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Dr mmel s I finner politimester Nils Bayer et mannslik i Trondheim Vinteren blir en ung kvinne funnet drept i samme by Drapsmannen har plassert en spilled se p kvinnens bryst En ting ser ut til knytte

  • Title: Drømmeløs
  • Author: Jørgen Brekke
  • ISBN: 9788205423169
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I 1767 finner politimester Nils Bayer et mannslik i Trondheim Vinteren 2011 blir en ung kvinne funnet drept i samme by Drapsmannen har plassert en spilled se p kvinnens bryst En ting ser ut til knytte sakene sammen, melodien fra spilled sen Dette er den andre boka om etterforskeren Odd Singsaker.

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    1. Reading the follow up to Jorgen Brekke's outstanding debut thriller "Where Monsters Dwell" is like playing a Scandinavian version of three dimensional chess. An incredibly complex and challenging mystery, it follows dual plot lines in the Norwegian city of Trondheim with fascinating side issues involving two protagonists; Odd Singsaker, a middle aged police detective still recuperating from brain surgery and Nils Bayer, the hard drinking Trondheim Police Chief in the year 1767. Odd is dealing wi [...]

    2. Rating 3.4* out of 5. This was a perfectly readable thriller. It was a nice read, but I will have forgotten I ever read it within two weeks. Considering I only started keeping track of what I read at the end of 2007, I wonder how many books are in this particular category. Neither spectacular nor aggravating, utterly immemorable.Inspector Odd Singsaker has had a brain tumour removed and struggles a bit with his memory. He is after a short courtship married to Felicia, from the United States, who [...]

    3. I have no idea why it took me so long to pick this book up, I've had it sitting on my shelf for ages. I won it in a giveaway a couple of years ago (thanks to Minotaur Books) with the intention of reading it right away. Obviously, that did not happen. This is the second book in a series of books that follow Odd Singsaker, a detective in Norway. I have not read the first novel in the series and found this one to stand well on its own, so I don't think it is entirely necessary to read them in orde [...]

    4. I can't help wondering how it's possible that some contemporary authors completely ignore the fact that social media exist? Mr. Brekke seems to be one of these. The events in the book take place in 2011 but mobile calls seem to be the only contact option when people are disappearing.

    5. Another pageturner from Brekke. This time the current storylines are connected to a printed lullaby from 1767. Again I feel there are many exciting plot-turns, that creates a good drive in the story. I especially liked the focus on folk singers in the 1700s, Musical Boxes and the crime drama in the historical Trondheim. Not completely sold on all the plotlines in current Trondheim. There are exciting side stories about ice bathing, harring an aquavit, black metal and Singsakers recovery from bra [...]

    6. I actually liked this book better than Where Monsters Dwell, largely because it was much less gruesome in terms of the murders. Sure, the victim's vocal chords are taken out, but it's not overly descriptive (compared to the former book's skin flaying). And there is violence against an animal, which I normally can't stand, but since it happened largely "off screen," it was bearable. Then there was the extensive use of flies in the plot, and while they weren't really described in detail, my imagin [...]

    7. What a letdown - after "Where Monsters Dwell" I was really looking forward to the sequel. As with the first book, the story follows a historical murder (in this case, in the XVIII century) that ties with another crime in the present. Singsaker is in charge of investigating these murders, while Felicia and Siri Holmes - unknowingly, figure out the historical part. The mystery is compelling and the story well paced but there were many things that I did't like, including the fact that Felicia is no [...]

    8. En overbevisende oppfølger etter den imponerende debutboka om etterforsker Odd Singsaker. Nok en gang er Trondheim by åsted for en intens bok, med handling fra både nåtid og fortid. Brekke skriver stilsikkert og framstår som en forfatter med adskillig flere titler på samvittigheten. Denne boka anbefales alle som liker spennende thrillere med et historisk bakteppe.

    9. I read this book in a day. I quite like Odd & his struggles & the other characters. Didn't like what happened near the end. I would definitely read more in this series.

    10. I personally hated this book for a couple of reasons. I never knew that this books was part of a sequel but I wanted to give it a whirl anyway (although the back cover description didn't impress me much)1. As a fellow reader who loves to get more involved into the main character's state of mind and being, I find this to be one of the most poorly written books for that matter. After 60-70ish pages I didn't get to personally know anyone from the story, it's like I am reading things about strangers [...]

    11. The mystery is based on some historical facts from 18th century Scandinavia, and it does take place in contemporary Scandinavia with flashbacks to the earlier time. I believe that a Scandinavian writing style--rather dry, matter of fact, and succinct--is apparent. The events that take place, however, are interesting and sometimes dramatic. The historical parts present a police chief whose somewhat modern methods help him to solve a mystery involving the death of a troubador and composer. In the [...]

