Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 8

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 8

Naoko Takeuchi William Flanagan / Oct 16, 2019

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol Chibi Usa s sickly friend Hotaru isn t just Sailor Saturn Deity of Destruction She s also possessed by Master Pharaoh Facing this cataclysmic power will be impossible unless Sailor Moon can unite

  • Title: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 8
  • Author: Naoko Takeuchi William Flanagan
  • ISBN: 9781612620046
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chibi Usa s sickly friend Hotaru isn t just Sailor Saturn, Deity of Destruction She s also possessed by Master Pharaoh 90 Facing this cataclysmic power will be impossible unless Sailor Moon can unite the powers of every Guardian of the Solar System Then, when the moon eclipses the sun, a mystical unicorn begs for help An elaborate ship floats through the sky, and UsagChibi Usa s sickly friend Hotaru isn t just Sailor Saturn, Deity of Destruction She s also possessed by Master Pharaoh 90 Facing this cataclysmic power will be impossible unless Sailor Moon can unite the powers of every Guardian of the Solar System Then, when the moon eclipses the sun, a mystical unicorn begs for help An elaborate ship floats through the sky, and Usagi and Chibi Usa have trouble seeing eye to eye

    Sailor Moon Sailor Moon , Bish jo Senshi S r M n, originally translated as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and later as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a Japanese sh jo manga series by Naoko Takeuchi.It was originally serialized in Nakayoshi from to the individual chapters were published in tank bon volumes The series follows the adventures of a Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Musical Usagi Tsukino says farewell to Mamoru Chiba as he is set to leave for school in America As Usagi says goodbye, she faints, and a super idol group called the Three Lights appear to catch her fall Meanwhile, new enemies the Shadow Galactica, are calling themselves Sailor Guardians and are aiming to steal Sailor Crystals A mysterious young girl named Chibi Chibi and a new group of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Crystal Bish jo senshi S r M n Crystal , lett.La bella ragazza guerriera Sailor Moon Crystal una serie anime prodotta da Toei Animation per il ventesimo anniversario del franchise di Sailor Moon come adattamento pi fedele al fumetto d origine creato da Naoko Takeuchi. Sailor Moon Naoko Takeuchi Usagi Tsukino is a normal girl until she meets up with Luna, a talking cat, who tells her that she is Sailor Moon As Sailor Moon, Usagi must fight evils and enforce justice, in the name of the Moon and the mysterious Moon Princess. CineLife Entertainment Sailor Moon U.S Premiere of One of Japan s Most Popular Manga Franchises In the name of the moon, join Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians as they face their final fight with the evils of the galaxy in the filmed version of the Japanese musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Musical Le Mouvement Final. List of Sailor Moon Crystal episodes Sailor Moon Crystal is a original net animation adaptation of the sh jo manga series Sailor Moon written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi and produced in commemoration of the original series th anniversary Produced by Toei Animation and directed by Munehisa Sakai and Chiaki Kon, the first two seasons of the series were streamed worldwide on the Niconico website from July , to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Drops BANDAI Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Drops for smartphone Sailor Moon Short Stories Paperback Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, V by Naoko Takeuchi UGHHH The last two books in this manga mess me up The Sailor Star Lights are just so damn sad. Sailor Moon Anime Planet Story Like Metal Gear Solid and Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon is a seemingly random sequence of English words, ostensibly put together by some Japanese person with no regards to

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        Naoko Takeuchi , Takeuchi Naoko born March 15, 1967, a manga artist mangaka , lives in Tokyo, Japan Takeuchi s works have a wide following among anime manga fans She has become a well known mangaka worldwide Her most popular work, Sailor Moon, rose to become one of the most recognized manga anime figures to date.Takeuchi is married to Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of YuYu Hakusho series and Hunter Hunter series


    1. Infinito/10Me encanto este volumen. Me encanto como termino el arco de Pharaon 90 y la nueva y misteriosa sailor scout. Y me encanta como se introduce el nuevo archivo arc y el nuevo theme de la serie. Y aprecio por fin un personaje que estuve esperando por mucho porque había hablando de él. Y EL FINAL ADDGHJKLÑ de nuevo son todas cosas de las que había leído/escuchado y verlas me hacen la fangirl más feliz del mundo.

