promising groveling hero too. but sadly, everything going wrong with a bad writing. a pity.So, we have a ruthless, nasty hero, Alex, who even after he'd drugged, kidnapped, forced his baby to the heroine, Catriona still had gut to say this:"It wasn't me you hated, Catriona. What you hated was your need to satisfy the craving of your awakened sexuality."Huh? really? even if you're right, you dared to say that? where's your consc [...]

    5. I actually liked this book quite a bit, I would have liked to have had more of the story during Cat's captivity revealed. She is a hot mess after she escapes Alex with guilt and anger eating her alive. Alex is not living the good life either. Taking the journey through her anger and grief allows her to live and love again. I totally get that.

    6. messed up all over!!! sabog ang sequencing. sabog ang prose. sabog at inconsistent ang characters!!! sabog ang storyline!!>_< what the hell was i thinking?!?!!!

    7. Great book!I love this type of romance, where there is mystery and some strife, sadness, and a hea. So much healing on both sides is necessary and a big part of grieving that Kate never got to do because of circumstances in her life. I really felt a connection with Kate and the H, even though I wanted to throttle him , grrr!I highly recommend this book and give it over 5 stars if I could.

    8. Set in New Zealand, estate agent Catriona has been in hiding from her old life in Australia for eight years. The back-story concerns twins Catriona (Kate) and Chris, who are given cars for their 18th birthday; Kate drinks too much at a beach party so doesn’t drive home. In the morning, she discovers the car has been involved in an accident that killed a young boy and she has trouble convincing everyone that she wasn’t the driver.She visits the child’s wealthy Greek family to offer her cond [...]

    9. Unbelievably bad. How could this story be published when it had such an unlikely premise the characters and story were underdeveloped and the writing didn't flow? I'm left wondering whether this was the author's rough draft because there were even questions that weren't answered.I ploughed through this partly hoping it would get better and partly because I just couldn't credit it. The 'Hero', who is totally undeserving of the title victimises a woman who is already traumatised and he is downrigh [...]

    10. Horrific train wreck of a book. Terrible writing. Impossible to follow the ridiculous plot: angst piled on angst piled on angst for angst's sake. No motivations behind ludicrous actions. Unintroduced characters who appear out of thin air to move the plot sideways rather than forward. Endless blaming of the h for the trauma that happened to her. This makes HP Presents plots look like literary gold. Ugh. I even hate to review this hot mess lest my friends question my sanity for reading it in the f [...]

    11. ok, I had to stop reading this book because the writing was really bad. It had huge potential and it will upset me that it couldn't reach it. So many things were wrong with this book. writing was not flowing at all, it was like one jumped to three, skipped part two completely. There was no proper beginning explained. Characters and story wasn't developed enough. I'm really sad to put this book when I knew how good it could be. I think this story seems of a more first draft then a real thing.

    12. There are books that are boring and then there are books that are tiresome.This book was both. Add to that horrible writing, boring uninteresting characters and we have one star. *sigh* sad I wasted my time

    13. i liked the emotions in this books, there's a lot of guilt and angst in the story. even thought i don't like it in some part, but i can't stop to read it till the end.

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