    12. Brekke, in this second novel featuring Chief Inspector Singsaker, has created another unique tale of an 18th century broadsheet containing lyrics and music to a lullaby guaranteed to induce sleep. Not exactly the sort of thing over which to engage in kidnappings and murders, but tied loosely to a priceless collection of letters, to two antique music boxes, to an old concert director who makes untoward advances to young women. PLUS! His wife has left him, promises to return, then disappears. Brek [...]

    13. I liked the main character, Odd Singsaker, an older detective in Trondheim Norway so I may try another book in this series. The plot in this particular book was however a bit far fetched. A pair of murders in Trondheim seem to be linked to the killer's obsession with a centuries old lullaby. The writing was good and the characters believable.

    14. Although I didn't like this one nearly as much as the first in the series, I still enjoyed the characters. Odd and his colleagues were great to read about, but the killer was just too incredible. The book offers some chapters from POV of the nut job causing all the mayhem, but they were pretty useless. Here's hoping book three will be compelling.

    15. Pokračování Říše milosti. Kromě pěkného, čtivého příběhu detektivního i moc pěkně popsaný příběh všech postav, které se v knížce objevují.

    16. Not as good as the first. Slow read. I was disappointed that Odd and Felicia didn't work together, at all. I still plan on reading the third however.

    17. I loved the parallel stories of the historic murder mystery and the contemporary one. I was even impelled to find some music by the Swedish 18th century who is mentioned - Carl Michael Bellman. The reason that this book didn't get 4 stars from me was that I felt that Odd Singsakar's brain injury was used to obviously as a mechanism to delay the mystery being solved.

    18. Interesting Scandinavian noir--love to find serial killers in other countries--fascinating details about life in Norway and social problems in that country. Characters are interesting--have more depth than some American detective novels, and follow procedure religiously. May need to read his first book soon.

    19. Wer, wie ich, gern skandinavische Krimis liest, freut sich immer wieder über diese Krimis, die düster, undurchsichtig, kalt und raffiniert sind. Keine glatten Charaktere, die schon am Anfang des Buches signalisieren, dass alles gut wird. Keine Verbrecher mit alltäglichen Problemen. Nein, hier wird noch in den Tiefen gegraben und das Böse im Menschen hervorgeholt. Schon der Prolog ist ein heftiger Einstieg und anfangs konnte ich auch keine Verbindung zur (Haupt-)Geschichte finden. Doch so lan [...]

    20. Overall a good book. I got a little confused with it jumping between characters and past and present events. But the story was fab and the ending was unexpected and very fast but it was a thrilling book.

    21. DREAMLESS is as much a psychological thriller as it is a mystery. The author, Jorgen Brekke, has written this follow-up novel to his earlier book, WHERE MONSTERS DWELL, again driving a straight forward Norwegian police story with the interior dialog one expects from our friends in the north of Europe. Chief Inspector Odd Singsaker, now married again and recovering from the removal of a growth within his brain, is on the trail of a very unobtrusive killer. A young woman has been found murdered, [...]

    22. Dreamless, by Jorgen Brekke, is a good follow-up to his debut novel, Where Monsters Dwell. We meet many of the same characters on the Trondheim police force and Odd Singsaker is still the protagonist. He is now married to Felicia Stone, the woman he met in the last book.This book is written during two time periods - 1787 Trondheim and the present time in Trondheim. Both parts deal with a lullabye called The Golden Peace written by a Jon Blund in the 18th century. Blund was a traveling troubadour [...]

    23. I haven't read the first of these but it was easy enough to get the gist of what had gone before. Set in Trondheim, with a detective who has had a brain tumour but is back at work (but makes a few costly mistakes perhaps as a result of his headaches and impaired memory). There are two connected stories, one involving a wandering musician in Sweden in the 18th century who ends up in Trondheim, and his fate, and one in the present day, with a psychotic murderer preying on young women who sing. Cen [...]

    24. Dreamless is a psychological thriller/murder mystery. The story goes back and forth from the 1700's to the present day mystery. A song from the 1700's and a music box that plays a haunting melody.The setting is Norway where a Women is found murdered her vocal cords removed and a music box placed on her chest. The Inspector on the case is Odd Singsaker - he is having memory problems after having a brain tumor removed. Soon a second girl goes missing the only link between the two is they both love [...]

    25. Once again Odd Singsaker, who was introduced in Brekke's first novel, Where Monsters Dwell, is presented a case involving a murder in present day Trondheim that is tied to a story in 1767 Trondheim. The victim is found with a music box that plays a lullaby written by a troubadour in 1767. In life, she loved to sing. Now she has been beaten and her vocal cords were removed. Then a second girl known for her singing has disappeared. As Singsaker investigates, Brekke reintroduces characters from his [...]

    26. Loved this book - I know there has to be a next one in the series and I can;t wait for it to come out.Norway is the place, a woman is found murdered with a music box on top of her - and her vocal chords removed. Soon another young girl goes missingThe story goes back and forth between the 1700's and the present mystery a song from the 1700's and a music box with a haunting lullabyThe inspector is Odd Singsaker - he is having some memory problems from a previous brain tumor which has been removed [...]

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