    2. Whew, this volume gives us the end of Infinity arc, and they are quite fast-paced! The first act of the Infinity arc is also included here, and leaves us on a nice cliffhanger of mystery and intrigue. This volume picks up with the transformation of Hotaru-chan. Mistress 9 is becoming Master Pharoah 90, is trying to become one with the planet earth, is battling with Sailor Moon and is trying to suppress the soul of Hotaru-chan. I think that Hotaru-chan is the real hero of this arc. I love all the [...]

    3. Me encantó esta historia, especialmente por Sailor Saturn *_*. Ojalá hubiese durado más esta parte, sigue siendo mi preferida de todas las "temporadas".

    4. This review is also posted on my blog.(view spoiler)[Aaahhhh it feels so good to finally be understanding things I’d never understood before.I hereby present you with my normal Sailor Moon all-caps word vomit:SAILOR SATURN. HOTARU-CHAN. YOU LITTLE ANGEL YOU DESTROYED MISTRESS 9 ALL BY YOURSELF. OH MY GOD YOU ARE NOW JUST A BABY. A PRECIOUS LITTLE CUPCAKE OF A BABYD BEING RAISED BY THE OUTER SENSHI OH MAN THAT MAKES SENSE NOWPER SAILOR CHIBI MOON, AND SUPER SCOUTS, AND USAGI NEARLY SACRIFICING [...]

    5. Ein weiterer ganz toller Band über Sailor Moon! Und das Ende (wieder ein kleiner Cliffhanger) ist einfach nur witzig! Tragisch, ja, aber trotzdem auch witzig. Ich bin gespannt, wie es weitergeht (auch wenn ich die Reihe und den Anime längst kenne). ;D Also: Auch hier gibt es von mir wieder 5 von 5 ☆☆☆☆☆. :)

    6. Welcome to the dead circus! Where people turn into mythical creatures and regular creatures turn into people.

    7. I've been reading along with the volumes so far and I've enjoyed them for the most part. I do, however, have to comment that there's just something about the translation for this volume that just feels a little lifeless and awkward at times. I can't entirely put my finger on where exactly this happens, just that at times the story feels a little dull. Perhaps it's just that I'm an older reader and am comparing this to my initial thrill for the series in my late teens/early twenties, but this jus [...]

    8. Ma a quella poveretta di Usagi nessuno dice grazie?!?!Partendo dal presupposto che le guerriere Sailor mi mancavano moltissimo e dopo un pessimo numero 7 (sarà colpa mia perchè l'ho dovuto leggere troppo velocemente e non c'ho capito una mazza), ci voleva questo volume!Anche se Naoko, che ti sei bevuta?! Ci sono un sacco di incongruenze: e doppio calice sacro e Michiru che regala lo specchio "magico" a Chibiusa e Mamo che afferma che se Usa dorme da lui gli rovina la reputazione (!) insomma! H [...]

    9. And we've finished up the Mugen Arc! There is, for me, an abrupt and kind of strange transition when Mistress 9 kind of morphs into Pharaoh 90 that I think is a little awkwardly done. But apart from that there are quite a few great moments in the conclusion of this arc. First of all - Sailor Saturn! Her intro speech and when she brings the Silence Glaive down are freaking amazing. But, and this kind of surprised me, the most emotional moment during the end of this arc for me was when the world w [...]

    10. Uno de los arcos que mas me gusta del manga de sailor moon, es sobre los death busters, y la aparición de sailor Saturn. Desde que vi el anime en los 90s me cautivo la historia. En el hecho de que sailor moon tendría que enfrentar a unos "aliens" de otra dimensión, simplemente me hacia caput la cabeza. Ahora que puedo leerlo en manga, me gusta mas, mucho más. Los elementos que toma Naoko Takeuchi de la tradición judio Cristina ( Santo Grial, talismanes, Mesías), para hacer mas interesante [...]

    11. Juhu, endlich hat Sailor Saturn ihren Auftritt, ich liebe sie. Ihr Kostüm ist auch eines meiner liebsten. :-)Außerdem hat auch der Dead Moon Circus und Helios seinen ersten Auftritt. Ich freue mich unglaublich auf diese Arc, ich habe sie in sehr guter Erinnerung. Die vorherige Arc war ja nicht unbedingt meine liebste, deswegen bin ich froh, dass dieser Handlungsstrang im achten Band endlich sein Ende findet.Hach, und das Cover. Sailor Neptun ist einfach hübsch. *_*

    12. Sailor Saturn es una de mis guardianas preferidas por la complejidad de lo que su presencia/existencia representa así que ahora que por fin apareció fui la más feliz. Este tomo finaliza un arco y comienza otro de mis favoritos, en el cual por fin aparece mi querido Helios.Sin duda el final de este tomo me dejo ansiosa por leer el próximo.

    13. It pains me to give such low ratings to a series I love but honestly the manga is a disappointment. Everyone is like caricatures being there to fill the pages and lend power to sailor moon. The anime had depth. The only thing I liked was that there was more Hotaru. Ps: in thenga I barely see Haruka and Michiru as a couple. Haruka seems to care only for Usagi.

    14. AND SAILOR FUCKING SATURN HAS ARRIVED AND ALL MY BABIES ARE TOGETHER AGAIN! kind of, for a bit but everything gets fucked up but still a great ending. Sailor Moon showed how fucking awesome she is AGAIN and Hotaru is a baby again and being raised by the outers, it's amazing :D And now the Dead Moon Circus has appeared.5/5

    15. YAS! I loved this volume. The conclusion of the pharaoh 90 arc and the start of the Pegasus arc; and the way this volume ended xD and some of the humour and happy moments that were in this volume, definitely enjoyable!

    16. I really, really LOVED the resolution of the Infinity story arc. Some of the previous volumes fell a bit flat because there was just so much set up but this issue made it entirely worth it for me. I'm also looking forward to the new arc being set up and intrigued by the Freaky Friday-esque ending.

    17. Una batalla termina y da inició una nueva pelea contra el mal.Nuevos villanos pero también ¿posibles aliados? Para estar seguros deberemos continuar leyendo. Fue un tomo interesante a pesar de sentirse algo transitorio entre dos batallas.

    18. I am so in love with this manga. I cried while reading it for a second time. Hotaru isn't just Sailor Saturn, she also has Pharaoh 90 living inside her, an egg that her father put there years ago, since caused her to be so sickly and her behavior was not always her own.This volumes conclude the Death Busters and starts the Dead Moon Circus.I loved when Super Sailor Chibi Moon called Super Sailor Moon "Mama" after she used the Holy Grail and disappeared. The anguish of Uranus saying how she only [...]

    19. This was great. I've never seen the end of the infinity arc before. I loved learning more about Sailor Saturn, even if her end was bittersweet. Hopefully the outer Senshi show up again.I have seen pictures of Helios before, but never really understood where he fell in to the story at. Now I know!! I am so excited to read this next arc that I have little to no previous information on. Yes!!

    20. Cluing up the Death Busters arc and beginning the Dead Moon Circus arc, this volume gives us our first proper appearance of Sailor Saturn and her world-ending power. We also see Chibi Usa's transformation into Super Sailor Chibimoon! All in all, a good installation to the series.

    21. Band 8 ist geschafft. Dieser Band war ein absolutes Gefühlschaos. Lachen, Weinen, Angst haben, alles war dabei. Daher 5 Sterne, die den schwachen Vorgänger mehr als wett machen. Endlich meine Lieblingszyklus. Ich habe die Episode rund um Nehelennia, Helios und Sailor Saturn mehr als geliebt.

    22. The Infinity arch draws to a close and Dead Moon begins. The intense ending of the Infinity arch was still an emotionally driven one, but it's one of the few things that the original anime did that outshines it.

    23. All that build up in the past 2 volumes only for the Saturn arc to be rushed through in this volume. Would have done better if they included this part of volume 8 into 7 and then start fresh with the new arc in 8 instead of having half and half.

    24. - Hooray! The enemy is finally dead, and I've met all nine planets! - I'm not sure if Sailor Saturn is good or bad. I'm guessing there is more about her later.- When does Chibi-Usa go home?- The last panel was funny, and I'm actually excited to see what happens.

    25. “There’s no need to feel despair. With every ending comes hope and rebirth. And the one to bring that forth is you, Super Sailor Moon.”The eighth volume of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon wraps up the Mugen/Infinity arc as our Guardians – both Inner and Outer – battle against Pharaoh 90, who threatens to take over the world. Space-time warps around the triangle where Mugen Academy lies, the skies tearing open to reveal the far-away galaxy through which Pharaoh 90 has been planning to invad [...]

    26. This is the shortest volume so far. It's smaller than all the rest, and yet it's jam-packed full of some intense action. To be fair, every volume is jam-packed with action, but for some reason this one felt like it had even more. It was almost exhausting. But I still like this part of the story, because Sailor Saturn is rad and so are all of the outer-planet Guardians.Tiny side-note, I never noticed how cool Sailor Saturn's costume is before. I LOVE her necklace and her sleeves! I always wanted [...]

    27. This particular manga covers the ending of The Infinity Arc and the beginning of The Dead Moon Circus. A beautiful duo. First, the ending of The Infinity Arc: It’s amazing. Basically, it’s so intense even one panel will have you freaking out, especially if the panel has ANYTHING to do with Sailor Saturn. (Still one of my all-time favorite sailors.) But I don’t want to spoil how it pans out, so I won’t say anything aside from saying it’s inventive, thrilling, and death-defying—all whi [...]

    28. SOO much happened in this volume! D:The finale of the Infinite Arc, the awakening of Sailor Saturn, the departure of the Outer Sailor Guardians (made me ultra sad, by the way), the rebirth of Hotaru-Chan/Sailor Saturn, the evolution of Super Sailor Chibi Moon, the girls' acceptance to High School, the beginning of the new Arc, the appearance of Helios, and that freaking cliffhanger!Gah. -_- So, so much. This volume was seriously jam packed. It was crazy. That being sad, I felt that the plot and [...]

    29. The conclusion of the Infinity Arc sigh. So good. Instead of squeeing on about this book as I usually do, I'll just say that I always felt Sailor Saturn's introduction got the shaft in the original anime. Her power is so terrible and she does not hesitate to execute an entire solar system if necessary. Though she is much softer (and younger) in later appearances, in this arc alone we see the Saturn that destroyed the Silver Millennium of the past. And she is awesome! I really hope SMCrystal is a [...]

    30. This volume contains the end of the Death Busters story arc and the beginning of the Dead Moon Circus story arc. Sailor Saturn gets her time to shine in this volume, which totally makes it worth the read by itself, but we also see the "Super" upgrades from the Holy Grail, which is cool, too. As far as stakes go, the Death Busters arc is definitely up there--either Pharaoh 90 destroys the world or Sailor Saturn does, Chibi-Usa is dying, the Outer Senshi are contemplating murdering Hotaru before s [...]

    31. This is a review for all 12 volumes.I grew up watching the anime version of Sailor Moon. I have been enjoying watching Sailor Moon Crystal and the old episodes of Sailor Moon on Hulu. When I discovered that my local library had the manga, I had to read it. These books are so much fun and ridiculous. I will caution the prospective reader that the manga is a bit disjointed at times. The original anime did a much better job at character development than the manga. Even though the series is a bit si [...]

    32. I've always been a fan of Sailor Moon every since I was young. What I admired most was the colours, the drawings, the mystery shrouding this 14 year old girl who shouts "Moon Prism Power Make Up!" and transforms into a soldier of justice. But now, going on my 26th spring on this Earth, I came to appreciate Naoko Takeuchi's carefully crafted story line. Character development may have been a bit lacking compared to other aspects of the comics but all in all, I do not regret even in the slightest s [...]

    33. "With every ending, come hope and rebirth."Hooray I'm halfway there! Now onto the eighth volume of the adventures of 'Sailor Moon'.What a beautiful volume. I swear the artwork is lovelier and more articulate here.The Death Busters arc ends with the aliens Pharaoh 90 and Mistress 9 merging in a pool of blackness to engulf the world and send it to their Tau Star System. Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto create wards around their city to contain the enemy. Hotaru, lamenting the loss of her father a [...]

    34. This volume was really good and did a great job of ending the Death Busters plotline of the story. The last chapter of this volume also introduces a new character as well as the next group of villains. The new plot is the basis for season 4 of the anime and I am really looking forward to reading the next volume. Contains Acts 36 - 39Act 36: Infinity 10, Infinite -- Upper AtmosphereAct 37: Infinity 11, Infinite -- JudgeAct 38: Infinity 12, Infinite -- JourneyAct 39: Dream 1, Eclipse Dream

    35. This one wraps up the Sailor Saturn arc and begins the Dark Moon Circus arc. Once Mistress 9 appeared, I don't really think things moved faster than they should have, but I do think the arcs are more compact than I would like. I'm especially disappointed because the Dark Moon Circus arc in the anime showed a real regression in Usagi's maturity which this manga seems determined to continue with. I am really glad to see Helios and can't wait to see what they do with it in this medium.Some of the c [...]

    36. Wowza!The things I loved most about this volume:- Sailor Saturn's power- the defeat of the "Death Busters"- the appearance of the "Dead Moon Circus"- the fun cliffhanger! :DI want to continue with the series ASAP, but I don't have the last four volumesI hope that I can get them soon because this series is so addicting!I especially am fond of this enemy so I really, really want to continue with the next volume as soon as possible.

    37. Story lines moving at a fast pace makes up for a lot hardly notice the ridiculous dialogue and questionable character development when you never have a chance to dwell on anything for long!I do enjoy how the Hotaru story line ends. And we waste no time diving into the next! I am starting to not dislike Chibi-Usa as much but it seems we hardly get any focus on the other Guardians, which is a shame. Still. Love.

    38. Actual rating, 4.5 stars.I finally, FINALLY got around to buying this one (I usually buy them at Walmart since they're a little cheaper, eehee)Well, what can I say? At times Naoko's panels seemed to be jumping all over the place with their dialogue and order, but HOLY CRAP this entire volume was gorgeous.And Hotaru. You are perfect, in every way. And that page where you swung down the Glaive and there was just silence?SO. COOL.The thing I got excited about though was the fact that they are final [...]

    39. There is something to be said about a story that can move you toward emotion, even if you already know what's going to happen. That's exactly what happened to me while reading this volume of the manga. I knew the storyline going in and yet the ending of Hotaru's arc still choked me.There's not much else I can say about this volume that I haven't said in previous ones. The translation is still odd, especially where the attacks are concerned. "Death Ribbon Revolution" comes to mind. It didn't make [...]

    40. 4.5Jesus, so many things happening in so few pages! A lot is going on here! First Sailor Saturn and then Helios and new transformations. Now I finally see which part from the original story they did as it was in the manga in the anime adaptation. Corny sometimes but I truly enjoyed, and the last pages we're the best!!! The villains, I love the villains from this act/arc.

    41. Quick thoughts:(view spoiler)[- I love Hotaru/Sailor Saturn. The end to her arc was fitting, I really felt for her in volume 7, and now I have this feeling she'll be alright. She'll have the bestest family. :)- No the outer senshi disappeared in the second half. :'(- Helios made an appearance!! Helios Helios Helioooos- Also I wish there was more Mamoru/Usagi/Chibi Usa dynamics when they're not fighting. I love these three, and them spending time together was one of my favourite things in the vol [...]

    42. I cannot express how beautiful every page of the Death Busters climax is. Sailor Saturn is so incredible and ineffable and the art here absolutely does her justice. Certain pages literally took my breath away. The beginning of the Dead Moon Arc is kindadumb. But I know it gets better.

    43. I loved this one because it contained the story lines I remember most from watching the anime as a child. It seemed the anime also followed these story arcs much closer than the initial seasons did. Loved to see the introduction of Pegasus and can't wait to see what happens next!

    44. This one goes pretty fast - most of it is the wrap up to the Infinity arc, which goes by really quickly. The ending is ok, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the outer senshi. I have no memory of the Dead Moon Circus arc so it will be exciting to get to that one next.

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